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Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 10/30/2023

ABOUT COMICS RETURNS TO THE DIRECT MARKET AFTER 10-YEAR ABSENCE With 'Scott Shaw!s Comix & Stories' and Mireault's 'The Jam'

 Brigid Alverson on October 27, 2023 




'Deathstroke' Artist, Co-Creator of Checkmate

 Brigid Alverson on October 30, 2023 



David Rowe Wins Record 9th Gold Stanley

D. D. Degg



David Rowe wins Cartoonist of the year 2023

Oct 29, 2023


David Rowe Makes History – Named Cartoonist of the Year for a Record-Breaking Ninth Time

  By Sheena Oberoi

October 29 2023



"This Book Is About My Hatred Of Chaos": Daniel Clowes on Monica

John Kelly | October 30, 2023



INTERVIEW: Robert Kirkman and Simon Racioppa explore a different kind of superhero multiverse story in INVINCIBLE Season 2

It's a more character based dramatic way of exploring the multiverse."

Taimur Dar



A Conflicted Cartoonist Ponders Roy Lichtenstein

A new documentary asks whether the Pop Art icon appropriated the work of comic artists. If so, who's truly to blame?

  Nathan Gelgud
Hyperallergic October 29 2023



New exhibit showcases Jewish roots in comic books
By Roger Clark

Spectrum News NY1 Oct. 05, 2023



An Interview with Lydia Kang and Alex Segura

E.A. Aymar

October 24, 2023


IDEAS DON'T BLEED episode fifty-nine | Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, part one

Oct 30 2023



AWARD ROUNDUP: CYBERPUNK: 2077 – BIG CITY DREAMS receives Best Comic 2023 Hugo AwardThe videogame tie-in graphic novel came out on top in a very competitive category Dean Simons 10/30/2023



[DISPATCH] An Interview with MAPS Artist Meghan Hetrick

The acclaimed artist talks about her love of sci-fi, working with different media, and much more.

3 Worlds / 3 Moons

Oct 30 2023



Humanoids and Humble Bundle team up for massive digital book collection

Over 100 digital books sold in support of the Freedom to Read Foundation

Dean Simons




Loki's Time Travel Rules Don't Matter

  By Joe George | October 28, 2023



Our Favorite Cartoonist Got Fired for Drawing This Cartoon [Steve Bell].

Daryl Cagle, Michel Kichka, Uri Fink, and Moshik Gulst,

Caglecast Oct 25, 2023



Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Jonathan Roth, a Children's Book Graphic Novelist

by Mike Rhode

October 30, 2023



Monday, October 30, 2023

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Jonathan Roth, a Children's Book Graphic Novelist

Roth with Beep (courtesy of Roth)
by Mike Rhode

Jonathan Roth appeared recently at the Politics and Prose flagship for the second book in his Rover and Speck series. Rover and Speck are sentient planetary rovers (Rover is the one from NASA, while Speck's origin is a mystery) that meet on a Mars-like planet and then explore a water world in their second book which came out recently. After having his own event that morning, Roth came back for Roz Chast's talk and Bruce Guthrie introduced the two of us. Roth's children's book bio can be found on his website.

What type of comic work or cartooning do you do?

I write and illustrate almost solely for kids these days. My first graphic novel series, Rover and Speck, came out in 2022, with another book just released and book 3 slated for 2024. I’ve also created chapter books and picture books.

How do you do it? Traditional pen and ink, computer or a combination?

I do rough planning and character design in pencil first, but the finished art for my graphic novels is rendered and colored digitally.

When (within a decade is fine) and where were you born?

I was born in Detroit, too young to remember the first step on the moon, but I was alive for it.

Why are you in Washington (aka Rockville) now? What neighborhood or area do you live in?

Though we first settled in Ellicott City in the late 90s, so my wife could go to acupuncture school, we moved to Montgomery County when I got a job teaching elementary art here in ‘99. We’ve been in Rockville most of that time, for the past 10+ years in Twinbrook. 

When and why did you live in Zaire and the Virgin Islands?

I deferred college a year to live in Zaire (now Democratic Republic of the Congo) to join my father and his wife (remarried) who were high school teachers at the American School of Kinshasa. They later taught on St. Croix, so I dropped what I was doing (not much) to spend a year there too.

What is your training and/or education in cartooning?

Like so many others, I started by copying characters in comic books and strips as early as 5 years old. But by the time I went to art school (Cooper Union), I was of course, like my peers, too serious an artiste to draw cartoons. But shortly after graduating I knew I wanted to write and draw above all, with a humorous bent, and my path back to cartooning (and then children’s books) was natural and fun.

Who are your influences?

Though I was addicted to Marvel and DC as a kid, I don’t see much lasting influence there. My cartoonist’s heart was mostly shaped by newspaper strips like Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes and Doonesbury. Works such as the early Star Wars movies and the Hitchhiker’s Guide books certainly taught me a lot about longer narration and humorous voice. The Simpsons, too.

Roth at Politics and Prose; photo courtesy of Bruce Guthrie 

Tell us about your alt cartoonist days in Charlottesville and other newspapers please.

In the mid to late 90s, I had hundreds of strips published by weeklies and magazines such as the C-Ville Weekly in Charlottesville (a weekly strip for a couple years), Communities Magazine and the occasional acceptance in the Funny Times and similar. But the tone of these strips was much gentler than edgy, and I don’t think the alt-scene was where I belonged. I really yearned to do more mainstream newspapers and began submitting to the syndicates. United was briefly interested in one strip, but it never went anywhere. At the same time, I was also developing my interest in writing for children, which is the path I eventually took.

Roth at Politics and Prose; photo courtesy of Bruce Guthrie 

Where did you get the idea to do a book series about planetary rovers?

I’ve followed Mars landers and rovers since I was a kid, but didn’t have an idea to make them characters until 2019, when I saw that the long-lived Opportunity rover had ‘died’ after an unprecedented 14 years on the Martian surface (it was supposed to last about 3 months, ha!) I immediately had an idea about another rover finding a fictional Oppy and bringing it back to ‘life’. Thus Rover and Speck were born!

 How did you pitch it, since you would be a new graphic novelist? Was it on the strength of your previous children's book series?

My agent did the pitching, so I don’t know all the details. Because so many publishers are looking for good graphic novels now, I doubt my chapter book series had much sway either way. This one sold as an initial three-book series. Book one takes place on a rocky world. Book two is set on a water planet. And, for the first time in kid’s sci-fi that I know about, book three will take place within the cloud layers of a gas giant! I wanted to try something especially unusual for that one.

Will we learn more about Speck's origins?

Not in book 3. But maybe if there are more books down the line!

The rovers are obviously not possible to engineer yet, in spite of AI advances. Beyond the alien life such as rock creatures, is the science in your books accurate?

Maybe a wee bit more accurate than Star Trek, haha! I do try to make the specifics more plausible than fantastical, but the more factual science connections are peppered throughout in the ‘Fun Science Facts.’

How do you decide which science panels to include?

There are cool, interesting facts about all aspects of nature, but I try to tie these panels into pertinent things happening at that point in the story. My editor usually has good suggestions around these too.

If you could, what in your career would you do-over or change?

Roth at Politics and Prose; photo courtesy of Bruce Guthrie 

My first agent, who was shopping my middle-grade novels around almost 15 years ago but knew about my comics background, wondered if I could do comics for kids. For some reason I wasn’t thinking in those terms yet, though if I was, I could have possibly been on the ground floor of the current kid’s graphic novel boom (I met Andy Runton at SPX around then, and books like his Owly were definitely spinning gears in my head).

What work are you best-known for?

For my work an art teacher! I mean, I teach 500+ kids a week, each student body continually replenished for 25 years. In the wider world, my Beep and Bob chapter book series is probably still the best known of my kid’s books. 

What work are you most proud of?

It’s such a longshot getting any work traditionally published in children’s books these days, so I’m grateful for all my books. If I’m proud of anything it’s my perseverance, because that’s been the key.

What would you like to do or work on in the future?

Another graphic novel series. And more picture books. No lack of ideas! Just time…

What do you do when you're in a rut or have writer's block?

Go for a walk or bike ride. Most of my ideas come to me while not in the chair (though sitting and composing is the only way to work them out). Active bodies are active brains!

What do you think will be the future of your field?

So bright, people will be wearing shades! Not likely me, but someone.

What local cons do you attend? The Small Press Expo, Awesome Con, or others? Any comments about attending them?

I’ve been attending the Small Press Expo for about 20 years, since back when it was in a hotel in Bethesda (now at the Mariott convention center closer to me). Anyone into comics, especially those beyond superhero, should definitely go! I attend occasional other cons, but most of the events I attend and/or appear at are book festivals: the Gaithersburg Book Festival, Fall for the Book, the Chesapeake Children’s Book Festival and more.

Roth at Politics and Prose; photo courtesy of Bruce Guthrie 

What comic books do you read regularly or recommend? Do you have a local store?

Just about all the kidlit and adult comics I read can be found in good indie bookstores, like Politics and Prose (where, in the last week alone, I attended talks by creators as diverse as Stephen Pastis and Roz Chast; I also spoke there too, smiley face). Sadly there are no indies in Rockville (boo!), but the new People’s Book in Takoma Park has a cool comics selection, and I’ll travel to NoVa for Bards Alley, Scrawl, One More Page or Hooray for Books (why is NoVa so much better than MoCo this way? Discuss). And MoCo Libraries has built a great collection.

What's your favorite thing about DC?

That I can ride all the way from Rockville to the Mall on beautiful bike trails (Rock Creek Trail, Capital Crescent, C and O) to visit some of the best museums in the world. For free!

Least favorite?

That there’s such a profound equity/wealth gap.

What monument or museum do you like to take visitors to?

The National Gallery is my happy place. Great Falls is a spectacular outdoor spot.

How about a favorite local restaurant?

I’m boring about dining. The Silver Diner is our main bag.

Roth at Politics and Prose; photo courtesy of Bruce Guthrie 

Do you have a website or blog?


How has the COVID-19 outbreak affected you, personally and professionally?

Such a strange, surreal time! Fortunately we found a way to keep schools (and teaching jobs) going during the pandemic, so for me it was more of a mental than financial hardship. I wrote and sold a book in 20-21, and my series has survived, so I’m grateful there. Plus somehow I still haven’t had Covid myself! But with all we should have learned, I’m worried we aren’t going to be prepared for the next pandemic.

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 10/28-29/2023


Checkmate Co-Creator Steve Erwin Dies At The Age Of 60, RIP

Steve Erwin, co-creator of Checkmate and Gunfire for DC Comics, has died at the age of 63, after suffering a sudden heart attack.

 27 Oct 2023 

by Rich Johnston



X-Men Monday #224 – Halloween Book Club With Steve Foxe

Chris Hassan

October 23, 2023



AIPT Television podcast episode 39: An immigrant journey and 'Darna' with Andrew Drilon

Comic creator Andrew Drilon joins the AIPT Television podcast to share his journey moving to the U.S. to pursue art and talks the pilot of Darna (2022).

Gary Catig

October 26, 2023



The Formula: Yet another conversation between two New Yorker cartoonists

Liza Donnelly and Michael Maslin

Seeing Things Oct 29 2023



Israel at WAR! Top Israeli cartoonists discuss the current situation through cartoons.

Daryl Cagle, Michel Kichka, Uri Fink, and Moshik Gulst,

Caglecast Episode #29   Oct 27, 2023



We Started a Comic Book Company - GHOST MACHINE - a New York Comic Con Cinematic Vlog - Fuji XH2s

Francis Manapul

 Oct 26, 2023



Punk and Comics

Craig Fischer, Raeghan Buchanan, Derf Backderf, Shelly Bond, and Nate Powell

CXC Festival

 Oct 26, 2023



Comic Potential: Comics in the Classroom - Speech and Thought Bubbles in Comics with Sim Leech

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival

Oct 25, 2023



Crafting Comics in the Digital Age: A Talk with Brad Guigar

Barney Smith

StoryComic Presents 316

Oct 27, 2023



Hibbs, Brian. 2023.


Comix Experience October 29 2023



The KELLEY JONES Shoot Interview with a Special Mystery Guest! [Matt Wagner]

Cartoonist Kayfabe

Oct 29, 2023



DeLand teacher's passion for creating comics inspiring the next generation of creative writers [ David Finkle ]


By Tammie Fields

Spectrum News 13 Oct. 24, 2023



A perfect Sunday with... Nick Brokenshire

Full English breakfasts, singing animals, haunted heroes, and 100% Star Wars positivity!

Cavan Scott

Cavletter Oct 29, 2023



The Table Has Been Turned: On the experience of tabling at a convention, and what I learned from it.

By David Harper

October 24, 2023



The Story Behind the Perfect Modern Superhero, 25 Years Later [Impulse]

David Harper

April 7, 2020



INTERVIEW: ABLAZE Publisher Rich Young talks Gannibal horror manga, Tezuka, and what's next

ABLAZE bets big on manga with Kickstarter campaign for a gory, gripping horror story

Deb Aoki




The Nightmare Before Christmas Turns 30

Scott Detrow

Consider This October 29, 2023




He chose to honor his mom's life with a psychedelic cartoon [Duncan Trussell, The Midnight Gospel].

Rachel Martin

 All Things Considered October 29, 2023




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Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 10/27/2023

Tony Husband obituary

Cartoonist whose long-running series The Yobs in Private Eye presented his view of the quirks of everyday existence

Steve Holland

Thu 26 Oct 2023  https://www.theguardian.com/media/2023/oct/26/tony-husband-obituary


New York Comic Con in Photos Part I
Alice Cloos.

Scoop October 27 2023



John K. Snyder III Covers Alan Scott: The Green Lantern #1
Scoop October 27 2023



In Memoriam: Steve Erwin
Scoop October 27 2023



Steve Erwin, Deathstroke the Terminator Artist and Checkmate Co-Creator, Passes Away at 63

By Brian Cronin

CBR October 27 2023




Creator of Shojo Manga 'Hana-Kimi' Dead of Heart Disease at 50

  Brigid Alverson on October 26, 2023 



Hana-Kimi Creator Hisaya Nakajo Passes Away at 50: Author's defining romance work Hana-Kimi inspired 2 Japanese live-action series, Taiwanese series

posted on 2023-10-26 04:27 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda



Harry Matetsky, RIP

By Joe Mannarino, Heritage Auctions Comics and Animation News October 25 2023




New Boss Is a Dealmaker from Discovery

 Milton Griepp on October 26, 2023



Nat Gertler Brings About Comics Back to Diamond Comic Distributors

Nat Gertler's About Comics is returning to the Direct Market distribution system courtesy of Diamond, with Scott Shaw and Bernie Mireault.

  26 Oct 2023  

by Rich Johnston



Zorro Picks Up A Foil To Unlock Retailer Covers On Kickstarter

Sean Gordon Murphy had licenced the rights to Zorro to publish his own comic book, Zorro: Man Of The Dead, from his own imprint and Massive.

  26 Oct 2023  

by Rich Johnston



100 Years of Disney: Part I -II
Scoop October 20, 27, 2023




Chuck Legge, New Gig Same As The Old Gig [political cartoons].

D. D. Degg



INTERVIEW: Nidhi Chanani on the cats and natural disasters of SUPER BOBA CAFÉ

Avery Kaplan



Disney's 'Wish' Creative Team Discusses the Movie's Throwback Look and Powerful Message

By Karen Idelson

October 26, 2023


This article was written for the

December '23 issue of Animation Magazine (No. 335)


'The Amazing Digital Circus' Creator Gooseworx On Developing The Internet's Hottest Animated Pilot [Australia]

By Jamie Lang | 10/26/2023 


24 Hours Animation Content Unveils 2023 Winners From Around The World [student].

By Jamie Lang | 10/25/2023


2024 Oscars Short Film Contenders: 'Carne De Dios' Director Patricio Plaza [Latin America]

By Jamie Lang | 10/25/2023


See How The Multi-Limbed Cast Of 'Inspector Sun And The Curse Of The Black Widow' Came Together

By Jamie Lang | 10/24/2023


'Inspector Sun' Review: A Web of Cinema Classics

By Calum Marsh

A version of this article appears in print on Oct. 27, 2023, Section C, Page 5 of the New York edition with the headline: Inspector Sun.



'The Nightmare Before Christmas': A Hit That Initially Unnerved Disney

By Carlos Aguilar

Oct. 25, 2023



I Watched All of the Daily Wire's New Children's Shows So You Don't Have To

The right-wing Disney+ comes complete with its own takes on Bluey and Mister Rogers. Also: trigger warnings?

By Dan Kois

Oct 24, 2023



Why TV's Best Kids Show Is Also Its Best Show About Parents

The most important lesson Bluey has for parents might be how closely their children watch them.

By Phillip Maciak

Aug 17, 2022


INTERVIEW: Dan Schkade talks taking over, reviving FLASH GORDON strip

Zack Quaintance




Moo, Baa, Brew Brew Brew!  [ Sandra Boynton coffee labels].

Ron Charles.
Washington Post's Book Club newsletter October 20 2023



Snyder, Scott. 2023.

Samurai, Pyramids & Corgis: A Conversation with Scott Snyder and Tom King.

Our Best Jackett Oct 27  2023



Manga, anime and webtoons blow up at NYCC 2023

Deb Aoki



Maus in wartime

Reconsidering Spiegelman

by Deanna Isaacs October 18, 2023



New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest Podcast

Episode 130 - Marc Philippe Eskenazi [Assistant Cartoon Editor at the New Yorker]

  Vin Coca, Beth Lawler, Paul Nesja, Nicole Chrolavicius Season 3 Episode 130 October 26, 2023



Hometown of 'Addams Family' creator celebrates his spooky and kooky creation with 'AddamsFest'

Rolando Pujol and Mark Nunez 

Friday, October 27, 2023



Lost in the Shadows – This Week's Links

Clark Burscough | October 27, 2023



Green Lantern writer to donate royalties in response to anti-gay backlash

"[Green Lantern] is the first time I, an out queer writer, have told a story with a lead character who's gay," says Tim Sheridan

By Susana Polo@NerdGerhl Oct 25, 2023,


PW Comics World: More To Come

More to Come 590: New York Comic Con 2023 Recap [interviews with Cat Stagg, Martin Morazzo, Yanick Pacquette, and Saladin Ahmed]

Calvin Reid, Heidi MacDonald, Kate Fitzsimons, and  Meg Lemke

on 10/23/2023



On witchcraft and history: Tony S. Daniel unpacks 'Edenwood'

'Edenwood' #1 launches this week and features demons, witches, and endless warring.

David Brooke

October 24, 2023



Matt Wagner and Kelley Jones bring the horror with 'Dracula — Book 1: The Impaler'

The first in a series of OGNS explores the unseen nightmares of Vlad Dracula.

Chris Coplan

October 24, 2023



'Barbaric: Wrong Kind of Righteous' creative team talks gore, new stories, and cowardly weapons

Chris Coplan

October 24, 2023



Reviews: The Naked Tree

Kevin Brown | October 26, 2023



The Naked Tree

Keum Suk Gendry-Kim, translated by Janet Hong

Drawn & Quarterly


Off Panel #421: The Weasel with Rick Remender 

David Harper

Oct 23, 2023




Talking Horror Comics with Joe Brusha Of Zenescope Entertainment

word balloon October 26 2023



Sal Abbinanti what's Happening on the con floor

word balloon Oct 23, 2023




Brian Hibbs

Comix Experience  Oct 22, 2023



Son Ni, Oct 24, 2023 [aka  Son Ni: Think like a book].

New York Comics & Picture-story Symposium

372; Oct 24, 2023



Con Diary: HurriCon Celebrates the Long Island Community

  Kate O'Donoghue

October 20, 2023



ROUNDTABLE: 11 Comics We Love at ShortBox Comics Fair!

  Rosie Knight

October 23, 2023



'Diaries of War' traces two personal accounts — one from Ukraine, one from Russia [Nora Krug]

Tahneer Oksman

NPR October 26, 2023 



Adam Warren's The Dirty Pair is a Forgotten Sci-Fi Classic

  Sabrina TVBand

October 26, 2023



Postmemory of Stalinist Repressions and the Siege of Leningrad in Olga Lavrentieva's Graphic Novel Survilo (2019)

Sylwia Kamińska-Maciąg

Children's Literature in Education

Published: 18 October 2023





The Graphic and the Grotesque: Doing History With Your Dad's Violent, Funny (and Possibly Racist) Comic Strips ["Jimmy" Kugler]

Mike Kugler

Qualitative Inquiry October 16, 2023




  Nilsson, Johan. 2023. Inculcative address, commercial worldbuilding, and transmedia economy in the children's franchise Bamse, Popular Communication (October 16): https://doi.org/10.1080/15405702.2023.2268043 and https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/15405702.2023.2268043 and https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/15405702.2023.2268043

Mike Huddleston


Hop on the design train as Mike Huddleston takes you on a journey to the latest [MAPS] release.

3 Worlds / 3 Moons Oct 25, 2023




Artist Peter Krause visits to discuss his approach to the Ordo-based [MAPS] story.

3 Worlds / 3 Moons Oct 27, 2023




Deanna Destito




'Daredevil' TV Series Lands New Showrunner, Directors (Exclusive)

Following a creative overhaul, the superhero crime series gets a team that has deep ties to other Marvel series.

Borys Kit

October 27, 2023



How Max's 'Scavengers Reign' Created an Animated Series Like "Nothing You've Ever Seen"

Co-creator Joe Bennett, along with writers and directors Benjy Brooke, James Merrill and Green Street Pictures co-founder Sean Buckelew, unpack how 'Jurassic Park,' 'Manchester by the Sea,' '28 Days Later' and more inspired their visual "haiku" about wanting to "return to normalcy and to what you lost."

Abbey White

October 27, 2023



'Loki' Director Dan DeLeeuw Didn't Want to Get Bored After 'Avengers: Infinity War' and 'Avengers: Endgame'

Brian Davids

October 17, 2023



'Loki' Head Writer Eric Martin Talks Episode Four's Explosive Ending: "There's Meaning in All of It"

With two episodes left, Martin promises the path to the finale "is not going to be the straight line that we expect."

Brian Davids

October 27, 2023



'Loki' Director Kasra Farahani Talks Miss Minutes' Dark Turn and the Internal Debate Over the Tandem Bike Shot

October 23, 2023



Self-proclaimed 'Indigenerds' claim space in streaming, sci-fi and table top role-playing games

These 3 creators contributed to a book filled with nerdy Indigenous pop culture

Jennifer Francis · CBC News Oct 27, 2023



Remembering Visual Effects Producer Diana Giorgiutti

by Marvel

October 26, 2023