Thursday, March 31, 2022

The Post on Moon Knight

Who is Moon Knight? What to know about Marvel's Oscar Isaac series.

Washington Post March 30 2022

Oscar Isaac finally rises to the Marvel A-list with 'Moon Knight' [in print as Oscar Isaac brings many personalities to 'Moon Knight']

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 3/30/22


Bob Chapek's Missteps Fuel Confidence Crisis at Disney

Amid a staff revolt over his handling of Florida's "Don't Say Gay" bill, insiders speculate how long he might last on the job: "There's a lack of awareness."

Kim Masters

March 30, 2022


All Killer, No Filler (Unfortunately)

By Graeme McMillan • Comics, FYI #25 March 30 2022

Where are the Marvel comics that just don't fit in?


All Killer, No Filler (Unfortunately)

By Graeme McMillan • Comics, FYI #25 March 30 2022

Where are the Marvel comics that just don't fit in?


Newsmaker interview: Joseph Illidge on starting Illuminous, Xerø and 50 Cent

Illidge is opening a new chapter in his career.

Heidi MacDonald



Jim Rugg HULK: Grand Design Interview! (2022)


Jan 12, 2022

Wits' End Podcast [is talking to comics creators]



Ryan Balkam

The Comic Lounge Podcast 1/11/2022


Jim Rugg on Hulk Grand Design, Cartoonist Kayfabe and much more!

 Jan 12, 2022

  Dan Shahin


CKRS Comix Symposium #11 with Jim Rugg

Feb 13, 2022

Eli Schwab


A Smashing Time with Jim Rugg of Hulk Grand Design and Cartoonist Kayfabe

The Marvelists February 2022?


HULK Grand Design - the JIM RUGG shoot interview!

Ed Piskor

Dec 9, 2021

Cartoonist Kayfabe


Leviathan Nights : intervista con Jim Rugg

Ryo Flywas

 Jan 7, 2022

The Flywas Show


Circuit 42 Presents Jim Rugg and Hulk Grand Design


Feb 6 2022


Hold Onto The Colours Podcast January 23 2022

By Paul Melia

#39 Jim Rugg


Ep. 77 Breaking Kayfabe with Cartoonist Jim Rugg

The Lou Cappetta Show January 24 2022


#725 Jim Rugg on "Street Angel" "Hulk: Grand Design" and more!

Deconstructing Comics Podcast March 2 2022


Ep.352 - Hulk: Grand Design with Jim Rugg

 Badr Milligan

The Short Box: A Comic Book Podcast

Ep.352 - Hulk: Grand Design with Jim Rugg



By Manuel Gomez

February 6, 2022


Book review: Nancy Pedri. A Concise Dictionary of Comics.

reviewed by John A. Lent

International Journal of Comic Art blog

March 30, 2022


Nancy Pedri. A Concise Dictionary of Comics. Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 2022. 204 pp. ISBN:  978-1-4968-3805-6. US $25.00.


Is Chip Zdarsky the hero Gotham deserves? On the challenges of writing Batman

Why it's hard to write a beloved character, and why his new book is a comic about comics

Chris Dart · CBC Arts  Mar 29, 2022


How to be a comic book writer, by Marvel's Chip Zdarsky

May 17, 2019



Jared Leto in 'Morbius': Film Review

Matt Smith and Adria Arjona also star in Marvel's origin story of the conflicted antihero, a doctor who gets cozy with vampire bats to treat his rare blood disorder.

David Rooney

March 30, 2022


Why 'Moon Knight' Will Be Debated Even More Than Most Comic Book Adaptations

The Oscar Isaac Disney+ series dives into comic book history and tackles mental illness for a general audience that isn't familiar enough with either to comment definitively, but surely will regardless.

Richard Newby

March 30, 2022

'Moon Knight' Review: Raiders of the Lost Identity

By Mike Hale

A version of this article appears in print on March 30, 2022, Section C, Page 2 of the New York edition with the headline: Who's His Very Worst Enemy? Himself..


Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 3/29/22


The Teen Humor Comics of the 1940s

Kelly Jensen Mar 25, 2022


Vault sends a surprise Thank You variant cover to retailers for WEST OF SUNDOWN #1

The one-per-store special cover is drawn by artist James O'Barr

Deanna Destito



Garry Leach 1954-2022

29th March 2022


Commentary: It's Not Just The Beginning – Animation Has Always Pushed Boundaries

Chris Robinson | 03/28/2022


During The Biggest Oscar Trainwreck In History, 'Encanto' And 'The Windshield Wiper' Won Oscars (Commentary)

Amid Amidi | 03/27/2022


Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Špela Čadež [Slovenia]

Chris Robinson | 03/25/2022


'Mrs. Frank Leslie' ran a media empire and bankrolled the suffragist movement

Gillian Brockell

Washington Post March 28 2022


Oscar Isaac in Disney+'s 'Moon Knight': TV Review

The actor stars as a Marvel action hero with dissociative identity disorder in a series that blends Egyptian mythology with superhero mythology.

Daniel Fienberg

March 29, 2022


REVIEW: MOON KNIGHT doesn't reinvent the wheel but Oscar Isaac's charm and talent is enough

It's still the MCU, but Oscar Isaac is an absolute gem who is the super-powered talent that could rocket this series to the moon.

Therese Lacson



AWA - Writer Mark Russell Introduces NOT ALL ROBOTS

Sep 28, 2021

AWA Studios


Comic Culture with Steve Rude

Mar 25, 2022

terence dollard


Bill Mauldin Tells Woes of Ex-GI's in Civilian Clothes.

[Naval Hospital Oakland] The Oak Leaf (December 15 1945): 1

online at


27 March 2022 Bill Brown reports from Germany

Eric Bond

Takoma Park, Maryland, United States

bondography March 29 2022

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Bill Brown reports from Germany

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 3/28/22

Dictionary and compendium: English professor publishes comic dictionary

Memorial University Gazette March 17, 2022


'Sonic the Hedgehog 2': Film Review

Justin Lowe

March 28, 2022


DC Universe Infinite now available outside of the U.S.

The app is available in Canada now, with more countries gaining access over the next few months

Joe Grunenwald



Ukrainians have faced Russian terror before

By Paul Karasik

Washington Post (March 27, 2022)

online at


Con Report: Angoulême returned with style in 2022

With the dust settled, and wifi access restored, Dean Simons takes a pictorial look back at Angoulême 2022

Dean Simons



INTERVIEW: Alek Shrader talks adapting the iconic opera CARMEN as a graphic novel

The Kickstarter campaign to fund the graphic novel is live now.

Joe Grunenwald



The best graphic novels from Quebec (no matter what your taste)

By François Vigneault

March 2022?


"I'm A Citizen Of Gay America": An Interview With Eric Orner

Alex Dueben | March 28, 2022


"Hubert" and World War Two [Paul S. Snyder]

by D. D. Degg

March 27, 2022 


Unknown. 1942.

Sergeant Snyder, Creator of Hubert, Is Transferred: Will Do Animation Work.

Biloxi Daily Herald (December 30).

Online at 


Amis, Everett O. 1942.

Stork Didn't Bring Hubert, Pvt. Snyder Tells Protégé.

Biloxi Daily Herald (June 17).

Online at 


Wonder Harbour Comics fire determined arson, damages estimated at $450K

Investigators have determined the fire was deliberately set and originated on the main floor

Anna Junker

Mar 28, 2022

READCHINA: lianhuanhua : Chinese Comics in Translation
Lena Henningsen and  Duncan Paterson
READCHINA: The Politics of Reading in the People's Republic of China March 15 2022

MSX Bonus Podcast #1: Ken Niimura talks 'Spicy Tuna'
 Christopher Woodrow-Butcher and Deb Aoki
MSX: Mangasplaining Extra March 28 2022

The Daily Heller: The Profusely Incomparable Edward Sorel at 93
By Steven Heller
March 24 2022
The Daily Heller

France summons Russian envoy over embassy Twitter cartoon that mocked Europe
By John Irish
March 25, 2022

Disney Says Florida's "Don't Say Gay" Bill Should Be Repealed as Gov. DeSantis Signs It Into Law
A company rep says the legislation "should never have passed and should never have been signed into law."
Alex Weprin
March 28, 2022

The Daily Heller: The Profusely Incomparable Edward Sorel at 93
By Steven Heller
The Daily Heller March 24 2022

The Incredible Hulk & The Amazing Spider-Man: The Gamma Gambit [toilet paper merchandising].
Tom Brevoort
The Tom Brevoort Experience March 26, 2022

Human New Yorkers and Their Doppelgänger Dogs
Five cartoonists fanned out across the city to find pet owners and their look-alike canines.
Jeremy Nguyen, Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell, Emily Bernstein, Jason Adam Katzenstein, Carolita Johnson
New Yorker March 26, 2022

Monday, March 28, 2022

Karasik on Ukrainians in yesterday's Post

Ukrainians have faced Russian terror before

By Paul Karasik
Washington Post (March 27, 2022)

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 3/27/22


With $9.3M in fresh funding, Zestworld plans a newsletter service for creator-owned comics

Brian Heater

TechCrunch March 21, 2022


And It Looks Like We've Made It Once Again [Abrams ComicArts; Hulk vs Thor]

By Graeme McMillan • Issue #24  March 25 2022


Hulk and Thor's Marvel rivalry may finally be put to rest

Who is the strongest Avenger?

By Graeme McMillan Mar 23, 2022,


Nick Newman

How should cartoonists respond to war?

From magazine issue: 26 March 2022


CSotD: The Art of War

 by Mike Peterson

March 27, 2022


Australian Cartoonists' 2021 Stanley Awards

by D. D. Degg

March 26, 2022


Exhibition in photos: Aude Picault at the 49th Angoulême International Comics Festival

 by Nick Nguyen

International Journal of Comic Art blog March 26, 2022


Tone-deaf comics aren't funny [WuMo letter]

Lana Nelson

Washington Post March 26 2022


The Comics That Made Them with John Allison

By David Harper

March 22, 2022

Sunday, March 27, 2022

That darn WUMO

"WuMo" comic published in The Washington Post on Feb. 28 (Mikael Wulff & Anders Morgenthaler)

Tone-deaf comics aren't funny

The Feb. 28 "WuMo" comic was tone-deaf and callous. Its timing demonstrated a lack of attention and insensitivity to current world events. It was stupid rather than funny.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Walt Ditzen safety PSAs from 1955

 I ran across these two National Safety Council cartoons by Walt Ditzen in a scanned copy of the Navy Medical Center San Diego newspaper Dry Dock. The 'resume speed' cartoon is from Sept. 22, 1950, and "traffic is unusually heavy today" is from Sept. 8, 1950.