Monday, February 28, 2022

Cavna on Howard's new Peanuts' scholarship

The 'Peanuts' team is creating scholarships to support diversity in the arts

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 2/28/22


Heather Steckley ed.

Happy 93rd Birthday, Arnold Roth!

Feb 25, 2022 nationalcartoonists


Mark O'Collin Gets Corporate Advertising Gig [aka Dan Collins, The Wealth Alliance].

by D. D. Degg

February 26, 2022 


Wirehouse life — a hoot for cartoons, no joke to advisors [The Wealth Alliance advertising strip]

By  Janice Kirkel February 25, 2022


Comic Talk: Greg Capullo And Scott Snyder Talk Spawn, Batman, and We Have Demons

Troy-Jeffrey Allen

PREVIEWSworld Feb 24, 2022


3 Worlds / 3 Moons Reveals Its Potential with the Astonishing "Transit"

By David Harper

February 22, 2022


For decades, cartoonist Ray Billingsley has depicted Black family life in 'Curtis'

Ashley Pointer

NPR February 27, 2022

Sunday, February 27, 2022

NPR interviews Ray Billingsley

For decades, cartoonist Ray Billingsley has depicted Black family life in 'Curtis'

Comic Talk: Greg Capullo And Scott Snyder Talk Spawn, Batman, and We Have Demons

Comic Talk: Greg Capullo And Scott Snyder Talk Spawn, Batman, and We Have Demons

PREVIEWSworld's Troy-Jeffrey Allen hangs out with Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo to talk WE HAVE DEMONS from ComiXology and Dark Horse Comics!

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 2/27/22


10 things concerning Alisa Perren, Greg Steirer & 'The American Comic Book Industry and Hollywood'

by Jarrod Jones.  2021.


This Week in AG History -- Feb. 24, 1940 [Vaughn Shoemaker]

by  Ruthie Edgerly Oberg  AG News February 24, 2022


'Very Funny Ladies' sketches out the history of women cartoonists at 'The New Yorker'

    Tanya Ballard Brown

February 25, 2022



Movie Quiz: From the funny pages to the silver screen

C.J. Lais Jr.

Feb. 24, 2022


New Legal Network Comes to Aid of Cartoonists [Cartoonists Rights Network International]

February 23, 2022 


    Sydney Johnson


Bangladesh: Investigation Opened After Accusations of Torture Against Cartoonist [ Ahmed Kabir Kishore]

Agence France-Presse

March 14, 2021


How 'Barney & Friends' and a Trip to Jamaica Led to the 'Arthur' Theme Song


Creator Marc Brown and executive producer Carol Greenwald also explain why Ziggy Marley was their first choice performer and the Fred Rodgers connection to "Believe in Yourself."


Abbey White

February 26, 2022


Misha Gross Remembers Bill Woodman

February 25, 2022


David Sipress: The Ink Spill Interview

February 24, 2022 michael Maslin


David Sipress: The Ink Spill Interview, Part 2

February 25, 2022 michael Maslin


Altnether, Joseph G. "Reimagination of Hell in Mike Mignola's Hellboy in Hell." Sequential Art: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Graphic Novel. Eds. Kathrin Muschalik and Florian Fiddrich. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Pr. 2016. 23–34.


Undercover Sketcher [Adrian Tomine]

Leanne Shapton

The New York Review of Books newsletter February 26 2022


Hidetaka Miyazaki Sees Death as a Feature, Not a Bug

Miyazaki has created the most difficult games of the century. In his latest, Elden Ring, he wants a broader audience to feel the pain. [videogame animation]

By Simon Parkin

February 25, 2022


Incredible photos of S.F.'s legendary first comic book store have surfaced — 50 years after we lost them

Photo of Peter Hartlaub

Peter Hartlaub

Feb. 25, 2022


Nicolas Verstappen. 2021

The Art of Thai Comics: A Century of Strips and Stripes

River Books Press Co., Ltd. (Bangkok)


The Resistance Is Now: A Conversation with Axel Alonso about AWA Studios

Rafael Calzada,

Carol and John's Comic Book Shop February 2022




'The 2022 Oscar Nominated Short Films' Review: Small Tales, Big Ideas [in print as So, Do They Get a Smaller Statuette?]

 Amy Nicholson

Feb. 25, 2022 C11


Women in Animation

Joanna Quinn (UK) Eleanor Coleman (Paris-based American), Angela De Vito (New York), Eléa Gobbé-Mévellec (France), Claire Matz (France), and Taili Wu (New York-based Taiwanese). It was moderated by Ashley Gerst (New York).

French Institute Alliance Française Animation First Festival. February 20 2022

online at


Oscar Nominee Joanna Quinn And Other Women Share Advice For Succeeding In Animation

By Cartoon Brew Connect | 02/22/2022


Production Workers On 'Rick And Morty' And 'Solar Opposites' File to Unionize

By Amid Amidi | 02/23/2022


David Heredia's Little Heroes of Color Make a Big Splash

Shana Nys Dambrot

February 24, 2022


Robin and the Making of American Adolescence

by Lauren R. O'Connor

Rutgers University Press 2021


Humbled, Bundled

By Graeme McMillan • Issue #16 • February 25 2022

A veritable pot pourri of topics to close out the week: Zdarsky on Batman, Marvel's team-ups, Comixology promises to be better, and 3W3M goes analog.


6 things concerning Stuart Moore and 'Target: Kree — A Marvel: Crisis Protocol Novel'

by Jarrod Jones.

Doom Rocket 2021



By Karama Horne

Published September 13, 2022, by Epic Ink

Saturday, February 26, 2022

NPR interviews Liza Donnelly

'Very Funny Ladies' sketches out the history of women cartoonists at 'The New Yorker'

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 2/26/22


People on the Move: Gagliano and Atwell

Heidi MacDonald



In Memoriam: George Olshevsky

Scoop February 25 2022


In Memoriam: Tom Veitch

Scoop February 25 2022



By: Annie Nocenti

January 3, 2022


KICK YOUR ENTHUSIASM (8) [Vostagg from Thor]

Douglas Wolk

January 27, 2022


KICK YOUR ENTHUSIASM (16) [Captain Haddock from Tintin]

By: Bishakh Som

February 24, 2022



By: Dean Haspiel

HILOBROW  February 7, 2022


Savage FINcast – Episode 113: An Interview with Dean Haspiel and Dave Kelly

    Craig, Jim, & Raven

Savage FINcast February 22, 2022


Savage FINcast [Savage Dragon podcast] (November 2011 -present):


PW Comics World: More To Come

More To Come 505: Amazon Absorbs Comixology

Calvin Reid, Heidi "The Beat" MacDonald, and Kate Fitzsimons

on 02/18/2022


Off Panel #342: Immortality Isn't Cheap with Christian Ward

David Harper

Feb 21, 2022


IVAN COHEN & SHOLLY FISCH for Batman & Scooby Doo Mysteries — Feb 2022 Kids' Club Selection

 Feb 20, 2022

Comix Experience


INTERVIEW: Meet The Writer Using Manga to Change Young People's Lives

An interview with Tony Weaver Jr., the CEO of Weird Enough Productions and developer of The Uncommons

Cayla Coats

February 18, 2022


Shelf Life: Our Collections and the Passage of Time

Set off by a scene in a movie, a critic reflects on cultural baggage: "The things you loved when you were young will never be able to make you young again."

By A.O. Scott

Photographs by Daniel Arnold

Feb. 24, 2022


Face Painted In The Moon Below – This Week's Links

Clark Burscough | February 25, 2022


Manga Creator Kazuyoshi Torii Passes Away at 75; Drew Toilet Hakase in Shonen Jump, taught aspiring manga creators at Aichi Shukutoku University.


by Rafael Antonio Pineda


Stewart Kenneth Moore on his new graphic novel PROJECT MK-ULTRA and his love of comics

By Teddy Jamieson

14th February 2022


Let That Be the Story: PW Talks with Jordan Crane

By Shaenon Garrity

Feb 18, 2022

A version of this article appeared in the 02/21/2022 issue of Publishers Weekly under the headline: Let That Be the Story


INTERVIEW: The Poorcraft Cookbook and C. Spike Trotman's Poetic Crowdfunding Evolution.

  Wendy Browne February 21, 2022


Emma Kubert on Her New Webcomic "Brush Stroke," Inspirations, and New Comics

By Elias Rosner | February 22nd, 2022


I Bring You…The Future!: Celebrating 45 years of 2000 AD Comics

Chloe Maveal

NeoText Review February 2022


Sharp Lines and Wired Figures: The Legacy and Influence of Martin Emond

Robert Smith

NeoText Review February 2022


Managing Cultural Festivals: Tradition and Innovation in Europe

Edited by Elisa Salvador and Jesper Strandgaard Pedersen

First published 2022

Chapter 9

(The Economics of) Cultural Festivals in the Digital Age: An Analysis of the Comics Publishing Industry

Elisa Salvador, Elena Castro-Martínez and Pierre-Jean Benghozi


THE CULL - Mattia De Iulis character painting process - Wade Quan

Feb 25, 2022

Kelly Thompson


AWA - Writer Rob Williams Introduces OUT

Sep 28, 2021

AWA Studios


6 things concerning Joanne Starer & Khary Randolph's 'Sirens of the City'

by Jarrod Jones.

Doom Rocket February 2022


Superheroes and Excess : A Philosophical Adventure

Edited By

Jamie Brassett , Richard Reynolds




Table of Contents



Jamie Brassett and Richard Reynolds


2. Excessive Embodiment and Monstrous Containment in Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's The Fantastic Four

Anna F. Peppard


3. Legion, Fugue and Ontological Excess

Jamie Brassett


4. Captain America, Ronald Reagan, and the Battle for the American Dream of Excess

John McGuire


5. Image Comics: A New Flight of Excess

Lillian Céspedes González


6. 'You Too Shall Be New': Synthezoid Phenomenology and Canonical Memory in The Vision

Tiffany Hong


7. Evolve or Die: Logan, Repetition, and the Excesses of Tradition

Geoff Klock and Mitch Montgomery


8. Difference, Repetition, and the Superhero Comic

Scott Jeffery


9. Heroic Skin: Superheroes, Excess and Black Skin as Costume

Lorraine Henry King


10. Too Many Wonder Womans: Constraining and/or in the DC Extended Universe

Joan Ormrod


11. Design Fictions from Beyond: A Pataphysics of Objectile Excess

Derek Hales


12. Superheroes at the Vanishing Point

Richard Reynolds


13. Afterword: Defeated Taxonomies

Jamie Brassett and Richard Reynolds