Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jim Dougan in new anthology

I still haven't met local cartoonist Jim Dougan, but Joel Pollack of Big Planet Comics told me today that his work will be appearing in No Formula: Stories from The Chemistry Set vol. 1, (Desperado) and you can order it from the June Previews using Jun083849 as your code. So I ordered it. My buddy Dean Haspiel appears to be in it as well.

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Chatterbox said...

Mike - thanks to you (and Joel) for the plug!

Folks can read more about the book here:

Also, truth in advertising: Dean is in the book to the extent he co-wrote one of the stories, REST STOP, with me. (Technically, Dean, Mike Fiffe and I sat around Dean's apartment spitballing and troubleshooting ideas, so I consider that co-writing.) Unfortunately you won't see his art in the book, but Fiffe's art on that story should more than make up for it. I exaggerate not at all when I say it's some of my favorite comix art of all time - imagine, if you will, the bastard child of Al Hirschfeld and Bernie Krigstein.

-Jim D.