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April 3: DRAWING THE LINES: Political Cartoons in the Digital Age

Apr 3

DRAWING THE LINES: Political Cartoons in the Digital Age

In Person & Livestream

By UVA Center for Politics

When and where

Date and time

Monday, April 3 · 6:30 - 8pm EDT


Ridley Hall | Room G008 405 Emmet Street South Charlottesville, VA 22904

About this event

Join Professor Larry J. Sabato & the Center for Politics for an engaging discussion with four award-winning political cartoonists:

Lalo Alcaraz – Winner '22 Herb Block Prize, two-time Pulitzer finalist, Emmy nominated writer & producer.

Darrin Bell – Pulitzer-winning political cartoonist and creator of the comic strip "Candorville".

Ann Telnaes – Pulitzer-winning editorial cartoonist for the Washington Post.

Matt Wuerker – Staff cartoonist and illustrator for POLITICO.

For more information please contact Glenn Crossman | 434-243-3540 |

  • 1 hour 30 minutes

  • Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 3/28/2023


    Thieves Steal Rare Marvel Comics, Including 'Captain America' #1

     Brigid Alverson on March 27, 2023


    Comic Store In Your Future Takes a Trip to Planet Comicon Kansas City

    Planet Comicon Kansas City was held on March 17th through the 19th this year. How was it? Was it better than last year? Will I go back?

      27 Mar 2023 

    by Rod Lamberti


    Tom Brevoort On The Worst Half-Decade Working At Marvel Comics

    Tom Brevoort recalls his wordt half-decade working for Marvel Comics. Can you guess whose time at the publisher it coincides with?

     Rich Johnston 27 Mar 2023


    Hands-on with GlobalComix, a new contender in the digital comics race

    Digital comics are coming back

    By Anthony Ha



    INTERVIEW: David Giuntoli gets existential as the voice of Batman in THE DOOM THAT CAME TO GOTHAM

    "I saw you could go a lot further with these characters in voice acting than you could on the screen."

    Taimur Dar



    HEARTSTOPPER creator Alice Oseman to receive Medal for Fiction at Britain's Hay Festival

    Other recipients of Hay Medals this year include poet Mererid Hopwood, author Salman Rushdie, and writer/musician Serhiy Zhadan.

    Dean Simons



    "The Political Aspect Of My Work Is Asserting That Comics Like Tits & Clits Do Have Social Value": A Discussion with Sam Meier

    Edward Dorey | March 28, 2023


    28/3 Seaguy Week - Seaguy Eternal Script

    Grant Morrison

    Xanaduum March 28 2023


    Questlove to Direct Live-Action 'Aristocats' for Disney

    The director earned an Oscar nod for his doc feature 'Summer of Soul.'

    Mia Galuppo

    March 27, 2023


    Liv Tyler Returns to Marvel for 'Captain America 4'

    Anthony Mackie is toplining the Marvel Studios feature as hero Sam Wilson, taking up the mantle of Captain America for the first time on the big screen.

    By Aaron Couch, Borys Kit

    March 27, 2023


    Indigo Children Creative Team Offers Bonuses for Readers

    Spread the Message, Become a Messenger, Get Cool Stuff

    Brandon Schatz & Danica LeBlanc




    George Takei visits Forbidden Planet London and signs THEY CALLED US ENEMY

    Forbidden Planet TV

    Mar 27, 2023



    Comix Experience

    Mar 26, 2023


    Comic Culture with Drawn to Help [children's hospital charity, Steve Barr, Al Bigley and Greg Craven]

    terence dollard

    Jan 30, 2023


    Comic Culture with Hannah Rose May

    terence dollard

    Mar 22, 2023


    Comic Culture with Paul Feinstein

    terence dollard

    Mar 22, 2023


    Comic Culture with Moti Friedman

    terence dollard

    Mar 1, 2023


    Shelly Bond Talks Visible Women and Her New Teaching Comics Gig

    word balloon

    Mar 22, 2023


    Lance Fensterman is leaving ReedPop after 17 years

    Mike Kisken will take over events for now, with Simon Maxwell overseeing digital.

    Heidi MacDonald



    Great Battling Gatsbys! Two Interpretations Of An American Classic Are Headed To The Bookshelf

    Rob Salkowitz

    Mar 24, 2023


    Victoria Alonso Clashed With Marvel Over Blurring Gay Pride References in 'Ant-Man 3' for Kuwait

    By Pamela McClintock, Aaron Couch    

    March 28, 2023


    Jeremy Holt Discusses Their Inclusive Retelling of Gatsby

    By Sergio Pereira

    CBR March 24 2023


    Cullen Bunn talks Ghostlore, Red Zone and more!

    TLDR Comic Book Club March 22 2023

    Tuesday, March 28, 2023

    WaPo on Joker 2 vs Trump

    'Joker 2' steals the show as Trump court drama plays out just steps away [in print as 'Joker 2' trumps real-life drama]

    As a handful of protesters turned out in support of the former president, hundreds showed up for a chance to share the big screen with Lady Gaga

    PR: Important Information for the 2023 Ignatz Awards Submissions

    Hello Creators and Publishers!!

    We learned a lot last year with the new submission process and judging teams, so we are tweaking things a bit this year to make the process smoother all the way around.

    Below is the information you need about the changes we made to submit your works for this year's Ignatz Awards.

    Please read all of the below and any questions, do not hesitate to send them to


    Warren and Francesca

    2023 Ignatz Awards Schedule

    • April 1 - Ignatz Submissions Open
    • May 31 - Ignatz Submissions Close
    • Mid-August - Ignatz nominees announced
    • September 9 @ 9:30PM - Ignatz Awards Ceremony

    Ignatz Logo by Juni Ba.

    The Ignatz Awards are proudly sponsored by:


    There is now a new Ignatz Submissions landing page that is much more user friendly with all of the Ignatz categories. You can get to the submissions page one of two ways:

    • On the SPX landing page, click on the Submit Works to the 2023 Ignatz Awards icon.
    • Go directly to the Ignatz submission landing page here.

    NOTE: The submission forms will not be active until Saturday April 1.


    1. Starting this year, everyone will submit their works to one and only of the following mutually exclusive categories:

    • Outstanding Minicomic
    • Outstanding Graphic Novel
    • Outstanding Anthology
    • Outstanding Collection
    • Outstanding Comic
    • Outstanding Online Comic

    You can read the definitions of these categories on the About The Ignatz Awards page on our web site.

    2. For any of the above categories, you now have the option of uploading up to three 1MB photos of your printed works. With the advent of digital submissions, the judges can get a better feel for your work in terms of production values by showing them a few photographs.

    3. All works submitted to the above categories can also be submitted to the remaining categories of Outstanding Story, Outstanding Series, Outstanding Artist and Promising New Talent.

    4. You will be asked for two new pieces of information for the above categories: the dimensions of your book/comic and the number of pages.


    We ask that everybody take a look at compressing large PDF files. Here is the information from Adobe . We request you do so if indeed the Adobe compression does not impact the reading experience of your work. If you can do this, it will decrease the amount of time you will spend during the the upload process.

    We also recommend splitting large (over 100MB PDF's) into two, as shown here on the Adobe site.

    Based on the experience of running virtual Ignatz Awards over the past two years, we are making this move to digital submissions permanent, as well as making a few important changes to the entire process:

    Here is other important PDF information:

    • Please send us PDFs only of no more than two 200meg files in size per submission
    • PDF file naming convention for Mini-comics, Comics, Series, Story, Artist, Promising New Talent, Collections and Graphic Novels is: CreatorLastName.CreatorFirstName.Comic_Title.IssueNumber (If needed).Publisher.PubMonthPubYear.pdf If there is no Issue Number, then do not put one in the file nameIf it is self published, put Self as the Publisher
    • PDF file naming convention for Anthologies is: EditorLastName.EditorFirstName.Comic_Title.Publisher.PubMonthPubYear.pdf


    In addition to the digital submission, you will be required to send us one physical copy so we can display the Ignatz noms at the show, as well as preserve your works for future generations in the SPX Collection at the Library of Congress:

    • Please mail the submission to Small Press Expo P.O. Box 5704 Bethesda, Maryland 20824
    • Physical copies are due at the PO box by August 5.

    Copyright © 2023 Small Press Expo, All rights reserved. 

    You are getting this email because we know you might want a table to SPX 2022!! 

    Our mailing address is: 

    Small Press Expo

    P.O. Box 5704

    Bethesda, Maryland 20824

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    Small Press Expo | P.O. Box 5704, Bethesda, MD 20824

    Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 3/27/2023

    Pivoting from Comics, to Graphic Novels

    When the pandemic hit, everything changed. For the better.

    Brandon Schatz

    The Indirect Market March 27 2023


    X-Men Monday #197 – Gerry Duggan Talks 'X-Men', 'Invincible Iron Man', and 'Uncanny Avengers'

    Chris Hassan

    March 27, 2023


    AIPT Comics Podcast episode 215: Ryan North talks the new and exciting in 'Fantastic Four' and 'Danger and Other Unknown Risks'

    David Brooke and Nathan Simmons

    March 26, 2023



    China Box Office: Makoto Shinkai's Anime Hit 'Suzume' Soars With $50M Opening

    Japanese anime is earning more than ever in China, while U.S. superhero films are fumbling.

    Patrick Brzeski

    March 26, 2023



    With 'Zombicide,' Dan Abnett on 'Twilight Imperium,' and More

    Brigid Alverson on March 24, 2023


    With courage and conviction: Jason Landsel talks 'By Water: The Felix Manz Story'

    The first of three debut GNs debuts next week, March 21.

    David Brooke

    March 14, 2023


    INTERVIEW: Screenwriter Jase Ricci and producer/co-director Sam Liu explore Lovecraftian horror in BATMAN: THE DOOM THAT CAME TO GOTHAM

    The Caped Crusader enters the mouth of madness in the latest DC animated film!

    Taimur Dar



    Considering Life on the Autism Spectrum Through Making an Auto/Biographical Comic

    Assunta Alegiani (Berlin)

    Closure (9 March 2023):


    Killing the Colorist? Künstlerische Arbeitsteilung im Produktionsprozess von Batman: The Killing Joke1

    Helene L. Bongers (Berlin)

    Closure (9 March 2023):


    Aging in/with Comics: Processes of Selection and Reflection

    Lucia Cedeira Serantes (London, Ontario) and Nicole K. Dalmer (Hamilton, Ontario)

    Closure (9 March 2023): and


    Narrative des Erinnerns und Vergessens in Alzheimer-Comics

    Naomi Lobnig (Wien)

    Closure (9 March 2023): and


    Grafische Erzählungen als Generationenporträt
    Irmela Marei Krüger-Fürhoff im Gespräch mit Charlotte Müller über ihren Comic Ein Haus mit vielen Fenstern. Gesammelte Lebensgeschichten (2022)

    Irmela Marei Krüger-Fürhoff (Berlin), Charlotte Müller (Berlin)

    Closure (9 March 2023): and


    The Boys intersektional und multimedial betrachtet
    Age und Gender als machtkonstituierende Kategorien in Comicreihe und Serie1

    Ruth Gehrmann (Mainz) und Lisa Brau-Weglinski (Mainz)

    Closure (9 March 2023): and


    Erinnerung (auf-)zeichnen: Biografische Graphic Novels lassen Opfer des NS-Regimes zu Wort kommen

    Überleben in Dachau, Die Geschichte von Francine R. – Widerstand und Deportation und Bald sind wir wieder zu Hause rezensiert von Frank Kaltofen

    Closure (9 March 2023):


    Ein Handbuch, das seinen Namen verdient

    Handbuch Polnische Comickulturen nach 1989 rezensiert von Bernd Dolle-Weinkauff

    Closure (9 March 2023):


    From ›Comics‹ to ›Graphic Novels‹? The Journey is the Reward!

    Dreaming the Graphic Novel. The Novelization of Comics reviewed by Kerstin Howaldt

    Closure (9; March 2023):


    Messlatte mit Mic Drop: Chris Gavalers detailbesessene Bestandsaufnahme der Erzähl- und Bildtheorie des Comics

    The Comics Form: The Art of Sequenced Images rezensiert von Lukas R. A. Wilde

    Closure (9; March 2023):


    Vor dem Vergessen gerettet

    Rebirth of the English Comic Strip. A Kaleidoscope 1847-1870 rezensiert von Ole Frahm

    Closure (9; March 2023):


    Den Holocaust erinnern, erzählen und zeichnen: Ein Sammelband zu Holocaustcomics Beyond MAUS

    Beyond MAUS. The Legacy of Holocaust Comics rezensiert von Deborah Fallis

    Closure (9; March 2023):


    Eigenlogik oder mediale Interdependenz?

    Der Comic als Form. Bildsprache, Ästhetik, Narration rezensiert von Mara Stuhlfauth-Trabert und Florian Trabert

    Closure (9; March 2023):


    Auf den Punkt gebracht.

    Kusama. Eine Graphic Novel rezensiert von Barbara M. Eggert

    Closure (9; March 2023):


    Wie kann ein postkolonialer Comic aussehen?

    Widerstand. Drei Generationen antikolonialer Protest in Kamerun rezensiert von Robin Frisch

    Closure (9; March 2023):


    Non-Narrative Comics: About this Issue

    Cord-Christian Casper and Kerstin Howaldt

    Closure 8 (2021): and


    Nicht-narrative Comics: Über diese Ausgabe

    Cord-Christian Casper and Kerstin Howaldt

    Closure 8 (2021):  and


    Nonnarrative or Noncomics? (with some notes on Holz by Olivier Deprez and Roby Comblain)

    Jan Baetens (Leuven)

      Closure 8 (2021): and



    Gareth A Hopkins (Great Dunmow)

    Closure 8 (2021): and


    Process Comic

    Gareth A Hopkins (Great Dunmow)

    Closure 8 (2021): and


    Waiting (2018) for the ›Good Life‹ with Adriana Lozano [Columbia]

    Andrea Aramburú Villavisencio (Cambridge)

    Closure 8 (2021): and


    Quasi-Figuren: Im Grenzbereich der Körperlichkeit

    Thierry Groensteen

    Closure 8 (2021): and


    Comics, Non-Narrativity, Non-Eventfulness: Three Examples From Brazil

    Benjamim Picado (Fluminense Federal University, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil), João Senna (Bahia Federal University, Bahia State, Brazil), Greice Schneider (Sergipe Federal University, Sergipe State, Brazil)

    Closure 8 (2021): and


    Graphic Storytelling: Teaching Experience and Utility

    Darren C. Fisher (Melbourne/Victoria)

    Closure 8 (2021): and


    Never Judge a Book by Its Cover? Picturing the Interculturally Challenged Self in the Japanese Journals of European Comics Artists Dirk Schwieger, Inga Steinmetz, and Igort1

    Barbara M. Eggert (Linz)

    Closure 8 (2021): and


    Rhetoric of Images: Emblematic Structures and Craig Thompson's Habibi

    Julia Ingold (Bamberg)

    Closure 8 (2021): and



    Comics and Archives: A Handy and Helpful Guide

    Comics & Archive reviewed by Lynn L. Wolff

    Closure (8; 2021):


    Comics & Archive

    Felix Giesa and Anna Stemmann (Eds.)

    Berlin: Christian A. Bachmann Verlag, 2021


    Luci Gutiérrez's "Rise and Shine"

    The artist discusses the first rays of spring sunlight, and the pleasures and challenges of routine. [Spain]

    By Françoise Mouly

    March 27, 2023


    27/3 Seaguy Week! Captain Lotharius

    Grant Morrison.

    Xanaduum March 27 2023


    Interview: Souls Go To 'Etheres' from Source Point Press [writer Anas Abdulhak]

    Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

    PREVIEWSworld Mar 21, 2023


    Philippines 40th National Book Awards finalists announced

    With this year's awards, the "Graphic Literature" category has been renamed "Graphic Novels and Comics" and split into two linguistic categories (English and Filipino).

    Dean Simons



    "Curbside dining in New York" [gag cartoon process]

    Jason Chatfield

    New York Cartoons #25, March 27 2023


    A Sociocultural Oral History of Tits & Clits

    Edward Dorey | March 27, 2023


    IDEAS DON'T BLEED episode twenty-eight | Meghan Fitzmartin, part two

    Matthew Rosenberg, Ethan S. Parker, and Griffin Sheridan

    March 27 2023


    Passion Project: 'Tinkersons' creator sticks with what he loves [Bill Bettwy]

    Rachel Foor

    Altoona Mirror Mar 27, 2023


    Much-Anticipated Afrofuturism Exhibit Featuring Marvel's 'Black Panther' Suit Opens At NMAAHC

    Matt Blitz