Thursday, April 18, 2024

By Squash 1913 postcard - artist ID?

Anyone have any idea whom the artist is?


I'm going to donate the card itself to the Library of Congress' Prints and Photos.



Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 4/17/2024

The Mystery Behind Astro Boy

Natsume Fusanosuke | April 17, 2024

Michael Douglas wishes Marvel would just kill his Ant-Man character already

Douglas, who stars as Benjamin Franklin on Apple TV+, can see the very tiny writing on the wall

Matt Schimkowitz

AV Club April 16 2024


Disneyland Character Workers File for a Union Election With the NLRB

During a press conference on Wednesday, workers described health and safety concerns on the job and insufficient diversity and inclusion efforts.

Katie Kilkenny

April 17, 2024 


A Father-Son Exhibition Bridges Two Generations of Graphic Art

More than 120 of Tom Darcy's political cartoons will go on display at Nunu Fine Art this summer, paired with over 50 contemporary works by his son Brad Darcy.

  Maya Pontone

Hyperallergic April 16 2024


Shalla-Bal: From Silver Surfer comics to Silver Screen

Julia Garner's casting in the Fantastic Four asks "Who is Shalla-Bal?" The Beat has your answers.

D. Morris



Seth MacFarlane on Why He Doesn't "See a Good Reason to Stop" Making 'Family Guy
'The popular animates series is currently airing season 22.
Carly Thomas
April 16, 2024


The People's Joker' Review: A Sharp DC Parody Delightfully Crossed With a Trans Coming-of-Age Tale

Vera Drew's film was the subject of controversy at the 2022 Toronto Film Festival, where Warner Bros. Discovery tried to prevent it from being screened.

Jourdain Searles

April 16, 2024


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Writer Reveals Star Wars Influence on 1990 Film

By Jeremy Dick

CBR April 14 2024

A female comic book superhero fights villains — and a painful women's health condition [endometriosis; Lúz La Luminosa; Edgardo Miranda-Rodrigue; Rita Fei]

April 15, 2024,  

By Emi Tuyetnhi Tran


Snoopy's Home Ice scorekeeper going strong at 91 [Charles Schulz]

Chris Smith

The Press Democrat

September 15, 2013


'No one wants to miss a Tuesday': Sparky's Skate carries on Charles M. Schulz's legacy

Old friends of Charles "Sparky" Schulz gather at Snoopy's Home Ice every week to play a game of hockey.

Owen Ruderman

The Press Democrat

April 15, 2024


Funny pages: Cochranton-inspired comic strip finds success [Zach Hansen; students]

    By Mike Crowley

Meadville Tribune Apr 15, 2024


Sales Dropped at Comics Shops in 2023, ComicsPRO Survey Finds

By John Maher

Apr 17, 2024


An Iranian Woman Finds Her Might, in "The Smallest Power"

Both the subject and the makers of this animated short discover their identities and a new love of their nation.

Animation by Naghmeh Farzaneh

Film by Andy Sarjahani

Text by Robin Wright

April 17, 2024


Dave McKean du 18 avril au 11 mai 2024 chez Barbier pour Raptor

Jean-Laurent Truc

17 avril 2024



Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Arthur Szyk's The Haggadah proof at Library of Congress

I was just pointed to this today - 

  • London : Beaconsfield Press, [1940]
What's interesting about this is that it's a proof copy and has material that wasn't published. I highlighted that but am told that some images of Hitler were also removed.

BM675.P4 Z55689 1940 Proof. [52] sheets (in portfolio ; 41 cm.). The sheets (of various sizes, but mounted uniformly) are proofs of the illuminated proof pages containing the Hebrew text, with Szyk's holograph instructions to the printer. Two of the sheets are dedication leaves to the people of Poland and to the people of Germany apparently intended for editions (or issues of this edition) that were never published because of Germany's invasion of Poland. A third sheet is a portion of a subscription form. On spine of portfolio : Haggadah; Arthur Szyk; London, Beaconsfield Press, 1939; The set of proofs.

Happy Passover this coming weekend!

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 4/16/2024


Who They Are, What They Sell, Their Callenges

  by Milton Griepp on April 16, 2024



'Salish Geek' Artist Brought Native American Style to Superhero Comics

  Brigid Alverson on April 15, 2024


This Artist Reenvisioned Marvel Superheroes in a Traditional Native American Style

Jeffrey Veregge uses formline, more typical of paintings and totem poles, to create a heroic mural

Alex Palmer

November 26, 2018



Rob Salkowitz on April 15, 2024


Comic Book Platforms Marvel Unlimited and Viz Manga Extend Cooperation Into Digital Promotion (EXCLUSIVE)

Patrick Frater

Variety Apr 16, 2024


Scott Snyder's Ultimate Line For DC Is To Be Called Absolute Comics

Bleeding Cool gets the word that Scott Snyder's Ultimate Comics-style line for DC is to be called Absolute Comics, part of DC's "All-In"

Rich Johnston

 15 Apr 2024


Tom Taylor Images Burned Online Over Nightwing And Batgirl

by Rich Johnston

 , 15 Apr 2024


Tom King Accused Of "Lazy" Scripting For Mitch Gerads

12 Apr 2024 

by Rich Johnston


'The Tiny Chef Show' Stop-Motion Studio Factory Transmedia Declares Bankruptcy [UK]

By Amid Amidi | 04/12/2024


Comic Shop Earth-2 Of Sherman Oaks, California, Closes After 21 Years

 15 Apr 2024  

by Rich Johnston


On the Scene: Brooklyn Independent Comics Showcase is a show on the rise

Heidi MacDonald



A Tribute to artist Mark "Doc" Bright

By Will J. Watkins




Reviews: Alandal [Alex  Niño ]

How 'Shortcomings' brings Berkeley's sartorial sensibilities to the screen

By Viv Chen

April 12, 2024


Tall Tales

by Noah Van Sciver and Marlena Myles

Mar 28, 2024 |

From the March/April 2024 issue of The Horn Book Magazine.




The rising creator offers up details about their new crowdfunded release and what makes it special.

Diego Higuera


C2E2 '24: Tiny Onion is taking over!

The production house for James Tynion IV and friends have numerous plans for C2E2 this April, 26th to 28th

Christian Angeles



A CHAMP FOR ALL TIME!!! [Joe Palooka].

Robert H. Boyle

Sports Illustrated April 19 1965: 120-137


Multifaceted Storyteller

J Alex Morrissey

Tradecraft Podcast Apr 16, 2024


James Tynion IV Returns to 'Nice House on the Lake' for Sequel (Exclusive)

'The Nice House by the Sea' launches July 24 from DC and follows the acclaimed series that won the Eisner.

Borys Kit

April 16, 2024


The Spider-Man 3 Scene That Tobey Maguire Originally Refused to Do

Love or hate the dance scenes in Spider-Man 3, they could have been even wilder.

  By David Crow | April 16, 2024


The Heartbeat of a Cartoon II - The Art of Vintage Disney Animation Drawings

Heritage Auctions Apr 15, 2024


It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's the World's Most Valuable Comic Book!


By Robert Wilonsky

Intelligent Collector.April 16 2024


Q & A with Pan Cooke [Ireland]

By Amanda Ramirez

Apr 16, 2024


Arthur Szyk and the Art of the Haggadah

Museum of Jewish Heritage

 Apr 9, 2024


Injustice Illuminated: The Holocaust Art of Arthur Szyk

Irvin Ungar

Museum of Jewish Heritage

 Mar 26, 2024


The Fabric of America Through the Art of Arthur Szyk

Museum of Jewish Heritage

Mar 12, 2024


Behind the Great Art and the Great Message Stands Arthur Szyk, the Great Man

Museum of Jewish Heritage

 Mar 4, 2024


Pour les 40 ans de XIII les Cahiers de la BD ont sorti un hors-série

Jean-Laurent Truc

16 avril 2024


Festival du Livre de Paris édition 2024, beau succès et retour au Grand Palais dans un an

Jean-Laurent Truc

15 avril 2024


Marvel Lays Off 15 Employees

The move comes after Disney CEO Bob Iger said the company would reduce output, particularly at Marvel.

By Aaron Couch, Borys Kit       

April 15, 2024


Kick-Ass — Film Review

Moving the fanboy wish fulfillment scenario of "Spider-Man" a couple of steps further toward the real world, "Kick-Ass" delivers an awkward Everykid who succeeds (eventually) as a crime-fighter without the benefit of super powers or, frankly, a whole lot of smarts.

October 14, 2010


Tom's Men      

Jarrett Earnest            

Tom of Finland's work has transformed from midcentury gay pornography to twenty-first-century art, but its troubling dimensions, as well as the ways it has creatively shaped the desires of a diverse range of queer people, cannot be ignored.      

New York Review of Books May 9, 2024 issue


Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Oh, the Injustice of it! by Daniel Boris

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 4/15/2024

Trina Robbins, comic book author and feminist historian, has died at 85

In addition to writing for 'Wonder Woman,' the comic artist was relentless in her efforts to highlight the frequently minimized role of women in comic book history.

By Pierre Trouvé and Pauline Croquet

Le Monde April 11, 2024,


Remembering Trina Robbins

Trina Robbins was one of a kind

Heidi MacDonald



Trina Robbins: Cartoonist, Historian and Lady of the Canyon

Heidi MacDonald

This interview is part of the Open California Oral History Project, and was made possible by a grant from the California State Library.

May 10, 2023



Desert Island Comics Put Out Call for Entries on Instagram in April 2020

Posted by Brigid Alverson on April 12, 2024



'How Would You Deal with This?'

 ICv2 on April 15, 2024


"I Was Done With Not Being Noticed": The Matt Lesniewski Interview

Jake Zawlacki | April 15, 2024


Interview: Acky Bright, illustrator of WcDonald's THE MANGA

From designing some of the crew to how long it took to create the manga, theres a lot to learn about the creation of WcDonald's THE MANGA.

Justin Guerrero



The San Luis Obispo Tribune Ditches Dailies – A McClatchy Trend?

D. D. Degg


Meet the punk icons who wrote early 2024's best graphic novel [Merriment; Joe Steinhardt; Marissa Paternoster; Screaming Females]

Andru Zodrow NonStop Local Digital Journalist

Apr 12, 2024


Thousands of comic books donated to SLPS students [library, literacy]

By Elizabeth Barmeier  

  Apr. 11, 2024


Graphic novels on the rise, with students hungry for comics [New Zealand]

Frances Chin

April 13, 2024


From blues to vampires, Tucson musician releases graphic novel [Tom Walbank; "Summerbides, AZ"]

Cathalena E. Burch

Apr 13, 2024


Embark with your child on a 'Catholic Sacraments Adventure' [Seek and You Will Find; religion]

Apr 13, 2024


An exhibition has brought to life the colourful history of (mostly black-and-white) comics in Bengal

The Comics Culture Collective's show was an overview of the evolution of Bengali comics.

Debotri Ghosh

April 15 2024


    A tech tale: A graphic novel that aims to demystify AI and serves as an explainer of sorts [India]

    However, beyond writing and drawing, can AI offer any goodness? "It's neither good nor bad. It's technology, just like a knife, which you can use to cut a vegetable or stab your neighbour," quips Daudet.

    Written by Shubhangi Shah

    April 14, 2024 01:45 IST

Interview: 30 Years of TWOmorrow

Interview by Nicki Faust

 Apr 09, 2024


The George Lucas Talk Show with Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick

The George Lucas Talk Show


Apr 12, 2024


Ana Juan's "Clickbait": The artist captures the mesmerizing—and distracting—glow of modern entertainment.

By Françoise Mouly

April 15, 2024


'Good Times' Creator Ranada Shepard on Bringing the Pioneering Sitcom to the World of Adult Animation

  Animation Magazine

April 14, 2024


IDEAS DON'T BLEED episode eighty-three | Sean Lewis, part one

Apr 15, 2024


Off Panel #445: Do It Yourself with Zainab Akhtar

By David Harper

April 15, 2024


A Video Game Made Out of Brick, Clay and Tenacity

The handcrafted Harold Halibut, about a hapless janitor stuck in an undersea city, was more than a decade in the making.

By Rollo Romig

April 15, 2024,


Review: Lúz La Luminosa battles goons and endometriosis in her new own solo comic

 Ricardo Serrano Denis



Doctor Who missing story THE CELESTIAL TOYMAKER gets animated recreation

Fresh from his return in "The Giggle," the Toymaker re-returns in this home video release.

Derrick Crow



ComicsPRO releases results of Comics Retailer Survey

Heidi MacDonald



Kathleen Herles voiced Dora the Explorer — now she's voicing Dora's mom [in print as Kathleen Herles voiced Dora the Explorer — now she's Dora's mom

By Valentina Valentini

Washington Post April 15, 2024 : C8.

online at

¡Vámonos! Dora Is Back for a New Round of Exploring
    By Laurel Graeber
A version of this article appears in print on April 15, 2024, Section C, Page 4 of the New York edition with the headline: 'Dora' Returns to Embark on a New Round of Exploration

Monday, April 15, 2024

WaPo talks to Dora's mom

Kathleen Herles voiced Dora the Explorer — now she's voicing Dora's mom [in print as Kathleen Herles voiced Dora the Explorer — now she's Dora's mom

Washington Post April 15, 2024 : C8.

Fwd: The future of 1/6: The Graphic Novel (and our Democracy) is in your hands!

[They've corrected the shipping charge, and it's now a reasonable $4.]

To our amazing family of 1/6: The Graphic Novel supporters and Democracy lovers:

We're 40% of the way to our Kickstarter goal to get 1/6: The Graphic Novel–Issue #3 into the world!  Thank you again for the support and enthusiasm that you've shown this vital project.

We now have 33 days left to get to the finish line!  If you haven't supported Issue #3, please consider doing so.  If you have contributed, thank you! and please share our campaign with friends, social media followers, comic book fans, and...basically everyone you know.

Click here to lend your support now.

Issue #3 will feature this amazing cover by renowned artist Pia Guerra:

And it will deliver on the compelling core premise of this series: What if the January 6, 2021 Insurrection had been successful?  As always, we'll balance the threats and mayhem with hope, fun, and good old fashioned comic book action.

And there are some great rewards for contributing!

We hope you'll pledge your support while there's still time!

Thank you!

Alan, Gan and the OneSixComics Team

Comics Research Bibliography citations update, 4/13-14/2024

Trina Robbins, cartoonist who elevated women's stories, dies at 85

She put out the first American comic book created entirely by women. Years later, she chronicled the history of female comics artists, writing books that excavated the stories of overlooked writers and illustrators.

By Harrison Smith

April 12, 2024


Different Styles, Different Stories in April's Graphic Novels

Minimalist landscapes, maximalist extraterrestrials and schlock movie stars populate this month's diverse offerings.

By Sam Thielman

April 12, 2024


"Deadpool" comic artist overcame poverty, tragedy [ Mike Hawthorne]

    Isaac Avilucea

    Apr 12, 2024 -


Illustrator Mike Hawthorne Brings Years of Industry Experience to Moore's First Annual Comics Expo

When asked to give the keynote speech at the Moore Comics Expo on April 13, the celebrated comic artist said his answer was "an easy yes."

Posted April 9, 2024

— by Gabi Stevenson, Communications Manager


Neil Grahame, Our Newest Senior Stripper

D. D. Degg


Don Wright, Editorial Cartoonist With a Skewer for a Pen, Dies at 90

By Sam Roberts

Published April 13, 2024Updated April 14, 2024, 12:44 p.m. ET


Signs of the New Season

Girl Scout cookies surplus, skimpy-clothes anxiety? It must be spring!

By Emily Flake

April 8, 2024

Published in the print edition of the April 15, 2024, issue, with the headline "Signs of Spring."


Apples and oranges and shrooms ["Rhymes With Orange" letter]

Steven P. Levine, Bethesda

Washington Post (April 13 2024): A15.

online at


Last rites for the last rights [Ann Telnaes letter]

Arina van Breda, Alexandria

Washington Post (April 13 2024): A15.

online at


AIPT Comics Podcast Episode 269: Adventure of a lifetime: David Pepose unpacks 'Space Ghost'

David Brooke and Nathan Simmons

April 3, 2024


AIPT Comics Podcast Episode 267: The future of Oni Press: Publisher Hunter Gorinson and EiC Sierra Hahn interview

David Brooke

AIPT Comics podcast March 27, 2024


Oral History Center University of California

The Bancroft Library Berkeley, California


Trina Robbins: Feminist Herstorian

Bay Area Women in Politics

Interviews conducted by Amanda Tewes in 2021


The "Annie"-Versary: A Hundred Years of Little Orphan Annie

Lombard Historical Society

April 27, 2024-December 23, 2024


AI can write you a poem and edit your video. Now, it can help you be funnier. AI tool helps people unlock their inner comedian. University of Sydney researchers have developed an AI application using cartoons from The New Yorker to help people be funnier.

Luisa Low

13 April 2024



Extra! Extra! Steve Brodner's Brilliance Recognized by Herblock Prize

Brodner, a frequent contributor to The Nation, is both a great caricaturist and a great portraitist.

Jeet Heer

April 10, 2024

This article appears in the April 2024 issue, with the headline "Facial Recognition."


My Strange Respect For Garfield

Posted By Tristan "Drunk Napoleon" Nankervis on April 8, 2024


The Uneasy Heartbreak of End of Evangelion   

More than a quarter century after its original release, US audiences can finally watch Hideaki Anno's mecha anime masterpiece in theaters.

 Michael Piantini April 10, 2024


Marvel, Valiant & IDW Comics Artist Jeffrey Veregge Dies, Aged 50

Comic book and cover artist for Marvel, IDW and Valiant, Jeffrey Veregge died yesterday, at the age of 50, after a long battle with lupus.

 , 13 Apr 2024

by Rich Johnston


Famed comic book artist Jeffrey Veregge is in a battle for his life

Evening on KING 5   Mar 1, 2023


Jeffrey Veregge: Of Gods and Heroes

National Museum of the American Indian

New York

October 6, 2018–February 17, 2020


Mark Millar To Publish Public Domain Superman Comics – Did DC Say No?

Mark Millar plans to publish public domain Superman comics by himself in 2033 - did DC Comics say no to his plans?

  14 Apr 2024

by Rich Johnston

On Creating THE AUTHORITY With Bryan Hitch
Warren Ellis
May 31, 2023