Saturday, June 09, 2007

Fred Thompson finger puppet

Richard Thompson's Richard's Poor Almanack (why'd you add the 'k' anyway?) on Saturday has a Fred Thompson finger puppet... to which I can only say, "Fred Thompson?" Who cares about Fred Thompson? We could have had a Paris Hilton puppet, or a Angela Merkel or a Putin, but we get Fred Thompson? This isn't some underhanded propagandizing by relatives, is it?


richardcthompson said...

Paris Hilton? I don't believe I could come up with any Paris Hilton Finger Puppet jokes fit for a family paper.

Mike Rhode said...

Hah! True! I was thinking about a puppet and a jail cell though.

Mike Rhode said...

And notwithstanding my crankiness, I'll be photocopying and making Fred to add to my growing Poor Alamanack Army.