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Ask Cerebra: The Comics Blog search engine

Dirk Deppey linked to this neat new tool - Ask Cerebra: The Comics Blog search engine. Who woulda thunk? But, boy I'm never going to finish a publishable version of my Comics Research Bibliography.

Speaking of which, if any Wizard readers would like to help out with citations, I'd be glad to give them credit and a section of the book which I'm hoping to publish through Lulu, using John Lent's schema that he carried through his 10 volumes of comic art bibliography. And in the meantime, the online version - link to the right - is still the main version. Nothing goes into this print draft until it's been sent to John Bullough for inclusion in the online original.

Here's an example of local interest - citations for articles on the Small Press Expo:

Conventions, Festivals (2006; also under Comic Art in 2005)

Small Press Expo / Expo / SPX
-Aguirre-Sacasa, Roberto. 1998. Small Press Expo. Washington City Paper (September 25): 104
-Arnold, Andrew D. 2002. The Non-Con Comic Con: TIME.comix at the Small Press Expo. (September 13):,9565,350691,00.html
-Atchinson, Lee. 2002. The Dreamiest of Cons: SPX 2002 [convention]. Sequential Tart (October)
-Atchison, Lee. 2004. SPX Dreams [convention]. Sequential Tart (November)
-Atchison, Lee. 2006. Behind the Scenes with SPX: Jeff Alexander [convention]. Sequential Tart (June)
-Barnes, Derek 1999. Small Press Expo 99 [(sic), actually 1998 coverage]. [Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington] Fullbleed (Summer): 24-31
-Barnes, Derek. 1999. SPX99: Casting its own shadow. The Comics Journal (217; November): 21-23
-Bennet, Greg, Charles Brownstein, Greg McElhatton and Chris Pitzer (eds). 2003. The SPX 2003 Anthology [Travel-themed small press comic book anthology with some wordless stories]. Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
-Berger, Arion. 1997. Small Press Expo [convention announcement]. Washington City Paper (Sep 19).
-Bieri, Sean. 2000. A whole lotta comics: Small Press Expo is one-stop shopping for the mad medium's finest. Chicago Metro Times (October 24). online at
-Bothe, Jocelyn. 2006. SPX 2006: A Friday Night Perspective. Sequential Tart (November)
-Daly, Sean. 1997. Only the lonely can play: Silver Spring's Small Press Expo '97 brings the area's top underground cartoonists out of the darkness. Washington City Paper (Sep 26):33-4.
-Flage, Karon. 2000. The Expo 2000 Anthology [Small Press Expo anthology]. Sequential Tart 3 (7; July):
-Henn, Rich. 1998 Small Press Expo provides showcase in Bethesda Comics Buyer's Guide (1296; September 18): 24
-Jellinek, Anna. 2003. SPX [small press comic book convention]. Sequential Tart (October)
-Keller, Katherine. 2000. In the Driver's Seat: An Interview With SPX/The Expo Steering Committee Member (and Founding Tart) Karon Flage. Sequential Tart 3 (6; June):
-Keller, Katherine. 2006. SPX: The S stands for Spectacular. Sequential Tart (November)
-Moody, Jenni. 2006. SPX: Favorite Comic Con. Sequential Tart (November)
-Procopio, Joseph. 2000. The Greatly Exaggerated Death of Comic Books: Notes from the underground at the Small Press Expo 2000. Snap Pop! (12; December/January). online at
-O'Bryan, Will. 2006. Independent Ink: Small Press Expo in Bethesda includes 'Gay Interest' section for GLBT cartoonists & artists. Metro Weekly (October 12).
online at
-Ramos, Nicole. 2003. SPX [small press comic book convention]. Sequential Tart (October)
-Sebastian, Trisha L. 2004. SPX 2004: Small Press Resolutions [convention]. Sequential Tart (November)
-Spurgeon, Tom. 1998. SPX '98 [Small Press Expo convention]: Over the hump. Comics Journal (208; November): 23-27
-Tapper, Jake. 1998. Artifacts: Cartoon weekend [Small Press Expo]. Washington City Paper (October 2): 46
-Various. 1999. The Expo / SPX99 / ICAF Official Guide. Comics Buyer's Guide (1348; September 17)

More needs to be added here, especially the annual anthologies, but it's a start.

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