Sunday, January 13, 2008

OT: new poetry book by Terri Witek

My friend Terri Witek has a new poetry book out, The Shipwreck Dress, from her publisher in Alexandria. Her previous book Fools and Crows is still available too. Here's the blurbs from the publisher's website (you can order from there, via mail):

$14.95, 79 pages
ISBN 0-914061-94-1
Terri Witek's Fools and Crows takes the ancient discipline of ekphrasis—a poet's description of a work of art-to a new level of intensity. In her explorations of Renaissance paintings, of Roman Catholic holy cards, of the Vision of Our Lady of Fatima, the poet locates the matter and spirit of the human condition, our desires to connect, to worship, to elude death. These lyric unveilings and expositions recall the beautiful exactitudes of Marianne Moore's poetry. They are the elucidations of a luminous intelligence, shadowed by grief and joy. —Mark Jarman

paperback, $14.95, 96 pages
ISBN 1-932535-17-4
About Terri Witek’s third volume of poetry Molly Peacock said, “With the brilliant certainty of her intuition, Terri Witek spins the silken sculptures of her new collection, The Shipwreck Dress. I never thought of the soul as needing something to wear, but Witek has created a kind of soul-clothing in these miraculous poems. Internal, instinctive, and yet knowingly crafted, every poem renews another aspect of her idea that the outer wrappings we know as clothing are really inner structures. As Witek sensuously explores the most ancient connections between text and textile, she turns her poems into stunning, subtle word-kimonos. Vivid with color, deeply sensuous, and sharply intelligent, The Shipwreck Dress shows Terri Witek at the height of her powers.” The cover features art by Cyriaco Lopes.

The book's also available from Amazon.

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