Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rory Root's memorial - guest column part 2

Here's Miron's remarks from the memorial:

Rory was the kind of knowledgeable reader who'd pick up a coverless comic and say, 'Atlas, I knew them well.'

He was a marvel who supported many of the industry's dark horses. His interests, as many speakers will attest, ran the spectrum from AC to DC, Archie to Zap, Little Lulu to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. For a celibate guy, he sure enjoyed a lot of sects.

I've known Rory for about 25 years. We first met as employees of Bob Beerbohm's 'Best of Two Worlds' comicbook shop, on Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, California. He understood the value and need of selling anything and everything. If there were a rainbow flag made from four colors Rory, a real life comic book guy, might have inspired it.

Some will say, 'He never grew up.'

I will say, 'Rory brought his childhood sweetheart forward through life and time. He bravely married his fortunes to the art that dared not speak it's name at a time when society shunned comicbook love. To the surprise of professional critics and cynical skeptics, they survived and prospered.

It was a good, independent life for them both. Like many happy couples they watched their children, named the Store and the Industry, grow, mature and have many successful children of their own. Tonight I see Rory, a loveable racantour, posed imitating a Grant Wood painting: He is Outstanding in his field.

Thank you Rory.

In realizing his dream he provided serious comic relief many.

Friends forever, pals for life.

Miron Murcury

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