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Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 5/27/2024

Richard Sherman, Songwriter of Many Spoonfuls of Sugar, Dies at 95

By Anita Gates

New York Times May 27, 2024: :B5

online at https://www.nytimes.com/2024/05/25/arts/music/richard-m-sherman-dead.html


Jordan D White, New Editor of Venom/Symbiote & Hulk Comics At Marvel

Jordan D White was the X-Men editor during the Krakoan Age. But now that Tom Brevoort is taking over, what's happening to Jordan?

26 May 2024

by Rich Johnston



Source - Notes in the History of Art, Volume 43, Issue 2

The Scholarship of Comics: In Memoriam, David Kunzle (1936–2024)



    Editor's Note: Of Kunzle, Kids, and Komix

        Arne R. Flaten

    pp. 67–76


    Recycling as Reinvention in Early American Sunday Comics: Rudolph Dirks, R. F. Outcault, and the European Masters

        Christine Mugnolo

    pp. 77–88


    Back to Fumetti?

        Jan Baetens

    pp. 89–99


    The Batman TV Series (1966–68) and Its Impact on Batman Comic Books

        Ian Gordon

    pp. 100–110


    Heaven Official's Blessing: BL Culture and the Integration of Chinese Traditional Art Style in Web Comics

        Feixue Mei

    pp. 111–121


    On the Border in a Belgian Comic

        Mark McKinney

    pp. 122–132


    Colleen Doran Illustrates Neil Gaiman

        Kim A. Munson

    pp. 133–142


    Comics, Polyrepresentation, and the Limits of Representation

        Rik Spanjers

    pp. 143–151


    The Critique of the Modern Art Museum in Four Colors: Anna Haifisch's The Artist x MoMA [Germany]

        Helene L. Bongers

    pp. 152–162




The Disney+ Kingdom


Essays on Nostalgia, Representation and Branding

Edited by David Whitt and John Perlich

McFarland 2024



Acknowledgments vi


John Perlich and David Whitt 1

Navigating the Worst of Times: Nostalgia on Disney+

Rhema F. White 5

Ducks Fly Together: A Look at Disney+ as a Facilitator of Nostalgia and Transportation

Kristi Gatto 17

Recognizing the Princess as a Plus: Tracing as an Ideograph for Contemporary Representation and Progressive Revisions

Erika M. Thomas and Mindy Burnett 33

Doogie Kameāloha, M.D.: Gen Z to AAPI Direct Marketing and Its Effects on Native Hawaiians

Samantha Tecson 52

"Stick to the Status Quo" or the "Start of Something New"? Exploring the Highs and Lows of Disney+'s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

Lori Bindig Yousman 70

When the World Finally Sees Us: The Coming Out of the High School Musical Franchise

Jennessa Hester 88

Exploring Disney's Portrayal of Jessica Jones and ­She-Hulk as Complex Women Characters

Newly Paul and Gwendelyn S. Nisbett 103

Is Marvel a Transnational Revisionist Actor? Interpreting Change in the MCU ­Post-Blip "Real World"

Pablo A. Sánchez-Rodríguez 120

"This is the Way.": Reimagining Star Wars in the Revisionism of The Mandalorian

Raymond Blanton 137

A Great Disturbance… Andor, Diversity, and Representation in the Star Wars Universe

John Perlich and Tim Baird 155

Behind My Attraction: A Disney World Autoethnography

David Whitt 171


Olivia Jaimes to Take a Leave from Nancy

D. D. Degg      



Toronto Comics Arts Festival (TCAF) 2024 (May 10 - 12th) - 29 Pictures

Jamie Coville's MP3 Files



Maurice Vellekoop: I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together (1:01:32, 140.0mb)


interviewed by Rachel Giese.


Artists Talk on Grants: How to Get Them and How to Use Them (1:05:34, 150.0mb)



Moderated by Allison O'Toole, panelists were Josh Rosen, Victoria Day and Steven Andrews.


Indy Comics: Now More Than Ever! With Avi Ehrlich (59:45, 136mb)



Allison O'Toole interviews Avi Ehrlich of Silver Sprocket


Creative Law 101 with Michael Duboff (1:04:22, 147mb)




Workshop: Memory into Mini-Comics (37:21, 85.5mb)


Lara Antal  


State of the Industry Roundtable (1:03:06, 144mb)



On the panel was Alexander Finbow, Tracy Hurren, Avi Ehrlich and Andy Brown. The panel was moderated by MJ Lyons.


Canada Post Graphic Novel Stamp Panel (1:07:56, 155mb)



Miles Baker did the introduction, then Carrie Chisholm from Canada Post announced they made new stamps with Seth, Jillian & Mariko Tamaki, Chester Brown and Michel Rabagliati based on their books Clyde Fans, This One Summer, Louis Riel and Paul à Québe


Gleem: Freddy Carrasco Spotlight (55:53, 127mb)


Ho Che Anderson interviews Freddy Carrasco about his book Gleem


Gene Luen Yang Spotlight (45:18, 103mb)


moderator Mark Askwith


Raeghan Buchanan - Drawing History out of Obscurity (51:18, 117mb)



Joe Matt Tribute (50:27, 115mb)


Panelists were Chris Oliveros, Adrian Tomine, Seth, Chester Brown and Jeet Heer.


Ask a (Comics) Librarian (57:03, 130mb)


On the panel was Natalie DeJonghe, Tina Coleman, Lindsay Gibb, Scott Robins, Fatma Faraji, Dr. Lucia Cedeira Serantes and Amie Wright (moderator).


Paneled Rheum - Art, Comics and Sequential Narrative (55:03, 126mb)



Moderated by Jessica Campbell, the panelists were Thijs Desmet, Kit Anderson, Aiden Koch and Kristen Hatfield.


Keith Knight Spotlight (58:11, 133mb)




Laugh Riot - Humour in Comics: Parody, Satire and Commentary (55:24, 126mb)


Creators Jade Armstrong, Mitch Lohmeier, Thom, Rick Altergott and eventually Keith Knight talk to Robert Sikoryak.  


Deni Loubert Spotlight (54:37, 125mb)


Deni was interviewed by Dr. Rebecca Sullivan about Starting Renegade Press,  


Toronto Comicon 2024 (March 15 - 17th) - 9 Pictures

Jamie Coville's MP3 Files



Sketch Duel: Mike Rooth vs. Hugh Rookwood (and vs. Jay Fosgitt) (39:50, 91.2mb)


The Moderator was JM Clark.


Larry F. Houston Spotlight (44:24, 101mb)



 Interviewing Larry was Victor Dandridge. Larry spoke about his career in animation with a lot of focus on the 1992 X-Men cartoon.


Sketch Duel: Casey Parsons vs. Chris Compana (47:06, 107mb)


The panel was moderated by Martin Duncan.


Opinion: Alcaraz has parallels with pioneering 19th-century cartoonist Thomas Nast; Both took on reactionary forces who wanted to preserve White dominance of America [letters]

Herman Baca

May 15, 2024 https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/story/2024-05-15/lalo


'Unapologetically Rhode Island': Creator Will Henry on why 'Wallace the Brave' is so special

Providence Journal



Humans: Jeff McIntyre creates graphic novels that are accessible for all [Canada]

By Mat Dicsi

May 14, 2024



Learn how to become an astrobiologist in new issue of NASA's graphic novel series

By Jeff Spry

May 15, 2024



Book Reviews: The Jellyfish by Boum; Robin Lang and Helge Dascher (trans.) [Graphic medicine, Canada]

Andrew Woodrow-Butcher



Interview: MAN WITH A MISSION North American Tour 2024

The Beat sits down with the band ahead of their US-Mexico headline tour [anime music]

Adam Wescott




IDEAS DON'T BLEED episode eighty-nine | Jordan Thomas, part one

May 27, 2024



The pretty and poisonous worlds of Webtoon creator Lee Yone

Adam takes a deep dive into the Surviving Romance creator

Adam Wescott




Before Lee Yone: MISS GUILLOTINE, Gaje and Lezhin Comics

Adam Wescott closes out his deep dive on Lee Yone by revealing her pre-WEBTOON output

Adam Wescott




Webtoonist interview - Gajae <Miss. Guillotine>

임하빈 | 2019-12-13 12:44



A Walk Across Northampton to visit Alan Moore with Iain Sinclair (4K)

John Rogers

 May 26, 2024



Kim Kardashian and Ye's Daughter North West Performs 'Lion King' Song at Disney Celebration

Ryan Gajewski

May 25, 2024



Damon Lindelof Working on Green Lanterns TV Series

'Ozark' showrunner Chris Mundy and comics author Tom King are also part of the creative team, James Gunn announced Saturday.

Borys Kit

May 25, 2024



'Flow' Review: An Enchanting Eco-Fable About Community That Makes Artisanal Magic Out of 3D Animation. Latvian director Gints Zilbalodis' second feature tails a cat that bands together with other animals on a survival journey following a cataclysmic flood.

David Rooney

May 24, 2024


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Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 5/25-26/2024

Another reason to be up in arms [Ramirez letter]

Bruce Krebs,

Washington Post May 25 2024.

online at https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2024/05/24/jackson-state-killings-kent-state-massacre/


In Memoriam: Comic artist and colourist John Michael Burns

By John Freeman on May 24, 2024



How comic books help us to relive our childhood

  October 13, 2016  

 Benoît Peeters 



Comics captured America's growing ambivalence about the Vietnam War [comic books]

  September 20, 2017  

 Cathy Schlund-Vials



Cartoon politics: the literary ghosts of elections past and present [editorial cartoon sources]

  April 21, 2015  

 David Francis Taylor



New comic book series documenting the history of Ibiza is coming out

'We Love Ibiza' is a visual representation of the White Isle's evolution over 70 years

    Gemma Ross

    10 May 2024



New graphic novel tells Sacajawea's story

Book written from stories passed down by Shoshone elders, told by Randy'L Teton

    By RAIZA GIORGI Express Staff Writer

    May 10, 2024



From MCM, The Number Of Comic Shops Has Not Gone Down In Ten Years

Live From MCM London Comic Con: against the usual on-line narrative, the number of comic book shops has not gone down in ten years.

 24 May 2024 

by Rich Johnston



Interview: AVERY HILL Co-Publisher Ricky Miller in conversation with SENNEN author Shanti Rai

Topics covered include comics in the United Kingdom

  Ricky Miller




What's all the buzz about? The Wayne County Arts Alliance presents art by John Kascht

  May 15, 2024




Interview: The Man of Steel faces new dangers in MY ADVENTURES WITH SUPERMAN Season Two

We chat with voice actors Alice Lee and Ishmel Sahid plus producers Jake Wyatt, Brendan Clogher, and Josie Campbell about the new season of the DC animated series

Taimur Dar




MY ADVENTURES WITH SUPERMAN producers tease the new villains of Season 2

Taimur Dar

Comics Beat May 25, 2024



Alice Lee & Ishmel Sahid talk MY ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN Season 2

Taimur Dar

Comics Beat

 May 25, 2024



Terrificon Update from Mitch Hallock

word balloon May 23, 2024



Live from New York... Missives on frazzled late nights working for Saturday Night Live!

Ed Steckley Illustrator May 25, 2024



Don Perlin, Comic Book Artist Who Found Success Late, Dies at 94

His Moon Knight was a hit in the 1970s, 30 years after he began his career. Bloodshot, another popular superhero, followed two decades later.

By George Gene Gustines

May 26, 2024



'Loving, Ohio' Writer Matthew Erman On How Surviving A Cult Inspired His New Graphic Novel

Mary Beth McAndrews 

May 10, 2024 https://www.dreadcentral.com/news/503102/loving-ohio-writer-matthew-erman-on-how-surviving-a-cult-inspired-his-new-graphic-novel/


Discussion: Have We Been Distorting the Comic Book Collecting Hobby?

Jerry Lucky May 10, 2024



Comic strips add humor, stability to a crazy world [op-ed]

Looking back on lessons learned from Charlie Brown, Dennis the Menace and others

By Christopher de Vinck

May 11, 2024



S.F. author Robert Mailer Anderson honors Castro Theatre with new graphic novel ["My Fairy Godfather"]

By Aidin Vaziri,

May 10, 2024



Richard M. Sherman, 'Mary Poppins' and 'It's a Small World' Songwriter, Dies at 95

Tim Gray

May 25, 2024 



Remembering Disney Legend Richard M. Sherman

May 25, 2024



Kablam! Ellis Opens 'What's The Issue?' Comics in Branford

By Pam Johnson • 05/15/2024 https://www.zip06.com/person-of-the-week/20240515/kablam-ellis-opens-whats-the-issue-comics-in-branford/


Evanier, Mark. 2024.

Tom Luth, R.I.P.

News from M.E. (May 25): https://www.newsfromme.com/2024/05/25/tom-luth-r-i-p/


DC Comics Presentation at MCM London – Finest, Compact & Nicola Scott


Dustin Kitchens, Sales Manager at DC Comics, showed some spine at the MCM London Comic Con today at the Diamond Retailer event.

 25 May 2024

by Rich Johnston



Save me from these celebrity comics

    By Cliff Cumber

Frederick News-Post May 13, 2024



I've Read Manga on Tablets and eReaders for Years, Here's Which I Prefer

By Sydney Butler

May 13, 2024



Drawing from Life:  Local cartoonist has been drawing a daily, autobiographical comic for 23 years and counting. [Ben Snakepit]

Sommer Browning

May 13, 2024



The monstrous mind behind the summer's most anticipated graphic novel; Emil Ferris burst onto the scene with "My Favorite Thing Is Monsters." It took everything she had [in print as Inside the monstrous mind of Emil Ferris]

By Sophia Nguyen

Washington Post May 26, 2024: B5.

online at https://www.washingtonpost.com/books/2024/05/23/emil-ferris-my-favorite-thing-is-monsters-interview/


Mary E. Mendez, and Onell R. Soto,

Opinion: La Cucaracha comic strip fans push back at critics who want it out of U-T; They say there is nothing wrong with cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz using his free speech rights or with the newspaper sharing his views [letters]

May 10, 2024 https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/story/2024-05-10/opinion-la-cucaracha-comic-strip-fans-push-back-at-critics-who-want-it-out-of-u-t


Carol Breier, Jessica Schulz, Elizabeth Lunn, Jeff Goodhartz, and Sandra Robbins

Opinion: Most readers continue to come to defense of Alcaraz, La Cucaracha; The seeming consensus: If you don't like the comic strip, don't read it. But don't try to keep the strip from other [letters]

May 13, 2024



Comic: How one artist confronted his alcoholism [Julio Salgado]

By Julio Salgado

May 13, 2024



Jon Dunbar

Graphic novel creators preview release of 'No Rules Tonight'

2024-05-14 https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/nation/2024/05/113_374137.html


The perfect pairing: Accessible, inspiring and original, poetry comics are a gift to readers and publishers alike.

Chris McCabe

 May 14, 2024



A cosmic chronicle [Space Odyssey, graphic history, European Space Agency]




At the Library: Local libraries providing expanded access to comics, graphic novels, manga [Idaho]

    By Rebecca Rivapalacio, Latah County Library District

    May 11, 2024



James Gunn Shares 'Lanterns' Update: Damon Lindelof, Chris Mundy & Tom King Among Writers For DCU Series

May 25 2025



Overheard at the Met Gala [in print as Overheard Outside the Met Gala]

A look beyond the red carpet at the fans who staked out a spot to see the fashion and glamour in person.

Interviews by Nancy Coleman

Illustrations by Vidhya Nagarajan

New York Times May 26, 2024: AR2,'

online at https://www.nytimes.com/2024/05/25/arts/overheard-met-gala.html


Nikki Haley endorses Trump: What was Mike Luckovich thinking?

The artist explains his process.

By Mike Luckovich

May 25, 2024



Fredric Wertham, Cartoon Villain; Wertham convinced 1950s America that comic books led to depravity. He also used his extremist views to raise money for an anti-racist clinic in Harlem.

 Matthew Wills

JSTOR May 12, 2024



Interview : Yann et la Grande Zohra le souvenir des Trentes Glorieuses et de la guerre d'Algérie

Jean-Laurent Truc

26 mai 2024



A perfect Sunday with...Danny Khazem [Marvel Comics editor]

Cavan Scott

The Cavletter May 26, 2024 https://www.cavletter.com/a-perfect-sunday-with-danny-khazem/


EDDIE AHN for ADVOCATE (Live in-store!)

Comix Experience May 26 2025



"It's Night and Day, Honestly": Retailer Brandon Schatz on Reframing Variant Edition in the Wake of Disaster [Canada store]

By David Harper

May 22, 2024



Patrick Horvath reflects on Eisner Awards nomination for 'Beneath the Trees Where Nobody Sees'

David Brooke

May 21, 2024



AIPT Comics Podcast Episode 276: DC in August and Dan Watters and Ram V revive a legend in 'Creature from the Black Lagoon Lives!'

David Brooke and Nathan Simmons

May 19, 2024



X-Men Monday #252 – Sinister Secrets of the Krakoan Era: Part 2

Chris Hassan

May 20, 2024



Meet the Team - Brian Chambers

Ralph Steadman Art Collection May 26, 2024