Friday, June 08, 2007

Wash Post chat - Tim Rickard

Meet the Comics Pages Tim Rickard Cartoonist -- "Brewster Rockit"
Friday, June 8, 2007; 1:00 PM

Join Washington Post Comics page editor Suzanne Tobin on Friday, June 8 at 1 p.m. ET for a discussion with "Brewster Rockit" cartoonist Tim Rickard.

I was able to get a few questions in - I'd encourage you to read the whole thing as it was interesting, but here's the bits from me:

IJOCA, VA: How do you draw the strip? Pen and ink, or is it done on a computer?

Tim Rickard: Half and half. It's drawn in ink, scanned into a computer, and the rest of the work is done in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop using a Wacom tablet.

IJOCA, VA: How long did it take you to develop the strip and get it syndicated? How many papers do you have? Did you pick up more than the Post when Amend dropped his daily?

Tim Rickard: Not enough. Now I'll have to convince another cartoonist to cutback.

IJOCA, VA: Will you be in DC in July for the AAEC convention?

Suzanne Tobin: For those of you that don't know, AAEC is the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists convention, which will be held in D.C. July 4-7.

Tim Rickard: Sorry. I'll be busy that week staying up til 4 doing cartoons.


IJOCA, VA: Did this strip start as a webcomic? If so, did you have to make any changes in technique, style or story when taking it into print?

Tim Rickard: No, it was a syndicated strip from the start. But it has gone through different looks since its inception, though.


Actually, I think I was 4/4 on this one. I started posting questions because Ms. Tobin was asking them which I usually figure isn't a good sign. People might have just been surprised though as the chat has been on hiatus for a good long while except for last month's Reuben nominees. It looks like she's back though, because she closed with "Join us again next month when we meet another fascinating cartoonist
here on "Comics: Meet the Pages."" I'm glad to see these back - they're always interesting.

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richardcthompson said...

Shucks, I missed this one entirely, and I would've asked a few questions. Suzanne chatting doesn't necessarily mean they were lacking for questions. she's good at chatting, and knows all the latest dish, too.

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