Monday, May 19, 2008

Gene Colan charity benefit book

I was sent the following email today from Rufus Dayglo. Gene Colan's one of the greats of Marvel Comics. I just sent in my $23.00 via Paypal -

Gene Colan, the legendary Marvel Comics artist is ill in hospital with a failing liver, and his family need financial help.

My good friend, the writer Cliff Meth has done a book with Gene Colan, and Cliff sent me the following info.

PLEASE buy this book. The money will immediately help with Gene's medical bills.

From Cliff...

"Gene and I are doing for Aardwolf Publishing.

It is called METH, COLAN & OTHER THEOLOGIANS and will include everything that was in our PERVERTS, PEDOPHILES & OTHER THEORLOGIANS (a Barnes & Noble "Horror Pick of the Week" from 1997 that saw multiple printings) as well as new stories by Gene and I, along with introductions by several of the comic industry's noted luminaries.

People can order the signed/numbered limited edition now by sending $20 + $3 shipping to [via Paypal] -- proceeds directly and immediately benefit Gene."

Again... buy this book. help Gene.

Thank you!

Rufus Dayglo (IDW Artist)

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