Monday, June 11, 2007

Cartoons from Stamp Wholesaler

My friend Warren noted that I've got Cartoonphilately, a Yahoo group on cartoonists and stamps and sent this, "Attached are two scans that somewhat reverses the whole concept. Amazingly enough, a cartoon book about stamp collecting. I scanned the centerfold so you can get an idea of the cartoons inside. Its 72 pages of cartoons that was published in 1951."

Warren is fond of noting that there's a whole secret history of cartoons contained in magazines like this Stamp Wholesaler. I think he's absolutely correct, and we could use in the US a biographical dictionary of cartoonists like has been done for the UK.


Mike Lynch said...

This is great stuff, and I linked to this (and the Vashi post) at my blog. I'm very interested in gag cartooning and draw magazine cartoons myself. I've never heard of any of the cartoonists in these publications! Would love to see more!

Mike Rhode said...

Thanks, Mike. I really enjoy your blog too - I've got it as an RSS feed. I've been trying to stick to just covering Washington DC, but as my friends and I find interesting nuggets, I'm expanding a bit.

Mike's blog is btw