Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We're all just one big incestous group of Thompson fans

In a column today entitled, "Twelve Mostly Overlooked Comics Published In The Last Twelve Or So Years," Tom Spurgeon listed Richard's Poor Alamanac. The permalink isn't working, but it's his July 25th column. He writes, "The great, emerging star of this decade's newspaper strip scene, Richard Thompson hasn't stopped doing his Richard's Poor Almanac work in favor of spending more time getting Cul De Sac out. This collection of those works from a few years back shows that were he to abandon the Almanac for any reason it would be a total shame. Trenchant and exceedingly wry, this book may frighten if like me you realize that these comics have been around for as long as they have without your being aware of them."

And he hasn't even seen the color ones. You can see some of them on Richard's blog. I've read about 1/2 of Tom's other recommendations.

Meanwhile over in Gene Weingarten's June 24th chat, someone who wasn't me said:

Arlington, Va.: Today as I was reading through the comics, I exclaimed out loud when I saw Cul de Sac. It's about time! I have no idea why it took the Post so long to pick it up, but I'm glad they finally did.

Gene Weingarten: It happened a year too late. This is not just one of the best new strips out there, it is one of the best strips out there. Richard Thompson is a genius.

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