Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bits from today's papers UPDATED

For a bit on the Danish Islam cartoons and fallout in Canada, see Meghan Cox Gurdon on "Chilling climate for journalists in our neighbor to the north," Washington Examiner (January 17, 2008): 15. Editorial cartoonist Nate Beeler's in their most days too and remains the chief reason to pick up the paper.

And then not online is a story about an upcoming event with the DC Anime Club at the Japanese Information and Culture Center - Dixon, Glenn. 2008. Playing and dress-up: Cosplayes act the parts from manga to anime to video games. [Washington Post] Express (January 17). Apparently there will be a cosplay get-together there tomorrow night.

The Express is still running 5 strips or panels, including Bizarro.

The Post has a big strip by Mark Zingarelli on the front of the Home section - my copy will go to Michigan State U's comic art collection.

The Onion has an article about Original Sin cider's ad campaign by cartoonist R. Black. Can't find it online yet, but it's page 32 of the DC edition.

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