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Washington Post's TR Reid on manga

I just finished reading Confucius Lives Next Door: What Living in the East Teaches Us About Living in the West by T. R. Reid (Random House, 2009), and while I love Reid when he is writing for the Post, I've got a few issues with his conclusions in this book. Or maybe even his starting premises.

But that's not the subject of this blog. Reid has 2 paragraphs on his favorite manga, coming after a discussion of Japan's view of America as crime-ridden:

While in Japan, I became a huge fan of mahnga, the ubiquitous comic-book magazines that sell tens of millions of copies every week. It seems to be conventional wisdom in the United States that Japan's "adult comic books" are routinely "adult" in the sense of being filthy, but this is not accurate. There are some filthy mahnga - so bad that stores won't carry them, and you have to buy them at vending machines. But the vast majority of Japanese comics are family fare. Some are funny, and some are serious novels - serial novels, really, like the one-chapter-per-month novels that Dickens and Thackeray used to write for Victorian magazines. I was particularly taken with the enormously popular weekly comic Section Chief Shima, about a junior executive named Shima Kosaku, who works for a giant electronics firm and fights a never-ending battle for truth, profits and the Japanese way.

In one extended episode, Section Chief Shima is dispatched to America to oversee his company's acquisition of a giant Hollywood movie studio (just like the acquisitions Sony and Matsushita had made in real life). One thing that deeply concerns the young executive is the possibility of a U.S. backlash if an Asian company buys a famous American firm (just like the reaction to the Sony and Matsushita purchases in real life). But an American-based executive tells Shima he need not worry: "The government won't be a problem, because we've already put a half-dozen ex-congressmen on the payroll, and they are lobbying for us." This exchange didn't bother me excessively, because it's probably what big companies actually do when they plan an acquisition. But it was disturbing to see what happened to Section Chief Shima personally during his stay in Los Angeles. When he sets out to see the beach, his rented Ford breaks down. When he tries to negotiate his business deal, an employee of the U.S. branch of his company sells corporate secrets to a competitor. When he walks outside his hotel, he's mugged on the sidewalk. Just your typical American business trip.

Our family grew increasingly angry at this depiction of a dirty, dangerous, dishonest America, partly because we found it hard to avoid, anywhere in Asia.
(p. 208-209)

So 11 years later, I have no idea if this remains a common occurrence in manga, or views of Japanese, or even if Shima was ever translated. Reid is a good writer and a keen observer though, so I'm sorry the Post lost him as a foreign correspondent. He heads their Rocky Mountain Bureau now.

Weldon on Scott Pilgrim movie

Glen Weldon invests more time than I'm willing to in this - Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Scott Pilgrim Movie Trailer. National Public Radio's Monkey See blog (March 31 2010).

Tom Toles, beyond the cartoon

It looks like Tom Toles began blogging last week about the issues he did his daily cartoon on. I think this is a new development, but I usually read him in the paper edition. I'm not sure what brought it on either, although I think it's a welcome development.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Anime Festival at Freer and Sackler Galleries, Saturday, April 3

Cherry Blossom

Celebrate the National Cherry Blossom Festival
at the Freer and Sackler Galleries, Saturday, April 3

Eighth Annual National Cherry Blossom Festival Anime Marathon
Meyer Auditorium, 11 AM - 7 PM

The Art of the Kimono: Trunk Show and Sale
Freer Gallery Shop, 10 PM - 5:30 PM

Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony
Sackler Gallery, Sublevel 2, 1 & 3 PM

"Ideals of Beauty" Text-Message Scavenger Hunt
Freer Gallery, 1 - 3 PM

Curator-Led Tour of "Cornucopia: Ceramics from Southern Japan"
Freer, 1 PM

Curbside Cupcakes
Delicious cherry-blossom inspired cupcakes will be available for purchase, Freer Courtyard, 1 - 4 PM

Islamic Art for Christian Patrons: The Painted Ceilings of the Cappella Palatina (Palermo, Sicily), circa 1140

Tuesday, April 13, Meyer Auditorium, 7 PM

Click here to take our survey!

We appreciate your interest in the Freer and Sackler Galleries and hope that you enjoy the exhibitions and programs that we offer. Please take less than five minutes to share more about yourself with us.

 find us on flickr                        become a fan                      follow @ FreerSackler 

PR: Capicons Show Sun, Apr. 18th

Capicons Comic Book and Pop Culture Con
Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Dunn Loring Vol. Fire Dept.
2148 Gallows Road,
Dunn Loring, VA
10 am - 3 pm

Special Guests:
Martin Grams, Jr, Author of The Green Hornet: A History of Radio, Motion Pictures, Comics and Television

Dan Nokes, Artist/Publisher--21 Sandshark Studios

Also featuring
Artist Tom Arvis, Sureshot Comics

FREE admission! Door prize drawings!

Open to the public from 10 am - 3 pm. Buy, sell & trade: Gold, Silver, Bronze Age comics; Indie & Modern comics, Publishers & Creators, TV & Movie Collectibles. Non-sport cards; Videos & DVDs; Anime; Manga; Horror/Sci-Fi; figures, toys; Star Wars & Star Trek memorabilia; original artwork, posters and other comic-related collectibles.

For more info, visit

Become a fan on Facebook:

Book reviews on Washington City Paper blog

The idea is to do these regularly...

International Ink: Hagar, Nemi, Little Nothings, and Lenore
Posted by Mike Rhode
Washington City Paper Arts Desk blog Mar. 30, 2010

PR: Submissions for The First Annual Small Press Expo Animation Showcase

More on the SPX animation newness.

Requesting Submissions for The First Annual Small Press Expo Animation Showcase


For Immediate Release                        

 Contact: Warren Bernard


Phone: 301-537-4615



Bethesda, Maryland; March 30, 2010 - The Small Press Expo (SPX), the preeminent showcase for the exhibition of independent comics, graphic novels and alternative political cartoons, announces a call for submissions to the First Annual SPX Animation Showcase. This showcase will be presented at this years Small Press Expo, to be held September 11 and 12 at the North Bethesda Marriott Convention Center, in Bethesda, Maryland.

With the proliferation of animation by both traditional animators and comics creators, SPX is providing a venue for SPX attendees  to see a wide variety of examples of this craft. There will be a series of set showings of cartoons throughout the two day SPX festival, which will reflect the myriad of different animation styles now dispersed across the Internet.

All submissions will be screened and final selections made by  a volunteer committee led by Angie Ottinger and Paul Nadjmabadi. The committee is comprised of the following members of the film and television community,:



            Cat has lent her talents to numerous films, television shows, and video games including Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Padme), Final Fantasy 12 (Penelo), and the              upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (Cecile).

            CHAD STRADERMAN, Animator / Graphic Designer

            Chad has worked on a variety of television shows as well as his own independent animation. His short, Pass It On, was shown theatrically at Spike & Mike's Sick &     Twisted Festival of Animation.          

            MONZUKI, Art Blog Curator

            Monzuki is a successful art blog whose mission is to "introduce Art and Design to stimulate your mind and awareness by presenting a platform for creative artists to     publicize  their talented artwork". (

            DANIEL STRANGE, Director

            Daniel is the director of the viral video "The Ballad of G.I. Joe" and episodes of the web series "Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis." He currently has an     animated show in development with Fox.

            ANGIE OTTINGER, Writer / Producer

            Angie currently works in short-form and promo for television. Her short film, "The Donut King" screened at a variety of festivals, including the 2002 Sundance Film     Festival.

            PAUL NADJMABADI, Editor

            Paul has worked in post-production for a variety of television shows and promos. He has also worked on numerous projects as a director and cinematographer. 

For entering submissions to the First Annual SPX Animation Showcase, just follow a few easy rules:

1. Fill out a submission for at

2. Please limit submission entries to no more than 10 minutes run time.

3. Submissions are due by June 30, 2010.

4. Selections for the showcase will be announced by August 11, 2010, 1 month prior to SPX.

5. If you are interested in attending SPX or have questions about the SPX Animation Showcase, please send inquiries to

SPX brings together more than 300 artists and publishers to meet their readers, booksellers and distributors each year. Graphic novels, mini-comix, political cartoon books and alternative comics will all be on display and for sale by their authors and illustrators.

As in previous years, profits from the SPX will go to support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF), protecting the First Amendment rights of comic book readers and professionals.  For more information on the CBLDF, go to their website at            

SPX will be held The North Bethesda Marriott Convention Center in Bethesda, Maryland, next to the White Flint Metro stop. Admission is $10 for a single day and $15 for both days.


ICAF postponed until 2011

30 March 2010

Announcement from The International Comic Arts Forum (ICAF)

The International Comic Arts Forum (ICAF), the foremost gathering for international comics studies and scholarship, has decided to postpone its annual conference for 2010 until 2011.  

The 2011 conference will observe the 15th Anniversary of ICAF, and the Executive Committee has concluded that postponing for the 2010 calendar year will allow the organization to plan for a large and special 2011 event.

Please stay tuned for more details soon.  For interested students and scholars, the CFP will be released later this year, as will more details on the 15th Anniversary Themes, Guests, and Special Events.

Please bookmark our website:
ICAF website:

Any inquiries may be directed to Professor Cecile Danehy, Executive Committee Co-Chair, at

Tomorrow: Warren Bernard lecture on Herblock at LoC

Independent scholar Warren Bernard returns to the Library of Congress on Wednesday, March 31, to give a talk in conjunction with the Herblock! exhibition, "Declaration of Independence: Herblock: His Foes and His Editors". This event will take place in Dining Room A located on the 6th Floor of the Madison Building at noon.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Comics Riffs on Dick Giordano's death

Giordano was a great penciler and inker for DC Comics, who also became an editor there. Even if you've never read a comic book, you've seen his work because it's used on all kinds of licensed products.

RIP, Dick Giordano: Remembering a comics legend
By Michael Cavna
Washington Post Comic Riffs blog March 29, 2010

Buzzboy’s John Gallagher interview up at City Paper site

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Buzzboy's John Gallagher

Posted by Mike Rhode on Mar. 29, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Comics on the Rack, Quick Picks for Comics Due 03-31-10

Quick Picks for Comics Due 03-31-10
By John Judy
ASTRO CITY: THE DARK AGE BOOK FOUR #3 of 4 by Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson.  In the last issue before the big wrap-up The Pale Horseman makes his debut.  Imagine if the Ghost Rider were really scary….  Recommended.
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #627 by Roger Stern and Lee Weeks.  What could possibly pound the bejeebers out of the Juggernaut and why is Spidey sticking around to find out?
BLACKEST NIGHT #8 of 8 by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis.  The double-sized grand finale in which all the colors come together and Sinestro sports a new look!  Highly recommended.
THE CREEPER BY STEVE DITKO SC by Ditko and Associates.  If you like Ditko and one of his wilder creations, it's all here for you!  "Beware the Creeper!"
DETECTIVE COMICS #863 by Greg Rucka, Jock and Cully Hamner.  In which "things do not end well."  My kinda comic!  Recommended.
FANTASTIC FOUR #567 by Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham.  The FF's on the moon and the Inhumans are… where?
INCORRUPTIBLE #4 by Mark Waid and Jean Diaz.  Will newly reformed Max Damage go back to his evil ways if it's for a good cause?  A true head-scratcher.  Highly recommended.
IRON MAN: EXTREMIS HC by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov.  Collecting that story where Tony Stark caught a virus from that nice Mr. Ellis.  Recommended.
JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #43 by James Robinson and Mark Bagley.  When archers go bad…
KEVIN SMITH'S GREEN HORNET #2 by Smith and Jonathan Lau.  The old Green Hornet just ain't what he used to be.  Fortunately his kid is waiting in the wings.  This Kevin Smith comic is coming out on time and is thus highly collectible!
PREVIEWS by Diamond and Marvel Comics.  See what your Summer vacation holds in store(s)!
RASL #7 written and drawn by Jeff Smith.  It is so hard waiting for the trade collections of this book.  That's why I don't even try.  Highly recommended.
SHE-HULK: SENSATIONAL #1 by Peter David, Brian Reed , Iban Coello and little John Byrne thrown in for seasoning.  Celebrating 30 years of that character who can lift tractor-trailers easier than she can carry her own book.  Good times!
TERMINATOR 2029 #1 by Zack Whedon and Andy MacDonald.  Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Kyle Reese!
WONDER WOMAN #42 by Gail Simone and Nicola Scott.  A Big Bad from Diana's past rolls in.  Fortunately the Green Lantern Corps is already there.
X-MEN: SECOND COMING #1 by Craig Kyle, Chris Yost and David Finch. Cable returns to the present with little Hope.

This week's Zadzooks and Bennett's Best reviews

Zadzooks: Halo Wars: ODST and Construct-A-Buzz reviews
Joseph Szadkowski
Washington Times March 27, 2010

Bennett's Best: Simpsons/Futurama and The Guild
By Greg Bennett, Special to Zadzooks
Washington Times Zadzooks blog March 27, 2010

Bennett's Best: Bronx Kill and American Vampire
By Greg Bennett
Washington Times Zadzooks blog March 21, 2010

Comic Riffs interview for Dragon Trainers in print too

Reprinted from Comic Riffs -

Cavna, Michael. 2010.
'Dragon' directors are flying in the face of fearsome 3-D technology
Washington Post (March 28): E5.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Podcaster Marc Maron roams DC after talking to Bob Fingerman

I haven't listened to this yet, but I doubt if he found the soul of America in DC - just a feeling I have.

Episode 58 - El Chupacabra / Bob Fingerman. Marc Maron, WTF with Marc Maron Podcast (March 25 2010): and

By popular demand, Marc welcomes El Chupacabra back to WTF. Plus, artist and writer Bob Fingerman takes a unique look at the end of the world (forward by Marc Maron). And Marc searches for the soul of America as he wanders around Washington, DC.

Whither Thingpart, late of the City Paper

Before the City Paper's great (blood-)shedding of comics a couple of years back, they ran a strip called Thingpart close to the front. Here's an interview with the cartoonist - Joey Alison Sayers Interview, Dan Copulsky, Question Riot blog March 25th, 2010.

The cartoon made me do it

I don't really follow sports, but I imagine the cartoon defense in a weapons charge isn't all that common - Arenas’ ‘Character’ Witness Is a Cartoon Character: Gazo the Pranksta, by Rend Smith Washington City Paper City Desk blog Mar. 24, 2010.

Post review of How To Train Your Dragon

Movie review: 'How to Train Your Dragon': 3-D you can sink your teeth intoa
By Mike Clark
Washington Post March 26, 2010; WE26

March 27: Steranko at Geppi's Entertainment Museum REPOST

Colin Solan sends in "GEM hosts Steranko for a retrospective exhibit." Geppi's Museum site is here. As hard as it is to believe, it seems the exhibit is only up for 3 days. Steranko will be there in person for one day.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

April 2-4: Cards, Comics & Collectibles Annual Easter Sale

Annual Easter Sale

From the Store that Brings You the Baltimore Comic-Con...

This Friday, April 2nd through Sunday, April 4th, come to the Cards, Comics & Collectibles Annual Easter Sale for amazing savings of 20% to 70% all weekend! Fill in those missing back issues or pick up that paperback, hardcover, or action figure you've been meaning to buy! This is the weekend to shrink that want list!



Our address: 100 A Chartley Dr., Reisterstown, MD 21136
Our Hours: Friday, 11am-7:30pm; Saturday, 11am-7pm; Sunday, 12am-5pm
For more information, call Cards Comics and Collectibles: 410-526-7410

This annual sale has run for over 20 years, and this year, we're stocked to the gills!

Ask us about Free Comics every Wednesday!

Truitt on The Guild

Felicia Day takes her 'Guild' offline and into comics, By Brian Truitt, USA TODAY March 24 2010.

This is getting to be like the Good Old Days when the Examiner was introduced with 3 pages of comics, and a weekly page of comic book articles by Truitt and Scott Rosenberg...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Free Kick-Ass posters at Big Planet Bethesda

I'm not really looking forward to this movie, but Big Planet Bethesda has a pile of free Kick-Ass movie posters today.

Unexpected editorial cartoons in today's Post

The 'Russia Today' advertising section actually has 4 editorial cartoons or illustrations in it. 2 traditional cartoons are signed V Bogorad. 2 illustrations are by Dimitry Divin. At least 1 cartoon by Bogorad from a previous section can be seen on their website.

President Obama in Archie comic book

Now up at the Washington City Paper site -

Obama Returns to Comic Books, Tasks Veronica with Powering Economy

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

PR: Baltimore Comic-Con

Publishers and Creators Come to the 2010 Baltimore Comic-Con!

Baltimore, Maryland - March 19, 2010 - The Baltimore Comic-Con is proud to announce our first series of guests for the 2010 convention. Major publishing houses Image Comics, Boom! Studios, and Top Cow Productions are the first announced exhibitors for our 11th annual show. In addition, we are pleased to announce the following guests: Mike and Laura Allred (Madman), Sergio Aragones (Groo), Ivan Brandon (Nemesis: The Imposters), Jim Calafiore (Secret Six), Eric Canete (New Avengers: Luke Cage), Howard Chaykin (Black Kiss), Cliff Chiang (Greendale), Frank Cho (Ultimate Comics New Ultimates), Steve Conley (Star Trek Omnibus: The Original Series), Amanda Conner (Power Girl), Dan DiDio (The Outsiders, Co-Publisher, DC Comics), Al Feldstein (MAD Magazine), Ron Garney (Wolverine: Weapon X), Michael Golden (Marvel 1602: Spider-Man), Cully Hamner (Detective Comics), Dean Haspiel (ACT-I-VATE), Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Chief Creative Officer, DC Comics), J.G. Jones (DC Universe Legacies), Rich Koslowski (BB Wolf and the 3 LPs), Michael Lark (Spider-Man: Return of the Hunter Saga), Laura Martin (Girl Comics), Mark McKenna (Banana Tail), Terry Moore (Echo, SiP), Phil Noto (Avengers: The Origin), Ryan Ottley (Invincible), Jimmy Palmiotti (Jonah Hex), Khoi Pham (Mighty Avengers), Eric Powell (The Goon), James Robinson (Justice League of America), Stephane Roux (Zatanna), Louise Simonson (X-Factor Forever), Walter Simonson (Wednesday Comics), Jim Starlin (Dreadstar), Brian Stelfreeze (The Authority: The Lost Year), Karl Story (Zatanna), Mark Texeira (X-Men: Origins), Billy Tucci (Shi), Doug Wagner (World of Warcraft: Horde), Mark Waid (Irredeemable, Editor-in-Chief, Boom! Studios), Marv Wolfman (New Teen Titans), and John Workman (Heavy Metal).

"We're months away from show-time, and already, we've lined up some of the biggest stars of the industry. We're excited to have the presence and support of Image, Boom!, and Top Cow - we have an excellent relationship with all three publishers, and can sense the fans lining up to see them already!" said Marc Nathan, promoter of the Baltimore Comic-Con. "We're also very proud to have Dan Didio and Geoff Johns from DC Comics joining us again this year. Both have been great friends for some time now, and they produce some of the most cutting edge comics on the market today. There are so many noteworthy guests coming to the show that represent a cross-section of the comics industry's genres, creative roles, eras, and publishing models, we think 2010 is shaping up to be one of our best yet!"

In coming weeks, look for more announcements from the Baltimore Comic-Con. We are looking forward to highlighting our guests, the Harvey Awards, industry exclusives, and programming. The latest developments can always be found at our website (, Twitter (, Facebook (, MySpace (, and ComicSpace ( pages.

This year's Baltimore Comic-Con will be held August 28-29, 2010. Convention hours are Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM and Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM. The ceremony and banquet for the Harvey Awards will be held Saturday night, August 28th.

Contact Information
Please use the following e-mail addresses to contact the Baltimore Comic-Con: - for any general press inquiries or to be added to our PR distribution - for requesting exhibitor, publisher, and Artist Alley applications - for inquiries about submitted registrations - for communications regarding the Harvey Awards ceremony and banquet - for general Baltimore Comic-Con inquiries

About The Baltimore Comic-Con
The Baltimore Comic-Con is celebrating its 11th year of bringing the comic book industry to the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area. With a guest list unequaled in the industry, the Baltimore Comic-Con will be held August 28-29, 2010. For more information, please visit

About The Harvey Awards
The Harvey Awards are one of the comic book industry's oldest and most respected awards. With a history of over 20 years, the last 5 in conjunction with the Baltimore Comic-Con, the Harveys recognize outstanding achievements in over 20 categories. They are the only industry awards nominated and selected by the full body of comic book professionals. For more information, please visit

PR: KAL returns from Public diplomacy trip to Middle East and releases iPhone App

We noticed he was gone, and now KAL tells us he's back -

Friends and colleagues

I wanted to share with you some recent exciting news. 

I have just returned from a 12 day visit to Amman, Jordan and Beirut, Lebanon as part of a strategic speaker initiative sponsored by the US Embassies in the region. During my visit I addressed a wide variety of groups including University students on six campuses, cartoonists, animators, journalists, and civic leaders. Our discussions centered on  the opportunities and limitations of political cartoons in promoting freedom of expression. There was great interest in the region in the program particularly in light of the controversial Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

My visit garnered a good bit of media exposure. There were numerous press and television interviews. Links to some of the news stories along with photos and observations from the trip will be available on my blog ( in the days ahead.

A also would like to announce the launch of the first KAL iPhone App.  Created in conjunction with RevelMob, the iKal-Book is just $.99 and available at the iTunes store. Please see our press release below.


Kevin Kallaugher


Kevin KAL Kallaugher, the editorial cartoonist for The Economist magazine, launches his first iPhone app  


If you love fun and witty political cartoons of the highest quality, you will love the new iPhone application by Kevin KAL Kallaugher, the world-renowned editorial cartoonist for The Economist magazine.

Designed for the iPhone, this new application is an impressive collection of KAL's award winning political cartoons, hand-picked by the artist himself.  Browse through 150+ examples of KAL's work, including 29 color covers and illustrations from The Economist magazine. Store them on your iPhone, upload to Facebook or share with friends. 

Kal uses his poison pen to comment on Presidential elections, the War on Terror, American politics and international affairs. 

"Speaking about the iKal Book app, Kevin KAL Kallaugher said:

"iKal Book is more than an assembly of individual cartoons... together, the over 150 images read like a history lesson of recent world events."

"Among the award winning art found in the iKal-book are all the cartoons from my print collection "KAL Draws Criticism"($20.00) but at a fraction of the cost ($.99)"

Roman Grigorjev, Founder and Managing Partner of Revel Mob, comments:

"Cartoons are graphically engaging, instantaneous and fun to share with friends ... making them perfect for mobile devices like smartphones and iPhone in particular"

Revel Mob and KAL are also looking into developing more interactive and engaging applications for KAL in the near future and are welcoming any ideas and contributions as to what you would like to see in the next KAL iPhone application. Make your ideas count - post them on Revel Mob's Facebook Fan page:

The iKal Book app is available for $0.99 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Marc Singer on teaching Bechdel's Fun Home

Marc Singer is on week 9 of his comics class and teaching Bechdel's Fun Home, which is one of my favorite graphic novels. He's got a much better sense of the formalist art that I ever will though.

Comic book writer wanted in DC?

This is making the rounds of the internet... I don't know anything else about it, but it does specifically mention DC.

My company is starting a project that will require us to develop manga-style comics for our client. We already have an excellent manga artist, and now we’re looking for a freelance writer who can translate business stories (esp. positive behaviors in the workplace) into an interesting comic book or graphic novel style narrative.

The general roles and responsibilities would include:
- Work with the project lead to develop potential characters, settings, and general plots
- Create interesting story lines based on information provided by the client
- Interact with the cartoonist to translate the story lines into a comic book

Qualifications for the job are:
- Successful screenwriting, comic, or graphic novel portfolio
- Demonstrated knowledge of global corporate environments (beyond Dilbert)
- Free to work on a 1099 basis
- Available for ~20 hours per week during May-June
- Preference for individuals located in NYC or Washington, DC
- Experience in agency or consulting environment is a plus

To be considered for this position, please send a cover letter, resume, and work samples/portfolio via email to:

Gordon Hui
Peer Insight LLC

Brian Truitt reviews The Bronx Kill

Mystery abounds in Milligan's 'The Bronx Kill'
By Brian Truitt, USA TODAY March 22 2010

Jeff Kinney interviewed about reading

The future of children's book publishing

By Stephen Lowman
Washington Post  March 21, 2010; BW08

Chatalogical Humor on Weingarten's new comic strip

Today's Chatalogical Humor is on Gene Weingarten's new comic strip "Barney & Clyde" as well as the quality of early Dennis the Menace.

Updating this a little, Barney and Clyde is a comic about a billionaire and a pauper. It's got a Facebook page now, and will be appearing in the Post when it launches.

April 26: Kim Deitch at Johns Hopkins U

from Eric Reynolds of Fantagraphics....

The Homewood Art Workshops wraps up its 35th anniversary celebration with a slide talk by legendary cartoonist Kim Deitch on Monday, April 26. Deitch’s talk, “The Search for Smilin’ Ed and Other Tales,” will begin at 5:30 p.m. in Room 101 of the F. Ross Jones Building, Mattin Center, on the Homewood campus at 3400 N. Charles St. in Baltimore.

Along with Robert Crumb, Bill Griffith and Art Spiegelman, Deitch transformed the art of cartooning in the psychedelic late 1960s. Combining a love of early 20th century comic strips and animation with the media-savvy satire of mid-century MAD Magazine, these artists gave a raucously subversive jolt to a nearly moribund medium.
Deitch, 65, began doing comic strips for the New York underground newspaper, the East Village Other, in 1967. Since then, his work has appeared in dozens of publications, including RAW, Pictopia, Details, Nickelodeon Magazine, and Little Lit. Among his groundbreaking comic books and graphic novels are Hollywoodland, The Mishkin Files, A Shroud for Waldo, The Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Alias the Cat! His latest book, The Search for Smilin’ Ed, will be published by Fantagraphics in June. Deitch will sign advance copies of Smilin’ Ed at the Johns Hopkins Barnes & Noble, 3330 St. Paul Street, on Sunday, April 25, from 4 to 6 p.m.

Deitch has been recognized with the comics industry’s highest honors, including an Eisner Award, an Inkpot Award and a retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in 2008. He lives in New York City with his wife, Pam.

To download images of Deitch’s work, go to:

“The Search for Smilin’ Ed and Other Tales” is co-sponsored by Homewood Art Workshops and Homewood Arts Programs. Visitor parking on campus is available in the South Garage, 3101 Wyman Park Drive, Baltimore, Md. 21211. Admission is free and open to the public. For more information, call 410-516-6705.

Monday, March 22, 2010

April 11: Rob Rogers at the Newseum

Inside Media: The Best of Editorial Cartoonist Rob Rogers
Guest: Rob Rogers
Date: Sunday, April 11, 2010
Location: Knight TV Studio, Level 3, 2:30 p.m.

The editorial cartoons of Rob Rogers have been gracing the pages of newspapers since 1984 when he was hired by the Pittsburgh Press.

A syndicated cartoonist with United Features Syndicate, Rogers has covered a diverse range of topics, including the Cold War, gun control, smoking, racism, the environment, 9/11 and presidential elections.

He talks about his new retrospective "No Cartoon Left Behind! The Best of Rob Rogers," which recounts his humorous path to cartooning. He also shares his own personal perspective on the major news stories of the past 25 years.

In a chapter called "Where's the Beef: Fear and Drawing On the Campaign Trail," Rogers shares his best cartoons from the last seven presidential races, including President Barack Obama's historic win in 2008. This unique retrospective includes a chapter for every White House he has covered.

Rogers's cartoons appear regularly in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Newsweek, and USA Today.

A book signing will follow the program.

thanks to Bruce Guthrie for the tip.

You still have a chance to send Ted Rall to Afghanistan...

His latest plea for money (I've given some)-

Heading Toward the Finish

My plan to return to Afghanistan this summer is halfway there--more than 140 backers have put up 50% of the $25,000 I will need (I'm also going to spend about $10,000+ of my own money) to get there and around. War zones are crazy expensive, and this is actually the bargain rate for this sort of journalism, particularly when one isn't backed by a major publication or broadcasting company.

This is the do-or-die phase. I'm halfway there, but there are less than two weeks left. Unless the pace of pledges accelerates, I won't make it. If you have been considering whether or not to participate, please think about it now!

As always, I remain ready, willing and able to answer any and all questions, comments, concerns, etc. about this project.

To comment on this update or see previous updates:

Von Allen, friend of ComicsDC, interviewed at Sequential Tart

The Road To God Knows... A Very Personal Story: Von Allan
By Corrina Lawson
Sequential Tart March 22, 2010

Chris Flick interview on City Paper's Arts Desk

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Chris Flick

Posted by Mike Rhode on Mar. 22, 2010

Chris talks about his webcomic Capes and Babes.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kal in Beirut

American cartoonist says future of trade in doubt
By Kenny Laurie
Special to The Daily Star March 22, 2010

April 13: Fantom Comics 1st Comic Book Happy Hour

From their March newsletter...

Fantom Comics would like to invite you to our first Comic Book Happy Hour, to be held from 6-8pm at The Laughing Man Tavern (just off Metro Center) on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

April 13th will be our first event, featuring a panel of three policy wonks and a Marvel Comics editor discussing "Politics in Comics". Come for the 20 minute discussion and Q&A, stay for the fun of meeting other comic book nerds in the area! More details will be posted on the website in a couple of weeks, but remember to save that date: Tuesday, April 13th!

Zadzooks reviews comic books, including Captain America's return to life

Zadzooks: Captain America, The Crazies and Sparta U.S.A.
Joseph Szadkowski
Washington Times March 20, 2010

Meanwhile at Bennett's Best, Greg has a couple of recommendations, neither of which I can get behind.

Takoma Park librarian's kids comics recommendations in Post

Graphic novels for beginning readers
By Dave Burbank and Karen MacPherson
Washington Post March 21, 2010; BW10

Washington bedtimes stories feature Feiffer, comic books

See Washington figures name the book they most enjoyed reading to their children.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

May 12: Brad Meltzer @ Barnes & Noble

Colin Solan comes through again to tell us about a local reading -

Brad Meltzer (Justice League of America, Identity Crisis) signs his new book Heroes for My Son on May 12, 2010 at 7:00 PM.
Barnes & Noble Booksellers
4801 Bethesda Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814

Cartoonists Rights Network quoted on Voice of America

Robert Russell is interviewed on the Danish Islam cartoons in Cartoonist Defender Asks Muslims to Accept Free Speech Principles, Nico Colombant, Washington 20 March 2010.

That darn Luckovich

Cartoon is out of sync with painting it resembles
Washington Post Saturday, March 20, 2010

The March 13 Drawing Board cartoon drawn by Mike Luckovich for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was inaccurate.

It purported to depict the Constitutional Convention. What was actually depicted was the famous John Trumbull painting, "Declaration of Independence," showing the presentation of the draft of the Declaration of Independence to John Hancock by Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the "Committee of Five."

Today the image appears on the reverse of the two-dollar bill. The image is also found in the life-size mural in the U.S. Capitol. Jefferson was in Paris as minister to France when the Constitutional Convention was held.

H. Wayne Elliott,

Dembicki's Trickster previewed at Graphic Novel Reporter

You can see some pages of Matt Dembicki's new book, Trickster, here.

Glen Weldon recommends Iranian webcomic

In spite of Glen Weldon's recommendation, I'll be reading this on paper when it's collected - Zahra's Paradise: The Revolution Will Be Bookmarked. National Public Radio's Monkey See blog (March 17 2010).

Mark Millar's Nemesis to be set in DC

Marc Ruffin has a story on how Mark Millar's Nemesis is to be set in DC.

Marc Singer on teaching Nat Turner

Marc Singer writes on teaching Kyle Baker's Nat Turner for week 8 of his class on comics at Howard.

MTV's Real World cartoonist met Tom Toles

There's a story on the Express website and one at the WTOP site, about Andrew, the would-be editorial cartoonist on MTV's The Real World: DC meeting Tom Toles and drawing a cartoon for the Washington Times.

Post does review Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie

Given how big this book series is, I didn't expect the review for it to be buried in the Weekend section

In 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid,' the ordinary hero has a certain draw
By Dan Kois
Washington Post March 19, 2010; WE27

Feiffer at Politics and Prose pictures online

Man about town photographer Bruce Guthrie has put his pictures of the Jules Feiffer reading online.

'Losers' comic book a prize in Style Invitational contest, while Staake is taken to task

In today's Style Invitational contest, 2nd prize is an issue of DC Comics' The Losers #176 from the 1970s: Second place gets a comic book we're surprised we hadn't heard about before: This 1970s series was about a group of Nazi-fighting World War II heroes -- one for each branch of the services -- who called themselves the Losers because they kept getting refrigerator magnets with stupid cartoons on them. No, it was because men had died under their command. Whatever, this is an original comic, sealed in plastic, and was donated by Fighting Loser Peter Metrinko.

Nice Joe Kubert cover on that comic. The early issues were covered by Jack Kirby. I'm surprised they haven't heard of the comic, because DC brought it back 8 years or so ago, set in Rwanda perhaps, and it's now being turned into a movie.

Meanwhile, on the letters page, cartoonist Bob Staake is taken to task for his drawings for last week's contest. Humor.. . it's just so not funny.

Comics on the Rack, Quick Picks for Comics Due 03-24-10

Quick Picks for Comics Due 03-24-10
By John Judy
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #626 by Fred Van Lente and Michael Gaydos.  Next Spidey villain to get the "Gauntlet" treatment: The Scorpion!  No, the other one…
ANGEL SPECIAL: LORNE ONE-SHOT written and drawn by John Byrne.  This time it's the beloved green crooner's turn to save the world.  An overdue tribute to the memory of the late Andy Hallett.
BLACK BLIZZARD GN written and drawn by Yoshihiro Tatsumi.  A little unearthed treasure here from Drawn and Quarterly: A re-issue of a 1950s manga noir that's part "The Fugitive" and part "The Defiant Ones."  A couple of violent crooks escape a derailed prison train into a blizzard.  Hijinks ensue.  Gotta look!
BOOK OF GRICKLE HC written and drawn by Graham Annable.  A collection of off-beat humor strips by the award-winning animator and storyboard artist on "Coraline."
CAPTAIN AMERICA #604 by Ed Brubaker and Luke Ross.  Bucky America and the fifties Cap duke it out while the Falcon beats on some racist anti-government extremists who are NOT the teabaggers!  Honest.  They just carry the same signs and believe the same stuff.  But they're different.
GREEN LANTERN #52 by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke.  Okay, looking at the cover I can honestly say I never saw that one coming.  Recommended.
GUILD #1 of 3 by Felicia Day and Jim Rugg.  The comic book adaptation of the web series about a bunch of role-playing gamers.  You will regain your virginity just looking at this book.  On the other hand, the preview was great and it contains the line: "Oboists.  All that blowing makes them brain dead."  Recommended.
HELLBLAZER #265 by Peter Milligan and Simon Bisley.  Constantine gets tangled up with a bunch of punks who worship Sid Vicious.  (Sid was a naughty lad who died before you were born, children.)
HOME FOR MR. EASTER GN written and drawn by Brooke A. Allen.  Just in time for the season!  The story of an awkward teen who inadvertently finds the Easter Bunny.
JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE RISE OF ARSENAL #1 of 4 by J.T. Krul and Geraldo Borges.  Things Roy Harper can no longer say: "Boy, I'd give my right arm for ____."  And the story proceeds from there.
KING OF FLIES, VOL. 1: HALLORAVE HC by Mezzo and Pirus.  The first of three graphic novels containing what appear to be random short stories, but which in fact are setting up an epic trilogy of suburban suspense.  Volume two is due out this Summer from Fantagraphics.  Appropriate for older teens and up.
MARVELS PROJECT #7 of 8 by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting.  Cap meets Bucky, the world meets the Destroyer and Prince Namor meets his match!  Recommended.
MIGHTY AVENGERS #35 by Dan Slott and Khoi Pham.  Ultron's back.  Isn't he always?  And at the worst possible time!
NEMESIS #1 of 4 by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven.  If you are a fan of the unchecked ultra-violence and incidental story of KICK-ASS and everything else Millar's ever written then this is the book for you.
NEW AVENGERS #63 by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen.  Much fighting out Asgard way.  That Sentry boy ain't got no sense, no-how!
NEWSBOY LEGION BY SIMON AND KIRBY, VOL. 1 HC by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.  Back in the early 1940s there was a book called STAR-SPANGLED COMICS featuring the adventures of a bunch of kids who sold newspapers, which were sort of the internets of their day only more literate and you could touch them.  Anyway, these kids fought crime with the aid of a super-hero called The Guardian.  It was great and you should read this if only for the intro by the surviving co-creator, Joe Simon.  Recommended.
NORTHLANDERS #26 by Brian Wood and Leandro Fernandez.  Gunborg is totally on top of his frozen, plague-scarred village.  Those heads on pikes are strictly decorative.  Nothing to see here… Recommended.
NORTHLANDERS, VOL. 3: BLOOD IN THE SNOW SC by Brian Wood and Many Fine Artists.  Collecting issues #9, 10 and 17-20.  Bunch of awesome tales of blood and thunder from the bad, old Viking Days.  Highly recommended.
PETER PARKER #1 of 5 by Bob Gale and Patrick Olliffe, plus a back-up by Fred Hembeck.  Between three issues of his regular book each month, his guest-appearances in others, his daily newspaper strip and the underwear I have on right now, is it possible to have too much Spider-Man?  Let's find out shall we? 
SCALPED #36 by Jason Aaron and Davide Furno.  After all this time, we finally get to know Shunka a little better.  And what better way to do so than by watching him sort some things out for his boss Lincoln Red Crow?  This is the one comic each month you always have to buy.  Highly recommended.
THE STAND: SOUL SURVIVORS #5 of 5 Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Mike Perkins.  Y'know what's really interesting after all the doctors in the world die of the super-flu?  Surgery.  Not for kids.  Recommended.
SUPERGOD #3 of 5 by Warren Ellis and Garrie Gastony.  That nice Mister Ellis makes Gods that fight!  Wizard!
SUPERMAN #698 by James Robinson and Bernard Chang.  Supes and Mon-El duke it out with Brainiac.
THOR #608 by Kieron Gillen and Billy Tan.  The Sentry has destroyed Asgard.  Now it's Thor's turn at bat.
THUNDERBOLTS #142 by Jeff Parker and Wellinton Alves.  In which we find out which of the current T-Bolts is good, bad and/or crazy.
UNCANNY X-MEN #522 by Matt Fraction, Phil Jimenez and Whilce Portacio.  Kitty Pryde is back with a silver bullet!
VICTORIAN UNDEAD #5 of 6 by Ian Edgington and Davide Fabbri.  The penultimate issue of this great series finds Holmes and Watson as the last hope against the undead plague sweeping London.  And is it possible Moriarty the Living Zombie has more tricks up his blood-soaked sleeve?  Recommended.
WACKY PACKAGES NEW NEW NEW HC by Various Creators including Art Spiegelman, Bill Griffith and Kim Deitch with an intro by Jay Lynch.  All the product parody stickers from series #8-14 (1974-75) that weren't included in the first hardcover.  A must for boys of a certain age.
X-FACTOR #203 by Peter David and Valentine Delandro.  Monet and Guido go on a jungle rescue mission.  Those always go well.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dougintology, on the webcomics he reads

A buddy of mine who lives in DC has been listing the webcomics he reads on his blog. He's up to 8 pages of lists. Obviously, he's more plugged in than I am.

Comic strips - part 1

Comic strips - part 2

Comic strips - part 3

Comic strips - part 4 - he wanders into the syndicated strips he reads here.

Comic strips - part 5

Comic strips - part 6

Comic strips - part 7

Comic strips - part 8

and he took in Short Animation Oscar nominees just for good measure.

Highlights from Jules Feiffer's talk now at City Paper website

March 24: Final Herblock exhibit talk by curators

Sara Duke and Martha Kennedy will be giving their last Treasure Talk in the Herblock! exhibition on Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at noon in the South Gallery of the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress.
This week they are in the introductory section, and will bring treasures from the cartoon collections of the Prints and Photographs Division to show how Herblock fits into a long tradition of caricature and cartoon, not only in the United States, but in Europe as well.

Independent scholar Warren Bernard returns to the Library of Congress on Wednesday, March 31, to give a talk in conjunction with the Herblock! exhibition, "Declaration of Independence: Herblock: His Foes and His Editors". This event will take place in Dining Room A located on the 6th Floor of the Madison Building at noon.

Twilight comic book review on Express website

Mangled Manga: 'Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Volume 1'

Written by Express contributor Roxana Hadadi

Express March 19, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bill Baker interviews Greg Houston

We see Greg Houston's work off-and-on in the City Paper, and I haven't known anything about him. Bill Baker's got a two-part interview with him online now -

BAKER'S DOZEN for 03/03/2010
Send in The Clowns
Greg Houston on The Vatican Shuffle, part one

BAKER'S DOZEN for 03/17/2010
Send in The Clowns
Greg Houston on The Vatican Shuffle, part two

Tim Kreider reviews Al Columbia's new book

I'd rather see his cartoons in the Baltimore City Paper, but this is better than nothing -
Pim & Francie: The Golden Bear Days: Artifacts and Bone Fragments

Posted by Tim Kreider on March 18th, 2010.

New map of Cul de Sac will let YOU visit Alice

Richard's got a blogpost up with a nice watercolor of Cul de Sac land, which if you squint, vaguely resembles Washington, DC. Squint harder.

AP story about Toy Story 3 in today's Express

Not much more to say - apparently Buzz and Woody go to college.

Animar.te exhibit at American University

Bruce Guthrie reports:

Express had an ad today for Animar.te, a new exhibit at Katzen Arts Center (American University museum) March 23 - May 1 . Discover short animation films and the creative processes behind them.

Featuring Carlos Grangel, digital designer of characters in multiple animated films: Prince of Egypt, Madagasacar, Kung Fu Panda, and Corpse Bride.

March 18: Feiffer on Diane Rehm Show

From: Matt Dembicki
Jules Feiffer on Diane Rehm Show today at 11 a.m. on NPR.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

PR: 2010 National Cherry Blossom Festival Anime Marathon Cosplay Contest!


CONTACT: Tom Vic, 202 633 0468

Announcing the 2010 National Cherry Blossom Festival Anime Marathon Cosplay Contest!

On April 3, 2010 at 1:30 PM, the Freer and Sackler Galleries, in partnership with Otakorp, Inc. and the DC Anime Club, will host a cosplay contest as part of our annual National Cherry Blossom Festival Anime Marathon.  The contest is open to individuals or groups.  Each individual or group will be given a maximum of three minutes to perform before an audience in the 300-seat Meyer Auditorium.  A panel of judges will present awards at the end of the event.  All costumes and performances must be family-friendly.

To enter, send an email to  with your name, the number of people in your group (if applicable), and a brief description and picture of the character(s) you will be performing.  The first 20 individuals or groups who respond will be accepted.

For more information on the Freer and Sackler Galleries film programs, please visit

We look forward to your participation in what is sure to be a very fun event!

About Freer and Sackler Galleries:

About Otakorp:
Otakorp, Inc. is the not-for-profit organization best known for running Otakon, one of the world's premiere gatherings of fandom. It's an educational non-profit that promotes understanding and appreciation of Asian culture, by means of celebrating its popular culture.
About DC Anime Club:
DC Anime Club was established in 2003 to introduce and educate people in the Washington, DC area about East Asian culture, through viewing and discussion of Japanese animation (also known as anime) and Japanese comics (manga).

We also work to provide a positive, alternative activity to the youth in the area by exposing them to foreign culture, encouraging artistic expression and creativity, and providing opportunities for participation in community activities and leadership.

DC Anime Club is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. Contributions to DC Anime Club are tax deductible to the extent allowable under the law.

DC Anime Club has been featured in many newspapers and publications .

In addition to our meetings, the club holds an Art Show, a Cosplay Party fundraising event, and anime lectures at local schools . Our club works with the Japan Information and Culture Center, Embassy of Japan, Smithsonian Freer Gallery and DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival on their anime screenings. Our Marketing Team has helped promote performances for several Japanese bands such as Puffy Ami Yumi, Pine am, The Slants, The Captains and Ayabie.

DC Anime Club was founded by Chris Wanamaker (President), Jules Chang (former Vice President) and Craig Vaughn (Vice President) on Saturday June 5, 2003. We have a strong membership that continues to grow.

Feiffer at Politics and Prose on Thursday at 4 pm

Tomorrow - I'm there. I've heard him read part of this before, and it's good. See one of the great cartoonists and read his memoir.

Interview with former University of Maryland cartoonist, OR There's a Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie coming out?

Author Jeff Kinney on his movie-bound 'Wimpy Kid'
Liesl Bradner
Los Angeles Times' Jacket Copy blog March 17, 2010

How to draw Cul de Sac video

Richard's got a blog post up linking to a Youtube video where he draws Alice from Cul de Sac. This is only sped up about 1.5x - the guy's an absolute menace to be standing next to, as he draws and his arms flail around and that razor-sharp pen nib comes within millimeters of you...

Ugly Americans cartoon reviewed in Post

 'Ugly Americans': Trying to get along can be monstrously funny [online title: Hank Stuever reviews Comedy Central's new animated series 'Ugly Americans'].

By Hank Stuever

Washington Post Staff Writer

Wednesday, March 17, 2010; C01

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OT: Tom Inge on Harvey Kurtzman

My friend Tom Inge, one of the sharpest writers on comics and humor, has a new essay online - he writes in, "My essay on MAD comics and Harvey Kurtzman appears on the Comics Journal website in two parts, March 15 and 16:"

Check it out - it's well worth it.

Another Harvey Pekar interview

This one's an audiofile so it's going to be kind of hard to cut it out and tuck it in Harvey Pekar: Conversations, but I have faith in your ingenuity.

Phone call with Harvey Pekar
by LADYGUNN . March 15th, 2010 .

Washington Times confirms award-winning editorial cartoon no longer appearing

Regarding Alexander Hunter's The Big Picture, this article refers to it in the past tense - Illustrator for Times wins editorial-cartooning award, WASHINGTON TIMES March 16 2010.

Any hope of a collection?

Politics and Prose graphic novel book club schedule

Good lineup here...

March 24th
West Coast Blues by Jacques Tardi.

April 28th
Logicomix by Apostolos Doxiadis

May 26th
Crossing the Empty Quarter by Carol Swain

June 23th
The Photographer by Emmanuel Guibert

July 28th
Superman: Red Son by Mark Millar

August 25th
Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow by Brian Fies

September 22nd
Burma Chronicles by Guy Delisle

South Park article in Examiner and Express

Today, both free papers ran David Bauder's Associated Press article on South Park's caricaturing of Tiger Woods.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Environmental Film Festival starts tomorrow

Here's the Washington Post's take on the children's portion of the Festival. I think the Environmental Film Festival website is a bit hard to use so I'll give a quick rundown of the schedule of animated films here. Free, unless otherwise noted.

March 16: MLK Library, 1:30 pm
The Goat That Ate Time
Wishful Thinking
Smart Machine
Chicken of the Sea

March 17: Palisades Neighborhood Library, 1:30 pm
The Goat That Ate Time
Wishful Thinking
Smart Machine
Chicken of the Sea

March 18: Lamond-Riggs Neighborhood Library, 1:30 pm
The Goat That Ate Time
Wishful Thinking
Smart Machine
Chicken of the Sea

March 20: National Gallery of Art, 10:30 am
Miro: Flower
Once Upon a Tide
Manantial (The Spring)

March 20: National Geographic Society, 1:00 pm, $5

March 21: National Gallery of Art, 11:30 am
Miro: Flower
Once Upon a Tide
Manantial (The Spring)

March 22: Anacostia Library, 10:30 am
The Goat That Ate Time
Wishful Thinking
Smart Machine
Chicken of the Sea

March 23: Parklands-Turner Neighborhood Library, 10:30 am
The Goat That Ate Time
Wishful Thinking
Smart Machine
Chicken of the Sea

March 27: Carnegie Institution for Science, 6:00 pm
Clean Coal (4 minute short before three non-animated films)