Wednesday, January 30, 2008

3 post-World War 1 cartoons on flickr

The National Museum of Health and Medicine, from whence I draw a paycheck, has been putting pictures up on Flickr. Today one of the other archivists put up some shots she took of the Comeback, the post-WW1 Walter Reed Army Hospital Paper. So here are links to a semi-editorial cartoonComeback December 4, 1918 - first edition,

a sports comic strip
Spots in Sports, Comeback, July 23, 1919

and an ad

Comeback May 7, 1919, America's Immortals.

Larger versions can be downloaded from the Flickr site - there are no download limits.

You can also see this somewhat out of date finding aid, Cartoons and Comics in the National Museum of Health and Medicine.

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