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The Post explains the lying poll that Dilbert's Adams cited

A poll asked if it's 'OK to be white.' Here's why the phrase is loaded.

Scholars raise questions about the Rasmussen poll that Scott Adams cited in the racist rant that led to 'Dilbert's' cancellation

Chad Bilyeu's Megillah Sunday Funnies - exhibit and comics in Amsterdam

 Recently we interviewed Chad Bilyeu, a DC-expat in the Netherlands, and now just a few weeks later, he's introducing a new project:

This time I'm curating as opposed to writing. I decided it would be a great idea to bring back the full page, full color comics that were once the norm in the Sunday comic section. So, under the mighty Megillah umbrella, we have decided to bring back the Sunday comic section for the modern times.

Megillah Sunday Funnies invites a cast of 35 artists from around the world to create a full page, full color comic. The lineup is one that I am pretty proud of having amassed, as there will be some names that you probably have heard of alongside some incredible newcomers and underground folks.

This project is two-fold:
• Firstly, we are running an exhibit at the main library in Amsterdam, Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (OBA), from this Friday, March 3 until Friday, May 26. All 35 works have been expertly printed and framed and are available to see in the main expo hall of the OBA. In addition, these one-off prints can be purchased via a blind auction (limited to actual visitors who can pick up these framed works).
• Secondly, we have actually printed up 2000 copies of the Megillah Sunday Funnies on newsprint! Every comic on display at the exhibit is in this paper. There are two ways to get a physical copy of this complimentary newspaper, 1) visit the exhibit and pick up a free copy, or 2) get a free copy sent with any order from my storefront, Bistro Books. Once the 2000 physical editions are gone, they are gone forever; one run and then we're done.

Chad Bilyeu

Bistro Books and Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam present:
Megillah Sunday Funnies
OBA Oosterdok • Oosterdokskade 148 • EXPO ruimte • Amsterdam

opening party: 1900 - 2100, Friday, March 3, 2023
closing party / auction: 1900 - 2100, Friday, May 26, 2023 

The Megillah Sunday Funnies exhibit will feature original, full-color comics inspired by classic full-page Sunday comic strips such as Gasoline Alley, Little Nemo in Slumberland, Popeye, and Krazy Kat. Chad “in Amsterdam” Bilyeu has curated an international array of 35 artists who have created new and original artwork in the same format as the renowned classics rendered in contemporary styles with a modern spirit. 

Audra Stang • Bernie Mireault • Boyane One • Chris Visions • Delicious Brains • Dido Drachman • Dotsy • EKS graphics • Eryc Why • Gary & Laura Dumm • Gees Voorhees • George Adegite • Gnartoons • James Corcoran • Jay Stephens • Jeroen Funke • John G • Joost Halbertsma • Lae Schäfer • Larie Cook • Michael Hacker • Michael Kennedy • Monica Gallagher • Peter van den Hoogen • Rachelle Meyer • Raeghan Buchanan • Remco Lee Polman • Renate Stuger & Sai Rodrigues • Rich Tommaso • Ryan Heshka • Samplerman • Schwantz • Sterric • The Unividuals • Typex


Picture This Press to Publish "Let It Bleed: 20 Years of Concert Poster Design" by Jeffrey Everett; exhibit launch on March 4th

Picture This Press to Publish "Let It Bleed: 20 Years of Concert Poster Design" by Jeffrey Everett

Picture This Press is proud to present the first career-spanning collection devoted to the work of designer and illustrator Jeffrey Everett.



444-pages of art and essays with more than 350 posters presented
Foreword by author Shawna Keeney (I Was a Teenage Dominatrix: A Memoir)
Outro by Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem)
Deep-dive interview with the artist
Observations, advice, and insight on working with bands and having a design career in the music industry penned by Everett

Marrying Sight to Sound

Few concert poster artists can post numbers like Jeffrey Everett: 400+ concert posters produced over a 20-year career. Until now, owning his work meant owning one of the beautiful silkscreen posters that have been produced in limited runs over the years. It's past time that this body of work gets collected–for the first time–in an exquisitely produced 444-page hardcover that carefully reproduces more than 350 of Everett's award-winning posters alongside his observations on his craft, career, and collaborations with a multitude of performers. To round things out, some of those artists share their own thoughts on working with Everett.

Screenshot 2023-02-27 233247

Click for one-minute video


Let It Bleed: Twenty Years of Poster Design by Jeffrey Everett

$60 • hardcover w/dust-jacket • 444 pp. • Color • 9" x 12"
($65 after Kickstarter ends on April 8)


Getting over the finish line...

We've been working on this project for well over a year now, taking our time to get it right and to let Everett nail a book design on par with the quality of his beautifully designed posters. This hefty tome will be produced at a generously oversized 9x12" and offset printed on heavy artbook paper stock (157gsm) that will do justice to the work being presented. As you can see in the video and the various photos, 98% of that work is now done, but we need your help to make this book a reality. Please consider backing this Kickstarter

Special Kickstarter Exclusives

Exclusive Giclee poster reproducing the book's cover, signed, (18x24").
Exclusive screen-printed poster of the image from the book's cover, signed-&-numbered, (18x24").
Exclusive Let It Bleed version of Jeffrey's iconic Ferris wheel poster, screen-printed and signed-&-numbered (18x24").
Exclusive signed-&-numbered Giclee set of six-prints themed to complement the Let It Bleed volume.
Let It Bleed Sketch Zine #1 "Dusk": A handmade zine consisting of 32-pages of preliminary and concept art, providing a unique glimpse into Jeffrey's process as he designed some of his iconic posters.
Let It Bleed Sketch Zine #2 "Dawn": A second 32-page handmade zine collecting preliminary and concept art, providing more insight into the iterative process that undergirds his poster designs.
A number of long-unavailable collectible screen-printed posters from over the years that Jeffrey has dug out of his archive and is now ready to part with.
The Lost Art Books screen-printed poster that Jeffrey created for Picture This Press nearly a decade ago in 2014 (18x28").

Jeffrey Everett

Everett is a successful designer, illustrator, and author working in the Washington, D.C. metro area under the moniker Rockets are Red for the last 20 years. He has created award-winning designs for bands such as Wilco, Social Distortion, Foo Fighters, The Decemberists, Gaslight Anthem, Lou Reed, Rancid, Metric, Blondie, and many, many more. Everett is the recipient of gold and silver awards from The Art Directors Club, "best-in-categories" from the AdClub (Addys), included in multiple AIGA50 shows from 2006 to the present, and been seen in variety of publications. His work has been stapled on walls of acclaimed rock clubs, inked into brave people's skin, and framed in high-end galleries around the world. His work has sold in galleries in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and Washington, D.C.

Attend the Launch Party and Gallery Show!

Sat. March 4, 7-10 p.m.: Join us for the book's Launch Party to be held at Lost Origins Gallery in Washington, D.C. We'll have food, drinks, and an opportunity to see an exhibit of Everett's work. Come meet the artist, the Picture This Press team, and rub elbows with the cool kids!
Sat. March 4 - April 8: Lost Origins Gallery in Washington, D.C. will be hosting an exhibit of all of Everett's work for a little eover a month. Check the gallery's website for a listing of author talks, live music, and other events throughout the length of the exhibit.

More on Dilbert from the Post

Dropping the creator of 'Dilbert' is free speech at work

https://wapo.st/3IxjO9g - free to read version

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 2/27/23

Scott Adams and the right-wing insistence on White victimhood

Philip Bump

February 27, 2023



Andrews McMeel Drops Scott Adams

D. D. Degg

Daily Cartoonist February 27 2023



Scott Adams Responds to Cancellation

D. D. Degg

Daily Cartoonist February 27 2023



CSotD: Dancing on Dilbert's Grave

Mike Peterson

Daily Cartoonist February 27 2023


DILBERT creator Scott Adams dropped from Andrews McMeel syndicate following racist statements

The news comes after a series of racist comments made by Adams on the February 22 episode of his podcast.

Dean Simons



Scott Adams Makes Dilbert Private Subscription Only After Cancellation

Scott Adams has taken his Dilbert comic strip, and related video content, to a private subscription site, after newspapers and syndication cancelled the strip.

 27 Feb 2023 

by Rich Johnston



Comic Store In Your Future: Do I Sell Art or Books? [variant covers]

A comic store owner writes about whether comics are more focused on being art or actual stories. Have comics become mostly focused on cover artwork?

  26 Feb 2023  

by Rod Lamberti



As Publishing Consultant

 Milton Griepp on February 24, 2023 




First as Digital Series, Then as TPBs

by Brigid Alverson on February 27, 2023 



OBITUARY: Leiji Matsumoto, legendary mangaka behind SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO, CAPTAIN HARLOCK, and more

The mangaka whose creative hand birthed numerous series of sweeping sci-fi space operas died February 13, 2023 at age 85

Dean Simons




Ray Buffer Charged Over Golden Age Comics Theft Allegations

Actor Ray Buffer, who had minor roles in Hulk and Daredevil movies, has been charged with one misdemeanor count of petty theft from Southern Californian Comics.

  26 Feb 2023  

by Rich Johnston



  Chris Aruffo

Bringing Alley Oop to a New Generation, Part 3

February 22, 2023



CAT HEAD BRINGS BACK 'DOG BOY', Collecting Steve Lafler's 80s Comics

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  Milton Griepp on February 26, 2023 



TOP MANGA FRANCHISES – FALL 2022: 'Berserk' Tops Again

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Plus Top 2023 Releases, Including Box Sets, 'The Mandalorian' Manga, More

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INTERVIEW: Culver and Burnham talk UNSTOPPABLE DOOM PATROL #1, 'no limit to the weirdness'

Writer Dennis Culver and artist Chris Burnham open up about the new six-issue mini, where the Doom Patrol are working as superhuman EMTs.

Zack Quaintance



When Peter Parker Married Gwen Stacy In Mexican Spider-Man Comics

The Mexican version of Spider-Man, El Sorprendente Hombre Arana kept Gwen Stacy alive after she had died in the American versions.

Rich Johnston

 26 Feb 2023 


Cannibals and Guillotines 

Clare Bucknell  

Far from a straightforward propagandist, the caricaturist James Gillray preferred pleasing, or irritating, many different kinds of customers.  

New York Review of books March 9, 2023 issue 




James Gillray: A Revolution in Satire  

by Tim Clayton 

Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, 400 pp., $65.00 (distributed by Yale University Press) 


Box Office: Marvel's 'Ant-Man 3' Gets Mauled by 'Cocaine Bear,' Suffers Record 69.7 Percent Drop

'Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania' may have won the weekend with $32.2 million but got badly dinged by 'Cocaine Bear,' which opened to a much better-than-expected $23.1 million for Universal. The faith-based 'Jesus Revolution' also delivered strong numbers.

Pamela McClintock

February 26, 2023 



Joshua Williamson on Superman and Bane's FINAL tale!

Sal and Joshua Williamson

ComicPop Returns' All Stars Podcast

Jan 17, 2023 



IDEAS DON'T BLEED episode twenty-four | Kyle Higgins, part two

Matthew Rosenberg, Ethan S. Parker, and Griffin Sheridan

Feb 27 2022



An illustrated guide to feeling happier, every day

By Richard Sima and Pepita Sándwich 

February 24, 2023



What I want my son to know about Black History Month; I found a new love and appreciation for it that I want to pass down to him

Perspective by Sharee Miller

February 26, 2023



Top Things You Can't Say in New York City

By Leslie Stein

February 27, 2023



"The Entire Point Of Being In Comics Is To Be Here For A Long Time": An Interview with Reimena Yee [Malaysia; webcomics]

Shanti Rai | February 27, 2023


Sugar, Spice, and the Not So Nice: Comics Picturing Girlhood

Pursall, Dona and Eva Van de Wiele (editors)

Leuven University Press

Leuven, 2023

Online at https://library.oapen.org/handle/20.500.12657/61392


Dark Horse & Tapas announce deal to print digital comics to print,

Joe Grunenwald




THEY LOVED US! Our Manga EXPLAINED to the Comics Industry

Frederick L. Jones

Saturday AM

Feb 24, 2023



In Conversation with K. O'Neill, author of The Moth Keeper

Random House Kids newsletter (February 27 2023: http://l.e.rhcbooks.com/rts/go2.aspx?h=111445757&tp=i-1NGB-Q5K-kKg-30emry-1o-2WgmT-1c-30emcr-l8eBQZhKDs-14SLzj&x=3060C55FF6AE4887E0534FD66B0A20B0


ComicsPRO 2023 wrap-up: happy retailers, Schanes to Oni, and more

Heidi MacDonald




Marvel announces AAPI Heritage Month celebration plans with variant covers and backup stories

Taimur Dar




Get Graphic: The Great Unknown with Artist Dennis Menheere [Netherlands]

Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

Feb 20, 2023



Barry Blitt's "The Florida Book-of-the-Month Club"

The artist on what makes children's books captivating, and the role of humor in exploring complex topics.

By Françoise Mouly

February 27, 2023



Burny Mattinson, Animator and Disney's Longest-Serving Employee, Dies at 87

His 70-year run with the company included work on 'Lady and the Tramp,' 'The Jungle Book,' 'The Lion King,' 'Strange World' and 'The Great Mouse Detective.'

February 27, 2023



Suzie Yeung Is Ready For More Chainsaw Man [voice actor]

  By Daniel Kurland

February 27, 2023



Afua Richardson Interview: Comics Art and Music

Duy Tano

The Comics Cube

Feb 27, 2023



Storycomic Presents : John Holland, Comic Creator of - Alma

Barney Smith

Storycomic Presents! 244; Feb 24, 2023



Comics industry reacts to 'Dilbert' creator Scott Adams's racist rant

As the strip is dropped from newspapers, artists weigh in with condemning reactions, including their own satirical cartoons

By Michael Cavna

February 27, 2023