Sunday, January 27, 2008

And in Sunday's WaPost

Frazz references a classic comic - Charles Addams this time - much as Lio did last week.

Emily Flake makes what might be her first appearance, illustrating the Jobs section (note the article next to it on archivist Connie Potter with whom I used to work).

The Book World gives a brief mention to McSweeny's latest project, THE BOOK OF OTHER PEOPLE edited by Zadie Smith, a book which includes Clowes, Posy Simmonds and Charles Burns.

Sometimes comic book writer Paul di Filippo reviews science fiction books.

Jerry Beck's new history of Nickelodeon gets reviewed on the kid's page -
"Nick's History Is as Good as Goo; Text and interviews by Jerry Beck," by Scott Moore, Washington Post Sunday, January 27, 2008; Page M16

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