Monday, June 02, 2008

Washington Times redesign shrinks Mallard Fillmore

The Washington Times shrunk Mallard Fillmore to about half the size it had been so it's about the same size as other strips, although it's holding it's place of pride on page 2 of the paper. The other comics are unchanged and they're still running a large number of syndicated editorial cartoons.

In other Times news, as I was leaving an Arlington movie theater last night, a man identified himself as homeless and asked for money. As I gave him some change, he asked if I read Bizarro and said that it was really good in the Times on Sunday. Here's the strip; I'm not sure why it appealed to him.

Finally, the Times published its last Saturday edition and is switching to an e-version for subscribers. I imagine they'll move the Sunday color comics section that they formerly published on Saturday back to Sunday but that people will miss out on the actual Saturday strips.

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John Judy said...

"Mallard Fillmore?"

Ugh. The LA Times dropped it a while back and the whole day immediately got funnier. Sadly they still carry the equally pathetic right-wing sop "Prickly City."

Somebody needs to tell these guys that a point of view is not enough to carry a strip. Things like jokes, cleverness, maybe even a minute depth of characterization, all can mean the difference between challenging satire and their two-dimensional versions of Larry the Cable Guy without the charm.

And isn't Mallard's creator supposed to be doing time for DUI?