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Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 2/29/2024

Book Review: All-Negro Comics (the 75th Anniversary Edition)

reviewed by Cord Scott, UMGC Okinawa



Konnichiwa WcDonald's

by Bruce Guthrie

ComicsDC blog February 29, 2024



 Brigid Alverson on February 28, 2024



 Brigid Alverson on February 29, 2024



Also: Kim Dietch, Bryan Talbot, 'Barefoot Gen' Creator Keiji Nakazawa

 Brigid Alverson on February 28, 2024


Malcy Duff's I Don't Know What I'm Doing [Scotland]

Malcy Duff | February 29, 2024


Vera Brosgol Talks with Roger
by Roger Sutton

Horn Book February 29 2024


Why anime is everywhere all at once

A deep dive into the booming anime industry.

Kai Ryssdal and Kimberly Adams

  "Make Me Smart" Episode 1106

Feb 27, 2024 and


As 'Drabble' turns 45, Kevin Fagan reflects on creating the long-running comic strip

By Peter Larsen | | Orange County Register

  February 28, 2024


The Press: Grin & Draw It [George "Lichty" Lichtenstein, "Grin and Bear It"]

TIME April 25, 1955


Review: The Race is on to WCDONALD'S with Chapter 1 of the Manga!

Acky Bright brings an energetic and comedic debut to the WcDonald's-Verse with Chapter 1 of The WcDonald's Manga!

 Justin Guerrero



What Blurbs Really Mean

By Dana Maier and Gila Pfeffer

New Yorker February 29 2024


Le décès de Fawzi Baghdadli

Jean-Laurent Truc

29 février 2024



Garth Ennis and Axel Alonso Announce Our New Kickstarter for MARJORIE FINNEGAN, TEMPORAL CRIMINAL

AWA Studios

February 29 2024


(Episode 336): The Art and Soul of BLOODRIK with Andrew Krahnke

StoryComic Presents February 29 2024


Coyote Vs. Acme star Will Forte says inexplicably shelved movie is "incredible"

Forte also says the cast and crew should be "so proud" of it

Sam Barsanti

AV Club February 29 2024


Cinesite Completes Historic Partnership with Disney on 'Iwájú'


By Mercedes Milligan

February 28, 2024


The Creative Heroes of 'X-Men '97' Reveal the New Mutations of the Nostalgic Marvel Series

By Tom McLean

February 28, 2024

April '24 issue of Animation Magazine (No. 339).


    AUSA Graphic Novel Honors WWII Tank Hero

AUSA  02/28/2024


Hill, G. E. 1943. Relation of children's interests in comic strips to the vocabulary of these comics [literacy]. Journal of Educational Psychology, 34 (1): 48–54. Online at


Revered 'Sandman' Author Neil Gaiman Is Selling Treasures From His Collection

by Artnet News February 23, 2024


Was content a factor in Gannett axing "Doonesbury"?

By Rod Hicks

The Quill February 23, 2024


'I wanted to tell my mother's story with humour as a way of making it less dark'

Cartoonist Denise Dorrance has written her first graphic novel at the age of 65. It deals with her mother's dementia – but it's full of love, and some great gags. Linda Kelsey met her

    The Daily Telegraph   24 Feb 2024: 6. Online at


Songs of Travel: A New Interactive Graphic Novel Chronicles Migrants' Journeys on Mobile Platforms [webcomic; Syrian artist Jack Gutmann]

BNN Correspondents

27 Feb 2024 07:41 EST


Using art and commentary, Rochester student develops new comic strip

Rowan Vercnocke uses RCTC newspaper The Echo as a place to try out her Rabbit and Hare comic strip.

By John Sievers

February 28, 2024


The pull of graphic novels, remembering Rukmini Devi Arundale and more

 Sudipta Datta

The Hindu on Books Newsletter February 27, 2024


'Superman: Legacy' Gets Title Change From James Gunn

The filmmaker shared the news on the first day of filming.

Aaron Couch

February 29, 2024


The Most Horrifying Anime is Banned Worldwide, Including in Japan; The anime Shoujo Tsubaki contains such disturbing portrayals of emotional and physical abuse that it is banned from its country of origin.

By Timothy Donohoo and Renee Senzatimore

CBR February 28 2024


Tite Kubo Determined to "Ensure His Vision" in Bleach's Final Anime Saga

By Chike Nwaenie

CBR Jan 19, 2024


Bleach Creator Tite Kubo Wants Faithful Anime Remake After Lack of Early Involvement

By Chike Nwaenie

CBR February 25 2024


Naruto Creator Makes Official Statement on Live-Action Director & Writer Reveal

By Chike Nwaenie

CBR February 23 2024


Studio Ghibli's Hayao Miyazaki Would Segregate Animators Based on Blood Type

By Chike Nwaenie

CBR February 24 2024


Two of the World's Biggest Manga Piracy Sites Taken Offline

By Chike Nwaenie

CBR February 23 2024


Matthew Vaughn is already working on the second movie of a secret Kick-Ass reboot trilogy

The new films will be directed by former stunt performer Damien Walters, and one is already finished

Sam Barsanti

AV Club February 29 2024


'Who Sanitizes the Sanitizer?': COVID Comics and Sanitisers

Ishani Anwesha Joshi , Sathyaraj Venkatesan

Publication Date:  2024

Publication Name:  Medical Humanities

online at


Awesome Con pass giveaway by Fantom Comics

AWESOME CON BADGE GIVEAWAY! Awesome Con is springing to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center this March 8-10! Let your fandom flag fly and meet your FAVORITE stars and creators!

Fantom Comics has been a pick up location for badges and we're also doing a for YOU our Fantom Club members!

From today until next Wednesday (3/6/24) folks can enter the giveaway, one entry per person!

Instructions for entering:
> post a photo of your IN-STORE purchase on Instagram and mention the giveaway
> tag & follow @fantomcomics

We will choose 3 winners at random next Thursday (3/7/24) and the badges can be picked up in-store!


>> SUNDAY, MARCH 3rd @ 1pm at Fantom Comics

A book club in collaboration with the DC TRANS BOOK CLUB with artist REMY BOYDELL joining the conversation virtually!

A surprisingly honest and touching account of a trans girl surviving through sex work in Seattle. With excerpts published in the Eisner-nominated anthology ISLAND, the full-color volume, drawn and painted by REMY BOYDELL, is an unflinching debut graphic novel. Written by MICHELLE PEREZ.

Get a copy in-store or on our website:

Hello I must Be Going by Daniel Boris

Dana Maier on the New Yorker website

What Blurbs Really Mean By Dana Maier and Gila Pfeffer

Konnichiwa WcDonald's

by Bruce Guthrie

Not being an anime aficionado, I was surprised to find that my McDonald's cup had a "W" instead of an "M" on it this week.  And there were Japanese characters next to it which the Google Translate software on my smartphone translated as "Wak Donald".  Was this a yakuza signal to take out the Republican front runner?

Apparently not.  Little known to me, a fictional WcDonald's franchise was introduced to manga back in 1981 when they wanted to refer to a food franchise like McDonald's but didn't want to run into trademark issues.  ( )  This month, McDonald's announced a tie-in to the fictional franchise starting on February 26.

Their regular website describes this as:

What Is the WcDonald’s Isekai?

Isekai is a popular anime genre that explores a story’s main character who suddenly finds themselves transported to a parallel “otherworld.” A fixture across various anime and manga titles and genres, WcDonald’s has been an indelible part of anime culture for decades. From it comes the new Savory Chili WcDonald’s Sauce! Dip into another universe and immerse yourself in WcDonald’s, artistically realized to serve as homage to fans of anime and the Golden Arches alike.

There are lots of in-store promotions for this campaign including bags (possibly only the medium and small sized ones), the cups, the backs of receipts, and videos on the order kiosks and behind the counter.  There's also a new promotional website ( ).  All of this is to promote a new McNuggets sauce.  (Which is really spicy!)

The website offers a free miniseries of four video shorts and four manga chapters.  Currently, only the first set is up -- the first comic is a 24-page PDF -- but presumably the other sets will be added each week as the campaign continues.  The story appears to start on the medium-size bag and can be read below.

As far as I can tell, the WcDonald's website only serves up the episodes if you use the QR scan code to access it.  If you access the site directly, you're told that you have to unlock each episode.  If you don't have a device with a QR-reading built-in camera (like a desktop PC), you're SOL.  Once you use the QR code, there's a cookie that's saved on your smartphone/laptop/PC which tells the system you're kosher and lets you see the episode.  Maybe that will change as complaints mount.  

Having said that, if you type in the short URL from your desktop browser -- -- things should work fine.  I have to presume that McD's isn't issuing multiple bags with different QR codes each week so the new episodes should magically show up each week along with the old ones.

(You can access the first issue of the comic directly via: .  The first video is   I suspect id=2, id=3, and id=4 will be activated later. )

Officially, the campaign ends on March 24.

Nerdist has a great article about the campaign on

Some images (and, yes, I felt like an idiot photographing the screens above the counter...)

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 2/28/2024

Square Enix Announces New Manga and Art Books for Fall 2024

 27 Feb 2024  

by Adi Tantimedh


1954's "I Sold My Baby" in Confessions of the Lovelorn, Up for Auction

Seemingly part of a final act of Pre-Code defiance on the part of ACG, Confessions of the Lovelorn #52 hit newsstands right before the CMAA was announced.

Published Tue, 27 Feb 2024 12:18:08 -0600

by Mark Seifert


The "Grimmest Little Epic" of Romantic Adventures #49, Up for Auction

Romantic Adventures #49 features "one of the grimmest little epics to appear in a romance comic" according to historian Michelle Nolan.

22 Feb 2024 18:59:08 -0600

by Mark Seifert


Reviews: Tex: Captain Jack

Tom Shapira | February 21, 2024


Reviews: Milky Way

Brian Nicholson | February 28, 2024


Milky Way

Miguel Vila, translated by Jamie Richards



Olive & Popeye with Randy Milholland & Emi Burge

Alex Garcia

Inside the Kingdom Dec 22 2023


Drawing the Future: Sarah Hartley & Olivia de Alba on Comics Kingdom's Evolution

Nadya Martinez

Inside the Kingdom Feb 24 2024


Beetle Moses with Harris Fishman

Nadya Martinez

Inside the Kingdom Jan 26 2024



Artist Drew Aquaman, Plastic Man, Super Friends, and Brenda Starr, and Co-Created Metamorpho

  Brigid Alverson on February 27, 2024



To Make Ordering Smoother, Save Retailers Time and Money

 by Brigid Alverson on February 27, 2024



Plus: Free 'Marvel Must-Haves,' Low-Cost 'Spidey and His Amazing Friends'

  Brigid Alverson on February 27, 2024


Eisner Award Judges Pick Nineteen for 2024 Hall of Fame

Artists, cartoonists, illustrators, writers, publishers and pioneers getting their dues

Dean Simons



Interview: Chad Hardin on his fourth hardcover art book and untitled PaperFilms project

Diego Higuera



The creator of 'Heartstopper' talks about her work and demand for LGBTQ stories

Julie Depenbrock

  Morning Edition February 28, 2024



MAD MAGAZINE LISTS [bibliography / index]

Mike Slaubaugh


Doug Gilford's

MAD Cover Site


Bernd Engel's



Batman/Superman: World's Finest - Mark Waid Ends His Return to Kingdom Come With a Bang

By Sam Stone

CBR Feb 21, 2024 


Benjamin Clark: curator, Charles M Schulz Museum, live interview (How Comics Were Made)

Glenn Fleishman February 28 2024


Warner Bros. Pictures Animation Bolsters Exec Team with Kim Mackey, Jessie Carbonaro; Elevates Susan Akinbola

By Mercedes Milligan

February 27, 2024


The Terrible Superhero That Is Somehow Owned by Both DC and Marvel

In the wild world of '90s comics, Marvel and DC combined to create a character that both companies shared... and nobody cares about. Meet Access...

  By Joe George | February 28, 2024


Weston Wade "Wes" Ochse 1965 – 2023: Obituary of Weston Wade Ochse [comic book writer]

February 2024


Maurice Vellekoop Comes Out in a Big Way

By Rob Kirby

Feb 27, 2024


Virtuous Con Returns—and Looks Toward the Future

By DW McKinney

Feb 27, 2024


Manga Plus Celebrates Fifth Anniversary [Japanese publisher Shueisha digital comic platform]

Feb 16, 2024


PW Comics World: More To Come

More to Come 607: James Romberger and Marguerite Van Cook ['7 Miles A Second']

Calvin Reid

on 02/26/2024


EC Comics Rises from the Crypt at Oni Press

By John Maher

Feb 19, 2024

A version of this article appeared in the 02/26/2024 issue of Publishers Weekly under the headline:


What Adults Forget About Reading

Why my daughters love rereading Raina Telgemeier's graphic novels

By Gal Beckerman

February 9, 2024


Context Changes Everything: The Russell Molina Interview

Duy Tano

The Comics Cube February 26 2024


Words, Images, & Worlds: The Fog Edition with Steve Ekstrom

Jason DeHart February 27 2024


Tape Dec 06 | Drew Moss

Declan Shalvey

February 28 2024

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

The creator of 'Heartstopper' talks about her work and demand for LGBTQ stories

Alice Oseman, the creator of the Heartstopper book series, discusses the latest installment and the demand for LGBTQ literature.

Nesting Dolls by Daniel Boris

Swann Fellow Lecture, Tuesday, March 12 in Library of Congress

Were They so Torturous? Reevaluating Modern Surgery's Underdog Story
12:00-1:00 pm Tuesday, March 12, 2024
Swann Fellow Lecture
Dining Room A, 6th Floor Madison Building

Swann Fellow, Zoe Copeman, PhD candidate in Art History and Archaeology at the University of Maryland, argues that the history of surgery relies on the narrative of
surgery's so-called "torturous" past to legitimize the practices of elite, university-trained medical men, reducing the once valued work of middling and lower-class practitioners to quackery. Drawing from the Library of Congress's eighteenth- and nineteenth-century caricatures, her research traces changes in the public perception of surgery and how visual media across disciplines would transform the surgeon (and his tools) into powerful metaphors of European and American modernity. This event will be recorded.

For more information:
Sara W. Duke, Curator, Popular & Applied
Graphic Art,

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 2/27/2024

Inkpulp Podcast #174 | Diversifying your art career [Declan Shalvey]

 Feb 19 2024


Tape Dec #6 | Justin Mason

  Declan Shalvey

Feb 26 2024


IDW EXPANDS 'TMNT' PUBLISHING PROGRAM With Multiple Ongoings, One-Shots, More

 Milton Griepp on February 26, 2024


It Took Nearly Two Years To Design The Hundreds Of Characters In 'Across The Spider-Verse'

By Jamie Lang | 02/26/2024


Kent Melton, Disney And Laika Maquette Maker, Dies At 68

By Jamie Lang | 02/26/2024


Kent Melton Sculpture Exhibit (Paranorman, Coraline, Disney)


2014 Apr 14


Ramona Fradon, 1926-2024

Steven Ringgenberg | February 27, 2024


Max Swaps in 130+ 'Looney Tunes' Shorts in March

By Mercedes Milligan

February 26, 2024


Exclusive Clip: Meet 'Migration's Flock of Artists

By Mercedes Milligan

February 26, 2024


Academy Splits Animated Features & Shorts into Their Own Branch; Sets Animation Nominees Panels

By Animation Magazine

February 26, 2024


Adventure Island: 'Kensuke's Kingdom' Creatives Share the Joys & Challenges of Their Beautiful Adaptation

By Ramin Zahed

February 26, 2024

This article was written for the April '24 issue of Animation Magazine (No. 339).


Kevin Johansen: "Milei does not understand the value of things" [Macanudo interview]

  by Ruetir

February 25, 2024


Comic strip calling Trump 'evil' is disappointing [ Clay Bennett, political cartoon]

Michael Hall

Feb. 23, 2024


'Mallard' strip about Biden was cruel

Laurie Zaiger

Feb. 25, 2024


LETTER: Ramirez cartoons don't deter Trump fans

Bill Walker 

Las Vegas Review-Journal February 14, 2024


Comics Industry Unites Against Headwinds at ComicsPRO 2024

By Heidi MacDonald

Feb 26, 2024

When a Passive Revenue Stream is "Set it and regret it"

Brad Guigar and Dave Kellett

ComicLab Podcast

 Dec 16, 2023


TV show announcement causes rampant CRIMINAL sell outs; Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' critically acclaimed comic has been rushed back to print sooner than anticipated

Dean Simons 02/26/2024


Sedaris, Falconer... and Anna Van Ogre! PRETTY UGLY is out today!

 Françoise Mouly

TOON Books (February 27 2024):


Meet the Team:Rikard Österlund

Ralph Steadman Art Collection. February 27 2024


Pioneering comic artist Ramona Fradon passes away at 97

Beat Staff



McDonald's Serves Up an Anime Experience with a 'WcDonald's' Celebration

by Michael Walsh

Feb 27 2024


"The Sure Thing" and Other Tales in Dear Lonely Hearts, Up for Auction

Comics Media, remembered for Pre-Code titles like Horrific and War Fury, brought twists to romance in Dear Lonely Hearts with Don Heck and Pete Morisi.

 26 Feb 2024

by Mark Seifert


Addiction and Romance in Youthful Hearts #1, Up for Auction

Youthful Hearts 1 features an overlooked drug addiction story "Monkey on My Back" that precedes the better-known "The Monkey" in Shock SuspenStories 12.

 26 Feb 2024

by Mark Seifert


Fighting for Love on the Cover of Romantic Hearts #9, Up for Auction

Editor William K. Friedman was determined to test the limits in the wake of the 1954 Senate Hearings on comics, and Romantic Hearts #9 is an example.

  21 Feb 2024 

by Mark Seifert


What Has ComicsPro Ever Done For Us? At last week's ComicsPro meeting, they gave attendees a list of issues they had been advocating for with publishers and distributors.

  26 Feb 2024

by Rich Johnston


Diego Boneta-Led Thriller 'El Gato' Lands at Amazon

The series, originally developed at Apple TV+, is based on a comic book by Richard Dominguez.

Rick Porter

February 26, 2024 2


Disney+ Sets Release Date for Hitman Anime Series 'The Fable'

The show is adapted from a best-selling manga by Katushisa Minami and produced under Disney's partnership with Japanese publishing powerhouse Kodansha.

Patrick Brzeski

February 26, 2024


Oscars: Film Academy Splits Its Short Films and Feature Animation Branch Into Two

Scott Feinberg

February 26, 2024


Pikachu bat un record pour un dessin original [auction]

Jean-Laurent Truc

27 février 2024


Editorial Cartoons: Berryman Award Winner Jen Sorensen

National Press Foundation Feb 21 2024


Angelo Lopez Cartoons of the Martial Law Period

Angelo Lopez

February 27 2024


Words, Images, & Worlds with Sophia Glock

Jason DeHart

Feb 25 2024


Words, Images, & Worlds with Vladimir Popov

Jason DeHart

Feb 25 2024