Friday, November 23, 2018

Superheroes at American History Museum in Bruce Guthrie's photos

I went the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History on Thanksgiving to check out the Superheroes exhibit that opened this week.

Pics are up on

It's not a big exhibit.  Basically five cases:

(1) Superman's outfit from the TV show;
(2) Captain America's shield from the 2014 movie, Wolverine's claws from the 2014 movie, Batman's cowl and batarang from the 1997 movie, lunchbox, MS magazine, and Superman phone;
(3) Storm costume from the 2014 movie;
(4) Original cover art from "Captain Midnight" (1940s), original Batman newspaper strip (1945), several comic books;
(5) Original Sensation Comics (Wonder Woman) cover art from 1943, original Superman newspaper strip (1943) signed by Siegel and Shuster, more comic books.

The cases are on the same floor as the Batmobile.

Up in the Dibner Library display, they mention the William Marston collection and include an alternative sketch for Wonder Woman's costume.

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