Monday, May 26, 2008


By John Judy

(Did I mention everything’s shipping a day late because of Memorial Day?)

ACTION COMICS #865 by Geoff Johns and Jesus Merino. Featuring the return of the original Toyman. Not a hoax, not a dream!

ALL-STAR SUPERMAN #11 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. Superman is dead, but I’ll bet there’s more to it than that. This series is Pure Fun. Recommended!

ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN #6 by Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard. Have you ever lost control of your powers, accidentally killed a beloved superhero and then that beloved superhero’s team-mates find out? Does Hallmark even make a card for something like that? Recommended.

BATMAN #677 by Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel. “Batman R.I.P. the storyline that will change the Dark Knight forever” continues. And by “forever” we mean “not forever.” It’s Grant Morrison so you have to look.

DAN DARE #6 of 7 by Garth Ennis and Gary Erskine. It’s Dan and the Royal Space Navy versus that dirty Mekon and his black hole! Get your mind out of the gutter and place yer bets! Recommended.

THE DANGEROUS ALPHABET HC by Neil Gaiman and Gris Grimly. A dark romp through the alphabet with pirates, sewer-monsters, and organs in jars! Highly recommended for fans of Charles Addams, Edward Gorey and the like. Great for kids who need literacy and a good scare!

DAREDEVIL #107 by Ed Brubaker, Greg Rucka and Michael Lark. A new four-parter begins as DD must make his peace with his failure to save his wife from madness. Highly recommended.

ESSENTIAL RAMPAGING HULK VOL. 1 SC by Lotsa Seventies Marvel Bullpenners. Okay, all you really need to know is that the Hulk had a black & white magazine back in the day and this book collects those issues. Sadly this volume does not include issue #23, the infamous “Bruce Banner almost gets raped in a YMCA group shower” issue. It does include RAMPAGING HULK #1-9, THE HULK #10-15, and for some reason INCREDIBLE HULK #269. We’re gonna see a lot of this stuff for the next few months so brace yourselves.

FINAL CRISIS #1 of 7 by Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones. Not a lot of detail on this other than it’s by Grant and the guy who did all the great covers on “52.” Oh, and it involves a lot of redesigns on Kirby’s Fourth World characters. Worth a look anyway.

GIANT-SIZE ASTONISHING X-MEN #1 by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday. The grand finale of the Whedon/Cassaday run in which some will live, one “won’t walk away”, and the denizens of Breakworld finally start spinning on their heads and moonwalking! Recommended!

GREEN LANTERN #31 by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis. Yet another re-telling of Hal Jordan’s early training by Sinestro, but this one’s by Geoff and Ivan so it should be good.

IMMORTAL IRON FIST #15 by Matt Fraction and Khari Evans. Another done-in-one Tale of Iron Fists Gone-By. I kinda like these. Recommended.

JACK KIRBY’S OMAC: ONE-MAN ARMY CORPS HC by Da King! Collecting the entire eight-issue series for the Kirby Kompletist on your list! With a forward by Mark Evanier, author of “Kirby: King of Comics.”

JUDENHASS GN by Dave Sim. The creator of “Cerebus” takes on the holocaust and its cultural and historical roots. There’s a preview on-line at and it looks extraordinary. Highly Recommended, but probably too intense for younger readers. Far and away the pick of the week.

KING-SIZE HULK #1 by Jeph Loeb, Art Adams, Frank Cho and Others! Not “Economy-Size!” Not “Family-Size!” And especially not “Super-Size!” It’s “King-Size Hulk #1” and three new tales and a bunch of reprints all to help the current Red Hulk storyline make sense! Gotta look!

MARVEL 1985 #1 of 6 by Mark Millar and Tommy Lee Edwards. It’s complicated but evidently a bunch of super-villians have invaded our world and now it’s up to a 13 year-old boy to get the heroes to saddle up after ‘em! But it’s 1985 so they’re all too busy listening to Falco and getting their MBAs! Zoinks!

NEARLY COMPLETE ESSENTIAL HEMBECK ARCHIVES OMNIBUS SC by Fred Hembeck. Thirty years of work, 900 pages, and a forward by Stan “Da Man” Lee make this a Must-Have for fans of Comicdom’s most prolific cartoon humorist.

NEW AVENGERS #41 by Brian Michael Bendis and Billy Tan. The New Avengers are doomed unless Ka-Zar can save them from 1980s Skrull versions of themselves! It’s come to this….

NORTHLANDERS #6 by Brian Wood and David Gianfelice. Prince Sven builds alliances against his Uncle. Unfortunately it involves Saxons. Recommended.

SHE-HULK #29 by Peter David and Val Semeiks. In which we learn why She-Hulk was disbarred! She authored the White House torture memo! Kidding. It was nothing that bad. If it was she’d be teaching law at Berkley…

STARMAN OMNIBUS VOL.1 HC by James Robinson, Tony Harris and Others. A hardcover edition of issues #0-16 of the series that started the Great Revival of the Golden-Age DC heroes. Highly recommended.

THOR #9 by J. Michael Straczynski and Olivier Coipel. More of Straczynski’s stories of Asgardian Gods adjusting to their new lives in Midgard. This one gets better each month. Highly recommended.

TRUE STORY SWEAR TO GOD ARCHIVES VOL. 1 SC by Tom Beland. The collected autobiographical adventures of a free-lance cartoonist living in Puerto Rico.

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #122 by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen. Quite a good little story about Ultimate Shocker. I’m not kidding.

UNCANNY X-MEN #498 by Ed Brubaker and Mike Choi. In which we discover the source of the psychedelic disturbance in San-Fran and a bunch of Russkies learn it’s never a good idea to mess with the X-Men. Fun stuff.

WOLVERINE FIRST CLASS #3 by Fred Van Lente and Salva Espin. Some early “untold” adventures of Kitty Pryde and Wolverine. Featuring funny animals that talk.

X-MEN LEGACY #212 by Mike Carey and Scot Eaton. The untold origin of Professor X, guest-starring Gambit. Someday X-continuity will be figured out by someone. That person should be President of the World. Forever.

All this and PREVIEWS from Marvel and Diamond Comics to boot!

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