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Big Planet Comics Orbit Newsletter - December 29, 2011

Big Planet Comics

December 29, 2011

The 20% off Sale!

It is time! Our annual New Year's Day 20% Off Everything Sale is this Sunday, January 1st, from noon to 5 at all of our locations. We might even have some extra special stuff going on, so stop by and see what's what! If you're down like that, you can say you're attending on our Facebook Event page for the sale:
We put together some of the year's best graphic novels if you're looking to pick up something new:

Feel free to forward on our newsletter, and please send us any comments or mailing list requests to

We hope everyone has a great New Year!

- the Big Planet Comics kids

New Year's Day Sale

20% Off Everything

All 4 stores!
Everything in the stores 20% off! Toys, games, t-shirts, supplies, comic books, graphic novels, everything!
Noon to 5 pm on January 1, 2012!

The Guild: Zaboo

by Felicia Day/Sandeep Parikh and Becky Cloonan

The web comedy series The Guild has another single issue focusing on one of the members of their World of Warcraft team. This time Zaboo realizes that Cyd is in trouble in real life and must go to help her. Unfortunately, he's been trapped at home by his domineering mother his whole life. He has to escape the house and learn to travel the real world. Full of puzzles and adventures for the reader! Crazy and brilliant.

X-Men: Age of X SC

by Mike Carey and Leinil Francis Yu/others

Because the X-Men never existed, the mutants of the world have been hunted down and trapped in Fortress X, where every day they fight off the assaults of humanity through their psychic barrier. But then a conspiracy is discovered from within the Fortress itself, as mutant starts to turn on mutant. An amazing new X-Men story in the vein of Days of Future Past, with new takes on all of your favorite X-Men characters.

Witch Doctor: The Resuscitation

by Brandon Seifert and Lukas Ketner

If you haven't tried Witch Doctor yet, here's the perfect spot with a single issue adventure. Dr. Morrow is an occult physician who deals with possessions and the like with his two magical assistants. This time a man wakes up to find someone has stolen one of his kidneys and replaced it with someone else's! Ancient Egyptian magic and a new antagonist bring Dr. Morrow into one of his craziest cases yet. Plus great characterization and a new development!

Elseworlds 80 Page Giant

by Kyle Baker/Dixon and Baker/Lopresti/more

The ridiculous and the hilarious come together is these short "Elseworlds" stories from throughout the years. President Superman faces Scandalgate! Super-sons! The comic strip for Birds of Prey! The dangerous adventures of the babysitter of young Superman! A parody of Kingdom Come! And more! Plus most of these are drawn by some of comics alternative creators, providing a much more different look at your typical DC superheroes.

Big Planet Comics Podcast #25

In this week's podcast Kevin, Nick and Jared discuss best comics hairstyle, best pet, and review all the new stuff. Download this week's now or subscribe on iTunes! Send us questions to
Black Hawk: The Intergalactic Gladiator SC
by Finley-Day/Grant and Belardinelli/Sola

An African becomes a Roman soldier before being captured by aliens!

Chase SC
by Dan Curtis Johnson and J.H. Williams III/others

Agent Chase investigates superhumans as she suddenly develops powers herself.

DMZ #72
by Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli

The DMZ series comes to an end with this poignant epilogue!

Golden Age Marvel Comics Masterworks 1 SC
by Raymond Gill and others

The first issues of Marvel Comics from 1939 and the 40s! The Human Torch, Sub-Mariner, detectives, cowboys, robots, and jungle raiders!

King-Cat Comics #72
by John Porcellino

John moves across the country and has a depressing year.

Roots of the Swamp Thing SC
by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson/Nestor Redondo

The legend is created! The first 14 stories, with Wrightson art!

Shaky Kane's Monster Truck SC
by Shaky Kane

A strange and hallucinogenic road trip.
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

PR: Kal in Malibu Magazine

From: Kevin Kallaugher:

Friends and colleagues

As the year draws to a close I wanted to share some news that I hope you'd find of interest.

First I am currently profiled in this month's Malibu magazine. It is a short unique feature called 10 x 10 where they ask a guest 10 curious questions. My favorite: What tunes would be on the five-song playlist to your life? How would you answer that?

You can read the interview here:

I just completed the cover for this week's edition of The Economist (see attached). This is somewhere between my 130th and 140th cover for the magazine in my 33 years with them.

I just completed the first of a series of short animations for The Economist that will be aired in the early months of 2012... I am very excited about these...stay tuned!

Speaking of 2012, The Economist 2012 Wall Calendar is doing very well. You can still order copies from me at my website...

Also in 2012... I hope to publish a collection of my cartoons from The Economist (my 6th book) mid year...

And I have some surprising news to share in the weeks ahead...

I would like to wish you best for a peaceful and prosperous 2012


Kevin Kallaugher

The iKAL iPhone App is now available at the iTunes store.

VA Comicon for free in Richmond, VA

Press Release:
The VA Comicon kicks off its 26th year by announcing ALL shows in 2012 will be ABSOLUTELY FREE to the public, if you pre-register! If you are receiving this email, then you are in luck! We are offering 1,000 advance tickets to EACH of our five shows FOR FREE. All you have to do is go to and register for the events.
Our show dates in 2012 will all be on Sundays. We already have an all-star line up of creators for each show, but I am THRILLED to announce the return of Herb Trimpe (the co-creator of Wolverine) and Dan Parent (The creator behind Archie Meets KISS) as co-guests of honor at our first ever FREE show on January 15, 2012! Joining him will be Budd Root (Cavewoman), Andy Smith (WWE comics) and many, MANY more!
Future shows (Which you can register for TODAY) will ALSO be free for registered guests. Creators confirmed for other FREE events in 2012 include fan-faves Matt Slay, Steve Conley, John Wycough, James O'Barr (The creator of THE CROW!) and many, MANY more! Again...we have 1,000 FREE tickets avaialable ONLY to people who register for them at When these tickets are gone, we have reached register TODAY!
All shows are on Sundays in Richmond, VA at the Crowne Plaza (The same location as our GALA 2-day 25th Anniversary show in 2011!). Here they are:
Sunday, January 15, 2012
Sunday April 1, 2012
Sunday July 8, 2012
Sunday September 16, 2012
Sunday November 18, 2012
Remember, superstars Herb Trimpe and Dan Parent will be at our show in January, joined by Budd Root, Andy Smith and MANY more. Don't get left out...register for FREE tickets today at
Have a GREAT day, and PLEASE pass this message to your friends, we don't want them to be left out! - Brett

Small Press and Vendors:


8 vendor tables along the wall are still available...only $99 each!

As always, first choice goes to those vendors and creators who have exhibited with us in previous shows. If you would like to setup with the VA Comicon, please contact us through our website. Even though the event is FREE to the public, we are pleased to announce we have REDUCED vendor table prices this year. Each table is 6' and includes 2 chairs.

Vendor tables will be $99 per show, or $89 if you commit to all five shows. Small press will be $69 per show, and only $59 if you commit to all five events. All rented tables will be in the MAIN exhibit hall.

Contact Dan Nokes for Small Press tables:

Vendors, as mentioned, contact us at to sign-up!

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Photos! Al Jaffee, Michael Uslan, Rick Marschall and Jim Ottaviani

Comics events in DC happen with surprising regularity these days - here's pics of a few events I attended late in the year.

Comic book writer Jim Ottaviani signed his new book 'Feynman' at the National Air & Space Museum. Notwithstanding the last photo, he had so many people I barely had a chance to speak with him:

101_2480 Jim Ottaviani

101_2479 Jim Ottaviani

101_2478  Jim Ottaviani

101_2477 Jim Ottaviani

Comics historian Rick Marschall at the Library of Congress:

101_2947 Rick Marschall at Library of Congress

101_2948 Rick Marschall at Library of Congress

101_2949  Rick Marschall at Library of Congress

Batman movie producer Michael Uslan discussing his book The Boy Who Loved Batman at Discovery (note the signature he uses):

101_2951 Michael Uslan at Discovery

101_2950 Michael Uslan at Discovery

101_2952 Michael Uslan at Discovery

101_2953 Michael Uslan at Discovery

MAD magazine cartoonist Al Jaffee and Mary-Lou Weisman signing their book at the DCJCC:

101_2962 Al Jaffee and Mary-Lou Weisman

101_2963  Al Jaffee and Mary-Lou Weisman

101_2966  Al Jaffee and Mary-Lou Weisman

101_2965  Al Jaffee and Mary-Lou Weisman

101_2964  Al Jaffee and Mary-Lou Weisman

Jaffee bookplate 2
Al Jaffee's bookplate that he uses instead of signing due to a tremor.

Jaffee bookplate 1
Al Jaffee's bookplate that he uses instead of signing the biography Al Jaffee's Mad Life (by Mary-Lou Weisman).

101_2959 Big Nate display at Barnes and Noble
A display of Big Nate books at Barnes and Noble.

101_3079 Cartoon books at National Cathedral
Cartoon books for sale at the National Cathedral.

Gauld interview

Gavin Lees
Interview: Tom Gauld
 Graphic Eye

Truitt on Finch's Batman

David Finch lives a 'fanboy dream' with 'Dark Knight' series
By Brian Truitt, USA TODAY December 22 2011

Politico notes another Bluewater biography

Ron Paul gets his own comic book
Politico 12/22/11

PR: Happy Holidays - Our Christmas & New Years Hours

Happy Holidays, Third Eye Faithful!


Happy holidays, Third Eye Faithful! We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your loyalty, support, and for making Third Eye one of the premiere comic book stores in the country. You guys are like family to us, and we hope you all enjoy your holidays. 
Got some last minute shopping to do? We're here today 11AM-9PM, and we are OPEN on Christmas Eve as well! 
Below, we've listed our holiday hours for both Christmas and New Year's for both locations:
**Open NORMAL HOURS (M-F 11AM-9PM, SAT: 11AM-8PM, SUN:11AM-6PM) on ALL other days)**

Third Eye Comics | 45 Old Solomons Island Rd | Suite 102 | Annapolis | MD | 21401

PR: Big Planet Comics Orbit Newsletter - December 22, 2011

Big Planet Comics

December 22, 2011

Holiday Time

So we will be closed on Sunday for Christmas, but we are open Saturday from noon to 5, if you need some last minute comics. And then NEXT Sunday, January 1st is our 20% Off Everything Annual New Year's Day Sale (whew!). More info on that is below, I hope everyone is enjoying the end of the year with the manic overly busy schedule!
If you haven't seen it yet, we put together some of the year's best graphic novels for our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide:
We will have our voting polls on best of the year starting after new years.

Feel free to forward on our newsletter, and please send us any comments or mailing list requests to

- the Big Planet Comics kids

New Year's Day Sale

20% Off Everything

All 4 stores!
Everything in the stores 20% off! Toys, games, t-shirts, supplies, comic books, graphic novels, everything!
Noon to 5 pm on January 1, 2012!

Tina's Mouth: An Existential Comic Diary HC

by Keshni Kashyap and Mari Araki

Tina is a young teenager dealing with being an Indian in California, her best friend leaving her to hang out with a new boyfriend, family problems, confusing boys, and an assignment to write a diary about her life. Her self-analysis leads to a great commentary as her lives changes.

Memorial #1 (Of 6)

by Chris Roberson and Rich Ellis

A woman who lost her memory finds a strange magical shop and realizes that in another world there is something stealing memories from everyone, but a stringless puppet and mechanical man have been sent to capture her. Magical realism in the style of Gaiman and Fables, with great art.

The Last Battle SC

by Tito Faraci and Dan Brereton

As Julius Caesar attempts to pacify the warriors of Gaul in their last stronghold of Alesia, he calls on his greatest general Rodius to track down the rebel Cammius. But Rodius and Cammius have a prior history together, and even Rodius's band of elite soldiers may not be enough. Historical action!

The Activity #1

by Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads

When the CIA messes up, they send in this group to fix their problems. Team Omaha are the elite team whose mission is flexible but their tech and skills are cutting edge. In their last mission, they lost a member, and now must accept a new woman. More espionage thrillers by the writer of Who Is Jake Ellis?

Big Planet Comics Podcast #27

In this week's podcast Kevin, Nick and Jared plug a lot of stuff, talk about the world's best comic stores, and review all the new stuff. Download this week's now or subscribe on iTunes! Send us questions to

Baltimore 1: The Plague Ships SC
by Mike Mignola/Christopher Golden and Ben Stenbeck

After a plague ends WWI, Lord Baltimore must fight off a vampire attack!

Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes #1
by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham/Cameron Stewart

Grant Morrison ties up his Batman Inc. storyline with a double issue of awesomeness!

The Immortal: Demon In The Blood #1
by Ian Edginton and Vicens Villagrasa

In medieval Japan, magical tattoos can let demons possess the owner.

Infinite 1 SC
by Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld

Bowen must travel back in time to find his younger self to stop The Infinite!

Jason Conquers America
by Jason

An overview and interview with Jason's work and some new short strips.

Jubilee SC
by Robert Kirkman and Derek Donovan/Michael O'Hare/Casey Jones

Kirkman's great high school thriller as Jubilee moves in with her mysterious aunt.

Ratfist SC
by Doug TenNapel

TenNapel's online comic experiment of the surreal adventures of Ratfist!

Tales Designed to Thrizzle #7
by Michael Kupperman

A new and hilarious issue dealing with Reservoir Dogs 2 and the adventures of Saint Peter.

Uncanny X-Force #19
by Rick Remender and Robbi Rodriguez

The epilogue to the Dark Angel saga starts off a new direction and team for X-Force!

PR: Beyond Comics Christmas Eve Coupon Specials!

Beyond Comics

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