Thursday, June 07, 2007

Victor Vashi cartoons

Last weekend, I picked up some original cartoons by Victor Vashi at a flea market. These were originally done for the Plumbers Journal. The bookseller who had them wrote a note saying Vashi was the author of Red Primer for Children and Diplomats, Viewpoint Books, 1967 and illustrated the Handbook of Humor by Famous Politicians by Stephen Skubik.

Here's scans of all the cartoons, only a few of which still have their captions.


richardcthompson said...

Like everybody should, he's got his own Wikipedia page.

And the Red Primer is listed on Amazon, with a nice review giving it five stars.

Mike Rhode said...

I may turn the writing of this blog over to Richard who's doing more research for it than I.

Mike Rhode said...

And you might have a Wikipedia page -
- but nobody's made one for me. ;^( Although somebody's got wayyy too much time on their hands -

richardcthompson said...

Keep this blog going and I guarantee you'll get your own Wiki page within six months, especially when everybody links to stuff like the presidential caricatures post.

I tried to add something to my own page once, but it was deleted by whatever mysterious power edits such things. And just as well.