Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Marvel e-giveaway based on LoC's Spider-Man gift

This press release came out from Marvel:

Spider-Man's First Appearance Free On Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited

It's the story of a nerdy teenager bitten by a radioactive spider, gaining the proportionate strength and powers of a spider to become...the Amazing Spider-Man! Now, you can read this history-making story as the first appearance and origin of Spider-Man from Amazing Fantasy #15 is available for free for one week over at Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

It was reported this week that the original artwork by Steve Ditko from Amazing Fantasy #15, the 1962 comic that introduced Spider-Man to the world, was anonymously donated to the Library of Congress. And now everyone can read this historic and heralded story for free for one week at Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

For those fans who want to own the entire Stan Lee and Steve Ditko Spider-Man run in one gorgeous hardcover, be sure to pick up the Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus, now available at your local comic retailer

Subscribers to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited can read through the first 100 issues of Amazing Spider-Man as well as other long runs of Marvel's greatest titles including the Uncanny X-Men and Fantastic Four, as well as current favorites including New Avengers and Astonishing X-Men to name just two of the countless titles subscribers can read.

Now offering over 3,500 titles to enjoy, Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited is the greatest collection of Marvel comics ever assembled online and the collection only gets bigger as over 25 new digital comics are added every week from Monday through Friday.

Be sure to head on over to Marvel.com and get into the action at Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

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