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Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 11/30/2023

Historian Mike Voiles of Mike's Amazing World Of Comics Has Died

Dan Greenfield on Nov 27, 2023


CSotD: Kissinger in the Rear View Mirror

Mike Peterson


Why the hell did Henry Kissinger play a bumbling cartoon duck in a '90s kids show?

Henry Kissinger's credits included Secretary of State, controversial Nobel Peace Prize Winner, and, one time, "Ducky Daddles" on Happily Ever After

William Hughes

AV Club November 29 2023



Currently Running 'Conan the Barbarian - Colossal Edition' Crowdfunder [ Pan-Universal Galactic Worldwide (PUG-W)]

 Brigid Alverson on November 29, 2023



'What I Am Witnessing Today Is an Inexorable Disintegration of the… Comic Book Distribution System that I Helped… Create.'

Chuck Rozanski,

ICv2 November 29, 2023


Where Did Nightcrawler Come From? It's Now Official (Spoilers)

X-Men Origins: Blue published today does just what it had been threatening, rewrites the already repeatedly rewritten origins of Nightcrawler

  29 Nov 2023 

by Rich Johnston


Marvel just retconned Nightcrawler and Mystique's relationship in the most X-Men way possible

By George Marston

Newsarama November 29 2023


'Invincible' Profits Showdown Heading to Trial

William Crabtree accused famed comic writer Robert Kirkman of duping him into signing a contract that characterized his contributions as a "work-for-hire," leaving him with no ownership stake in the series.

Winston Cho

November 29, 2023


Eternal Breath – Ron Regé, Jr.'s Spiritual Cycle

Hagai Palevsky | November 30, 2023


Gil Roth

Danny Fingeroth

Virtual Memories Show 565 November 28, 2023


Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Sends a Familiar Story Into the Stratosphere

Molly Templeton

  Nov 20, 2023


Interview: Greg Weisman on Gargoyles Quest and his 399 page Gargoyles timeline

Heidi MacDonald



What Someone Who Doesn't Own a Dog Imagines Owning a Dog Is Like

By Chris Scott

Illustration by Malaka Gharib

November 30, 2023


JewCE Panel Archive


Jewish Roots of the Comic Industry

Arie Kaplan (From Krakow to Krypton), Roy Schwartz (Is Superman Circumcised?), Simcha Weinstein (Up, Up and Oy Vey!) and moderator Danny Fingeroth

Center for Jewish History JewCE Panel Nov 22, 2023


Jewish Folklore in Comics

Moderator: Eddy Portnoy, Dani Colman, Trina Robbins, Chanan Beizer, and Yehudi Mercado

Center for Jewish History JewCE Panel Nov 22, 2023


Queering Jewish Comics

Moderator: Tahneer Oksman, Ben Kahn, Shira Spector, Barry Deutsch, and Miriam Libicki

Center for Jewish History JewCE Panel  Nov 22, 2023


Breaking the Mainstream Getting Past Ashkenormativity and Secularism in Comics

Moderator: Arnon Shorr, Daniel Lobell, Emily Bowen Cohen, Joshua Sky, Carol Isaacs

Center for Jewish History JewCE Panel  Nov 22, 2023


Comics for Mini Mensches

Moderator: Jeremy Dauber, Yehudi Mercado, Terri Libenson, Chari Pere, Barry Deutsch

Center for Jewish History JewCE Panel Nov 22, 2023


Canons are Made to Blow Up! Retconning, Rebooting, Jossing, and other Paradigm Shifts

Moderator: Jenny Caplan, Brian Michael Bendis (via Zoom), Brian Azzarello, Joshua Sky, and Barbara Slate

Center for Jewish History JewCE Panel Nov 22, 2023


Jewish Comics and Remembrance Culture

Moderator: Samantha Baskind, Moderator: Danny Fingeroth, Ken Krimstein, Stan Mack, and Trina Robbins

Center for Jewish History JewCE Panel  Nov 22, 2023


Will Eisner The First Poet Laureate of the Jewish Graphic Novel

Paul Levitz and Jules Feiffer

Center for Jewish History JewCE Panel Nov 22, 2023


Telling Other People's Stories

Moderator: Julian Voloj, Tracy White, Stephanie Phillips, Koren Shadmi, and Neil Kleid

Center for Jewish History JewCE Panel  Nov 22, 2023


Jewish Female Narratives in the Graphic Arts

Moderator: Karen Green, Leela Corman, Amy Kurzweil, Alisa Kwitney, and Miriam Libicki

Center for Jewish History JewCE Panel  Nov 22, 2023


Holy Graphic Novels!

Moderator: Jordan B. Gorfinkel, JT Waldman, Jessica Tamar Deutsch, Mat Tonti, and Willy Mendes

Center for Jewish History JewCE Panel  Nov 22, 2023


Out of Time: Bill Watterson's first book since Calvin and Hobbes envisions a medieval world on the brink of extinction.

Gabriel Winslow-Yost   

New York Review of Books December 21, 2023 issue

online at


Courage to Dream: Tales of Hope in the Holocaust | Review

November 30, 2023 by Esther Keller


Courage to Dream: Tales of Hope in the Holocaust

By Neal Shusterman. Art by Andrés Vera Martínez

Scholastic, October 2023.


Post-It Reviews: Six quick reviews of recent graphic novels

November 28, 2023 by Amanda MacGregor


Steve Breen's Drawing Conclusions newsletter


 The creator of the comic strip 'Mutts' frees his Guard Dog character after decades


Associated Press November 30, 2023


On Tour with Stephan Pastis

Compiled by Diane Roback

Nov 30, 2023


Frontier is a stunning new sci-fi graphic novel from Citizen Sleeper artist Guillaume Singelin;

Interview | The writer/artist discusses his new project

By Will Salmon

Newsarama November 29 2023


Singelin avec Frontier prix Landerneau BD 2023

Jean-Laurent Truc

30 novembre 2023


Christopher Nolan Is Right: Zack Snyder's Watchmen Was Ahead of Its Time

  By David Crow | November 29, 2023


10 R-Rated or Adult-Skewing Movies That Were Turned into Children's Cartoons

The 1980s and '90s were a glorious time where any subject matter could be a cartoon show or toy line if the executives were cynical enough, and the parents otherwise oblivious.

  By Jack Beresford | November 30, 2023


45 best manga of Fall 2023

An manga adaptation of three classic Murakami stories tops a star-studded list of LGBTQ, horror and historical fiction.

Nancy Powell



100 œuvres de Morris pour son centenaire à Bruxelles

Jean-Laurent Truc

29 novembre 2023



Pastis' tour with Guthrie photos

Bruce Guthrie caught him in Takoma Park...

On Tour with Stephan Pastis

Former local Malaka Gharib on the New Yorker site

What Someone Who Doesn't Own a Dog Imagines Owning a Dog Is Like

Dec 20: Sara Duke's virtual presentation highlighting Library of Congress cartoon art collections

Finding Pictures: Cartoon Cavalcade

The Library of Congress has amassed a collection of 140,000 cartoon prints and drawings over the past 150 years, including political cartoons, comic strip and comic book illustrations, gag cartoons, and animation cels. Join Sara W. Duke, Curator of Popular & Applied Graphic Art for an insider's perspective of the wealth of cartoon art in the collections of the Prints & Photographs Division. While the cartoons date back to the European Renaissance and Japanese Edo period, most of the cartoons date from the 20th century United States.

Wednesday, December 20th, 2023, 3:00-4:00 pm (EDT)


Wood engraving illustrating a periodical, showing members of the 'Tweed Ring' as vultures.

A group of vultures waiting for the storm to "Blow Over" - "Let Us Prey," print by Thomas Nast, 1871.

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 11/29/2023

What About Crowdfunded Comics?

Murray , Matthew

Thacker, Mara L.

in Comic Books, Special Collections, and the Academic Library

Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)


Online at


INTERVIEW: Sleepy-C team on WEBTOON production process and OMNISCIENT READER'S VIEWPOINT

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint is coming to print on December 12 from IZE Press.

Marion Pena



2023 Charlotteans of the Year: Kevin Siers

His layoff after 36 years as the Observer's editorial cartoonist muted one of our strongest voices

Greg Lacour

November 27, 2023


Cartoonist Eric Heath celebrates 100 years in style

David Haxton

27 Nov, 2023


The Dark Knight Reverses: Is Frank Miller's Batman Frontal Or Not?

Frank Miller's cover to Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is causing a mini-social media storm thirty-seven years after it was published.

 28 Nov 2023  

by Rich Johnston


Frank Miller shocker: famed Dark Knight cover is an optical illusion

Heidi MacDonald



From hero to zero: is this really Marvel's endgame?

A bombshell new report details the many problems the once-unstoppable superhero brand is facing [MCU].

Stuart Heritage

2 Nov 2023


Fallen kingdom: why has Disney had such a terrible year?

A dubious brand strategy and underperforming films like Wish and The Marvels have led the once-golden studio into disarray

Jesse Hassenger

Tue 28 Nov 2023


BBC Paid Pat Mills & Dave Gibbons For Doctor Who, Panini Did Not

Doctor Who: The Star Beast was based on the comic that Pat Mills and Dave Gibbons created for Doctor Who Weekly from Marvel back in 1980.

by Rich Johnston

 28 Nov 2023


DC Runs A Memorial For Keith Giffen In Its Comics

Keith Giffen died last month. DC Comics is now running a tribute to the man across their monthly comic books and website.

by Rich Johnston

  28 Nov 2023


Wish review – Disney's throwback animation is missing some magic

Oscar winner Ariana DeBose voices an all-singing heroine in an overstuffed yet underpowered attempt to replicate the success of Frozen

Benjamin Lee

Mon 20 Nov 2023


'Looney Tunes' Is Not Leaving Max, But Adult Swim Classics Are Out

By Animation Magazine

November 28, 2023


Remote Disney Animation Workers Make Historic Bid for Union from 6 Different States

By Mercedes Milligan

November 28, 2023


'Peppa Pig' Returns for Season 10 with New Character Voiced by Sandra Dickinson

By Mercedes Milligan

November 28, 2023


Animated Short 'Eeva' Wins Best Film at INTERFILM Berlin

By Mercedes Milligan

November 28, 2023


The Director and Animator of 'Sunflower Field' Discuss Their Short About the Impact of War on Children [Ukraine]

By Ramin Zahed

November 28, 2023



Booths, Activities, and Cosplay with Sellout Crowd of 60,000

 Brigid Alverson on November 28, 2023



Publisher's First CFO Previously Worked for Lead Shareholder

 Brigid Alverson on November 28, 2023


Adventures Into Archives [horror comic reprints]

Tom Shapira | November 29, 2023


With Sgt. Mike

Mike Dobbs

Out of The Inkwell April 01, 2012


Ed H ILYA's Newsletter

Ed Hillyer

Anyone Comics is closing – and reopening around the corner!

Anyone Comics in Brooklyn is moving

Heidi MacDonald



Mark Hamill Says He'll Never Voice Joker Again Without Kevin Conroy's Batman

By Jeremy Dick

CBR November 25 2023


Morgan Hampton Boldly Goes to a Strange New World With the Next Generation of Star Trek Heroes

By Dave Richards

CBR November 23 2023


From Strength to Strength Jewish Superheroes Through the Ages!

moderator Roy Schwartz, Frank Miller, Brian Michael Bendis (via Zoom), Dean Haspiel, and E. Lockhart

Center for Jewish History

 Nov 22, 2023


Telling Stories with Pictures with Scott Chantler

CXC Festival

 Nov 27, 2023


Johnny C: The New England Mind in Indy Comics

Barney Smith

StoryComic Presents 322 Nov 28, 2023


Mark Bell Talks Sasquatch Adventures and Comic Diversity

Barney Smith

StoryComic Presents 328  Nov 27, 2023


Comic Culture at NC Comicon pt 1

terence dollard

 Nov 28, 2023


40 Years of Adverts - Aardman Animations

Aardman Animations Nov 24, 2023


A Grand Night In: The Story of Aardman | Documentary

Julie Walters (narr.)

Aardman Animations Jan 26, 2022



Ted Shaffrey, Richard Drew and Matt Moore

AP Archive May 23, 2023


A Talk With Editorial Cartoonists Wes Rowell and Angelo Lopez

Angelo Lopez Nov 26, 2023


Welcome to Mike's Amazing World of Comics [obituary]

November 2023


Mike's Amazing World of Comics [catalog and index database]


A Note From Patrick: Holidays 2023

Patrick McDonnell

November 29, 2023


MADEMOISELLE SOPHIE takes home ACBD Critics' Kids Prize 2023

A tale of difference and understanding won over the critics for this annual award

Dean Simons



55 kids and middle graphic novels out in Fall 2023

An eclectic mix of subjects along with tried-and-true franchises dominate the landscape for the fall.

Nancy Powell


Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 11/28/2023

Raising Felix: Truthful Parenting

By Julia Wertz

November 27, 2023


Webtoons and Webcomics Keep Scrolling into Print

By Shaenon K. Garrity

Nov 24, 2023

A version of this article appeared in the 11/27/2023 issue of Publishers Weekly under the headline: Webtoons & Webcomics


Just Make Your Thing: PW Talks with Tracy Butler

By Shaenon K. Garrity

Nov 24, 2023

A version of this article appeared in the 11/27/2023 issue of Publishers Weekly under the headline: Just Make Your Thing


Six New Swoonworthy Romance Webtoons

By Shaenon K. Garrity

Nov 24, 2023

A version of this article appeared in the 11/27/2023 issue of Publishers Weekly under the headline: Readers Swoon for Webtoons



'Periodical Market Gets Largely Strangled by its Very (and Varied) Caretakers'

Brian Hibbs

  ICv2 on November 28, 2023


Behind the Byline: Burris Jenkins Jr

Joanna Colclough

Headlines & Heroes blog November 28, 2023

IDEAS DON'T BLEED episode sixty-three | Torunn Grønbekk, part one

Nov 27, 2023


Global Warming BURNS! Brilliant Political Cartoonists discuss Climate Change Through their Cartoons!

Daryl Cagle, Pat Bagley, Graeme MacKay, and Rod Emmerson

Caglecast 32; Nov 25, 2023


Licensing Hotline: November 2023 [Mad Cave]

By Karen Raugust

Nov 28, 2023


Anime Expo 2023: 'Manga Publishing Industry Roundtable' offers exciting insight

Marion Pena



Animation Veteran Mike Blum Discusses His Animated Series 'Dogster Kid Songs' and YouTube Channel

By Ramin Zahed

November 22, 2023


A Man of Characters: Glen Keane on Artist Peter de Sève (Book Excerpt)

By Glen Keane

November 24, 2023

This article was written for the December '23 issue of Animation Magazine (No. 335)


'They Shot the Piano Player' Directors Discuss Their Animated Notes on a Disappearance

By Tom McLean

November 23, 2023

This article was written for the December '23 issue of Animation Magazine (No. 335)


Oil & Toil: 'The Peasants' Directors DK & Hugh Welchman Detail Their Second Ambitious Painting-Animated Feature

By Rich Johnson

November 24, 2023

This article was written for the December '23 issue of Animation Magazine (No. 335)


'Misaligned' Director Marta Magnuska Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Her Debut Short [Poland]

By Ramin Zahed

November 27, 2023


Prime Video Sets 'Hazbin Hotel' Premiere Date & Season 1's Guest Stars

By Mercedes Milligan

November 27, 2023