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Bruce Guthrie on the Norman Rockwell exhibit @ American Art

Bruce Guthrie has sent in his thoughts on the new exhibit about Norman Rockwell.This is a little off-topic, but probably still of interest to our readers

I did a staff tour of the Norman Rockwell exhibit that opens on Friday (I think). There's a decent video for it, a good variety of preliminary work and final oils, helpful signage, etc.  No photography is allowed in the exhibit of course.

There's a study cart available some times where you'll be able to pose people with props in front of a Saturday Evening Post backdrop.  That takes a while to set up -- they want to teach you about posing "in the Rockwell way" -- but people did some creative group shots.

The exhibit including film takes about 45 minutes to go through.  They have crowd control for lines -- you have to queue through the courtyard and they're expecting lots of visitors.  They're also planning for lines outside the building before the museum opens in the morning.

There's a big opening with Lucas and Spielberg Thursday night for donors at the $5k level.  I wasn't eligible for that, but it would have been fun.  For that event only, they're building four sets in the courtyard -- a little school house, a diner, a barber shop, and ... something else -- to recreate Rockwell's Americana.

The exhibit's there for about 6 months.  See it!

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Donna Lewis

Now up at the City Paper's website - the creator of the Reply All webcomic -
Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Donna Lewis
Posted by Mike Rhode on Jun. 30, 2010 at 11:19 am

Laughing Ogre store featured by Mulitiversity Comics

The local Laughing Ogre store is featured by Mulitiversity Comics.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SPX new animation showcase podcast interview

Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib (Episode 101) - Part II
Posted by Sohaib Awan, Jun 14, 2010 12:51 PM
Runtime: 07:41 |

2. Paul Nadjmabadi, Committee Co-Chair for the SPX Animation Showcase at the 2010 Small Press Expo (

Thanks to Matt Dembicki for the tip

Dustin Harbin interviewed at Daily Cross Hatch

Dustin's the guy who gets Richard Thompson to come to Heroes Con, so we'll give him honorary DC status.

Interview: Dustin Harbin Pt. 1, by Brian Heater, Daily Cross Hatch June 29 2010.

Everyone is somebody's local fave in America's Next Great Cartoonist

Olivia Walch in this case -

Student selected for Washington Post comic competition, By Ben Huber, College of William & Mary's The Flat Hat June 28, 2010.

Cul de Sac picks up Times Leader

Joe Butkiewicz justifies his comics pages changes in Change can be good, and also funny , June 28 2010, but he's ok with us because he's added Cul de Sac.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Comics Comics has O'Malley interview from 2008 SPX

A Conversation With Bryan Lee O’Malley – SPX 2008
by Joe McCulloch
Sunday, June 27, 2010

I just love it when these things are preserved. Think of how interesting it would be to read about what Herriman had to say about the desert or McCay on coloring a Sunday...

Comic Riffs on Big Nate, DC as a comics town, and the top 5 cartoon contest contestants

1. The 'Riffs Interview: Lincoln Peirce's 'BIG NATE' becomes an 'overnight' best-seller, Michael Cavna, Washington Post Comic Riffs blog June 27, 2010.

I just missed him at ALA, a disappointment because I enjoy his strip. Check the City Paper Arts Desk blog this week for my ALA report.

2. THE RIFF: Where does D.C. rate as a 'comics town'? - Not as high as this blog wants it to be, by god.

3. 'NEXT GREAT CARTOONIST' finalists offer their reactions to the contest, by Michael Cavna, June 28, 2010.

3a. Oh, and now they have to draw a Sunday strip.

Truitt on Walking Dead

Kirkman's 'Walking Dead' conquers comics. Is TV next?
By Brian Truitt, USA TODAY June 28 2010

Modesto Bee test-drives 'Barney and Clyde'

Funny Business: We want your thoughts on old, new comicsBy Kerry McCray
Modesto Bee Jun. 27, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Comics Riffs interviews Tracy White

Darn, I was at ALA this morning, but missed Ms. White.

The 'Riffs Interview: How the incisive TRACY WHITE made it to 'Eighteen' (A Cartoon Memoirist's Tale)
By Michael Cavna
Washington Post Comic Riffs blog June 27, 2010

Zadzooks on Toy Story 3 videogame

Zadzooks: Toy Story 3: The Video Game review
Missions with Buzz, Woody, Jessie
By Joseph Szadkowski
Washington Times June 24, 2010

Truitt on Deadpool again

'Deadpool: Pulp': Secret agents, insanity and apple pie
By Brian Truitt, USA TODAY June 24 2010

David-Wasting-Paper interviews Kal

Kevin Kallaugher - Cartoonist Survey #136
June 25, 2010

Captain Comics on Trickster

Native American writers, mischievous gods and comics a natural mix in 'Trickster'
By Andrew Smith
Scripps Howard News Service June 24, 2010

Comics on the Rack, Quick Picks for Comics Due 06-30-10

Quick Picks for Comics Due 06-30-10
By John Judy
ABE SAPIEN: ABYSSAL PLAIN #1 of 2 by Mike Mignola, John Arcudi and Peter Snejbjerg.  Hellboy's pal finds a haunted commie sub.  Hijinks ensue.  Pretty art.
ACTION COMICS #890 by Paul Cornell and Pete Woods.  After an eternity plowing through the adventures of Night-Who-Knows and Flame-Who-Cares we finally have a star of this title whom fans want to read about: Lex-frickin-Luthor!  Turns out Lex really dug being an Orange Lantern and now he wants to recapture that orange juice.  Of course some fools are gonna get in his way.  And that's how you write a comic called ACTION!  Highly recommended.
ASTONISHING X-MEN #34 by Warren Ellis and Phil Jimenez. Undead…robot…alien…mutant…Ellisy stuff!  Gotta look.
BATMAN BEYOND #1 of 6 by Adam Beechen and Ryan Benjamin.  Future Batman kicks future butt.
CAPTAIN AMERICA #607 by Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice.  Baron Zemo wants to kill Bucky America all over again.  The continuing epic that, were it written by anyone but Brubaker, would require the author to be punched in the face.  Recommended.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE 1940S NEWSPAPER STRIP #1 by Karl Kesel and Butch Guice.  Collecting the recently unearthed run of the 1940s daily strip by time-traveling bullpenners Kesel and Guice!  Sadly they were not allowed to kill Hitler.
CAPTAIN SWING #2 of 4 by Warren Ellis and Raul Caceres.  If high-tech anarchists are taking it to The Man it's probably written by Warren Ellis.  High voltage graphic entertainment with a cockney 'tude. Recommended.
CHIMICHANGA #3 of 3 written and drawn by Eric Powell.  Last issue those carny-trash bastids turned on Chimichanga!  Dare we hope, given his brutish strength and appetites, he might attain a modicum of "git-back?"  Because that would be great...  Recommended.
CHRONICLES OF WORMWOOD: LAST BATTLE #4 of 6 by Garth Ennis and Oscar Jimenez.  Jay comes out as the returned Christ and the undead Pope Jacko's on the warpath!  How can this not be hideously awesome?  Recommended.  Not for kids.
COMPLETE DR AND QUINCH GN by Alan Moore and Alan Davis.  Check out the humor strip Alan Moore blatantly plagiarized from NATIONAL LAMPOON back in 1983!  Seriously, character-types, storylines, even narrative tone ripped whole cloth from the earlier OC AND STIGGS stories written by Tod Carroll and Ted Mann for NATIONAL LAMPOON in 1981-82.  This is why you are allowed to look down your nose at Alan Moore anytime he whines about DC making money from stuff he created.  You're welcome.
FLASH #3 by Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul.  From future rogue cops to super murder mysteries, things haven't slowed down since Barry Allen came back from the dead.  Or should we say, "back from the dead for now?"
GREEN LANTERN #55 by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke.  Featuring Atrocitus the Red Lantern versus Lobo, so you kind of have to buy this.  Big fight with biker chains and red puke.  Recommended.
INVINCIBLE IRON MAN ANNUAL #1 by Matt Fraction, Salvador Larroca and Carmine DiGiandomenico.  Okay, so this should really be called "The Mandarin Annual #1" but it's pretty cool and Iron Man shows up several times.  Recommended.
JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #46 by James Robinson and Mark Bagley.  It's a JLA/JSA crossover with the teams fighting all kinds of new bad guys created when the original Green Lantern's power source goes nuts.  Ruckus guaranteed!
JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #40 by Bill Willingham and Jesus Merino.  Future Ratzis get theirs!  Next up: JLA team-up!
MEATCAKE GN written and drawn by Dame Darcy.  A collection of bizarre fantasy humor, including a collaboration with Alan Moore that he didn't plagiarize from anyone.  From Fantagraphics.
MINDFIELD #1 by J.T. Krul and Alex Konat.  CIA mind-readers fighting Terror!
NORTHLANDERS #29 by Brian Wood and Fiona Staples.  A Viking boat gets lost.  Will they ask for directions?  Highly recommended.
SAN FRANCISCO PANORAMA: COMICS SECTION TABLOID FORMAT by Art Spiegelman, Dan Clowes, Adrian Tomine and many more.  Like DC's WEDNESDAY COMICS done by awesome indy creators.  Gotta look!
SECRET AVENGERS #2 by Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato.  Hey, if Moon Knight was on your team you'd keep it a secret too!  Bam!  No seriously, it's cool.  It's Brubaker/Deodato and the heroes go to Mars.  Recommended.
SHADE THE CHANGING MAN, VOL. 3: SCREAM TIME SC by Peter Milligan and Several Awesome Artists.  Collecting issues #14-19 of the amazing psychedelic 80s horror comic, courtesy of the wayback machine and the American Scream.  Recommended!
SIMPSONS SUPER SPECTACULAR #11 by Many Funny Folks.  Springfield's finest superheroes for readers in need of good all-ages fun.
THOR #611 by Kieron Gillen and Richard Elson.  Thor goes to Hell to straighten some stuff out.  Hard.
TURF #2 by Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards.  Bootleg Era gangsters fight vampires with the help of alien invaders from space!  You're darn right you need to have this!
VELOCITY #1 of 4 by Ron Marz and Kenneth Rocafort.  The adventures of the fastest woman in the world, Image-style!  Winner of the "Pilot Season" contest!
WEREWOLVES OF MONPELIER GN by Jason.  A romantic comedy about the perils of pretending to be something you're not.  Like, a werewolf, say…  An antidote to "Twilight."  Recommended.
WONDER WOMAN #600 by Everyone, including Simone, Straczynski, Perez and Jimenez.  A bunch of stories from Diana's past, present and future celebrating 600 comics with the Princess of Paradise Island in the lead!  Recommended!
X-CAMPUS #1 of 4 by Lotsa People.  Basically an alternate universe version of the X-gang where everyone's in a seriously cliquey high school.  Like the Ultimate stuff except done by European creators.  "Euro-Ultimate X-Men?"

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Comicsgirl's report on the Graphic Content panel

I finally got to meet Comicsgirl who blogs about comics around DC too. She put up a good report on today's Graphic Content panel so I don't have to. Whew. Bobbie of the DC Library recorded the event and will have a podcast of it up at some point. I think it was a good event and I appreciate her setting it up and asking me to help. Being off to one side of downtown, it was somewhat underattended, but I think the online audio will be of interest since we had a nice range of cartoonists. I took a couple of pictures afterwards and I'll try to get them up tomorrow.

Greg Bennet's band, Jet Age, reviewed in Post and appearing in DC

Album review: The Jet Age's 'In "Love" '
by Mark Jenkins
Washington Post Friday, June 25, 2010; WE07

THE JET AGE - "In 'Love' ''

Show: With the Electricutions on Wednesday at the Black Cat. Show starts at 9 p.m. 202-667-4490.

That darn Luckovich

Cheap shot
Washington Post June 26 2010

I am disappointed in the poor taste that you showed by running the Mike Luckovich cartoon [Drawing Board, June 19] of Gen. David H. Petraeus collapsing last week at a congressional hearing on the war in Afghanistan.

The cartoon took a cheap shot that was far beneath you.

James Lawler, McLean

Happening in one hour - DC Library comics event

I'll be moderating this, and Shannon "G.I. Joe" Gallant, Matt "Politico" Wuerker, Andrew "Trickster" Cohen, Evan "DC Conspiracy" Keeling and Ben "Dirtfarm" Classen will be speaking on creating comics.
Event: Graphic Content: A Conversation with Five DC Area Graphic Storytellers
Start Time: Saturday, June 26 at 1:00pm
End Time: Saturday, June 26 at 2:30pm
Where: Northwest One Neighborhood Library
155 L St, NW @ New Jersey Avenue

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Weldon on Megan Kelso

'Artichoke Tales': Smart. Nuanced. Deeply Imagined. And Cute As All Get-Out.
by Glen Weldon
June 23, 2010

American Library Association's comics events

Graphic Novel Reporter has a pretty comprehensive list of what's going on at the librarian's annual con this weekend. Courtesy of Top Shelf, I'll be able to stop into the exhibit floor, and will try to have a report on Sunday.

Takoma Park librarian on the great Jules Feiffer

Kids' books keep filling Jules Feiffer's radar screen
By KAREN MACPHERSON, Scripps Howard News Service

Futurama and Dan Nadel articles in Express

They've both been linked to here, but the AP article on Futurama and the Dan Nadel interview in the Express are both in the hard copy of the paper today.

Ben Claassen III interview up at City Paper

Ben will also be attending the DC Public Library talk at 1 pm on Sat.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

America's Next Great Cartoonist picks next 5 contestants

Or rather, the voters did - POST CONTEST: And the five 'Next Great Cartoonist' finalists are...

John Gallagher interview sort of online

School Library Journal's been bought out and changed its website, so this is a link to the cached version.

Wildsmith, Snow
Interview: Rich Faber and John Gallagher
June 18th, 2010

Politics and Prose featured in NY Times

New York Times June 22, 2010
Politics and Prose, an independent bookstore in Washington, is up for sale, and literary and political figures have indicated an interest in buying it.

Another Dan Nadel interview is on the Express site

 Written by Express contributor Stephen M. Deusner
 June 23 2010
This one focuses more on the new book than mine did.

Toy Story 3 reviewed in Gazette free paper

Edwards, Jordan.  2010.
Third time's a charm for Disney / Pixar's 'Toy Story'.
Montgomery County Gazette (June 23): C-7.

June 26: New, Improved! Graphic Content, now with additional cartoonists

Wires got crossed, and Ben Classen got left off the announcement, but regular readers of the Express (he does spot illos) and the City Paper (he does Dirtfarm and all kinds of stuff) can now ask about Fappy the Seal's true role in humor. And Matt "Trickster" Dembicki has said on Facebook that he'll be attending in the audience.

I'll be moderating this, and Shannon "G.I. Joe" Gallant, Matt "Politico" Wuerker, Andrew "Trickster" Cohen, Evan "DC Conspiracy" Keeling and Ben "Dirtfarm" Classen will be speaking on creating comics.
Event: Graphic Content: A Conversation with Five DC Area Graphic Storytellers
Start Time: Saturday, June 26 at 1:00pm
End Time: Saturday, June 26 at 2:30pm
Where: Northwest One Neighborhood Library
155 L St, NW @ New Jersey Avenue

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

Futurama article in today's Examiner

It's online too., although I prefer the paper version.
Back to the future with new 'Futurama episodes [online title: It's back to the future with sci-fi toon 'Futurama,' returning fresh on Comedy Central]

By: FRAZIER MOORE / Associated Press

Washington Examiner (June 23 2010): 19

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

OT: Beyond the... Comics

Some papers are experimenting this week with a syndicated animated cartoon - Beyond the... Comics including the Tri-City Herald. I haven't had a chance to watch them yet, but I don't see why this syndication model can't work.

There's not much on the Herald site - just these two sentences -

Comics: Something old, something new
By Ken Robertson, Herald Executive Editor

A tidbit of comics history arrived in this morning’s mail just as the Herald website debuted something that may become a part of comics future — a weeklong series of animated comics.

They’re appearing for one week only on the Herald website and the websites of the San Francisco Chronicle, Miami Herald, Idaho Statesman, Monterey Herald, Houston Chronicle and

Librarian from Takoma Park, MD has another list of comics for kids

Children's Corner: Graphic novels for youngsters that rise above kid stuff
Tuesday, June 22, 2010
By Karen MacPherson, Scripps Howard News Service

Dan Nadel interview up at Wash City Paper

He'll be speaking at Politics and Prose on Sat at 6 pm about Art In Time, his new anthology of forgetten classic comic book art. I'm planning on going. In the meantime, read his thoughts here -

June 26: Graphic Content: A Conversation with Four DC Area Graphic Storytellers repost

I'll be moderating this, and Shannon "G.I. Joe" Gallant, Matt "Politico" Wuerker, Andrew "Trickster" Cohen and Evan "DC Conspiracy" Keeling will be speaking on creating comics.
Event: Graphic Content: A Conversation with Four DC Area Graphic Storytellers
Start Time: Saturday, June 26 at 1:00pm
End Time: Saturday, June 26 at 2:30pm
Where: Northwest One Neighborhood Library
155 L St, NW @ New Jersey Avenue

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

Monday, June 21, 2010

Today - Weingartens' chat on 'Barney and Clyde' at noon

Weingartens discuss 'Barney and Clyde'
Gene and Dan Weingarten
Comic strip writers
Monday, June 21, 2010; 12:00 PM

Dan and Gene Weingarten discuss their new comic strip, Barney and Clyde, about the unlikely friendship between a homeless man and a billionaire.

Comic Riffs poll on Barney and Clyde

Defend That 'Toon: Does 'BARNEY & CLYDE' spark a billion laughs -- or bum you out?
By Michael Cavna
Washington Post Comic Riffs blog June 21, 2010

Since they're still setting up their cast, I don't see why anyone's even considering how good it is yet. I think it needs 6 months before you can really decide.

Beeler X 2

He may have been lacking in the paper last week, but Nate Beeler was certainly the media star.

David-Wasting-Paper caught up with him - Nate Beeler - Cartoonist Survey #135, June 21, 2010

as did Daryl Cagle - Video: Nate Beeler at the 2010 AAEC Convention, By Daryl Cagle, June 20th, 2010

(Cagle tip from Rob Tornoe who has just launched his Laugh magazine - subscribe today! I did)

April 23: Joe Wos at Manassas Library

Wednesday at 3 p.m. cartoonist and storyteller Joe Wos will give a program at the Central Community Library. Wos is the founder of Pittsburgh's Toonseum. Here's the original link.

Weingartens' chat on Barney and Clyde live now

The preloaded post didn't pop up, but you've got 10 minutes left to ask questions at

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Luna Brothers interview on The Sword

COMMENTARY TRACK: Ending "The Sword"
by Josh Wigler
Thu, June 17th, 2010

Brian Truitt reviews Spider-Man comic

Spidey's the prey in 'Grim Hunt' saga
By Brian Truitt, USA TODAY June 17 2010

Nate Beeler coming up on David-Wasting-Paper blog

I would imagine Nate Beeler's interview will be posted on Monday.

Also, check out this cool feature on The Barker Character, Comic and Cartoon Museum which just went on my list of places to visit soon.

American's Next Great Cartoonist Zachary Snyder profiled by his local paper

'Missed the Boat' cartoonist among cartoon contest finalists
Staten Island Advance June 20, 2010

Post on Apple's cartoon problems and Ted Widmer's cartoon interests

There's nothing much new in this article for those who regularly read about comics, but it's a nice summary -

Apple lightens up on some nudity apps
By Kevin Kelleher
Washington Post June 20, 2010; G03

and this had a throwaway notice that the subject "enjoyed a lifelong love affair with cartoons" in this -

Ted Widmer: A short biography of a former speechwriter
Washington Post June 20, 2010; BW09

The Book World reappeared briefly today, and had a very nice cover by Izhar Cohen of a man blowing up a book at the beach for his kids and another one of a private detective with words blowing over him.

Weingarten Barney & Clyde article in today's Post

This article appeared online days ago, but is in today's Style section.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Zadzooks on Jonah Hex and Spawn

Zadzooks: Comic book reviews, Jonah Hex, Spawn Origins Collection and Devil
The good, the bad and the ugly
By Joseph Szadkowski
Washington Times June 18, 2010

Chinese Disneyland leads to landgrabs, according to Post

Disneyland project in Shanghai spotlights forced evictions in China
By Keith B. Richburg
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, June 19, 2010; A08

Julian Lytle interview by Mark Ruffin

Julian Lytle: Antics of a diversified cartoonist
June 19, 2010
DC Comic Books Examiner
Mark Ruffin

Comics on the Rack, Quick Picks for Comics Due 06-23-10

Quick Picks for Comics Due 06-23-10
By John Judy
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #635 by Lotsa People.  Now that they've killed that Spider-Woman nobody ever heard of it's the Kravens versus the Spiders!  It's on!
AMERICAN VAMPIRE #4 by Scott Snyder, Stephen King and Rafael Albuquerque.  Fangs will fly as Skinner and Pearl each bring it to their adversaries! No sparkling vampires here!  Guaranteed and recommended!
ARCHIE: THE BEST OF DAN DeCARLO, VOL.1  HC by DeCarlo.  Great all-ages material from the ARCHIE veteran and creator of Josie and the Pussycats.  Recommended.
ARTICHOKE TALES HC written and drawn by Megan Kelso. A multi-generational fantasy epic about people with artichoke leaves for hair.  Pretty and goes great with melted butter.  From Fantagraphics.
AVENGERS #2 by Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr.  Why is Wonder Man being such a jerk to the Avengers?  Is the whole "hippie haircut/being made of Kirby dots thing" finally getting to him?
BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM: MADNESS HC written and drawn by Sam Keith.  In which we spend 24 hours in Gotham City's notorious nut-hatch with our tour guide Mr. Keith.  Recommended.
BATMAN: RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #3 of 6 by Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette.  This issue: Bat-Pirate!  Highly recommended!
BEASTS OF BURDEN: ANIMAL RITES HC by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson.  A funny-animal adventure with some blood and cussing.  Funny because it's Dorkin.  Beautiful because it's Thompson.  You want this.  For teens and up.
BOOK OF MR. NATURAL HC written and drawn by Robert Crumb.  Featuring the best of Crumb's iconic underground hero.  Another winner from Fantagraphics.
DETECTIVE COMICS #866 by Dennis O'Neil and Dustin Ngyuen.  Legendary Bat-scribe O'Neil  takes us on a journey through Dick Grayson's career as Robin and the new Dark Knight!  Gotta look!
FANTASTIC FOUR #580 by Jonathan Hickman and Neil Edwards.  Arcade!  Impossible Man!  Swedish nannies!  It's kitchen sink time at the Baxter Building! Nuff said!
GARTH ENNIS BATTLEFIELDS #7 of 9 by Ennis and Russ Braun.  Another BATTLEFIELDS character returns. This time it's Lt. Anna Kharkova from the earlier "Night Witches."  The Soviet pilot is looking to get back in action against the Nazis, since the alternative is staying on the ground to face Stalin's secret police.  Highly recommended.
GREEN ARROW #1 by J.T. Krul and Diogenes Neves.  Ollie Queen is back in every way, ready to rid the Star City forest of all manner of ne'er do well, no-goodnik and brigand!
HULK #23 by Jeph Loeb, Ed McGuinness and Lotsa Other Artists.  Because it takes a team of artists to draw the super-duper secret origin of the Red Hulk!  No milk-sops!
INCORRUPTIBLE #7 by Mark Waid and Jean Diaz.  Walking the straight and narrow has never been harder for Max Damage, especially since he keeps slipping on all the blood….  Recommended.
JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST #4 by Keith Giffen, Judd Winick and Aaron Lopresti.  So far the misfits of the DCU are getting their watches wound by their former benefactor-turned-evil Maxwell Lord.  But the new Blue Beetle's in the picture and things could change.  Very decent super-stuff.
KEVIN SMITH'S GREEN HORNET #5 by Smith and Jonathan Lau.  The all-new Green Hornet is on the job!  Unfortunately he's got a ton of stuff to learn and everyone wants to kill him.  Tough gig.
LEGION OF SUPERHEROES #2 by Paul Levitz and Yildiray Cinar.  Missing children and Green Lanterns!  The drama don't stop in the 31st century ruckus house we call the LSH! 
NAMORA ONE-SHOT by Jeff Parker and Sara Pichelli.  Spoiler: Don't let the cover fool you!  Namora is NOT dying in the BP oil slick!  She's just resting!
PREVIEWS by Diamond and Marvel Comics. Your back to school comics shopping begins here!
SEA BEAR AND GRIZZLY SHARK #1 by Ryan Ottley and Jason Howard.  Image Comics was founded to publish stuff like this.
SUPERMAN #700 by Everyone.  Tons of tales by Super-scribes of recent yore, tying up loose ends and running out fresh line.  See where new Supes author J. Michael Straczynski is looking to take Earth's greatest hero!  Highly recommended.
THUNDERBOLTS #145 by Jeff Parker and Kev Walker.  Luke Cage's new Thunderbolts must defeat the girl known as "Troll!"  And the internets will be better for it!
ULTIMATE COMICS AVENGERS 2 #4 by Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu.  Time for Ultimate Ghost Rider to get his!  And… is that Zombie-Spidey I see?
WOLVERINE: WEAPON X #14 by Jason Aaron and Ron Garney.  Claws!  Deathlok's got claws! Big, light saber-lookin' ones too!  Recommended.
X-FACTOR #206 by Peter David and Valentine DeLandro.  The whole team's back together to put a big smack on the haters!  Embiggened fight!
X-MEN LEGACY#237 by Mike Carey, Adi Granov and Greg Land.  Big time-traveling X-crossover event continues!  Nightcrawler still dead!
ZATANNA #2 by Paul Dini and Stephane Roux.  The most powerful magician ever to wear fishnets must duke it out in her dreams with an evil imp!  It's hard out there for an imp!  Gotta look!

Friday, June 18, 2010

July 10: Matt Dembicki at Hooray for Kids bookstore

Local graphic artist Matt Dembicki (editor of "Trickster: Native American Tales, A Graphic Collection") is giving a workshop for kids 7 and up on drawing and putting together a comic book. Kids will learn the basics—creating a character, developing a story, and laying out a page using various tricks of the trade. Participants will make their own mini-comics to take home. The workshop is Saturday, July 10, at 3 p.m., and folks should call (703-548-4092) or e-mail ( to make a reservation.

Hooray for Kids
An Independent Children's Bookstore
1555 King St. Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Ph. 703-548-4092 Fax 703-548-4094
Hours M-Sat. 10-6 Sun 11-4

Comic Riffs interviews Toy Story 3 writer

'Riffs Interview: How Michael Arndt went from celebrity assistant to 'TOY STORY 3' screenwriter in two moves

By Michael Cavna

Washington Post Comic Riffs blog June 17, 2010

June 19: Terry Flippo Graphic Novel Launch Event at Beyond Comics

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Beyond Comics
B E Y O N D      C O M I C S
Special Announcement
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Please Note, some items are not available at all store locations. For more information please speak with any store representative. Some items may also be allocated by the manufacturer and may not be available. Beyond Comics does not guarantee items being in stock; however we will do our best to keep them available.

John Shine Mgr

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Gaithersburg Store
536 North Frederick Ave

Gaithersburg, MD
(301) 216-0007

Hours: M,Tu 11-8;
W-Sat 10-9; Sun 12-6

Frederick Store
5632 Route 85

Frederick, MD
(301) 668-8202

Hours: M,Tu 10-8;
W-Sat 10-9; Sun 12-6
Graphic Novel
Launch Event

Saturday June 19th

11:00am to 2:00pm

Beyond Comics
5632 Buckeystown Pike

New Comics

Terry Flippo
Artist / Writer

as well as Axel and Alex and the Big Headz Series


Weingarten on Barney and Clyde strip

I think this just appeared online yesterday -
Gene and Dan Weingarten, drawn together by their comic strip, 'Barney & Clyde'
By Gene Weingarten
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, June 17, 2010; 11:31 PM
There's a photo section -
And on Monday they're having a chat -

Weingartens discuss 'Barney and Clyde'

Gene and Dan Weingarten
Comic strip writers
Monday, June 21, 2010; 12:00 PM

Dan and Gene Weingarten discuss their new comic strip, Barney and Clyde, about the unlikely friendship between a homeless man and a billionaire.

Post on Jonah Hex, Air Doll and Toy Story 3

This one's based on a DC western comic -
By Michael O'Sullivan
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, June 18, 2010; C03
This Japanese movie is based on manga by Yoshiie Goda -
Movie review: 'Air Doll' slowly loses steam
By Michael O'Sullivan
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, June 18, 2010; WE27
This is based on two previous movies -
By Ann Hornaday
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, June 18, 2010; WE25

Examiner on Toy Story 3

Whatever your age, this 'Toy Story' is a good time
 Sally Kline
Washington Examiner Movie Critic
June 18, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cavna BEARds Pixar in their den

Comic Riffs exposes a Toy Story 3 ad campaign via faked commercials at Was Pixar behind that viral bear ad? The 'TOY STORY 3' writer talks, By Michael Cavna, June 17, 2010.

Crackin' good work, Michael.

(Sorry about that title pun).

PR: Swann Foundation Fellowship Awards Announced

Library of Congress

101 Independence Avenue SE
Washington DC   20540

June 17, 2010

Swann Foundation Announces Awards for 2010-2011

The Caroline and Erwin Swann Foundation for Caricature and Cartoon, administered by the Library of Congress, announces fellowship awards to two applicants for the academic year 2010-2011:  Leora Maltz-Leca and Jeffreen M. Hayes.

Because of an unusually large number of strong applications, the foundation's advisory board did not award a single fellowship this year but instead decided to support two applicants' projects with smaller awards.

Maltz-Leca, an assistant professor of contemporary art, history of art and visual culture at the Rhode Island School of Design, will receive a fellowship to support her post-doctoral research on her dissertation titled "William Kentridge: Process as Metaphor and Other Doubtful Enterprises."  In her proposed book project, she will analyze the animated cartoons of Kentridge, a South African artist born in 1955, whom she credits largely with bringing drawing in general—and the drawing of cartoons in particular—to the forefront of contemporary international art.

Kentridge is well-known for a signature creative process that he describes as "stone age."  In this process, Kentridge continuously draws and erases schematic subjects on a single charcoal drawing, all the time taking photographs of his changing drawing.  He then films his photographic records and, thereby, produces film narratives that often feature his stock characters Soho Teitelbaum and Felix Eckstein, both caricatures of apartheid-era stereotypes.  Such figures can be seen to stem from earlier European models of political caricature.

Maltz-Leca aims to explore Kentridge's relationship to the aesthetics of cartooning in general and to 19th and 20th century European political cartoonists represented in the Library's strong collections of cartoon drawings and prints.  The sequential-mode and serial approach that characterizes Kentridge's creative process, his early cartoon strips of action figures and his numerous flipbooks all affirm technical parallels with cartoon art.

Hayes, a doctoral candidate in American studies at the College of William and Mary, will receive a fellowship to support her proposed investigation into African American cartoonists who challenge and broaden notions of blackness while commenting on political and social structures in white America.

African American cartoonists from 1930-2009 who have been selected for her study include Oliver W. Harrington (1912-1995), E. Simms Campbell (1906-1971), Brumsic Brandon (born in 1927), Keith Knight (born in 1966), Darrin Bell (born in 1975) and Aaron McGruder (born in 1974).  These artists represent pioneers in cartoon and comic art as well as emerging contemporary creators in the field.

Hayes' project will provide a contextual framework for her dissertation titled "Real Talk: Interrogations of Blackness and Whiteness in African American Post-Soul Visual and Popular Culture," which focuses particularly on McGruder.

During the next academic year, Maltz-Leca and Hayes will conduct research primarily in the rich holdings of graphic art of the Library's Prints and Photographs Division.

New York advertising executive Erwin Swann (1906 1973) established the Swann Foundation for Caricature and Cartoon in 1967.  An avid collector, Swann assembled a large group of original drawings by more than 500 artists, spanning two centuries, which his estate bequeathed to the Library of Congress in the 1970s. Swann's original purpose was to build a collection of original drawings by significant creators of humorous and satiric art and to encourage the study of original cartoon and caricature drawings as works of art.  The foundation's support of research and academic publication is carried out in part through a program of fellowships.

# # #

ISSN: 0731-3527




International Ink: Demo, Smile, and Moving Pictures reviews up at City Paper

Posted by Mike Rhode 
Washington City Paper's Arts Desk blog Jun. 17, 2010

Mark Wheatley comic headed toward Hollywood

Breck Eisner Drinks 'Blood Of The Innocent'

Natalie Silverman Staff

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PR: : The 2010 Baltimore Comic-Con Announces More Guests!

The 2010 Baltimore Comic-Con Announces More Publishers, Guests!

Baltimore, Maryland - March 19, 2010 - The Baltimore Comic-Con is proud to announce the most recent set of publishers and guests for the 2010 convention. This August, we will welcome Dark Horse Comics, IDW, and Top Shelf Comix to Baltimore, joining already-announced publishers Image Comics, Boom! Studios, and Top Cow Productions.

Additionally, come and meet new and returning guests Tom Brevoort (Executive Editor, Marvel Comics), Bernard Chang (Prince of Persia), Sean Chen (Nova), Mark Chiarello (Editor, DC Comics), Mike Choi (X-Force), Shane Davis (Superman: Earth One), Francesco Francavilla (The Green Hornet: Year One), Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (Wednesday Comics), Sterling Gates (Supergirl), Bryan J.L. Glass (Mice Templar), Jonathan Hickman (Fantastic Four), Greg Horn (Green Lantern), Adam Hughes (Wonder Woman), Jamal Igle (Supergirl), Georges Jeanty (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Denis Kitchen (Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen), Barry Kitson (Iron Man 2 Prequel), Greg LaRocque (The Exiled), Erik Larsen (Savage Dragon), Steve Lieber (Underground), Luna Brothers (The Sword), David Mack (Kabuki), Ron Marz (Witchblade), Mike McKone (Avengers Academy), Bob McLeod (New Mutants Forever), Mark Morales (Siege), Chris Moreno (Toy Story), Steve Niles (30 Days of Night), Jeff Parker (Thunderbolts), Lauren Perry (Blank-ees), David Petersen (Mouse Guard), Brandon Peterson (Ultimate Extinction), Chris Pitzer (Publisher, Adhouse Books), Paul Pope (Wednesday Comics), Jack Purcell (Gotham City Sirens), Mike Raicht (The Stuff of Legend), Tom Raney (Black Widow: Deadly Origin), Chris Roberson (I, Zombi), Budd Root (Cavewoman), Don Rosa (Uncle Scrooge), Craig Rousseau (Marvel Her-Oes), Jim Rugg (Afrodisiac), Tim Sale courtesy of Hero Initiative (Captain America White), Ian Sattler (Editor, DC Comics), Stuart Sayger (Bram Stoker's Death Ship), Bob Schreck (Jurassic Park), Jim Shooter (Magnus, Robot Fighter), Andy Smith (WildC.A.T.S.), John K. Snyder III (The A-Team: Shotgun Wedding), Allison Sohn (Star Wars sketchcard artist), Billy Tan (Shadowland), Ben Templesmith sponsored by Laughing Ogre Comics (Choker), Herb Trimpe (Incredible Hulk), Dexter Vines (Ultimate Avengers), Neil Vokes (Superman Adventures), Matt Wagner (The Green Hornet: Year One), Bernie Wrightson (Swamp Thing), and Chrissie Zullo (Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love).

"Our guest list is really picking up momentum now," said Marc Nathan, promoter of the Baltimore Comic-Con. "We're happy to be adding guests from past years and welcoming new ones this year too. We are especially proud to welcome new guests Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Jonathan Hickman this year, since we know that they will fit in with our great group of returning guests. If you are a comic book fan, you will want to be in Baltimore in August! Needless to say, we're thrilled to welcome the Adhouse, Dark Horse, IDW, and Top Shelf crews back, and look forward to hearing what all of their latest and greatest projects will be."

Guests previously announced include: Mike and Laura Allred (Madman), Sergio Aragones (Groo), Ivan Brandon (Nemesis: The Imposters), Jim Calafiore (Secret Six), Eric Canete (New Avengers: Luke Cage), Howard Chaykin (Black Kiss), Cliff Chiang (Greendale), Frank Cho (Ultimate Comics New Ultimates), Steve Conley (Star Trek Omnibus: The Original Series), Amanda Conner (Power Girl), Dan DiDio (The Outsiders, Co-Publisher, DC Comics), Al Feldstein (MAD Magazine), Ron Garney (Wolverine: Weapon X), Michael Golden (Marvel 1602: Spider-Man), Cully Hamner (Detective Comics), Dean Haspiel (ACT-I-VATE), Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Chief Creative Officer, DC Comics), J.G. Jones (DC Universe Legacies), Rich Koslowski (BB Wolf and the 3 LPs), Laura Martin (Girl Comics), Todd McFarlane (Spawn), Mark McKenna (Banana Tail), Terry Moore (Echo, SiP), Phil Noto (Avengers: The Origin), Ryan Ottley (Invincible), Jimmy Palmiotti (Jonah Hex), Eric Powell (The Goon), James Robinson (Justice League of America), Stephane Roux (Zatanna), Louise Simonson (X-Factor Forever), Walter Simonson (Thor), Jim Starlin (Dreadstar), Brian Stelfreeze (The Authority: The Lost Year), Karl Story (Zatanna), Mark Texeira (X-Men: Origins), Billy Tucci (Shi), Doug Wagner (World of Warcraft: Horde), Mark Waid (Irredeemable, Editor-in-Chief, Boom! Studios), Marv Wolfman (New Teen Titans), and John Workman (Heavy Metal).

In coming weeks, look for more announcements from the Baltimore Comic-Con. We are looking forward to highlighting our guests, the Harvey Awards, industry exclusives, and programming. The latest developments can always be found at our website (, Twitter (, Facebook (, MySpace (, and ComicSpace ( pages.

This year's Baltimore Comic-Con will be held August 28-29, 2010. Convention hours are Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM and Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM. The ceremony and banquet for the Harvey Awards will be held Saturday night, August 28th.

Contact Information
Please use the following e-mail addresses to contact the Baltimore Comic-Con: - for any general press inquiries or to be added to our PR distribution - for requesting exhibitor, publisher, and Artist Alley applications - for inquiries about submitted registrations - for communications regarding the Harvey Awards ceremony and banquet - for general Baltimore Comic-Con inquiries

About The Baltimore Comic-Con
The Baltimore Comic-Con is celebrating its 11th year of bringing the comic book industry to the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area. With a guest list unequaled in the industry, the Baltimore Comic-Con will be held August 28-29, 2010. For more information, please visit

About The Harvey Awards
The Harvey Awards are one of the comic book industry's oldest and most respected awards. With a history of over 20 years, the last 5 in conjunction with the Baltimore Comic-Con, the Harveys recognize outstanding achievements in over 20 categories. They are the only industry awards nominated and selected by the full body of comic book professionals. For more information, please visit

Mark Wheatley remembers Al Williamson

Al Williamson: A Personal Reflection
by Mark Wheatley
Jun 14, 2010

Publisher's Weekly on ALA's comic book presence

Graphic Novels in the Spotlight at ALA
By Brigid Alverson
Jun 15, 2010

OT: Al Capp notes - what do they all mean?

Don K has sent me some handwritten notes by Al Capp, but I can't help him figuring out what the topic is. Capp's strip was Li'l Abner, which as he aged, was ghosted by people like Frank Frazetta. Capp also moved across the political spectrum from high liberal to arch conservative.

Don writes, "I will be much interested in what you make of all this... maybe it will make more sense to you (or to somebody)."

If anyone has any idea what Capp's writing about, please post in the comments.

Animated "JC" cartoon protested before it's even started.


Religious coalition accuses Comedy Central of bad faith

 By Lisa de Moraes

Washington Post Friday, June 4, 2010; C04
I'm still catching up from Heroes Con.

Plum Loco web comic from Roy Delgado

Corcoran graduate Roy Delgado and Peter Plum and Peter Plum Jr. have a new webcomic out - Plum Loco.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Trickster on NPR

Missed this one at first - Matt Dembicki's interviewed, and Joseph Stands With Many has comments.

Hansen, Liane.  2010
Native American Folk Tales Take A Graphic Turn.
National Public Radio's Weekend Edition Sunday (June 6).
online at and and

Washington City Paper's Jonah Hex contest

Win a comic book and t-shirt from the movie Jonah Hex

[boy, I wish they'd tell me about these things]

One key difference between us and Japan - freedom of speech

Tokyo assembly votes down measure to regulate child porn in comics
(Mainichi Japan) June 14, 2010

We may have the First Amendment, but there's a law in the US that says possessors drawings of imaginary under-age cartoon characters (how is that even possible?) can be prosecuted for child pornography. Support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund today.

Here's a new interview with its head - Spurgeon, Tom. 2010.
CR Newsmaker Interview: Charles Brownstein Of The CBLDF.
Comics Reporter (June 13).

Comic book reviews by a local reader

Emilia, one of my co-workers in the Museum, let me know that she's got a site, Emilia's bookshelf: comic-books, where she reviews the comics she's read. I'm just checking it out now - and boy is she tough.

Interview with Trickster artist Andrew Cohen up at City Paper

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Trickster’s Andrew Cohen, Posted by Mike Rhode on Jun. 14, 2010.

Andrew and I will also be appearing on a panel at the DC Public Library on June 26th, talking about comics.

June 26: Graphic Content: A Conversation with Four DC Area Graphic Storytellers

I'll be moderating this, and Shannon "G.I. Joe" Gallant, Matt "Politico" Wuerker, Andrew "Trickster" Cohen and Evan "DC Conspiracy" Keeling will be speaking on creating comics.
Event: Graphic Content: A Conversation with Four DC Area Graphic Storytellers
Start Time: Saturday, June 26 at 1:00pm
End Time: Saturday, June 26 at 2:30pm
Where: Northwest One Neighborhood Library
155 L St, NW @ New Jersey Avenue

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Zadzooks on Elektra blue-ray release, Wednesday Comics and more

Zadzooks: Elektra, Alice in Wonderland and Spartacus
Depp's Hatter, Elektra worlds apart

By Joseph Szadkowski
Washington Times June 8, 2010

Comic book review: Wednesday Comics (hardcover)
by Joseph Szadkowski
Wednesday, June 9, 2010 - Zadzooks - Worlds of Comics, Gaming and Action Figures

Bennett's Best: Secret Avengers and Mystery Society
By Greg Bennett, Special to Zadzooks
Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bennett's Best: Serenity: Float Out and Superman/Batman
By Greg Bennett, Special to Zadzooks
Saturday, June 5, 2010

Brian Truitt on the formerly-dead Robin

'Lost Days' looks at Red Hood's tragic saga
By Brian Truitt, USA TODAY 6/3/2010

Comics on the Rack, Quick Picks for Comics Due 06-16-10

Quick Picks for Comics Due 06-16-10
By John Judy
AGE OF HEROES #2 of 4 by Paul Cornell, Dan Slott, Ty Templeton and Others.  An anthology of Marvel misfits taking their turns in the spotlight.  A must for fans of Gravity and The Gauntlet!
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #633 by Zeb Wells and Chris Bachalo.  The all-new, all-improved, kid-killing Lizard  takes his shot at killing Spidey.  Disturbing because, y'know, he killed his own kid.  The Lizard, I mean.  Probably not for younger readers.
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #634 by Joe Kelly and Michael Lark.  Back-up stories by Stan Lee and Marcos Martin and J.M. DeMatteis and Max Fiumara.  The Kraven chicks finally get into the game.  The comic so good they couldn't wait a week!  Twice the web-slinging in the same week!  Excelsior!
ATLAS #2 by Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman.  The 3-D Man enters the scene.  But will he be in IMAX too?
BIRDS OF PREY #2 by Gail Simone and Ed Benes.  The gals gang up to protect the Penguin!  They have their reasons!
THE BOYS #43 by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.  Wee Hughie versus Malchemical!  Everybody fights!  Awesome stuff!  NOT for kids!
BRIGHTEST DAY #4 by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Others.  Black Lantern Firestorm?!?  Are you kidding?!?  Okay Johns, time to get the clues out there…  Recommended.
CRIMINAL VOL. 5: SINNERS SC by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips.  The return of military deserter/bad-ass Tracy Lawless.  Highly recommended.  Not for kids.
CROSSED: FAMILY VALUES #2 of 6 by David Lapham and Javier Barreno.  Picking up where Garth Ennis left off, this one's about a country family running from the plague-infected maniacs who have taken over the world with at least one of them wondering if she wouldn't be safer on her own.  Absolutely not for kids, but great reading for the strong of stomach.
DC UNIVERSE LEGACIES #2 of 10 by Ken Wein and Andy and Joe Kubert, J.H. Williams and Scott Kolins.  Recounting the early days of masked adventuring in the DCU.  Newsboy Legion, Seven Soldiers and (of course) the JSA.  Awesome artists on the job!
HELLBLAZER #268 by Peter Milligan and Guiseppi Camuncoli.  Constantine is so desperate to get his marbles back he summons Shade the Changing Man!  All the way from the eighties!  A blast from the past!
I THOUGHT YOU WOULD BE FUNNIER SC written and drawn by Shannon Wheeler.  A collection of stuff by Eisner Award-winning New Yorker cartoonist Wheeler.  No long articles about restaurants and plays you'll never see, guaranteed!
INCREDIBLE HULK #610 by Greg Pak and Paul Pelletier.  Guess who's back.  The cover says it all.  About time!
NEW AVENGERS #1 by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen.  Oh come on, we all knew Bendis was never gonna leave this one behind!  A new assemblage begins here!  Gotta look!
ULTIMATE COMICS X #3 by Jeph Loeb and Arthur Adams.  Wow, that Arthur Adams is still a swell artist!  He's drawing this!
WALKING DEAD #73 by Robert Kirkman and Charles Adlard.  Living in the zombie-free haven of the DC metro area can make you lower your guard.  Don't do that.  Highly recommended.  Not for kids.