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Bud Grace - collected!

Former local cartoonist Bud Grace has collected all of his comic strips. That's a darned amazing and good thing. More details here -

PR: DC Zinefest Registration Open Now

Hey Zinesters,

Want to table and/or present a workshop at DC Zinefest (Saturday, October 26th from 11 am - 4 pm)?  Registration is now open!  Click here to register or visit our website to learn more.

Applicants are selected by lottery with priority given to LBGTQIA+, low income, disabled, and/or BIPOC zinesters.  Grants are available based on financial need.

Saturday, June 29, 2024

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 6/28/2024

'He was greater than Bob Marley': the shocking tale of Jamaican ska pioneer Don Drummond [Trombone Man: Ska's Fallen Genius]

Inspired by a boxing, DJing nun, the trombonist laid down the foundations of reggae – but he was also a schizophrenic who killed his girlfriend, Jamaica's 'rhumba queen' Margarita. A new graphic novel retells their stories

Rick Williams

Fri 28 Jun 2024


In Memoriam: Peter B. Gillis

Scoop June 28 2024


Convention Recap: Garden State Comic Fest

Contributed by collector and Overstreet Advisor Art Cloos
Photos by Alice Cloos 

Scoop June 28 2024


Garden State Comic Fest in Photos Part I 

Photos by Alice Cloos 

Scoop June 28 2024


Heroes Convention in Photos Part II
Scoop June 28 2024


Insight Studios Heads to Baltimore Comic-Con
Scoop June 28 2024


Harvey Mercheum  (aka Harvey Comics Merchandise Virtual Museum)


From "Under Cork" to Overcoming: Black Images in the Comics

Steven Loring Jones


Racial Insensitivity in Pre-WWII Comics and the Missing Vintage Barney Google Strips

D. D. Degg




Webtoon IPO: Stock price will be closely watched today as comics platform debuts on Nasdaq



My Favorite Cartoonist - Ivan Ehlers.
Daniel Tosh
Jun 25, 2024 Tosh Show


Bringing Brooklyn To The Stage with Cartoonist and Playwright Dean Haspiel
Ryan Zlomek
Meditations with Ryan Zlomek podcast 24; Jun 19, 2024


Korean web comic giant set for $2.7bn market debut

By João da Silva, Business reporter

June 27 2024


Webtoon Raises Over $300 Million in Public Offering

By Jim Milliot | 

Jun 27, 2024


I Saw My Anxiety Reflected in 'Inside Out 2.' It Floored Me.

By Maya Phillips

In a way that's both cathartic and devastating, Pixar's latest portrays how anxiety can take hold, our critic writes.

A version of this article appears in print on June 25, 2024, Section C, Page 6 of the New York edition with the headline: Anxiety in 'Inside Out 2' Feels Incredibly True to Life.


San Diego Comic-Con 2024: Welcome to Comic-Con City

The San Diego Comic-Con draws fans and industry folks from around the world, but it's a hometown show at heart

By Heidi MacDonald 

Jun 21, 2024

A version of this article appeared in the 06/24/2024 issue of Publishers Weekly under the headline: Welcome to Comic-Con City


San Diego Comic-Con 2024: Not Just Comics at the Con

By Tiffany Babb 

Jun 21, 2024

A version of this article appeared in the 06/24/2024 issue of Publishers Weekly under the headline: Not Just Comics at the Con


San Diego Comic-Con for Newbies: A Survival Guide

By Heidi MacDonald 

Jun 21, 2024

A version of this article appeared in the 06/24/2024 issue of Publishers Weekly under the headline:


The Sun is a Wondrous Body – This Week's Links

Clark Burscough | June 28, 2024


John Higgins: "Dredd is still my #1 character" – The 2000 AD Thrill-Cast

Jun 24, 2024 The 2000 AD Thrill-Cast


Off Panel #454: Merrily We Roll Along with James Tynion IV

  June 24 2024


Inside Look: Eighty Days – A.C. Esguerra Provides an Exclusive Creator Commentary on Their Alternative History Queer Romance Graphic Novel

by A.C. Esguerra

June 26, 2024


ALA 2024: The Greater Good: PW Talks with Jay Jay Patton

By Pooja Makhijani

Jun 24, 2024


San Diego Comic-Con 2024: Strange Fan: PW Talks with Zoe Thorogood

PW talks with SDCC 2024 special guest Zoe Thorogood

By Tiffany Babb

Jun 21, 2024

A version of this article appeared in the 06/24/2024 issue of Publishers Weekly under the headline: PW talks with SDCC 2024 special guest Zoe Thorogood


Former UFC, WWE star Ronda Rousey finds 'path that I was meant for' as graphic novelist

By Chuck Schilken

June 25, 2024


Where comic books meet healthcare: 'We recognise that we need to communicate in different ways'

A conference in Athlone will highlight how comics can be a powerful way to explain and understand illness and cure

Sheila Wayman

Tue Jun 25 2024

Kitchener author Anna Humphrey's graphic novel focuses on some sassy bunnies

Buns Gone Bad tells the story of bunny siblings Biggie, Bongi and Flop

Craig Norris

CBC News Jun 23, 2024


Sarah Becker (2024), The Real World: Miami star 

By Linnea Crowther June 24, 2024


How Peter Gillis' "What If Captain America Were Not Revived Until Today?" Speaks to Readers in 2024

A prescient warning from Cap.

By Paul Morton

June 25, 2024


Joe Casey and Sebastián Piriz talk action and mystery in 'Jonny Quest'

The latest 'Jonny Quest' series debuts this August.

Chris Coplan

June 25, 2024


Ben Stenbeck talks relationships, endings for new 'Our Bones Dust' TPB

The 'Our Bones Dust' TPB is available this week.

Chris Coplan

June 25, 2024


Caza talks 'Arkadi and The Lost Titan' as a new English translation launches

The special edition book is part of a soon-to-be completed Kickstarter campaign.

Chris Coplan

June 25, 2024


X-Men Monday #257 – Alex Paknadel Talks 'X-Men: From the Ashes Infinity Comic'

Chris Hassan

June 24, 2024


Gail Simone, Aly Fell, and Letty Wilson talk 'Misty' horror comic anthology

The 'Misty' anthology drops on July 17.

David Brooke

June 27, 2024


Hunter Gorinson and Sierra Hahn detail Oni-led relaunch of EC Comics

The iconic line returns with two new titles and a game plan to conquer comics.

Chris Coplan

June 27, 2024

Busi Rizzi, Giorgio, and Sara Zanetti. 2024. "Positioning Peanuts: Linus, Charlie, and the Making of Auteur Comics Magazines in Italy and France (1965-1975)."

DH Benelux 2024, Leuven, Belgium.


'Cameras and young people belong together': Camera Comics (1944-46) as an imaginative, ideological and commercial space for addressing and depicting American child photographers

Annebella Pollen

Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics 25 Jun 2024


A glimpse into the creation of Champion of the Rose, your next queer, anti-colonial fave manga [Philippines]

  Sam Ledesma

adobo Magazine June 27, 2024

Think Like An Artist
Wisdom, inspiration and creative problem-solving from 67 Canadian artists. Draw a card to begin.
May 2024

Summer author chat: Anna Humphrey
Craig Norris
CBC's The Morning Edition - K-W June 2024

What does it mean to grow old as an LGBTQ person?
Jamal Jordan and Arantza Peña Popo (ill.)
June 27, 2024

Carol Day Story Books and Riverside Racket in the works
By John Freeman on June 27, 2024

'Despicable Me 4' Review: Gru's Family Grows in Illumination Animation That Serves Up Familiar Antics
Lovia Gyarkye
June 28, 2024

How A Digital Painter Creates Animated Drawings With Cartoon Animator
Davey Bake
Cartoon Brew Connect | 06/26/2024

Major Laika Exhibition Coming To London's BFI Southbank
By Amid Amidi | 06/27/2024

"I've had my descents into hell" - Heavy Metal artist Caza talks Arkadi and the Lost Titan, the visionary sci-fi masterpiece that took him 20 years to complete
By Will Salmon
Newsarama June 26 2024
Interview | Caza's masterpiece gets its first ever English translation

DC store moves to 1524 U St!
Big Planet Comics Jun 28, 2024

Dave Sim's CEREBUS is on Humble Bundle
The controversial figure's once-beloved series is available for cheap – with a portion going to charity
Dean Simons

Dan Harmon Says 'Rick and Morty' Fans Have Accepted the New Voices: 'We're Past It. It Worked, We Transitioned to a New Era'
Jun 24, 2024  
Michael Schneider

Betty Boop Time Travels to New York, and Broadway, Next Spring
By Michael Paulson
A version of this article appears in print on June 28, 2024, Section C, Page 4 of the New York edition with the headline: Betty Boop Is Heading To Broadway in Spring.

'Despicable Me 4' Director Chris Renaud Takes Us Behind the Scenes of the Super Villain's Next Adventure
By Karen Idelson
June 27, 2024
August '24 issue of Animation Magazine (No. 342)

Italian animation company agrees to $538,000 penalty for 'apparent violations' of US sanctions on North Korea
By Sean Lyngaas, CNN  June 26, 2024

'Check' Is An Elegant Abstract Representation Of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
By Roxana Hooti | 06/26/2024

Interview: Hao Feng on I'VE BECOME A TRUE VILLAINESS audio drama adaptation
The voice actor shares details on his role and more
Hilary Leung

Review: I'VE BECOME A TRUE VILLAINESS audio drama is a smashing success
The audio drama is available on Apple, Spotify, and Amazon Music
Hilary Leung

Mort Drucker & John Reiner - The NCS Masters Collection
Jeff Keane and Steve McGarry
national cartoonists society
 May 6, 2016

Who is Jack Davis? MAD Magazine
Norman Rockwell Museum
 Nov 30, 2023

Mad Magazine: Inside Look Behind the Scenes (1987)
Morley Safer
Manufacturing Intellect
Oct 24, 2017

Take A Tour Of MAD Magazine With Their Idiot-In-Chief
Ben Yakas
May 18, 2016

Growing Up Mad - With Emily Flake & Jason Chatfield
Norman Rockwell Museum
 Jun 27, 2024

Words, Images, & Worlds: Nancy A. Collins Returns!
Jason DeHart
 Jun 27, 2024

Words, Images, & Worlds: Armored Edition with Michael Schwartz
Jason DeHart
Jun 26, 2024

Friday, June 28, 2024

PR: DC store moves to 1524 U St! | Big Planet Comics

DC store moves to 1524 U St!

Our Washington DC location has moved… 2 doors over to 1524 U St NW!

The new location is larger and with a lot of natural light, so we've already added a bigger section for classic comic book back issues and will be adding more of everything else as we fill out the store.

The new location is already open for business, and we will have a "re-opening" celebration of the new spot on Saturday July 20th.

Re-Opening Celebration
Saturday July 20th
11 am to 8 pm

20% off everything all day

Open late!
Celebrate after 6pm
with free snacks and punch
and random prizes

Big Planet Comics of Washington DC
1524 U St NW Floor 1
Washington, DC 20009

New comics journalism in WaPo

What does it mean to grow old as an LGBTQ person?

Without possibility models, I had no idea what my life could look like.

Perspective by
Author and photographer
June 27, 2024

The cartoonist is actually only credited at the bottom - Illustrations by Arantza Peña Popo - which I don't agree with at all.

July 2: Join uru-chan in Store - Hanover, MD

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Birmingham, AL 35211

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*Some exclusions may apply to all promotional sales.

Alexandra Bowman's first appearance on Counterpoint? updated

Mark Wheatley and Marc Hempel at Baltimore Comic-Con

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 6/27/2024

Tijuana bibles collection



Two Hardcover Volumes Scheduled

Posted by Milton Griepp on June 27, 2024


TUCKER STONE JOINS FANTAGRAPHICS As Executive Director of Communications & Marketing

 Milton Griepp on June 27, 2024


Binghamton alumna brings the 'Mary Worth' world to life

Karen Moy pens the stories for long-running soap opera comic strip

By Eric Coker

May 29, 2024


Thunderbirds Thursday: Thunderbirds' Extended Comics Universe

Fred McNamara

May 30, 2024


TFP cartoonist named as finalist for Pulitzer Prize [Clay Bennett]

    Leah Bolling

    Jun 25, 2024


WEBTOON goes public today – will Wall St. keep scrolling?

Heidi MacDonald



WEBTOON's latest SEC filing opens up the books, with some surprises

The numbers tell a story of massive success - and also business losses

Humberto Saabedra



New graphic novel takes on racism and bullying

Whidbey artist and writer tells a story about strength and family with 'Fake Chinese Sounds.'

Author: Anne Erickson, KING 5 Evening (KING 5)

May 29, 2024


Sergio antes de Aragonés

Luis Gantús

CONQUE 2017.


Superman down: Mark Waid aims to "take big swings" in DC's Absolute Power event, which will have major consequences "in 2024, 2025," and beyond

By George Marston

Newsarama June 26 2024


Stephan Pastis

MCAD 2012


'A Haunted Girl' graphic novel explores mental illness through horror

May 30, 2024


Guilherme Smee, 2024


Brazil: Marsupial Editora,


Jacq Cohen Leaves Fantagraphics After 14 Years for Tapas Entertainment


Jacq Cohen has moved from Fantagraphics in Seattle to join Tapas as their Director of Public Relations & Marketing in Los Angeles.

  26 Jun 2024 

by Rich Johnston


Lanterns: Tom King "Finally Can Talk About" Green Lantern Series

Now that the news is out, HBO's Lanterns Writer/EP Tom King took to social media to finally discuss the upcoming Green Lantern series.

  25 Jun 2024 

by Ray Flook


A Tale Of Two Comics On Kickstarter, Getting Very Different Reactions

The GI Joe Compendium and Ronda Rousey's graphic novel on Kickstarter are getting very different reactions from comic book folk. Why?

  26 Jun 2024 

by Rich Johnston


Editoonist Asks For Raise, Paper Drops Him [Jack Ahasteen]

D. D. Degg


Artist and political cartoonist Jack Ahasteen recognized for work

    Jun 25, 2024


Horizon Papers Going With King Features

D. D. Degg


Pig's Michael Sarnoski to write and direct an adaptation of Nick Drnaso's Sabrina

The critically acclaimed graphic novel explores grief, media frenzies, and the appeal of losing yourself in conspiracy theories

William Hughes

April 22, 2022


The Cartoon Museum Blog


"These Themes Are My Norm" Celebrating 75 years of David Shenton [LGBTQ cartoonist]

by Haruka Katsuyama


Black. Zwarte. Noir! An interview with Oluwasegun Babatunde

By Haruka Katsuyama


A "Cracking" Chat with Luke Poulton, Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers turns 30!

By Haruka Katsuyama


Ella Baron tells stories from South Sudan

by Ella Baron


Spider-Man 2 uses its sequel status as a strength

With Spider-Man 2, Sam Raimi takes a second run at many of its predecessor's greatest moments with added emotion and resonance

Matt Schimkowitz

AV Club June 27 2024


    Gendered Defenders: Marvel's Heroines in Transmedia Spaces, Bryan J. Carr and Meta G. Carstarphein (eds) (2022)

    By Myers Enlow

European Journal of American Culture, Volume 43, Issue 1, Mar 2024, p. 94 - 96


    Language: English

        Published online: 10 May 2024


'WALL-E': THR's 2008 Review

On June 27, 2008, Pixar unveiled a sci-fi adventure that would become a summer hit with critics and audiences.

— Kirk Honeycutt, originally published June 25, 2008.

June 27, 2017