Friday, January 25, 2008

Persepolis finally opens in DC; newspapers take note

The Express ran an LATimes review, although they did publish this picture yesterday. The print version of the Onion has a review too.

The other local freebie, a paper that used to run comics, had "Oscar-nominated ‘Persepolis’ is beautiful to behold," by Sally Kline, The Washington Examiner Jan 25, 2008.

and another positive review is from another paper that used to run comics - "Menace, Anyone? Politics are a threat in Persepolis, but the danger's even more monstrous in Cloverfield," By Tricia Olszewski, Washington City Paper January 25, 2008: 42,

And in a paper that still runs comics, we find a bit harsher "Beautiful 'Persepolis' needs soul," By Kelly Jane Torrance, Washington Times January 25, 2008.

But we wrap up positively - "'Persepolis': A Stranger in Her Own Land: Film Deftly Animates Cultural Conflict in Iran," By Stephen Hunter, Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, January 25, 2008; Page C05.

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