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Comic Riffs talks to Reuben Award nominees

NCS REUBEN AWARDS: Finalists talk of surprise as 4 nominees named for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year

    By Michael Cavna

    Washington Post Comic Riffs blog February 28 2014



Chris Flick interviewed on Smudge Expo site

Free Dust Elves Ashcan Comic

February 28, 2014
Free DUST ELVES Ashcan Comic
Gordon will be giving away ASHCAN copies of the next issue of THE SECRET ORIGIN OF THE DUSTELVES at the SMUDGE COMIC ARTS EXPO next Saturday, March 8th.
That’s right, he’ll be GIVING THEM AWAY FOR FREE. But before you get all excited and send that soda out your nose, you might want to see what an ASHCAN is.
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Ben Hatke to collect Little Robot strips

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bhob Stewart's 1969 underground comics exhibit at the Corcoran

I never met Bhob Stewart who passed away this week. I'm sorry I didn't because our interests in pop culture overlapped. We must have corresponded about comics though, because my name was in his email address book, and his friend Brad Verter was kind enough to send a notice of his death, and some scans that he thought might be of interest. Bhob had apparently asked him to scan these for his blog Potrzebie, but didn't get a chance to use them.

Bhob was apparently instrumental in putting on Phonus Balonus, an underground cartoon exhibit at an offshoot of the Corcoran Gallery on Dupont Circle. Sean Howe has photographs online here, here, and here.

Here are the scans about the exhibit. I'm afraid most of them are only partially complete, but they give you an idea about what was in the show, and how it was received. Brad scanned the whole catalog of the show, and it's online here. Two libraries are shown in Worldcat as holding a copy of it - the Tate in London and UC Berkeley in California.
Corcoran Gallery's press release, page 1
Front cover to the catalog with art by Bhob.

Exhibit opening ticket.

Newspaper clipping with Skip Williamson art

Article from the New York Post.

Fragment of a Washington Post article

Partial Washington Post article from May 21, 1969.

Partial Washington Star article from June 1, 1969
Article from an unknown New York city magazine.

For more information on Bhob's life, read Bhob Stewart, 1937-2014, by Bill Pearson, Feb 26, 2014.

March 5: Ecuadorian cartoonist Bonilla speaks

Communications Law in Ecuador: 

When Censoring a Cartoon Becomes a 

Presidential Priority


Communications Law in Ecuador:
 When Censoring a Cartoon Becomes a Presidential Priority 
Since his reelection, President Rafael Correa has used a series of laws and decrees to constrain   criticism and dissent. In June 2013, the National Assembly passed a restrictive communications law that designates the media as a public service subject to government regulation. Political cartoonist Xavier Bonilla was the first victim of this law following the publication of a cartoon that depicted the house raid of journalist FernandoVillavicencio. President Correa called Bonilla, among other things, “an assassin with ink.” Bonilla was forced to publish a correction, and El Universo paid a large fine. Join the Center for International Media Assistance and the Latin America and Caribbean program at the National Endowment for Democracy for a discussion on the restrictive nature of the communications law in Ecuador.
Xavier Bonilla
Political Cartoonist at El Universo
Martha Roldós
Fundación Mil Hojas
Carlos Lauría      
Committee to Protect Journalists
Wednesday, March 5
12:00-2:00 p.m.
Lunch will be served from 12:00-12:30
1025 F Street, N.W., Suite 800
Washington, DC 20004

About the Speakers 
Xavier “Bonil”Bonilla is the daily cartoonist for Ecuador's biggest newspaper, ElUniverso. He also publishes in five other important magazines and is a member of international organization, Cartooning for Peace. He has published eight books and received international recognition for his work from the Inter-American Press Society, World Press Cartoon, and the United Nations Ranan Lurie Political Cartoon Award. He was the first journalist to be sanctioned by Ecuador’s new Communications Law.
Martha Roldós is a lifelong political and civil society activist. In 2006, she was elected to Congress representing the province of Guayas, and in 2007 was elected to serve in the Constituent Assembly. After a failed presidential run in 2009, she joined the coalition ‘United for Democracy,’ which advocated for a no vote to the 2011 referendum which sought to give greater control over the media and judiciary to the executive. Throughout her career, she has been a strong advocate for government transparency and accountability, and for freedom of expression and association. She fought against the passage of the communications law, and later joined a group to challenge the law before Ecuador’s Constitutional Court. She now serves as Executive Director ofFundación Mil Hojas, an organization that investigates government corruption. 
Carlos Lauria is the senior Americas program coordinator for the Committee to Protect Journalists where he serves as chief strategist and spokesperson on press freedom issues in the Americas. He monitors and documents press freedom violations in Latin America and has led missions to Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Haiti, Brazil, El Salvador, and Argentina. Lauría began his journalistic career in Buenos Aires in 1986 and settled in New York in 1994 as U.S. bureau chief correspondent for Editorial Perfil, Argentina’s largest magazine publisher. He serves on the board of the Maria Moors Cabot Award for excellence in Latin American journalism, which is sponsored by Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He is a graduate of journalism from the Universidad Católica Argentina.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

3/1: Charles Soule at Third Eye Comics

SAT. 3/1: CHARLES SOULE Red vs. Green signing -- Meet the writer of RED LANTERNS, the new SHE-HULK, LETTER 44, SUPERMAN / WONDER WOMAN, THUNDERBOLTS and many more!


This Saturday March 1st, we'll be having a long-time friend of Third Eye, CHARLES SOULE, to the store to sign copies of the many awesome books he's got coming out, including the recently released SHE-HULK #1. 


Charles has been wowing us for a while now, with great work on titles like LETTER 44, RED LANTERNS, SWAMP THING, THUNDERBOLTS, and SUPERMAN / WONDER WOMAN, and we're totally amped to give you guys this rare opportunity to meet the man before he totally blows us all out of the water with the upcoming INHUMAN ongoing series.


Want more info on our signing with Charles? Click here for the full scoop.


PR: Critical Acclaimed Hit "Fist of Justice" from Digital Webbing Press Returns

For Immediate Release

Methuen, MA, February 25, 2014

What began as a one-off, seven page story with a twist ending in the anthology series Digital Webbing Presents generated such positive reader response that creators Mike Imboden and Ed Dukeshire made the decision to undo that twist ending and revive Fist of Justice as an ongoing feature. Over the course of 10 issues (five lead stories in DWP and five in his own self-titled book), they created the world of Fist of Justice. After taking a few years off from publishing, the creative team felt the time was right to continue what they started and bring Fist of Justice back to the loyal fans who have longed for his return.

A Kickstarter campaign is underway to fund publication of a full-color trade paperback collecting Fist's earliest adventures. Some of the comic industry's hottest talents got their start illustrating Fist of Justice including Chad Hardin (Harley Quinn), Yildiray Cinar (Supergirl), Anthony Castrillo (X-Men), Dario Carrasco, Jr. (Star Wars), and Andre Coelho (Ms. Marvel).

So who is the Fist of Justice? Fist of Justice is a man out of time, a cat with his heart in the right place-- a true hero from the 70s awakened in our time. He was the super-heroic defender of Charm City until he made a fatal mistake that ended his career. He threw in the towel and was locked away and soon forgotten. But his power-- though dormant-- did not leave him. Now it has returned and resurrected FOJ-- restoring him as defender of a city dealing with the new villains of the 21st century. Villains who are tougher, stronger, and meaner than ever.

Creators Mike Imboden and Ed Dukeshire have taken to crowd-funding site, Kickstarter, to raise the money needed to collect the first five issues of the comic into a trade paperback. In addition, plans call for publication of an all-new issue 6 of Fist of Justice.  Says Dukeshire, "Kickstarter has shown that projects that couldn't originally happen, are now possible. While the costs to produce the book are too high for us alone, support via Kickstarter can change that. The campaign will help pay for the printing of the trade paperback, comic book, all the rewards, shipping supplies, and shipping.  We'd love to get Fist of Justice out there on a regular basis once again, but need the help of our readers and fans."

A number of comics' most talented artists got their start illustrating Fist of Justice. Chad Hardin, artist of the super-hot Harley Quinn from DC, was first published in the pages of Fist of Justice. Yildiray Cinar, who currently draws Supergirl for DC, also began his career penciling FOJ. Now fans will be able to see their early work in a newly published trade paperback."These guys were extreme talents right out of the gate," said Dukeshire, who spotted samples of their drawings on the Digital Webbing Forums and offered them their first chance to be published.

Supporters can choose from a handful of incentives. "We've got plenty of incentives to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign", adds Imboden. "Not only can people get the trade paperback, we have pledge levels that include art by past FOJ artists. We've got t-shirts, prints and stickers and, what might be the coolest thing of all, the opportunity to have yourself drawn into an original Fist of Justice short story!"

Web address for Kickstarter is:

For more information about Fist of Justice, visit or or contact Imboden ( or Dukeshire (

April 12: Comic Book exhibit opens at Strathmore

A Shared Universe: The Art of Comic Books
April 12, 2014 - June 8, 2014
Free Opening Reception
Thursday, April 24, 7 - 9PM

Exhibition Hours
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday - 10AM-4PM
Wednesday - 10AM-9PM
Closed Monday

It’s an American invention and a 20th century institution, yet the comic book encompasses the arc of humanity that runs from prehistoric cave paintings to the graphic novels of the future. Arnold Blumberg, former curator at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, calls the comic book “not just a reflection of our culture—it is our culture.” A culture experienced on so many levels, whether it’s colored by memories of hiding under the covers with a flashlight and a comic book after bedtime or catching up with digital favorites online. Ever since Superman kicked off the superhero comic genre in 1938, the medium’s influence has spread throughout the arts, influencing fine and performing arts as well as pop culture and becoming part of the fabric of human dreams. This exhibit gathers all the elements of the art form, from original pencil drawing and hand inking to graphic design and digital manipulation, and beyond into the new incursions of what comic artist and theorist Scott McCloud calls “the infinite canvas” of web-based comics, games and graphic novels. Step into the world of wonder that’s reflected in the comic genre; share it with someone you love. It’s just as you remember, and so much more than you can imagine.

Please join us for the following programs, presented in conjunction with the exhibit:


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What would 'feminist' Barbie look like?

Some new comics/illustrations by D.C.-area native Colleen Clark (who is studying at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio) are featured in the Huffington Post.
'We Are All Barbie Girls' Illustrations By Colleen Clark Show What It Would Look Like If Dolls Represented All Women
The Huffington Post  | by  Nina Bahadur
"How great would it be if Barbie came in all dress sizes, body shapes and ethnicities? That's what student and illustrator Colleen Clark thought when she was approached by Marie Claire South Africa to illustrate what a "feminist" Barbie might look like." Read more.
Courtesy of Colleen Clark

Milestones African-American comic art exhibit extended at Geppi's

Originally slated to end April 30, 2014, Geppi’s Entertainment Museum’s (GEM) exhibit Milestones: African Americans in Comics, Pop Culture and Beyond has been extended through December 31 due to overwhelming demand. ....

Washington Times on Jimmy Gownley's Frederick stop

Bright idea: Graphic novel cartoonist to debut ‘Dumbest Idea’ in Frederick

By Emily Hoosier

The Washington Times February 20, 2014

He's signing tonight in Frederick, in just a few minutes:

Friday, February 21st - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Meet FIVE GHOSTS Writer Frank Barbiere & artist Toby Cypress tomorrow at our White Suits #1 Signing!

Saturday 2/22/14
Click here to RSVP on FACEBOOK.
First 20 In Line Receive a FREE mystery gift, limited ONLY to this event, and numbered at 25 Copies!

Signed & Numbered to ONLY 20.

Happy early Spring, Third Eye Faithful!

I may be a bit premature in saying this, Third Eye Faithful, but I think winter is on it's way out, and Spring is on it's way in.

And, you know what that means -- we've got a whole bunch of cool reasons on the horizon for you guys to line up early and have fun! :)

This week marks our first signing of 2014, as we welcome FIVE GHOSTS writer FRANK J. BARBIERE back to Third Eye, alongside BLUE ESTATE artist TOBY CYPRESS, in support of their brand new DARK HORSE COMICS series THE WHITE SUITS! 

When I first saw images of THE WHITE SUITS, I really knew that Frank and Toby had something special in the works here, and after seeing it in person this week, I gotta say: if you're a fan of pulpy, visceral crime / espionage driven dramas ala comics like SIN CITY and 100 BULLETS or movies & tv series like EASTERN PROMISE, HOMELAND and THE AMERIKANS, then this is up your alley.

Click here to RSVP to the event on FACEBOOK.

Santiago Casares interviewed by Smudge

Chili's World is his webcomic, and I imagine he'll have some collections for sale at Smudge.

The Post and The Express on Miyazaki's new movie

‘The Wind Rises’ is the latest example of the healing powers of Hayao Miyazaki

Animation master Hayao Miyazaki has said “The Wind Rises” will be his last film as director. (Studio Ghibli)

Animation master Hayao Miyazaki has said “The Wind Rises” will be his last film as director. (Studio Ghibli)

‘The Wind Rises’ movie review: A sensitive, lyrical valedictory for Hayao Miyazaki

Studio Ghibli - Jiro Horikoshi develops a love of airplanes as a boy and often dreams of the flying machines in Hayao Miyazaki’s “The Wind Rises.”

Michael Cavna interviewed on local podcast

Michael Cavna rides two horses as a cartoonist and journalist

ItsAllJournalism podcast February 21, 2014 

By Michael O’Connell

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fwd: April is Drew Moss Month @ Game On! Comics

Game ON logo
Dear Mike,
April will be DREW MOSS MONTH at Game On! Comics!  If you've been with us since we opened, you know that we all love Drew Moss, and are always thrilled when a new project of his comes out. 
And on April 26 Drew Moss and Eryk Donovan will be here from Noon to 4pm signing their books and drawing sketches! 
Two Comics Drew Moss Is Working On
In April, Drew has THREE books coming out!  The second issue of his CROW: PESTILENCE series is released, as well as the third issue of CITY: MIND OF THE MACHINE.

The Crow: Pestilance - Juarez, Mexico. A young boxer, Salvador, refuses to take a fall, but has no problem taking a vicious drug gang's pay-off. When they take their lethal revenge on the Salvador and his family, he returns as THE CROW, in search of vengeance...and forgiveness.

In The Dark: A Horror Anthology
The BIG book for April, however, is the IDW-released Rachel Deering Horror anthology IN THE DARK.  The creator list is a who's who of great writers from Paul Tobin, Dwayne Swierczynski and Cullen Bunn to artists Nate Powell and Matthew Dow Smith, and Eryk Donovan.  Drew Moss is providing art for the Cullen Bunn story.

IN THE DARK is a HUGE 300+ page anthology, including essays by Scott Snyder and Mike Howlett, and retails for $50.

This book will be awesome, but because this book is a big investment, Drew and fellow artist Eryk Donovan will each do a free sketch for all Game On! customers who preorder the book in the next couple of weeks!

Come by the shop and put a minimum $5 deposit down on the book and you can pick up the book on April 26!

Drew and Eryk will be here on April 26 from Noon to 4pm signing their books and drawing sketches, but to get a signed and remarked copy of IN THE DARK you need to preorder it before March 10th!

For more on IN THE DARK, check out this interview with Deering:
If you have any questions, email us at or call us at 703.539.8680.


The Game On! Gang
(Louis, J. R., Matt, Michael, Evan & Giahn)