Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hellboy manhole covers!

Last night in Chinatown, or whatever they're calling that neighborhood now, I saw manhole covers that had Hellboy crawling out of them! Cool! It's actually a photograph stuck onto the real sewer cover of course. Didn't get a snap, but if anyone does, send it along.


Tonyhall89 said...

i saw a hellboy cover today on my way to work right outside of the foggybottom metro station.

Im going to put some pictures up on my blog when i get a chance

Mike Rhode said...


Man, I'm considering 'liberating' one of those...

Tonyhall89 said...

if you check out


you can see pictures of what the manhole covers look like
(at least the ones in D.C.)

Mike Rhode said...

Thanks Tone Rock! Very cool indeed.