Monday, July 31, 2023

Troy-Jeffrey Allen interviews Liam Sharp and IDW's Maggie Howell

"Grant Morrison's brain is so vast." The Liam Sharp Story Part 4

Troy-Jeffrey Allen


Jul 27, 2023


Interview: Maggie Howell Shares IDW's 'Original' Recipe

Interview by Troy-Jeffrey Allen

Jul 25, 2023

Aug 6: HEARTSTOPPER: SEASON TWO watch party at Busboys and Poets Takoma Park


HEARTSTOPPER Watch Party | Busboys and Poets Book Club

We're celebrating the release of HEARTSTOPPER: SEASON TWO by holding a watch party right after it releases!

Free Admission with RSVP

PR: SPX Announces World Premiere of Married to Comics at the AFI Silver Theatre

Hi Michael

Small Press Expo is proud to announce the sponsorship of the World Premiere of Married To Comics, which will be held at the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center on Friday, September 8, at 7PM.

Married to Comics, by veteran documentarian John Kinhart, is the story of graphic novelist Carol Tyler and her husband, the ground-breaking and influential cartoonist Justin Green, who passed away last year.

The documentary offers a rare glimpse into the life and art of two giants of autobiographical comics, who are also married. Laying their personal lives to bare in comics, including the intimate details of their troubled marriage, the two of them pioneered and set the bar for one of comics' most important genres.

There will be on-screen appearances by famed cartoonists Chris Ware, Art Spiegelman, Phoebe Gloeckner and Denis Kitchen, along with many others.

Following the screening, there will be a conversation between SPX fav Carol Tyler, John Kinhart and Gary Groth of Fantagraphics, the publisher of Carol Tyler's award winning graphic novels.

Get AFI Ticket Information  

A full press kit with further information is available on John Kinhart's web site.

The screening of Married to Comics is part of SPX 2023, which will be held September 9-10, with events throughout the D.C. area in the days leading up to the show. More information on SPX 2023 can be found here.

Be sure to check out the trailer:

Small Press Expo (SPX) is the preeminent showcase for the exhibition of independent comics, graphic novels, and alternative political cartoons. SPX is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit that brings together more than 650 artists and publishers to meet their readers, booksellers, and distributors each year. Graphic novels, mini comics, and alternative comics will all be on display and for sale by their authors and illustrators. The expo includes a series of panel discussions and interviews with this year's guests.

The Ignatz Award is a festival prize held every year at SPX recognizing outstanding achievement in comics and cartooning, with the winners chosen by attendees at the show.

For more information on the Small Press Expo, please visit
Small Press Expo
P.O. Box 5704
Bethesda, Maryland
Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 7/29-30/2023

Covid, Con-Crud And San Diego Comic-Con 2023

by Rich Johnston

  28 Jul 2023


Jim Korkis – RIP

D. D. Degg


Jim Korkis, R.I.P.

Mark Evanier

News from ME July 28, 2023


Our Favorite Magical Creatures Live at Ghibli Park, So We Had to Go

By Mike Ives

A version of this article appears in print on July 29, 2023, Section C, Page 7 of the New York edition with the headline: Celebrating Miyazaki Movie Magic at Ghibli Park


Over Half Of Dark Horse's Sales Are Manga But Less Than 2% Of Titles

Michael Gombos, Senior Director of Licensed Publications at Dark Horse stated "Manga is a very small part of our total titles published"....

 29 Jul 2023

by Rich Johnston


ANGRY BOB ROSS! Celebrities Generated by AI who are very funny and VERY ANGRY! [caricature].

Daryl Cagle and Rick McKee

Caglecast   Jul 25, 2023


Comics, Seriously: Frank's Very Bad Plan

We talk with an expert about how bad of a decision Frank Castle was making on the cover to 1987's The Punisher #1

By David Harper

May 24, 2019


Cartoonist Helen Hokinson Inducted into 2023 Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame

D. D. Degg


CSotD: Profile – Patrick McDonnell [2003 interview]

Mike Peterson


'Secret Invasion' Director Ali Selim on G'iah's Power-Up and How the Series Impacts Tony Stark's Death

Brian Davids

July 28, 2023


An artist explains why Marvel's use of AI to animate a sequence is worrying [Secret Invasion]

Scott Simon

Weekend Edition Saturday July 29, 2023


But Who Gets the Comic Books?

When collectors die, their families face a lot of decisions, including what to do with a hundred Superman figurines.

By George Gene Gustines

July 30, 2023


Playing with Nature: On "Tears of the Kingdom" as Ecofiction [ The Legend of Zelda videogame]

July 26, 2023      By Martin Dolan


SDCC '23: Sonya Saturday on parody & satire in J.K. ROWLING AND THE UNGRATEFUL FANS

The satirical book is available now from Stacked Deck Press.

Rebecca Oliver Kaplan



Listen, my children, and you shall hear the truth [Frazz letter; online as Listen, and you shall hear the truth]

Barney Gorin

Washington Post July 29 2023: A17.

online at


Listen, my children, and you shall hear the truth [Frazz letter; online as Listen, and you shall hear the truth]

Barney Gorin

Washington Post July 29 2023: A17.

online at


Krakoa Fashion Week: On the Art and Design of the Latest Hellfire Gala [X-Men]

By David Harper

July 25, 2023


Letter to the editor: Bennett editorial cartoons inflammatory, divisive

Bill Shumaker

Portland Press Herald July 28 2023


Pulitzer Prize Winning Editorial Cartoonist Jack Ohman

Insight With Vicki Gonzalez July 27 2023

Hosted By Vicki Gonzalez


Live Stream Spotlight on Kid Beowulf "Songs & Sagas" with creator Alexis Fajardo

Patrick Lugo

Kids Comics Unite

Jul 29, 2023


Terrificon 2023 Day 1 Walkthru and Interviews [Dan Parent and Alex Segura]

 Pop Culture Squad Jul 29, 2023


Terricon 2023 Day2 Cosplay and interviews with Mike McKone, Tana Ford, and Russ Braun

Pop Culture Squad Jul 30, 2023


Chip Zdarsky and Kagan McLeod return to the wild, wild world of KAPTARA!

Andrew Sumner

Forbidden Planet TV

Jul 26, 2023


THIEN PHAM for FAMILY STYLE - July 2023 Club Selection

Comix Experience

July 30 2023


Japan Expo 2023, un outsider Piccoma fait grimper le webtoon au niveau du manga

Jean-Laurent Truc

30 juillet 2023


Snyder, Scott. 2023.

A Pro's Guide to Comic Conventions.

Our Best Jackett Newsletter (150; July 29):

Sunday, July 30, 2023

That darn Frazz

Listen, my children, and you shall hear the truth [Frazz letter; online as Listen, and you shall hear the truth]

Barney Gorin, Gaithersburg

Washington Post July 29 2023: A17.

Something that makes me sad is our population's ignorance of our nation's history. It makes me even sadder when that ignorance is spread nationwide in the "Frazz" comic strip.

On July 4, Caulfield began the strip with "Today we celebrate summer while we also commemorate basically starting a war." Perhaps as an 8-year-old, he should be forgiven that our educational system is failing, but why does Frazz not correct him?

Simple fact: The small battle that began the Revolutionary War occurred "on the 18th of April in '75," or more than a year before July 4, 1776, when a group of brave men chose to add their names to an explanation of why the war — and by then it was a full-scale war — was being fought.

We celebrate that explanation, the courage of the men who signed that truly revolutionary document, and the sacrifices of the thousands of others who fought and suffered and died to separate the 13 Colonies from Britain. Were we to celebrate "basically starting a war," we would do so on April 18.

NPR on Secret Invasion's AI

An artist explains why Marvel's use of AI to animate a sequence is worrying [Secret Invasion]

Flugennock's Latest'n'Greatest: "A Strong Primary Challenge"

From DC's anarchist cartoonist

"A Strong Primary Challenge"

Well, kiddies, for those of you following the little Democracy™ game, 
it's no secret that DNC voters are about as enthusiastic over Joe 
Biden next year as they'd be over having to eat glass. So, for all 
those desperate Dems who can't seem to bust out of the electoral 
prison, the idea of a primary challenge sounds made of awesome.

So, who do they get — a fresh, bold progressive insurgent in the 
Bernie Sanders mold? Nahh, hell no, man — they get a xenophobic 
antivax Kennedy spawn and a bougie self-help guru who's the "spiritual 
adviser" to Oprah. OPRAH, f'crissake. Hell, man, if that's not a prime 
qualification for the White House, I'd like to know what is.

Hello, Second Trump Administration.


"Marianne Williamson to run for president again to 'help repair 
America'", The Guardian 02.27.2023

"Marianne Williamson formally launches likely long-shot Democratic 
primary challenge to Biden", Shania Shelton at CNN, 03.04.2023

"Anti-Vax RFK Jr. Says Media Treats Him Worse Than Trump", Peter Wade 
at Rolling Stone, 07.25.2023

"How Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Became the Anti-vaxxer Icon of America's 
Nightmares", Keziah Weir at Vanity Fair, 05.13.2021

"Anti-vaccine activist RFK Jr. challenging Biden in 2024", Michelle L. 
Price at the Associated Press, 04.05.2023

"Robert Kennedy Jr's racist, antisemitic and xenophobic views go back 
decades, report says", David Smith in The Guardian, 07.19.2023
Mike Flugennock, Political Cartoons:
Mike's press kit:

Saturday, July 29, 2023

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 7/28/2023

Ruminations on the Opening of Rumah Lat dan Galeri (or, Lat is still a simple man)

by CT Lim



Joe Parente-Little Nemo Shop Collection on Display  [original art exhibit]
Scoop July 28 2023


Comic-Con in Photos: Part II
Mark Huesman and Ed Catto

Scoop July 28 2023


New Funnies Back Cover Advertisements  [comic books]

Scoop July 28 2023


CSotD: Profile – Johnny Hart [2003 interview]

Mike Peterson


"Home Free" Turns One! [Tom Toro interview]

by GoComics Team

July 24, 2023


Gus Arriola's GORDO Lettering

Todd Klein

Todd's Blog July 27 2023



Posted by Milton Griepp, Brigid Alverson on July 28, 2023



Requiring Booksellers to Rate Materials Sold to Libraries

  Milton Griepp on July 28, 2023


Sales Charts: DSTLRY's THE DEVIL'S CUT sells over 50,000 units  

The Devil's Cut anthology features stories by Jock, Becky Cloonan and many more.

Heidi MacDonald



Chris Weston's Batman Designs For The Flash Movie

Chris Weston X'ed "I've been given the all-clear to show some of my costume/concept designs for Michael Keaton's Bat-suit in "The Flash"."

by Rich Johnston

 27 Jul 2023


Let Forever Be – This Week's Links

Clark Burscough | July 28, 2023


COMICS ACADEME: Spriggan: A Fun, Action-Packed Mix of Archaeology, Aliens, and International Politics – Part One [manga].

By Solène Mallet Gauthier and Stephanie Halmhofer

   July 26, 2023


Reviews : Heart Eyes [Victor Ibáñez]

Tegan O'Neil | July 27, 2023


PW Comics World: More To Come

More to Come 576: SDCC 2023 part 1 Four Women in a Hotel Room

Heidi MacDonald, Brigid Alverson, Deb Aoki, and Meg Lemke

on 07/21/2023


PW Comics World: More To Come

More to Come 577: SDCC 2023 part 2 Floor Interview Explosion [ Avi Ehrlich of Silver Sprocket; Kazu Kibuishi; Lara Antal; Nidhi Chanani; Rina Ayuyang; and Sierra Hahn and Hunter Gorinson of Oni-Lion Forge]

Meg Lemke

on 07/23/2023


PW Comics World: More To Come

More to Come 578: SDCC 2023 part 3 Interviews in Depth [ Mark Siegel, Jeffrey Brown, Tay Taylor, editorial director of Inklore at Penguin Random House]

Calvin Reid, Meg Lemke, and Heidi MacDonald

on 07/24/2023


He created one of the greatest graphic novels ever. Where do you go from there?

Years after "Bone" became a classic, Jeff Smith is still making storytelling problems to solve

By Blake Nelson 

July 19, 2023


At Comic-Con, a striking Hollywood absence leaves some with mixed feelings

By Tracy Brown

Jevon Phillips

July 24, 2023


Digital Comics Platform GlobalComix Announces $6.5M Investment Led By Point72 Ventures

Rob Salkowitz

Jul 20, 2023


Rep. Robert Garcia, the Self-Proclaimed "Biggest Nerd in Congress," Launches Popular-Arts Caucus

The Congressman and former Long Beach Mayor used Comic-Con to introduce the new group, which will examine issues from piracy to AI.

Aaron Couch

July 25, 2023


Jamie Lee Curtis Calls 'Mother Nature' Graphic Novel "Very Dirty, Very Bloody" & "Viscerally Angry"

By Perri Nemiroff and Arezou Amin

July 26 2023


Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong team teases the epic scale of new comic crossover

DC Comics publisher Jim Lee, Legendary Comics publisher Robert Napton, and writer Brian Buccellato exclusively tell EW about their plans.

By Christian Holub July 22, 2023


How Stan Lee Became the Face of an Exploitative Industry

The Marvel editor became a Hollywood icon by claiming credit for other people's creations.

Jeet Heer

The Nation July 28 2023


'The First Slam Dunk' Review: Style Points

By Calum Marsh

A version of this article appears in print on July 28, 2023, Section C, Page 6 of the New York edition with the headline: The First Slam Dunk.


Sloane Leong breaks down the motifs and emotions in 'Prism Stalker: Weeping Star'

The brand-new graphic novel continues Vep's otherworldly adventures.

Chris Coplan

July 27, 2023


X-Men Monday #211 – Jordan D. White Discusses the Biggest Moments in 'X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2023' #1

Chris Hassan

July 26, 2023


Josh Trujillo on 'Blue Beetle: Graduation Day' and his personal connection to Jaime Reyes

Josh Trujillo talks about 'Blue Beetle,' writing superheroes, and more.

Collier Jennings

July 22, 2023


SDCC 2023: Jim Zub on giving 'Conan The Barbarian' back its edge

The mighty Cimmerian roars back to shelves with a mighty adventure.

Collier Jennings

July 24, 2023


An artist gives David Simon's breakthrough book, 'Homicide,' a new look

Thirty-five years after Simon embedded with Baltimore detectives for a year, a French graphic novelist publishes an illustrated adaptation of the story [in print as Artist brings 'Homicide' book to life]

By Michael Cavna

Washington Post July 28, 2023: C, 3.

online at


The Quiet Terror of PTSD Radio with Eisner-Nominated Horror Manga Creator Masaaki Nakayama

by Lynzee Loveridge, Jul 21st 2023


Keeping It Unreal: Black Queer Fantasy and Superhero Comics by Darieck Scott (review)

  Kinohi Nishikawa

 American Literary History    Volume 35, Number 2, Summer 2023    pp. 1024-1026


Darieck Scott, Keeping It Unreal: Black Queer Fantasy and Superhero Comics (New York: New York University Press, 2022)


Blerdcon celebrates Black nerd fandom throughout the year

    Scott Tong and James Perkins Mastromarino

WBUR's Here & Now July 27, 2023


Dean Haspiel - BILLY DOGMA - Episode 151

Kyler Bingham

Salt Lake Dirt July 17, 2023 or


The Karl Stevens Shoot Interview -- The New Yorker, Xeric, Hollywood Horror, & Fine Art Secrets

Jim Rugg

Cartoonist Kayfabe July 21 2023


Shawn Martinbrough On Batman Noir Art and More

word balloon July 27 2023


The lack and unfulfilment of daredevil: born again

Joshua Rene Cavazos

Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics

16 Jul 2023


24. Juli 2023

"I'm writing my parents story over and over again" [Seth]

Thomas Hummitzsch


SDCC '23: Post-pandemic censorship: libraries and the challenges they face

Librarians address patron safety, staff well-being, and politically targeted book bans happening around the country.

Nancy Powell



SDCC '23: From internet to bookshelves: How DC and WEBTOON built their new universe

The panel discussed the DC and WEBTOON partnership, how it started, and where it might be headed.


By Defne Sastim


INTERVIEW: Rob Kutner is disgustingly hilarious in SNOT GOBLINS

AJ Frost



LISTEN: Interview with local comic artist Benji Nate

April Wallace.

by NWA Democrat-Gazette | July 21, 2023


Ep. 97: The Untouchable Midori-Kun Vol 1 & 2, by Toyo Toyota

Christopher Butcher

July 21, 2023



Miloš Tasić, Dušan Stamenković

FACTA UNIVERSITATIS Series: Visual Arts and Music Vol. 9, No 1, 2023, pp. 1−20


INTERVIEW: The cast and crew of TRANSFORMERS: EARTHSPARK tease season finale surprises

New episodes available to watch today on Paramount+

Taimur Dar



X-Men: The Hellfire Gala 2023 delivers a bad idea in a terrible way [genocide]

By George Marston

Newsarama July 26 2023


Jim Zub is leading Conan the Barbarian on an epic new quest

By Will Salmon

Newsarama July 26 2023


Wayne's Comics Podcast #597: Interview with Paul Cornell

Wayne Hall
July 16, 2023


Avengers 75-76: the Warlord and the Witch... featuring Paul Cornell! With Michael Elliot and Shaun Hatrick!

Chad, Michael Elliott, and Shaun Hatrick

Graymalkin Lane the podcast  Jul 17, 2023


The history of comic book shops in Milwaukee

WUWM 89.7 FM | By Eddie Morales

Bubbler Talk  July 28, 2023

Comic Culture with Annie Nocenti

terence dollard

Jul 28, 2023


Kieron Gillen discusses the collected edition of his hugely-influential LOKI: JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY!

Andrew Sumner

Forbidden Planet TV

Jul 27, 2023


Comic Shop Owner Interview - Ken Brown

Comic Book Squares

Jul 28, 2023


Judge Rejects Disney's Bid to Dismiss Lawsuit in Florida Feud Over Special District

The ruling was issued in one of two cases that will decide the company's authority to oversee development around Disney World.

Winston Cho

July 28, 2023


Randy Fullmer, Disney Animator and Master Guitar Maker, Dies at 73

He worked on films including 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit,' 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'The Lion King,' and as the founder of Wyn Guitars, he crafted hundreds of unique, much-desired instruments.

July 25, 2023


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem – Ice Cube Calls Superfly "Most Gorgeous Creature Ever"

  By Den of Geek Staff | July 28, 2023


Pop Culture Collectibles Company Funko Undergoes Major Layoffs

The company produces the Funko Pop! line of figurines, among other collectibles.

Alex Weprin

July 28, 2023


'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever' Accessories Coming From Loungefly [fashion merchandising].

Borys Kit

September 21, 2022


SDCC 2023: Defiant Creative Team Sheds Light On The Story of Robert Smalls

By Joe Deckelmeier

Screen Rant July 28 2023