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Cartoonists Rights Network PR on Dutch cartoon issues

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May 27, 2008 11:19 ET
Cartoonists Rights Network, International: CartoonBombing of the Dutch Ministry of Justice
Hundreds die of laughter!

Freedom of expression buried in the ridiculous.

BURKE, VIRGINIA--(Marketwire - May 27, 2008) - Following the arrest in Holland of a free lance cartoonist last week, the head of the Federation of Cartoonists Organizations (FECO), the largest cartooning organization in the world, called on cartoonists all over the world to send their cartoons, all their cartoons new and old, to the Dutch Ministry of Justice. Since the arrest it has come out that the Dutch Secret Service apparently have a division dedicated to checking all the cartoons being published in the country for their political correctness. Responding to heated complaints from some extremist Muslims, the Dutch police last week arrested cartoonist Gregorious Neskschot ("shot in the back of the neck") for cartoons considered "offensive to Muslims and other people of dark skin".

With his arrest, the Minister of Justice revealed the existence of a heretofore secret working group that has been screening cartoons in Holland since 2006. At the same time, the Minister revealed the cartoonist's identity (Nekschot is a pen name) exposing him to the real possibility of assassination, a long standing threat against cartoonists made by various militant groups. Dutch film maker, Theo Van Gogh, was stabbed to death in November 2004 for a film that offended some Muslims. Three men were arrested in Denmark earlier this year when a plot to assassinate one of the 12 Danish cartoonists was uncovered by Danish police.

The campaign to drown the so-called Cartoon Police of the Ministry of Justice with hundreds and thousands of cartoons from all over the world is the brain child of Dutch cartoonist Peter Nieuwendijk, founder and present Secretary General of FECO. The viscous cartoon attack on the Ministry is now supported by the Dutch Cartoons Association, the Dutch Foundation Pers and Prent (Press & Print), FECO International and Cartoonists Rights Network, International.

In a letter to the Minister, dated May 21, 2008, Nieuwendijk factiously asks the Minster to appoint a few of the working group members to sit on an international cartoon competition jury for the Dutch Cartoon Festival of 2009, "in order to alleviate any fear of reprisals and/or uninvited police raids!"

Cartoonists Rights Network International asked all of its affiliate organizations around the world to join the fray, encouraging cartoonists to send their cartoons to the Dutch Ministry of Justice for their considered approval.

To read the email to the Dutch Minister of Justice and the email addresses to send the cartoons, please visit: www.cartoonistrights.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=61&Itemid=44.

For more information, please contact
Cartoonists Rights Network, International
Dr. Robert Russell
Executive Director
(703) 543-8727
Email: mayte6@aol.com or director@cartoonistrights.com
Website: www.cartoonistrights.com

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Mike Lynch said...

I'm stunned ... STUNNED! The next Comicon will be at Guantanamo. If they got it in the NETHERLANDS, then you know they got it HERE.

Damn. I remember when Calvin & Hobbes had a "frozen boogers" strip. Would Watterson have been arrested in his home for that?