Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gazette on Peanuts play, Truitt on The Waking comic

'Charlie Brown' provides pure fun at Olney
by Larry Bangs, THEATER REVIEW February 29 2012

Zenescope's 'Waking' rises for another horrific chapter
By Brian Truitt, USA TODAY February 29 2012

Toles muscles in on Galifianakis' gig

Dear advice cartoonist, By

Another Carla Speed McNeil comic

'Smut Peddler' Editor Spike Trotman Talks the Joy of Female-Created Sex Comics
Feb 28th 2012 By: Lauren Davis

The porno comics anthology Smut Peddler started life as a series of minicomics put together by Carla Speed McNeil, Trisha L. Sebastian, Johanna Draper Carlson and Sean Bieri...

Lost Art Books / Picture This Press publisher profiled


Smith, Deborah McCarty.  2011.                     

Superhero of lost art – Joseph Procopio '92; The superhero comics that captivated young Joe Procopio cast a web from which he never escaped [Lost Art Books publisher].

University of Dayton Magazine (Summer): 47.

Online at


Washingtonian reviews Peanuts play

Theater Review: "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" at Olney Theatre
"Peanuts" characters get a charming rendition in this good-natured musical.
By Missy Frederick
Washingtonian's After Hours blog February 28 2012

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"Astro Boy and the God of Comics" review

Boy robot soars at Studio Theatre
 Barbara Mackay
Washington Examiner February 29 2012, p. 27

 Not to worry if you don't know much about Japanese cartoon artist Osamu Tezuka, better known as "The God of Comics" by his adoring fans. Studio Theatre can explain everything you need to know in 70 minutes in its taut, whimsical "Astro Boy and the God of Comics." ...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Catching up with Flugennock: Latest'n'Greatest: "Who's More Progressive?"

I'm afraid in the press of the winger, I've let a few of Michael Flugennock's hard-hitting cartoons slip past the blog, but here's his latest.  Click through to read his blog commentary which is obviously as pointed as the cartoon.
Who's More Progressive?
Mike Flugennock, flugennock at sinkers dot org
Mike's Political Cartoons: dubya dubya dubya dot sinkers dot org

Truitt on 'Mind the Gap,' 'F-OO Fighters,' Clone Wars and Aquabats

The Aquabats invade children's television with 'Super Show!'
By Brian Truitt, USA TODAY  February 24 2012

Darth Maul makes a 'Star Wars' comeback in 'Clone Wars'
By Brian Truitt, USA TODAY February 23 2012

'F-OO Fighters' series stars Axis, Allies and aliens
By Brian Truitt, USA TODAY  February 22 2012

With 'Mind the Gap,' McCann crafts a supernatural whodunit
By Brian Truitt, USA TODAY February 22 2012

Mark Long at Big Planet Comics

After battling traffic last Friday, I was able to get out to Big Planet Comics to meet Mark Long, the writer behind The Silence of Our Friends. The book is based on his father's experience with civil rights in Houston, Texas, as a tv reporter covering the topic. It's my favorite book of the year so far and I recommend it.

April 18: Comics presentation at the Spy Museum

Graphic Intelligence: Comics, The KKK, and Covert Ops


Comic books often reflect the time in which they are created. Since the Cold War, spies have been hot, and the world of comics has had a great assortment of espionage volumes. National security lawyer and comic collector/dealer Mark S. Zaid has assembled a rich array of comics that address spies and espionage. He'll showcase some of the coolest and rarest volumes in his collection while he describes how spy comics mirrored the intelligence issues of the time period in which they were published—some purporting to reveal true spy cases. He'll also share tales of how comics may have been used as intelligence tools and to push social agendas involving war, race, and sex. Then there is the story of the famous superhero who teamed up with actual spies to strike a blow for justice and equality in the United States. Award-winning author Rick Bowers shares the story behind his new book Superman vs. the Ku Klux Klan: The True Story of How the Iconic Superhero Battled the Men of Hate. Bowers reveals how the producers of The Adventures of Superman radio show took on the resurgent Ku Klux Klan in 1946, teaming up with infiltrators within the secret society to produce a ground-breaking, 16-part radio drama in which the Man of Steel conquered the hooded hate mongers.

Rendezvous Info

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
6:30pm to 8:30pm


Call 202.654.0932 to register.



Members of The Inner Circle
(Join Today)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Finder reviewed in Unshelved comic strip

Every Friday the Unshelved webcomic reviews a new book - today it's Carla Speed McNeil's Finder in a review by Faith Erin Hicks.

OT: World War II military cartoon book

I was checking out the Great Lakes Naval Museum for work today, and ran across this piece which I've never heard of before. The scans are tiny, but you can get a feel for it.

Ritter and Gadbois.  1944.
WAVES in Boots: The Story of WAVE Recruit Training.
New York: Victoria Publishing Company
Scans online at

Feb 24 at 6 pm - Comic signing at Big Planet Comics in Vienna

I'm leaving for this now - The Silence of Our Friends is my favorite graphic novel of 2012 so far.

February 24 - Mark Long Signing

Mark Long, founder of the video game company Zombie Studios, will be at our Vienna store February 24, from 6:00 to 7:30. His new book is The Silence of Our Friends, a really powerful book about the civil rights movement in Texas in the 1960s and two families, one black and one white, who become friends and get caught up in the middle of everything. Mark Long based the story on the true events that took place when he was a kid, and one of the main characters is based on his father, a TV journalist in Houston.

6-730 pm
Big Planet Comics of Vienna
426 Maple Ave. East
Vienna, VA 22180

Feb 25: Animated Short Film Nominees at National Archives

Animated Short Film Nominees

National Archives, 9th and Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Saturday, February 25, 3:30 p.m.

Patrick Doyon
9 minutes; unrated)

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg
(15 minutes; unrated)

La Luna
Enrico Casarosa
(7 minutes; rated G)

A Morning Stroll
Grant Orchard and Sue Goffe
(7 minutes; unrated)

Wild Life
Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby
(14 minutes; unrated)

Total Running Time: 52 minutes.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

GWU students create comic books to help teens

A Serious Use for Comic Books: GW students help create resources for local nonprofit that aids abused teenagers.
By Magdalena Stuehrmann, Class of 2015
GWU Today Feb. 23, 2012

Post blog interview on Silence of our Friends book

Giving a voice to "The Silence of our Friends"
By Erin Williams
Washington Post's RootDC blog February 22 2012

Big Planet Comics Orbit Newsletter - February 23, 2012

Big Planet Comics

February 23, 2012

Mark Long signing tomorrow

Hey everyone! Due to an emergency, Nate Powell will not be able to appear at our event for The Silence of Our Friends tomorrow. However, Mark Long, the writer of The Silence of Our Friends has come into town to appear at the store for us! Mark Long will be at our Vienna store Friday, February 24th from 6-730 pm to sign and discuss the new amazing book he co-wrote, The Silence of Our Friends.

Feel free to forward on our newsletter, and please send us any comments or mailing list requests to

- the Big Planet Comics kids

UPCOMING February 24 - Mark Long Signing

Mark Long, founder of the video game company Zombie Studios, will be at our Vienna store February 24, from 6:00 to 7:30. His new book is The Silence of Our Friends, a really powerful book about the civil rights movement in Texas in the 1960s and two families, one black and one white, who become friends and get caught up in the middle of everything. Mark Long based the story on the true events that took place when he was a kid, and one of the main characters is based on his father, a TV journalist in Houston.

6-730 pm
Big Planet Comics of Vienna
426 Maple Ave. East
Vienna, VA 22180


Hector Umbra HC

by Uli Oesterle

A strange mix of friend drama and surreal adventure, Hector Umbra has to find out what happened to his friend, Osaka Best, who vanished right in the middle of his DJ set. A trip across Munich, dealing with crazy people, hallucinations, conspiracies, raves, ex-girlfriends, comas, and possibly a few trips into the underworld.

Goliath HC

by Tom Gauld

Goliath of Gath is a huge man, but a terrible warrior, so he keeps trying to swap patrol duty for administrative work. When he gets dragged into a plot by a conniving officer, he finds himself on the front lines of a battle against the Israelites, pretending to be a ferocious fighter. A fascinating take on the David and Goliath story.

Prophet #22

by Brandon Graham and Simon Roy

Prophet joins an alien caravan that travels on giant beasts in order to make it across the desert to his next goal. But soon he is caught up in alien politics he has no understanding of! Another brilliant and bizarre issue of scifi adventure!

No Place Like Home #1

by Angelo Tirotto and Richard Jordan

A freak hurricane has killed Dee's parents in Kansas, so she has to return home after 5 years away in Los Angeles. But is there more to their murder, and who is the crazy old man who insists that someone should tell her the truth? A compelling start with great art!

Explorer: The Mystery Boxes SC

by Kazu Kibuishi, Raina Telgemeier, Dave Roman, Jason Caffoe, Rad Sechrist, Stuart Livingston, Johane Matte, Emily Carroll, Stephanie Ramirez

A new all-ages anthology from the team behind Flight, this is short stories revolving around a theme of a mystery box in each story! Fantasy, drama, adventure, mystery, all with pretty amazing art! Butter thieves, labyrinths, and more!

(all ages)

Superior HC

by Mark Millar, Leinil Francis Yu

In a new take on the Shazam myth, a young boy is gifted with the powers to turn himself into his favorite adult with super powers - Superior! But with the heart of a child, what choices will he make as the world's only real superhero when real monsters start showing up? And what price will he pay for his powers?

Big Planet Comics Podcast #34

Our podcast will be up tomorrow! Sorry for the delay. Download this week's now or subscribe on iTunes! Send us questions to

2/24 - Mark Long

Signing The Silence of Our Friends 6-730pm
7315 Baltimore Ave.
College Park, MD 20740


3/3 - Magic Bullet Release Party & BBQ

426 Maple Ave. East
Vienna, VA 22180


3/11 - Dan Piraro

Signing Bizarro 6-7pm
1520 U St NW
Washington, DC 20009



4/14 - Justin Jordan & Tradd Moore

Signing The Strange Talent of Luther Strode 11am-1pm
426 Maple Ave. East
Vienna, VA 22180


Signing The Strange Talent of Luther Strode 3pm-5pm
7315 Baltimore Ave.
College Park, MD 20740



5/5 - Free Comic Book Day

All stores!


5/5 - Jeremy Whitley

Afrika HC
by Hermann

A man tries to fight off poachers in a corrupt country.

Amazing Mysteries 1 HC
by Bill Everett

Some of the earliest comics by Bill Everett collected!

Ampeny Crucis: Vile Bodies SC
by Ian Edginton and Simon Davis
A British nobleman investigates occult horror after WWI!

Dark Horse Presents #9
by various

Just a note that this has an all-new Paul Pope story in it. Paul Pope!

Is That All There Is? HC
by Joost Swarte

One of the greatest creators of Europe finally has a book of his comics in English!

Kolor Klimax: Nordic Comics Now SC
by various

A massive anthology of cutting edge comics from north Europe!

The Zen of Steve Jobs
by Caleb Melby and JESS3

A look at Steve Jobs interactions with Zen master Kobun Otogawa.

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Big Planet Comics · 426 Maple Ave. East · Vienna, VA 22180
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Comic Riffs on $3.5M auction

BIG-MONEY AUCTION: Comics collection from a Depression-era Virginia boyhood fetches $3.5M
By Michael Cavna
Washington Post Comic Riffs blog February 23 2012

Feb 24: Mark Long substituting at Big Planet's "The Silence of Our Friends" signing

Hey, everybody! Due to an emergency, Nate...
Kevin Panetta
Hey, everybody! Due to an emergency, Nate Powell will not be able to appear at our event tomorrow. In his place, though, we have Mark Long, the writer of Silence of Our Friends. Hope to see you all there!
...lifted from Big Planet's Facebook feed...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Truitt on the Flash's villains

'Flash' creative team revisits the speedster's Rogues
By Brian Truitt, USA TODAY February 20 2012

PR: New stuff at Game On! Comics!

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February 22, 2012
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dark knight 6

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Dark Knight #6 



All Star Western #6

Alpha & Omega Cry Wolf (Patr. Briggs) #5

Alter Ego #107 ($6)

American Vampire #24

Aquaman #6

Atomic Robo Ghost Of Station X #5 (L)

Avengers Academy #26

Avengers Solo #5 (L)

Batman The Dark Knight #6

Blackhawks #6

Bulletproof Coffin Disinterred #2

Captain America And Bucky #627

Chew #24

Cobra Ongoing #10

Comic Shop News #1288

Danger Girl Revolver #2

Dark Horse Presents #9

Dead Rising: Road To Fortune #4 (L)

Deadpool #51

Deadpool Max 2 #5(Delayed)

Dr Who Magazine #443

Dresden Files Fool Moon (Jim Butcher) #5

Fantastic Four #603

Flash #6

Fury Of Firestorm The Nuclear Men #6

GFT Alice In Wonderland #2

Godzilla Legends #4

Green Lantern New Guardians #6

I Vampire #6

Incorruptible #27

Infestation 2 Dungeons & Dragons #2 (L)

Jennifer Blood (Garth Ennis) #9

Jurassic Strike Force 5 #2

Justice League Dark #6

Knights Of The Dinner Table #183

Last Zombie Neverland #1

Li'l Depressed Boy #9

Magneto Not A Hero #4 (L)

Mighty Thor #11

Mondo #1

Morning Glories #16

Nazi Zombies #1

New Mutants #38

No Place Like Home #1

Prophet #22

Rasl #13

Ray #3

Red Sonja / Witchblade #1

Savage Hawkman #6

Secret Avengers #23

Sixth Gun #19

Soulfire Vol 3 #7

Spawn #216

Spider-Man #23

Star Wars Dark Times Out/Wilderness #4

Superman #6 (Delayed)

Teen Titans #6

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ongoing #7

Transformers Robots In Disguise #2

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7

Uncanny X-Force #22

Venom #13.3

Victorian Secret Winter Wardrobe 1-Shot

Voodoo #6

War Of The Independents #2

Wolverine And X-Men #6

X-Men #25

X-Men Legacy #262






Archie #630 (Archie Meets KISS Pt 4 )

Dorothy And Wizard In Oz #5






Chronicles Of Kull TP V5 Dead Men/Deep

DC Universe Secret Origins HC

Gi Joe Movie Prequel TP

Iron Man 2.0 TP V2 Asymmetry

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 nexus ops


Nexus Ops is a light-medium science fiction war game. The game boasts a hexagonal board that is set up differently every time, as well as (in the Avalon Hill edition) cool "glow" miniatures and lots of combat. Players control competing futuristic corporations that battle each other for control of the moon's Rubium Ore. By winning battles and fulfilling Secret Missions, you can obtain victory points.

Units are composed of various alien races and have stats similar to those used in the Axis & Allies series. Combat is also similar. Players who lose battles are compensated with Energize cards which grant them special powers later. Players can also obtain Energize cards by controlling the Monolith, a raised structure in the center of the grid. The first person to reach the required number of victory points wins the game.


COST: $60




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Last weeks winners:
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-Age of Empires:  Pat
-Ascension:  Apechow
-Dominion Seaside (played twice):  Aaron; and Laura
-For Sale:  Osmotic Ferocity
-Money:  Apechow
-No Thanks (played 4 times):  Josh (twice); and Barry (twice)
-Penny-Arcade: Gamers vs Evil:  Aeta
-Power Grid (played 3 times):  Josh; Matt (Korea Map); and Patrick (France Map)
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-Unexploded Cow:  Osmotic Ferocity







Rex Zombie Killer


We have a few copies left available of the Preview issue of REX, ZOMBIE KILLER signed by the creator, Rob Anderson!  Get your copy by reserving the REX One Shot NOW!  Email or call to reserve your copy today!



02-14-2012 00:17:00 AM

Full disclosure 1: I am not an animal person. Never have been. Not that I don't like animals, mind you, but I get too close to a furry critter and I start sneezing and worry if I can stop.Full disclosure 2: I don't like zombies. Not in the they-scare-me way, but in the roll-my-eyes-not-THAT-again kind of way. Like vampires, I just feel that, despite their inability to actually jump, zombies "jumped the shark" right about the time they started. Just not a fan.Knowing those two things, then it stands to reason that REX, ZOMBIE KILLER is not my kind of book. REX is the story of a genetically modified canine who fights zombies alongside a cat, a gorilla, and two more dogs.  While on the surface the basic premise may not be my cup of tea, I am happy to tell you that I very much enjoyed this book!REX is by Virginia's own Rob Anderson, a GAME ON! subscriber and participant in our grand opening signing. Rob is a great guy, and thanks to a former volunteer gig at a Charlottesville animal shelter, brings a special knowledge of one of the major themes in his book. No...not the zombies.Rob skips the standard contrivances of zombie tales (tails?) and hooks you with a peek at a major event in Rex's past that drives the major story premise: a group of laboratory and mistreated animals looking for a safe haven following a zombie apocalypse.Art for the story is by GRIMM FAIRY TALES veteran Dafu Yu, whose art is clean and crisp, unhindered by much of the superfluous line work that tends to follow dark horror books.  Yu doesn't try to over-anthropomorphise the characters, and his work is bright enough that he doesn't have to. The art is a very nice companion to Anderson's story, which despite the dark nature in the subject is ultimately a story of hope that Yu expresses in the characters to great effect.I will admit that I don't know enough about dogs to be able to say how well Anderson has brought breed-specific behaviors to his characters, but I am familiar enough with the basic tendencies of the various species in his story to say that he has crafted a very appealing cast of characters that exhibit themselves in the manner you would expect them to behave in such a predicament. There were several times I found myself laughing at the interactions between the lone feline, Snowball, and Kenji the gorilla.Another review gave REX the best possible tagline, and I totally agree: it's HOMEWARD BOUND meets WALKING DEAD. However, one of the reasons this book works is that yes, there is a link to both works, but REX is far more than that Hollywood-pitch style description. And, for a fifty-plus page story it reads fairly quickly and effortlessly. It's a very enjoyable journey, and without spoiling anything I will say that you will be disappointed that this is only a one-shot.That's where you come in. I am a big advocate of buying small press books as much as possible for several reasons. For one, more often than not small press books are published completely out of pocket by the creators. They make little or no money in their venture, and hope that with every book they get approval to publish will lead to more readers and an easier time getting the NEXT book out. Also, every creator in the mainstream that is considered a major player started small somewhere. John Byrne, Brian Bendis, and Mark Waid all started small and worked their way to the success and popularity they now enjoy.Give REX a try. And if you enjoy it, let folks know. I know Rob as a customer and all around good egg, but I hope to be able to call him a success at what he loves to do: creating comics.


If you contact us in the next two weeks, Rob will give you a signed copy of the preview book for the REX, ZOMBIE KILLER one-shot. I can tell you that even if I didn't know Rob, and even though I might not be a fan of the two primary themes of the book, I still would have given REX a shot and I was not at all disappointed. Hopefully I have given you enough of a taste of what to expect to make REX a success and give Rob another chance to tell us another great story...and if once you get to the last page of the REX one-shot, you'll hope as I do that it's REX #2!Click HERE for our post on a special REX, ZOMBIE KILLER offer! - J. R....»


Thank you so much for your support of our new comic and game shop.  We look forward to taking care of all of your comic and game needs.

Dave, J.R., and Louis
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