Saturday, January 12, 2008

Unfortunately, no Faustian bargain at City Paper

From the paper's letters page:
Washington City Paper (January 11, 2008): 9
Missing in Action

Where is “Lulu Eightball”? I LOVE “Lulu Eightball”!! Where’s “The City” by Derf? Where the hell is the LETTERS SECTION?!?!?! You guys have removed every reason I read the City Paper. What the f-ck are you DOING?!?!?

Jim Collins
Bethesda, Md.

Editor’s Note: Due to budget cuts, Washington City Paper has dropped most of its comics, and a new accelerated deadline schedule makes it difficult for some theaters to report in time for the print edition. Up-to-the-minute showtimes are always available on our Web site at

So to recap - the paper is bought by new owners. The immediately trim the physical size of the paper. Then they cut out so much money that long-standing illustrators are laid off. Then they cut out the comics and the movie listings. Why exactly did they buy the paper? To make it fail?


richardcthompson said...

Because they're f-cking idiots.

Ibid said...

So losing the movies was a conscious decision? After the way the paper has been for the last month or so I'm thinking I may need a subscription to the Post.

Matt D. said...

Man, if there was only a savvy entrepreneur to take advantage of this and start an ALTERNATIVE alternative newspaper in D.C.!