Saturday, September 24, 2022

Local part-time cartoonist Sarah Boxer reviews photo exhibits

Sarah's multi-talented and it was a pleasure to see her at SPX this weekend. I'm looking forward to reading this.

The Photographic Search for True West

In two new shows, Robert Adams and Georgia O'Keeffe take different approaches to a land of loss.

That darn “Frank and Ernest”, Brodner and Flashbacks

Standardized tests are not indicative of potential [ "Frank and Ernest" letter]

Andrew Ryu

Big kudos to the 'big lie' essay [Brodner]

Bob Latham

This educational comic strip will be missed ["Flashbacks"]

Cavna on the slow strangulation of the newspaper comic strip

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 9/23/22

Gus Arriola and Gordo, agents of Mexican culture

By Joan Boudreau,

National Museum of American History's Oh Say Can You See blog November 17, 2021


Jen Troy Talks CW Supergirl TV and Her new Graphic Novel

  Aug 26, 2022



Joe Illidge Talks Heavy Metal DC and More

Aug 25, 2022



Rob Hart and Alex Segura's Crime Comic Blood Oath

Sep 21, 2022



ROSEMARY MOSCO for EXPEDITION BACKYARD — Sept 2022 Kids' Club Selection

  Sep 18, 2022

Comix Experience


NICK DRAGOTTA for GHOST CAGE — Sept 2022 Graphic Novel Club Selection

  Sep 21, 2022

Comix Experience


Off Panel #367: Cool World with Ryan Stegman

David Harper

Sep 19, 2022


Ep. 77 – MOB PSYCHO 100, by ONE

David Brothers et al


September 21, 2022


The Raymond Briggs Interview by Paul Gravett

September 23, 2022

From The Comics Journal #250 (February 2003)


Rob Liefeld Vs. Don Simpson Round Two – The Splitting Image Years

September 22, 2022

by Rich Johnston


Dynamite Doubles Or Triples Orders At FOC With Diamond Comics

 September 22, 2022

by Rich Johnston


Slipgate Complex – This Week's Links

Clark Burscough | September 23, 2022


Animation Is Film Festival Announces Competition Lineup

'Little Nicholas' and 'My Father's Dragon' are among the films in competition. 'Wendell & Wild' will open the fest with its U.S. premiere.

Carolyn Giardina

September 22, 2022


Reviews - TUKI: Fight for Family [Jeff Smith].

Irene Velentzas | September 22, 2022


Reviews - Keeping Two [Jordan Crane]

Lane Yates | September 20, 2022


'Count Crowley': Actor/Writer David Dastmalchian Talks The Future His Retro & Subversive Horror Comic

Josh Weiss

Sep 15, 2022


Political Discourse and Ideological Polarisation (sic) in the Narrative of the Tintin Comics

Abhay Shetty

International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences

Vol-7, Issue-4; Jul-Aug, 2022


Diane Noomin, the underground cartoonist behind DiDi Glitz, dies at 75 [in print as Artist behind DiDi Glitz challenged boys club of underground cartoonists]

By Terence McArdle

Washington Post September 23 2022

online at


The Daily Heller: The Blues in Black & White [Tony Mostrom]

By Steven Heller

September 16, 2022

 The Daily Heller


The Brexit Effect: Part 1 – Comics Self-Publishers on the Significant Impact on Income After the UK's Departure from the EU

by Andy Oliver

September 12, 2022


The Brexit Effect: Part 2 – Comics Publishers on the Loss of Vital Revenue Streams and Markets, and the Ever Rising Production Costs Post-Brexit

by Andy Oliver

September 20, 2022


SCARRED BATMAN: ALAN BRENNERT's Surprising, Lasting Contribution to Superhero Mythos

Dan Greenfield on Sep 20, 2022


Smash Pages Q&A | Mike Dawson

The creator of 'Troop 142,' 'Angie Bongiolatti' and more discusses the second book in his 'The Fifth Quarter' series.

Alex Dueben

September 20, 2022


Surfside Girls: Kim Dwinell

By Sheena McNeil

September 12, 2022


Doughnuts and Doom: Balazs Lorinczi

By Sheena McNeil

September 5, 2022


Order of the Night Jay: Jonathan Schnapp

By Sheena McNeil

September 19, 2022


Irma Kniivila and Tri Vuong launch "Everyday Hero Machine Boy"

By Paul Lai | September 19th, 2022


INTERVIEW: Melanie Gillman Chats About Craving Queer Community in Other Ever Afters

  Emily Lauer September 20, 2022


Melanie Gillman's "Other Ever Afters" Part 2: On Craft & Building New, Queer Fairy Tales

By Elias Rosner | September 20th, 2022


Our favorite queer comics creators recommend the best queer indie comics

Where to start in comics' fantastic, growing world of queer fantasy, sci-fi, drama, YA, and erotica

By Tasha Robinson@TashaRobinson Sep 20, 2022


The moon—it's for the birds

Michael DeForge's new graphic novel paints a human-free utopia.

by Megan Kirby September 20, 2022


Dan Jurgens swings in with an all-new Tarzan series, 'Lord of the Jungle'

Chris Coplan

September 20, 2022


Megan Huang unpacks her sequel 'Rangers of The Divide II: Into the Depths'

David Brooke

September 22, 2022


Grappling with the 'Flash': Jeremy Adams talks wrestling shenanigans in #787

David Brooke

September 23, 2022


Declan Shalvey talks genres and heroes in 'Old Dog'

Chris Coplan

September 22, 2022


Chuck Brown dissects the violence and healing at the heart of 'Flawed'

Chris Coplan

September 20, 2022


With 'Ducks,' the creator of Hark! A Vagrant reveals her shadow side

September 22, 2022

Etelka Lehoczky


How Kate Beaton Paid Off Her Student Loans

"Ducks," the Canadian cartoonist's new graphic memoir, chronicles two years she spent working in the Athabasca oil sands, in northeastern Alberta.

By Sam Thielman

September 23, 2022


'Firebuds' Gives a Face to Emergency Workers, and Their Vehicles

A new Disney animated series aims to instill helpfulness, commitment to service and a sense of community in its young viewers.

By Laurel Graeber

A version of this article appears in print on Sept. 23, 2022, Section C, Page 15 of the New York edition with the headline: Emergency Workers Drive Into Children's TV.


Into the raunchy, violent danger zone of 'Archer'

Glen Weldon, Stephen Thompson, Kathy Tu

Pop Culture Happy Hour September 19, 2022


Patton Oswalt's Fall 2022 Comics Recommendations!

Andrew Sumner  Sep 22, 2022

Forbidden Planet TV


The Weird and Wonderful History of Marvel Theme Park Rides

Marvel's theme park rides have often been out of left field for legal reasons, but Guardians of the Galaxy's success was a game-changer for Disney.

  By Gavin Jasper | September 23, 2022

Friday, September 23, 2022

PCHH on Archer

The Post's obit for Diane Noomin

Diane Noomin, the underground cartoonist behind DiDi Glitz, dies at 75 [in print as Artist behind DiDi Glitz challenged boys club of underground cartoonists]

She challenged the boys club of underground comics with a character who endured sleazy men, bad hookups and hangovers but loved gossip and cocktails and decorated excessively

NPR reviews Beaton's Ducks

With 'Ducks,' the creator of Hark! A Vagrant reveals her shadow side

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 9/22/22


Urasawa Naoki: An 'Adult' Since He Was Young

Natsume Fusanosuke | September 22, 2022


Don Simpson Has A Few Things To Say About Rob Liefeld's WhatNot Cover

September 21, 2022

by Rich Johnston



Brigid Alverson on September 21, 2022


Yoruba superhero to be turned into TV cartoon series [Roye Okupe, YouNeek, Iyanu]

Bola Mosuro

Focus on Africa 20 September 2022


Drawing Us Together: Public Life and Public Health in Contemporary Comics: Bibliography for the Exhibition Library

Meg Rotzel

Harvard Radcliffe Institute 2022


Drawing Us Together: Public Life and Public Health in Contemporary Comics Opening

Hillary Chute, Joel Christian Gill, and James Sturm

Harvard Radcliffe Institute


Is Marvel Unlimited Worth It?

Chris M. Arnone Sep 22, 2022


Comic Book Club: Matthew Rosenberg, Phil Jimenez, Chris Gilberti And Giles Clarke

Sep 13, 2022


Comic book pioneer and journalist Orrin C. Evans

P+P: John Gallagher on 9/23

John Gallagher - Max Meow Series - at Conn Ave - Art All Night: Van Ness Main Street 2022

Upcoming Event
Friday, September 23, 2022 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Art All Night returns to Van Ness Main Street on Friday, September 23rd, 2022!

Click here to learn more about Art All Night.

Join Politics and Prose from 6-7:30 PM to see author and illustrator John Gallagher demonstrate mini comic illustrations from his Max Meow series.

Van Ness Main Street's Art All Night 2022 will be an evening filled with local music, dance, film, art and community all along Connecticut Ave in Van Ness, Forest Hills and Wakefield. Free. Outdoors. Metro accessible.

The 2022 Art All Night Festival is funded by the DC Commission on Arts and Humanities and is made possible by the DC Department of Small and Local Business Development. Our VNMS host sponsors are the University of the District of Columbia, Calvert Woodley Fine Wines and Spirits, Superlative Events, Argus Events and Bread Furst. Special thanks to I'm Eddie Cano and the Italian Bar for sponsoring our AAN Social Media contest.

New from YouNeek's newsletter

Over the weekend, Malika - Warrior Queen won comic book of the DECADE at the Lagos Comic Con event.


To say I'm honored is an understatement.

Also, I did a really cool interview with BBC News where I talked about all things Iyanu (the comic books, the Cartoon Network / HBO Max / Lion Forge Animation animated series, and more.)

New Webtoons comic from Joe and Laurel Sutliff

Joe let me know, " My daughter Laurel and I are doing a webtoons comic - she came up with the idea and is doing all the writing, and I'm trying to teach myself anime and keep up. You can see what we have so far on Webtoons here:

Or the website where we will eventually post more stuff -"

They were at SPX this weekend and I picked up their intro mini.

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 9/21/22

Tens of Thousands of Dollars' Worth of Comic Books Stolen: Store Owner

Falls Church police investigate the burglary of Victory Comics where it is estimated about $40,000 worth of comic books was stolen.

By Nuria Diaz Munoz & Walter Morris • Published September 20, 2022  • Updated on September 21, 2022


One Piece Published as ONEPIECE, A Single Comic 21,450 Pages Long

September 20, 2022

by Rich Johnston


Dispatches from Comics Camp – A Report from SPX 2022

Jason Bergman | September 21, 2022


SPX Returns to In-Person Comics Festival

By Meg Lemke and Calvin Reid

Sep 21, 2022


SPX '22: The Year of Magical People

This year's SPX was a return to form, and another happy gathering of the indie comics community.

Heidi MacDonald



Diane Noomin, Noted Feminist Underground Cartoonist, Dies at 75

By Brigid Alverson

Sep 15, 2022


Lucas Museum delays opening to 2025, 'all areas of construction' moving forward

By Deborah Vankin

Sept. 20, 2022


NYCC '22: Bright Lights, Big Fandom

By Heidi MacDonald

Sep 16, 2022

A version of this article appeared in the 09/19/2022 issue of Publishers Weekly under the headline: Bright Lights, Big Fandom


PRHPS to Distribute Dark Horse Comics to Direct Market

Sep 21, 2022


Distribution shuffle: Geppi's response, and PRH's majority share; Steve Geppi had a sharp retort to Dark Horse's move to PRH; but by 2023 PRH will be the largest distributor to the direct market

 Heidi MacDonald 09/21/2022


Lee Action Reaction (Dilbert Update) [syndication]

 D. D. Degg

September 20, 2022


It's A Woke Conspiracy to Cancel Dilbert! [syndication]

 D. D. Degg

September 21, 2022


David Boyd – RIP

by D. D. Degg

September 21, 2022


Retiring cartoonist Boyd has long, illustrious career

Alex McRae

Newnan Times-Herald Jun. 27, 2016_


Farewell to a legend: David Boyd passes away

By Rebecca Leftwich

Sep. 21, 2022


Artists Are Welcomed Here (Short Documentary) [editorial cartoonist David Boyd ]

JWH Productions January 31, 2018


Kate Beaton: 'I Stopped Drawing... I Lost Myself'

Terry Hong

Shelf Awareness (September 16 2022):


'We had to leave home for a better future': Kate Beaton on the brutal, drug-filled reality of life in an oil camp

Claire Armitstead


Thu 15 Sep 2022 v

Last modified on Tue 20 Sep 2022


Kate Beaton on creating the best graphic novel of 2022

Ducks is a devastating memoir about life in the oil sands of northern Alberta.

Graeme McMillan, - 9/17/2022


A Debt Repaid: Kate Beaton's 'Ducks'

by Heidi MacDonald

Sep 21, 2022


Life in Canada's Oil Sands – Kate Beaton interview of her new graphic novel, Ducks

By Rah Hernandez and Niba

Posted on 9.15.22


Kate Beaton's new book is a graphic memoir of her time working in Alberta's oil sands

q with Tom Power

Sep. 15, 2022


Four new graphic novels: from the mind-blowing to the exciting to downright unnerving

Work from Nick Drnaso, Mariko Tamaki, Michael DeForge, and Guelph's Jay Stephens

By Mike Donachie

Toronto Star Sept. 15, 2022


Boldly Bringing Lower Decks to Comics: An Interview with Ryan North

Pick up Star Trek: Lower Decks #1 at your local comic shop this week!

Ensigns Avery Kaplan and Rebecca Oliver Kaplan

September 13, 2022


PW Comics World: More To Come

More to Come 534: Rebecca Hall and The Hidden History of Women-Led Slave Revolts

Calvin Reid, Rebecca Hall, Saidiya Hartman, DeWanda Wise, Tyler English-Beckwit

on 09/16/2022


'Are You American?': The Question I Couldn't Answer

By Rumi Hara

A version of this article appears in print on Sept. 18, 2022, Section SR, Page 9 of the New York edition


Vladimír Dzuro's Czech Embassy book talk, and his upcoming graphic novel

 by Bruce Guthrie

ComicsDC blog September 21, 2022