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Friday, April 24, 2020

Matt Wuerker's first Punchline: Cartooning through coronavirus

Cartooning through coronavirus with Matt Wuerker


4/24: Updated with correct link.

Thursday, April 02, 2020

Matt Wuerker comes in second for the "formerly known as Thomas Nast" Award CORRECTED

Matt Wuerker  actually was cited for SECOND PLACE from the Overseas Press Club. Adam Zuglis won first place.  ComicsDC regrets the error.

Best print or digital graphic journalism, including cartoons, on international affairs.
Sponsor: Daimler
Adam Zyglis
The Buffalo News
Judges:  An impressive caricaturist, Zyglis is the kind of cartoonist who would have to be jailed immediately if he lived abroad. That’s the standard by which all great political cartoonists should be judged.

From the Overseas Press Club citation page

Best print or digital graphic journalism, including cartoons, on international affairs.
Sponsor: Daimler
Matt Wuerker

(thanks to Michael Cavna for the tip)

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Off the Record bar has new coasters and artwork

I stopped briefly into the Hay-Adams Hotel bar yesterday and saw a new Trump caricature by Matt Wuerker on the wall of the stairway coming down from the main hotel. I also got a new coaster of Kamala Harris , so I checked with Matt to see what else he'd done with Kevin KAL Kalllaugher and Ann Telnaes.
",,,you missed the new Supreme Court!  In the booth behind the bar we've done the current bench. I also did some new coasters-- Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and a new Bernie Sanders. It was just me for this round of coasters.  They needed a quick turn around. The Supremes were evenly divided between the three of us."

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Meet a Local Book Designer: A Chat with Barbara Sutliff

by Mike Rhode

Barbara Sutliff is a book and magazine designer and art director  who recently worked on an editorial cartoon book for the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC). On a tip from her husband, cartoonist Joe Sutliff, Barbara and I got together for an informal email interview.

I heard that local editorial cartoonist Matt Wueker was doing a book for a Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum exhibit in Columbus, OH? They have an editorial cartoon show that's only up for another month. Is that what it's for?

Yes it is based on the show, the AAEC has their conference there this coming weekend. The AAEC will have the book for sale. It was a very small print run for the conference, and the association plans to show it to some of the large book publishers that will be there in hopes of interesting them in publishing it on a larger scale, perhaps even an expanded version.

What's the title, and who's the author?

The title is Front Lines: Political Cartooning and the Battle for Freedom of Speech by The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. This is similar to the title of the exhibition, which was Front Line: Editorial Cartoonists and the First Amendment.

The editor of the book is Matt Wuerker, award winning political cartoonist from Politico and former president of the AAEC, and a friend of ours (Joe and I).
Back and front covers
How did you get involved? What did you do for them?

Matt saw Joe at an event and mentioned the project and asked whether I might be interested in designing the book. We talked and I was very excited to work on such a fun and important project. Matt was terrific to work with. After hearing his ideas for the look of the book, we talked  back and forth as I showed different options for the chapter design treatments, Once chosen, it was a really smooth collaboration—Matt was just finishing up getting the essays edited and finalized, while collecting hi-res versions of the many cartoons that he was organizing to go with each chapter/essay. 

Liz Donnelly drawing and table of contents
In the meantime I roughed out the book to get a firmer idea on page count for each chapter and for the overall book, including many cartoons chosen to go with each chapter. As I have designed and produced hundreds of publications over the years—this project was a great fit—Matt and I had a smooth back and forth with emails including pdfs of pages with notes attached with my questions, suggestions as well as his corrections, answers and suggestions. We also had periodic phone calls to go over the status chapter by chapter. I worked in InDesign and sent pdf proofs which as I mentioned, we added electronic sticky notes to for specific questions and to provide me with credit info for each piece etc. When everything was approved I made hi-res print quality pdfs for the printer. Matt already had this idea in mind for the cover—he provided my with his mockup in InDesign which I tweaked (I am a stickler when it comes to kerning and typography and Matt was thrilled with that attention to detail on my part!) It was a great experience, I loved designing and producing the book. Matt just told me he is putting a printed copy in the mail for me and I am so glad to hear that he is very happy with the printed edition.

How many images are in the book? Is everything from the exhibit in it? Was there anything tricky or difficult about the layout?

Pillars by Jimmy Margulies. August 16, 2018 from the exhibit


I counted 100 cartoons in the book not counting Matt’s cover cartoon. It also has essays by Joel Pett, Lucy Caswell, Roslyn Mazer, Rob Rogers, Ann Telnaes and Matt. 

I didn’t know whether the book included everything from the exhibit, since I didn't see the show, but Matt says, "No....  And many of the cartoons in the book are not in the show. It's by no means a catalog of the show.  We just used that as a jumping off point.”

The tricky thing for me was incorporating many horizontal cartoons into the design without having the option of going across the gutter of a perfect bound book like I might when designing with photographs, which can have impact across a spread—but obviously that doesn’t work with cartoons with words. I created a grid with an appropriate width for type, on a square page which allowed for a narrow outside column to be used for pull quotes and to have the flexibility to use the full width including the narrow column for cartoons to jut out beyond the type column. It works as many of the cartoons are horizontal and allows for variety in the design of each spread with varying sized art along with the text and pull quotes drawing the reader to important ideas from the chapter and that act as design elements on the page as well. I guess the other tricky thing that comes to mind is that the chapters were mostly cartoons with an essay flowing through them as opposed to a text-heavy book punctuated by spot illustrations. So the challenge was to keep the continuity of the words flowing around the cartoons which meant jumping the words around a spread or two of just art so that the cartoons and words complemented one another.

Barbara Sutliff is available for full-time or freelance work. Contact her via

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

New caricature coasters at the Hay-Adams

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg of the Supreme court in a caricature drawn by Ann Telnaes on a coaster from the Hay-Adams' Off the Record bar.


Kim Jong-Un by Matt Wuerker and Angela Merkel by Kal.

Mitch McConnell (from 2014) by Kal and Vladimir Putin by Matt Wuerker.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Supporting Mohammad Saba'aneh

Apr 17, 2015

Palestinian cartoonist Mohammad Saba'aneh, talks about how global support can help cartoonists in distress. Kal, Mike Rhode, Ann Telnaes and Matt Wuerker talk about the importance of putting the spotlight on cartoonists like Mohammad.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Last night's Cartoons and Cocktails auction

The annual Cartoons and Cocktails charity auction was last night. I bought some art, and was a B-list local celebrity auctioneer with A-List cartoonist Matt Wuerker.


More pictures are here.

101_7303 Steve Sack (r)

You'll have to go to Ohio's Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum to see a good collection of catalogs from previous years. I've given them the 2012 and 2013 catalogs which haven't been cataloged yet of course.

101_7308 Steve Sack's Obama painting

101_7320 Cartoonists in Action by Sack Sutliff Wuerker Hagen Shansby Artley

101_7331 Staake

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Seth Goldman and Talkin' About Toons photos

101_6565 Seth Goldman on Mission in a BottleSeth Goldman on his graphic biography of Honest Tea, "Mission in a Bottle" at One More Page Bookstore in Arlington. More photographs are here.

And two pictures of the Talkin' About Toons panel:

101_6568 Talkin Bout Toons Wuerker Rechin Conley Baumann

Talkin' Bout Toons panel with Matt Wuerker, Kevin Rechin, Steve Conley and Marty Baumann. NOVA Community College.

101_6569 Talkin Bout Toons Wuerker Rechin Conley Baumann

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


... also in Alexandria that day is Brian Biggs at Hooray for Kids bookstore. I think it will be possible to do both events.

Tyler Arts Life
Tyler Arts Life
This coming Monday!!!!!! Join us for an informative panel discussion moderated by NOVA's Rachel Martin and Chris Choi with the following cartoon artists:

Marty Bauman
Artist at Pixar Animation Studios, and illustrator for Disney on such films as Toy Story 3 and Cars 2.

Steve Conley
Award-winning cartoonist, designer and co-creator of His comics work includes Star Trek: Year Four, Michael Chabon's Escapist and his own self-published Astounding Space Thrills.

Kevin Rechin
Editorial cartoonist for USA Today, National Geographic, and the Wall Street Journal among others.

Matt Wuerker
POLITICO's editorial cartoonist and the winner of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning.

Tyler Gallery, Room AT-270  7-9:30 pm
Current Exhibit: Five Fantastic Cartoon Artists: A Look at Art, Process, Story, and Design

For more information, contact Lisa Hill or Britt Conley

Wednesday, September 04, 2013


101_6291Steve Conley's Adventure Time comic covers.

I stopped in to the opening for the exhibit (details at the bottom) and got some shots of the gallery, curator Britt Conley and cartoonists Steve Conley and Kevin Rechin. Marty Baumann is in one shot, and I had put my camera away before Matt Wuerker got there. Nick Galifianakis is traveling, but had a lot of cartoons representing him.

101_6297Kevin Rechin.

101_6292Marty Baumann's work.

101_6289Matt Wuerker's work.

This is mostly an introductory show and all the art is reproductions. The students were enjoying it, and asking a lot of questions of the cartoonists.

101_6285Steve Conley and his new book.

More pictures are here.

FIVE FANTASTIC CARTOON ILLUSTRATORS!: A Look at Art, Process, Story and Design

FEATURING: The art of Marty Baumann (movie and advertising illustrator/Disney and Pixar), Steve Conley (Independent Cartoonist / Astounding Space Thrills, Bloop, Star Trek, Adventure Time, The Escapist etc.) Nick Galifianakis (syndicated illustrator for The Washington Post), Kevin Rechin (syndicated illustrator - Crock Comic Strip) and Matt Wuerker (2012 Pulitzer Prize Winner illustrator for POLITICO)

The Tyler Teaching Gallery (Room 270) at the Tyler Building at Northern Virginia Community College/Alexandria Campus. 3001 N. Beauregard Street. Parking lot B has paid parking $2.00 per hour.

On October 21st, a panel discussion will happen with the cartoonists at 7:30 pm.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

cARToons exhibit opens in Politics and Prose

101_5951 cARToons exhibit
The exhibit at Modern Times Coffeehouse in Politics and Prose bookstore, curated by Theresa Roberts Logan, opened tonight with many of the contributors attending. Here's some photographs, although I eventually gave up taking them when professional Joe Carabeo arrived.

101_5959 cARToons exhibit

Friday, April 12, 2013

Bill Day responds to critics

A few weeks back we noted accusations that Bill Day was plagiarizing and 'self-plagiarizing'.  Bill's not local, but won the DC-based Robert F Kennedy Journalism award for cartooning. Here's his response to his critics, and local cartoonist Matt Wuerker comments at the end as AAEC president.
Bill Day
Apr 12 2013
Assault Weapons and False Charges

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cartoon Character: Matt Wuerker talks cartooning & politics on VMS

Welcome to
The Virtual Memories Show!

March 2013: Cartoon Character

Check out the latest episode of The Virtual Memories Show podcast!
"Political cartoonists have it easy: we turn on the TV or computer
and Sarah Palin has said some inane thing . . .
and the cartoons can write themselves.
In the world of cartooning, we're the lazy bastards."
Matt Wuerker, winner of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning, joins The Virtual Memories Show to talk about his career (including his fascinating non-comics work and his prescient move to the online world with POLITICO), the experience of winning "the Academy Award for cartoonists", his artistic and political influences, what it takes to get on the NRA's Enemies List, how moving to Washington, DC changed his perspective on politics and politicians, the opportunities for editorial cartoonists in a post-print world, how his parents felt about his decision to become a cartoonist, whether he had it easier during the Bush/Cheney era or the Tea Party era, and why he thinks the golden age of cartooning is still ahead of us!

"One of the great cosmic quandaries for cartoonists is
that what's bad for the world is great for cartooning."

The new episode of The Virtual Memories Show is available at

where you can download it or listen through the in-browser player. This one's about 28 minutes long. If you have any problems getting the site to load, visit our tumblr page instead. (Our web-host has been migrating chimeraobscura to a new server, so there have been some hiccups.)

You can also visit the archives for past episodes, or subscribe on iTunes so you'll never miss an episode! Just go to the iTunes store and search for "Virtual Memories Show" orclick here then hit "View In iTunes" to launch that program. You can also skip all that anddownload the MP3 file directly from here (14mb).

The Virtual Memories Show is a biweekly podcast featuring conversation about literature, culture and the arts. Upcoming guests include Ben Katchor, cartoonist and MacArthur Fellow, John Crowley, author of Little, BigJesse Sheidlower, author ofThe F WordLori Carson, singer-songwriter and author of The Original 1982Craig Gidney, author of Bereft and Sea, Swallow MeEd Hermance, owner of Giovanni's Room bookstore in Philadelphia, Ivan Brunetti, cartoonist and author of Aesthetics: A MemoirValya Lupescu, author of The Silence of TreesCraig Gidney, author ofBereft and Sea, Swallow MeDrew Friedman, artist and cartoonist, Chris Bakken, author of Honey, Olives, Octopus: Adventures at the Greek TableDavid Baerwald, singer/songwriter and producer, Wallis Wilde-Menozzi, author of The Other Side of the Tiber, and Maxim Jakubowski, book editor/translator and founder of Murder One Bookshop in London.


Gil Roth
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P.S.: I'm always looking for good guests who can talk about books and make for good conversation. So if you have any prospects -- or think you'd be interested in sitting down for a recording -- let me know!
Matt Wuerker
Matt Wuerker has been POLITICO's editorial cartoonist and illustrator since its launch in 2007. In 2012, he won thePulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning, POLITICO's first Pulitzer win. In 2009, he was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in editorial cartooning. Over the past 25 years, his work has appeared in publications ranging from The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Timesand The New York Times to Smithsonianand the Nation, among many others. Along the way, he's also pursued other artistic tangents that have included claymation, outdoor murals, teaching cartooning in prison (as a visitor, not as an inmate), book illustration and animating music videos. Matt thinks Saul Steinberg is a cartoon god and the Peter Principle explains pretty much everything, and he also thinks the maxim "If you're not confused, you're just not thinking clearly" is one of the wisest things ever said. Matt lives in Washington, D.C., in close proximity to the National Zoo and the Swiss Embassy. Depending how bad things get, he hopes to find asylum in one or the other.
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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Sept 14: #$&%! CARTOONS! - A Festival Celebrating Editorial Cartooning

#$&%! CARTOONS! - A Festival Celebrating Editorial Cartooning
with Nate Beeler, Matt Wuerker and John Cole

Friday September 14, 2012 at 9:00am until Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 5:00pm at George Washington University's Jack Morton Auditorium, Media and Public Affairs Building, 805 21st St NW, Washington, DC 20052

Monday, April 30, 2012

Matt Wuerker's Pulitzer party

Matt's wife Sara hosted a party for him this past weekend, and Joe Sutliff made Matt a crown fit for a Pulitzer-prize winner... that's a golden inkpen on top.