Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ann Telnaes editorial animations in London's Guardian

Stringer (just kidding!) and Politico editorial cartoonist (really) Matt Wuerker just emailed to say, "Ann Telnaes is just today starting to run animations off the front page of the Guardian UK. check it out-- a great new venue for political cartoons on the front page of one of the marquee international newspaper's website--- "

Great news, Matt. I love her work. Here's the direct link. But... "specializing in animated cartoons?" I thought she put Disney behind her when she won that Pulitzer.

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Anonymous said...

Ann left animation behind back in the day when it was something we did on film ( I remember those days...dagnabbit) and also back in the day when the internet was just a glimmer in Al Gore's eye.

Now she's getting with the new generation of animation and leading the evolution of editorial cartooning onto it's new home on the web. I think her stuff is perfect for animation, partly because of her grounding in classical animation design and drawing which is really perfect for Flash.

I also have to point out it's the next phase of globalization..... DC based cartoonists working for papers in London. Thanks to the strength of the pound she's the cheap overseas labor they've outsourced this too.

As they say in those Guiness ads...'brilliant"!