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Comics Research Bibliography update January 25, 2008 citations

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Online at

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Online at

Unknown. 2008.
Indianapolis Super Heroes Museum closes.
Associated Press January 8):

Unknown. 2008.
Climate change cartoons displayed; A series of cartoons, with the theme of climate change, have gone on display in Ellesmere, Shropshire.
BBC News (January 8):

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Marshall Rogers, Batman comic book artist, dies at 57.
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Marshall Rogers Memorial.
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Artist Marshall Rogers Dies At Age 57.
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Disney could unlock `Song of the South'.
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Chilling climate for journalists in our neighbor to the north [Danish Islam cartoons in Canada].
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Online at

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News Journal editorial cartoon struck a nerve with some.
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In Mimicking Adult Swim Cartoon Series, Designers May Have Gone Too Far [video game Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law].
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Online at

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Alan Moore leaves behind his Extraordinary Gentlemen to dally with Lost Girls.
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New comic strip appears today [Retro Geek].
Olympian (January 7).
Online at

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No Laughing Matter: Diabetes Education in Comic Book Form Targets the Latino Community.
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Online at

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'Terry and the Pirates' once graced Foster Field club.
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Online at

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Best of Most of blog (March 29):

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Aardvark Vanaheim to Publish 'Glamourpuss'; New Series from Dave Sim.
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Man of many genres [Michael Chabon].
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Online at

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'Family Tree' takes root on comics pages [Signe Wilkinson].
Times-Tribune (January 7).
Online at

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300 reasons to stop eating the popcorn; Christopher Goodwin in Los Angeles joins the boys in the blood-curdling theatre of war.
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The art of war: An exclusive /ed magazine interview with comic-book legend Joe Sacco.
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A short history of non-fiction and war comics. (January 6):

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Just plain batty: Two lives, a dark past - Batman may need help, writes Charles Purcell.
Sydney Morning Herald (January 7).
Online at

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5 Web Comics That Will Make You Ditch Your Newspaper; Don't suffer through one more installment of 'Ziggy' or 'Marmaduke'! Hilarity is just a click away with these online strips.
PC World (January 4):

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Short and drawn out [Jay Hosler and comic books in the classroom].
Boston Globe (January 6).
Online at

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Saudi Comic Artists Invited to Take Part in Manga Contest.
Arab News (January 8):§ion=0&article=105426&d=8&m=1&y=2008&pix=kingdom.jpg&category=Kingdom

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'Ollie and Quentin' replaces 'Lio' in Q-C Times comics.
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Online at

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Eisner's 'Contract With God' has proved lucrative.
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Jill Thompson - Sooktacular Spooktacular!!!
Mike (October 30):

Unknown. 2004.
Zagreb Animation Week to liven up Tehran. (October 30):

Unknown. 2004.
Marvel Profit Falls, But Revenue Up Sharply.
Reuters (October 28)

Unknown. 2004.
Bill Liebowitz, founder of LA comic book store, dead at 63.
Associated Press (October 29):

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Dilbert's house? It's 'wife bait'.
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Online at

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Executive Interview: Ross Cox [Cartoon Network New Media].
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Since We Asked: 'Doonesbury' goes missing and readers are curious. Several readers contacted the Mail Tribune's newsroom Saturday, all with the same question: 'What happened to `Doonesbury' in today's paper?'.
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Online at

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Scribe Develops Mobile Greeting Cards [animator and screenwriter Michael Dougherty].
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Cartoonist of the macabre [Gahan Wilson].
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Online at

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Online at

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The somewhat amazing adventures of 'The Escapist'.
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Online at
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Look … Up in the Museum: UVSC's new exhibit takes comic books seriously as an art form [Will Eisner; Utah Valley State College's Woodbury Art Museum; The Art of Comics].
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Online at

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Local couple publishes 1st comic book [Dragon Firefly Island].
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Online at

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Online at

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Online at

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Comic about 'Protocols' the final work of a master [Eisner].
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Online at

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TV on DVD [Jonny Quest: The Complete First Season; Smallville: The Complete Second Season].
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Online at

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Stan Lee rises from dot-com rubble.
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Online at

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Rall receives death threats over Tillman cartoon.
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Did a Political Cartoon Disrespect an American Hero? [Ted Rall].
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transcript online at,2933,119096,00.html

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Mad editors are just mad about praise.
Cleveland Plain Dealer (July 2)

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