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Marc Nobleman on Bill Finger and Eisner awards

Read Marc Nobleman on his Bill Finger book and the upcoming Eisner awards

Jon Stewart on Herblock

Jon Stewart talks timeless satire and fearful politicians in 'Herblock' documentary -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO
by Mandi Bierly's Inside Movies April 24 2013

Latest'n'Greatest: "Was George W. Bush Really That Bad?"

The latest from Michael Flugennock, Washington's anarchist cartoonist:

Was George W. Bush Really That Bad?

"So we know President Bush the man. And what President Clinton said is absolutely true — to know the man is to like the man, because he's comfortable in his own skin. He knows who he is.  He doesn't put on any pretenses. He takes his job seriously, but he doesn't take himself too seriously.  He is a good man."
--Barack Obama, speaking at the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library, 04.25.13

The dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library this week gave the US media a chance to engage in one of its current favorite pastimes: rehabilitating the public images of thoroughly loathsome and reprehensible public figures. They'd hardly had time to catch their breath after canonizing Margaret Thatcher before it was time for their toughest challenge ever -- rehabilitating George W. "The Decider" Bush. Yeah, that's right, it's Shark Jumping Time.

Y'know the worst thing about this wretched speech, though? He's paraphrasing Bill Clinton, f'cripesake. Between this and the Thatcher veneration and Chelsea Clinton interviewing the GEICO Gecko, I'd say this pretty much indicates the death of the US media.


For your further entertainment, here's a couple of classic op-ed stinkburgers from the Washington Post from this past week. Feel their sliminess wash over you.

"George W. Bush, A Principled President", Michael Gerson, Op-Ed Scribbler; author, of Heroic Conservatism,  The Washington Post, 04.25.13:

"GW Bush Is A Victim Of A Rush To Judgement" Stephen Knott, Professor, U.S. Naval War College, The Washington Post, 04.25.13:



"Though I could not caution all, I yet may warn a few:
 Don't lend your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools!"

                                               --grateful dead.
Mike Flugennock, flugennock at sinkers dot org
Mike's Political Cartoons: dubya dubya dubya dot sinkers dot org

Comic Riffs talks to Jack Ohman over 'Boom!'

RICK PERRY CONTROVERSY: Sacramento Bee's JACK OHMAN 'stunned' by governor's response to his hot-button cartoon
By Michael Cavna
Washington Post Comic Riffs blog April 29 2013

May 2: Charles Vess at Politics & Prose at 10:30 AM

On May 2, Charles Vess at Politics & Prose at 10:30 AM. His current book is The Cats of Tanglewood Forest, written by Charles de Lint. Later that day, Vess will be at the Takoma Park Library at 7 pm.
Vess is one of my favorite fantasy artists.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

May 4: Free Comic Book Day - Big Planet Comics plans

May 4 – Free Comic Book Day – With EIGHT creators!

Saturday, May 4 is the 11th annual Free Comic Book Day! There are around 50 comics being given away this year, and we are proud to have EIGHT comics creators as guests this year!
All four stores! All day! (College Park is open til 7)
Bring your friends!
A list of the comics this year:

Vienna store –
S. G. Artley (Exiles of Nod)
Michael Cowgill (Lil' P.I.)
Matt Dembicki (XOC)

U Street store –
Andrew Cohen (A Mutual Feeling)
Evan Keeling (Codename: Fifinella)

Bethesda store -
Art Hondros (Notes from the Cave Walls)
John Gallagher (Buzzboy)

College Park store -
John Staton (Empowered)

(Due to a family conflict, Ben Hatke will not be appearing)
For more information and a list of what comics we will be giving away for free, please check out the Free Comic Book Day webpage!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Postal Museum gets design work on comics stamps

National Postal Museum receives donation of original artwork
April 18 2013 
"As an art director for the U.S. Postal Service for more than 15 years, Herrman designed more than 50 stamps and directed more than 400 stamp issues. His work includes famous stamp issues such as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Humphrey Bogart, Comic Strip Classics, DC Comic Super Heroes, Marvel Comic Super Heroes and Celebrate the Century." Peanuts is included too - see the finding aid at

Fantastic Forum Interview with Steve Geppi

I'm looking forward to watching this:

Ulysses E. Campbell
Executive Producer
The Comic, Science Fiction & Fantasy fan's FANTASTIC FORUM
901 Newton Street, NE
Washington, DC  20017

Today: Game On! Comics Comic Book Club meeting

ChildTime Magic
Comic Book Club
April 26th at 7pm
Game On! Comics
310 Dominion RD NE
Vienna, Virginia 22180
Dear Mike,

comic book club picHello again Clubbers!  We are looking forward to this month's meeting and discussing Jirni.  Don't forget to get caught up on Legend of the Shadow Clan and Shrugged too!  
April 26th at 7pm
Don't need to register.....just come!
Keep in mind that everyone will get the currents months comic title (Jirni for April) for FREE for attending the meeting!  You also get a discount on the other issues from our other titles, see coupon below.
Louis Meyer
Game On! Comics
April Meeting
April 26th 7pm-8ish
Jirni We will begin reading Jirni, Aspen Comics newest title. Come hang out and have snacks while reading this new comic for the first time.  Then, we will discuss what we think about the art and writing.  In addition we will continue to discuss Shrugged and Legend of the Shadow Clan.  Keep in mind that you should have already read the newest issues of Shrugged and Legend of the Shadow Clan.  
March Notes
Met on March 22nd
Shrugged GOC We had a fun night last month!  We discussed the first issue of Shrugged and the second issue of Legend of the Shadow Clan.  Thank you to everyone that made it out! 

Game On! Comics
310 Dominion RD NE
Vienna, Virginia 22180 
In This Issue
April Meeting
March Meeting
Coming Soon! 
May title--Charismagic! 
I wish I could have come to your meeting and been a fly on the wall! --Frank Mastromauro, President of Aspen Comics 
If you are a Comic Book Club member (getting this email) then you can cut out this coupon and get 20% off ANY of our 
 titles that we are reading!  Remember, you will always get the current months comic for FREE but use this for the other ongoing titles.

Good for:
  • Legend of the Shadow Clan
  • Shrugged
Offer Expires: NONE
ChildTime Magic | 310 Dominion RD NE | Vienna | VA | 22180

4/27: Drew Moss at Game On! Comics

Game ON logo

Game On! Comics Weekly Digest

Come  Visit Us!
April 23rd, 2013
In this issue
:: New Titles this Week
:: Game Nights
comic book club pic   
Dear Mike,
What an awesome week for our customers!

Wednesday: New Comic Book Day and Heroclix Iron Man Release
Friday: Comic Book Club 7pm
Friday: Midnight Magic the Gathering Dragon's Maze Prerelease
Saturday: Drew Moss Artist Signing and 1pm MTG Prerelease
Sunday: 12pm MTG Prerelease

NEXT WEEKEND!!!  May 4th from 11-8pm
Artist Signing
April 27th 
Artist of Colonized-Drew Moss
colonized  drew moss
Drew Moss has been drawing since he was old enough to hold a pencil in his hand, but as with many artists, his road to being a published comic book artist has been a long one. Drew's first full comic was SIDEKICKIN' HERO, a one-shot published in 2007 by Viper Comics.  From there Drew, using his detailed understanding of line and shadow, crafted pages for GENE SIMMONS' HOUSE OF HORRORS. Drew then moved on to working with Cullen Bunn (Creator of THE DAMNED and THE SIXTH GUN) on the young adult horror title CROOKED HILLS. After drawing pages for ZOMBIES V ROBOTS and OUTLAW TERRITORY (Volume 3, which is in this month's PREVIEWS) as well as Dark Horse and his international award-winning work on London horror titles, Drew was tapped by IDW to draw THE COLONIZED with writer Chris Ryall, a dark comedy that explores what happens when alien invaders accidentally re-animate a town's deceased. Drew manages to juggle being a loving father and dedicated husband while crafting designs that defy genre and are as home in a superhero book as they would be in the most chilling of horror stories.


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New Comic Book titles this week 4-24-13


Best Discounts in the area--Not just a slogan, we really do have the best price discounts when you become a Game On! Comics Loyalty Member!  Details here:  Loyalty Membership  

jupiters legacy      Jupiter's Legacy #1

Mark Millar promised us an epic superhero tale on the scale of Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings and this first issue certainly has all the right ingredients to make that a reality. Jupiter's Legacy #1 is a must-read!  



A Distant Soil #39

A Plus X #7

All Star Western #19

Amala's Blade #1

Angel & Faith #21

Answer #4 (L)

Arrow #6

Avengers #10

Avengers Arena #8

Batman Incorporated #10

Batman: The Dark Knight #19

Before Watchmen: Comedian #6 (L)

Bela Lugosi: Tales From Grave #3

Bionic Woman #9

BPRD Vampire #2

Clone #6

Dark Horse Presents #23

Darkness #112

Deadpool #8

Deadpool: Killustrated #4 (L)

Deathmatch #5

Doctor Who Special #34

Dragon Age: Until We Sleep #2

East Of West #2

End Times Of Bram & Ben #4 (L)

Fantastic Four #7

FF #6

Five Weapons #3

Flash #19

Freelancers #5

Fury Max #11

Fury Of Firestorm The Nuclear Man #19

Gambit #11

Gi Joe #3

Grimm FT Unleashed #1

Grimm FT Unleashed: Vampires Eternal #1

Guardians Of Galaxy #2

Haunted Horror #4

Helheim #2

High Ways #4 (L)

I Love Trouble #5

I Vampire #19

Injustice: Gods Among Us #4

Invincible #102

Jennifer Blood #26

Joan Of Arc: From The Ashes #4

Journey Into Mystery #651

Judge Dredd Year One #2

Jupiter's Legacy #1

Justice League Dark #19

Katana #3

Kill Shakespeare: Tide Of Blood #3

Kiss Solo #2 The Starchild

Lost Vegas #2

Manhattan Projects #11

Marvel Previews May 2013

Masks #6

Massive #11

Mind Mgmt #10

Morbius Living Vampire #4

Morning Glories #26

Neozoic: Traders Gambit #1

New Avengers #5

Night Of The Living Dead: Aftermath #7

Previews #296 May 2013

Queen Sonja #35

Rachel Rising #16

Red Lanterns #19

Rogues #1

Savage Hawkman #19

Scarlet Spider #16

Shadow #12

Star Wars Legacy: Prisoner/Floating World #2

Superman #19

Talon #7

Teen Titans #19

TMNT Ongoing #21

True Blood Ongoing #12

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #22

Uncanny Avengers #7

Uncanny X-Men #5

Unwritten #48

Witch Doctor: Malpractice #6 (L)

Wolverine And X-Men #28

X-Termination #2 (L)

Young Avengers #4





Marvel Universe: Ultimate Spider-Man #13

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic #6

My Little Pony: Micro Series #3 Rarity

Peanuts Vol 2 #8

Princeless Vol 2 #2

Superman Family Adventures #12





Gantz TP Vol 27

MMW-TP Mighty Thor Vol 4

Morning Glories TP Vol 4 Truants

Uncanny X-Force TP Vol 2 Deathlok Nation



NEW ACTION FIGURES:   Walking Dead Michonne & Pet Zombies AF 3pk








Game Nights 



Sunday Afternoons, 12:30pm


kaijudo logo  


Come check out Kaijudo on its new day, Sundays!!
Brand new card based game by the makers of Magic the Gathering.  Geared to be a little easier than MTG.  Want to try it out?  Come on Sundays, weekly demos. 
Sunday Nights, 5pm-9pm


D and D



 Tuesday Nights 7-9

heroclix logo 

Come join us every Tuesday night for Heroclix!



Create a 300 pt team but all members must be 80 pts or lower!  It's a fight of the minor league players!

Constructed Teams with characters who all possess the same Team Ability on their dials gain an extra 10% on their build total. No Colossal figures, no Feats or BFC's.  Utility Belt and  Infinity Gauntlets are NOT allowed. Which team will come out on top?  Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. On Tuesdays will we continue our 2 round style of play and should be finished by 9:00pm or 9:30pm at the latest.





Wednesday Nights 7-11pm

Magic the Gathering




Casual Play and booster Draft.





Friday Night, 7pm AND 8pm

Friday night magic logo

 Booster Draft Tournament 7pm--$15

8pm--Standard Tournament $10 (free for VIP members)


Win promo cards and boosters from Gatecrash!



Saturdays 4-7pm

Batman Heroclix set





The REAL True Blood! Build a 600 point Silver Age force, one character on your force should be a Vampire (Monster keyword), one character should be a Queen (any keyword), one character on your team should be a Werewolf/Shape Shifter (Monster keyword), one character should be an Officer of the Law(any keyword), minimum four characters per team. No Colossals, no feats or BFC's; Vehicles, special objects, and resources are okay. THE NORMAL 10% BONUS FOR HAVING THE SAME TEAM ABILITY DOES NOT APPLY THIS WEEK!

For our venue, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit (but without the special Epic Action rules that accompany them) are eligible for non-sealed events. Gears of War, and HALO figures can be used for non-sealed events WITH the Grenade rules. Assassins Creed figures are eligible for non-sealed events. Prize support from other venues which has not been given out yet at Game On! Comics is not eligible for play. For our venue, Modern Age is defined as anything from the Secret Invasion set forwards unless otherwise specified. Using Unicorns, Polar Bears, or Dinosaurs as objects is not required but is encouraged.




 Small Press Review  

Comics you may not know about but should!

 Jupiter's Legacy #1 


JL 2  



JL 1    




There are some comic book writers who can do no wrong. Mark Millar is one of them. If the first issue of Jupiter's Legacy is anything to go by, this series will soon join the likes of The Ultimates, Kick-Ass and Civil War - to name just a few - as true modern classics from the prolific Scot. However, this feels a lot different to both those and Millar's other recent creator owned titles. Even so, there's no denying that it's still very much a Millarworld comic book; the trademark darkness, humour and "Why has nobody thought of that before?!" ideas are all very much on display here. 

Jupiter's Legacy is certainly very topical and Millar makes a smart choice by contrasting the world of 1929 to today. The contrast not only between then and now, but also the superheroes from that Golden Age and their children proves to be fascinating. How would the offspring of the world's greatest superheroes act? How would they fare living in the shadow of their parents, especially when they're still active? These are all questions that the writer sets out to explore and it promises to make for a very interesting read. He also drops in enough mystery to get you hooked, while the tension between Walter and Sheldon looks very promising moving forward. There's an awful lot of story crammed into this first issue and I for one can't wait to see where it goes. 

In terms of artwork, Frank Quitely is on top form here and Pete Doherty's muted colours are a perfect fit for this very realistic feeling world. The design of the costumes are all great and Quitely's style is particularly brilliant in a sequence which sees the group of superheroes take down a supervillain in very unique fashion. All in all, Millar has once again found the perfect artist for this latest collaboration and as with Leinil Yu on Supercrooks or Steve McNiven on Nemesis, it's now impossible to think of anyone else handling the art duties on Jupiter's Legacy. 

Mark Millar promised us an epic superhero tale on the scale of Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings and this first issue certainly has all the right ingredients to make that a reality. Jupiter's Legacy #1 is a must-read!








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Comic Riffs interviews Herlbock award winner Tom Tomorrow

TONIGHT'S HERBLOCK PRIZE CEREMONY: Winner Dan Perkins (aka Tom Tomorrow) on the need to support your friendly alt-cartoonist
 By Michael Cavna
He will be receiving his award tonight at the Library of Congress.

PR: Announcing the World Premiere Musical: Big Nate

It's 'Big Nate'!

A World Premiere Musical from Adventure Theatre MTC
May 3 - June 2, 2013
Based on the comic strip and books by Lincoln Peirce
Book by Jason Loewith
Lyrics by Chris Youstra & Jason Loewith
Music by Chris Youstra
Directed by Michael Baron
Recommended for ages 5 and up

Nate Wright, a detention-riddled sixth grader (and drummer for the greatest garage band in the history of the galaxy, Enslave the Mollusk!) hopes to woo beautiful Jenny away from her boyfriend Artur by winning "The Nickelodeon", the first prize in his school's Battle of the Bands. But when Artur and Jenny team up with Nate's arch-rival Gina to form the sap-pop band, Rainbows and Ponies, he's gotta take his game to an all-star level. What will he do?

Learn more about Big Nate from Lincoln Peirce and see him draw Big Nate

Adventure Theatre MTC uses Vendini for ticketing, marketing, and box office management.

Adventure Theatre MTC - 7300 MacArthur Boulevard, Glen Echo, MD, 20812, (301) 634-2270
Vendini, Inc. - 660 Market Street, San Francisco, CA, 94104, 1 (800) 901-7173

Comic Riffs on Green Arrow

GREEN ARROW: From TV's 'Arrow' to New 52 comic, DC's superhero has hit a bull's-eye with growing fan base
By David Betancourt
Washington Post Comic Riffs blog April 24 2013

DCist on tonight's Politics and Prose event

Page and Perspective: A Thoughtful Discussion on Comic Books
 By Nicole Dubowitz
  April 24, 2013

Graphic Novel Panel tonight at Politics and Prose

Graphic Novel Panel: Growing Up with Graphics ***FOR TEENS AND ADULTS

Apr 25 2013 7:00 pm
Apr 25 2013 8:00 pm

Prominent and award-winning graphic artists, authors, and editors Eleanor Davis, Nathan Hale, Andrés Vera Martínez, and Mark Siegel, will be here to discuss the significance of the genre for readers of all ages. Moderated by Michael Cavna, author of "Comic Riffs," a blog of The Washington Post. Ages 15 and up.

We will host an intimate gathering at Terasol at 9 p.m. with our distinguished panelists—and you! Get to know the authors and illustrators as you continue the discussion begun during the panel. Seating is limited so sign up now! Please call the Children and Teens Department to register for the reception. Tickets are $30 and include access to the panelists, one drink ticket, and light hors d'oeuvres.

5015 Connecticut Ave NW
District Of Columbia
Postal Code:
Connect with the Graphic Novel Panelists

Following Growing Up with Graphics, our panel on graphic novels for all ages, join the panelists for an intimate gathering at our limited-seating reception. Authors and illustrators will be available to chat, connect, and celebrate the pleasure of reading graphic novels. Get to know the authors and illustrators and continue the discussions ignited during the panel. Seating is extremely limited. Registration required.

Graphic Artists Fan Reception
Thursday, April 25, 9 p.m.
at Terasol (across the street from P&P)
Tickets are $30, and include access to the panelists, one drink ticket, and light hors d'oeuvres.
To register, call the Children and Teens Department at (202) 364-1919.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

PR: Tickets are Now On Sale for the 2013 Baltimore Comic-Con!

Baltimore Comic-Con 2012 logo

Tickets are Now On Sale for the 2013 Baltimore Comic-Con!


BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - April 23, 2013 - The Baltimore Comic-Con is happy to announce that tickets are now on sale for this year's show, taking place September 7-8, 2013 at the Baltimore Convention Center in downtown Baltimore.


Tickets that are now on sale include: General Admission for Saturday and Sunday, Two-Day General Admissions, and Baltimore Comic-Con 2013 VIP Experience Packages.


The 2013 VIP Experience Package includes:

 I'll See You In Baltimore 2013

  • Admission to both days of 2013 Baltimore Comic-Con
  • "First on the Floor" VIP early admission at 9:30am both days of the show
  • VIP Priority Access to Panels and Presentations*
  • A 2013 Baltimore Comic-Con T-shirt
  • Collectible 2013 Baltimore Comic-Con VIP Badge and lanyard
  • Collectible 2013 Baltimore Comic-Con Hardcover Yearbook
  • And much, much more to be announced as we get closer to the show!


* VIP ticket holders must be in the VIP line 30 minutes before scheduled presentation times, as VIP Seating is guaranteed but not reserved and does not include special ticketed events.


"Last year was our biggest show ever, not only in terms of guests, retailers and exhibitors, but in attendance as well," said Marc Nathan, show promoter for the Baltimore Comic-Con. "Offering the fans the chance to purchase advanced tickets online really streamlined entrance to the show, so we're doing it again this year! In addition, all of our VIP Packages sold out last year, so this is a great opportunity for those who missed out to get in on the VIP action early!"


Visit for more information and to purchase your advanced tickets!


This year's confirmed guests for the show include: Brian Bolland (Dial H); Mark Buckingham (Fables); Jimmy Cheung (Avengers vs. X-Men); Frank Cho (Savage Wolverine); Amanda Conner (Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre); J.M. DeMatteis (Phantom Stranger); David Finch (Justice League of America); Dave Gibbons (The Secret Service); Keith Giffen (Masters of the Universe); Adam Hughes (Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan); Barry Kitson (Empire); Roger Langridge (Popeye); Paul Levitz (World's Finest); Kevin Maguire (World's Finest); Mike Mignola (Hellboy In Hell); Jimmy Palmiotti (Batwing); George Perez (World's Finest); David Petersen (Mouse Guard); Joe Prado (Earth 2); Ivan Reis (Aquaman); Chris Samnee (Daredevil); Louise Simonson (X-Factor); Walt Simonson (The Mighty Thor); Allison Sohn (sketch card artist); and Mark Waid (Indestructible Hulk). 

In the coming weeks, look for more announcements from the Baltimore Comic-Con. We are looking forward to highlighting our guests, the Harvey Awards, industry exclusives, and programming. The latest developments can always be found on our website, Twitter, and Facebook pages.


Contact Information

Please use the following e-mail addresses to contact the Baltimore Comic-Con: - for any general press inquiries or to be added to our PR distribution - for requesting exhibitor, publisher, and Artist Alley applications - for inquiries about submitted registrations - for the Harvey Awards ceremony and banquet - for general Baltimore Comic-Con inquiries


About The Baltimore Comic-Con

The Baltimore Comic-Con is celebrating its 14th year of bringing the comic book industry to the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area. For more information, please visit

About The Harvey Awards
The Harvey Awards are one of the comic book industry's oldest and most respected awards. With a history of over 20 years, the last 9 in conjunction with the Baltimore Comic-Con, the Harveys recognize outstanding achievements in over 20 categories. They are the only industry awards nominated and selected by the full body of comic book professionals. For more information, please visit


Daryl Cagle's 2 cartoons: 'whoops'

CARTOON KERFUFFLE: Recaptioned political cartoon? Daryl Cagle says: 'I changed my mind.'
By Michael Cavna
Washington Post Comic Riffs blog April 24 2013