Wednesday, January 09, 2008

OT: Comics artists in the New Yorker

Years ago, I used to borrow the New Yorker from the library and go through it looking for the new wave of comic book artists that Mouley and Spiegelman were using. Eventually I started reading it and then subscribing. I'm still subscribing, but fell out of the habit of reading the issue as it arrived - a major error since piles of them now lurk around the house. To try to keep up, I'll post the comic artists who are not gag cartoonists here each week. The new issue has:

#Rutu Modan illo, "27 Dresses," directed by Anne Fletcher and
starring Katherine Heigl, opens Jan. 11,
p. 18,
#Philippe Petit-Roulet illustration for Rarely Available, p. 38,
#JC Duffy cartoon, "I've got a gun," p. 64.

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