Thursday, May 08, 2008

Blood Type for Manga Creators?

Mike and I were IMing tonight, and I asked him if he knew why manga creators published their blood type. He didn't know and suggested I post to the blog, so here it is.

Just peruse any of the manga creators on for example (i.e. which I just picked at random). This site is full of this type of detail. I mean, I know it's a valuable piece of information to know about oneself (I should find out my own), but why do these creators post this data? It's on some of their personal web pages as well.


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Mike Rhode said...

I'd like to note that responding to Randy's "Can't hurt to ask," comment, I said, "Sure it could. There could be a really gross and disgusting reason that will make you fear for your safety and the long-term future of mankind. And if your eyes fall out of your head in shock, I don't want to hear about it..."

Just to get my side of things on the record in case Randy starts trying to type blindly.