Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's not DC, but any interest in NYT stories?

I read a lot of newspapers each day. The physical ones. In addition to the Washington Post, I read the Express and the Examiner every day, the Washington Blade and the City Paper once a week, the Politico when I can pick one up and whatever else I find in the city. However I also get the New York Times every day. Any interest in stories from that? They've gotten to the point where they've been running something on comics and cartoons about every day. Let me know in the comments section.

Today's example:

New York Times May 10, 2008
Return Laps for the First Voice of Speed Racer


richardcthompson said...

As one who reads the Times about twice a year I'd say Sure. As long as this doesn't count as mission creep for ComicsDC.

Matt D. said...

I second that!

Matt D.

Mike Rhode said...

Well 2 comments might be the most I've had yet this year, so I'll start putting some Times links up when I run across them.