Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Philadelphia's Mike's World

Ok, we're into Mission Creep here, just as Our Man Thompson foretold, yet asked for, but I couldn't pass this one up.

"An Artist’s Concocted World, Starring Himself, Is Too True to Be Real," By KEN JOHNSON, New York Times May 13, 2008.

“Mike’s World: Michael Smith & Joshua White (and other collaborators)” is a terrifically entertaining and philosophically compelling survey, at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, of Mr. Smith’s 30-year career.

And why bring it up, beyond the bond of Mike-ness? "In [Mike Smith's] inventive engagement with diverse forms, including drawing, comic books, sculpture, photography, musical theater and puppet shows as well as installations and video, he has followed a determinedly unpredictable, exploratory course." So there you have it - somewhere in this exhibit, are faux fine art comic books, presumably one of a kind - on display in Philadelphia, through August 3rd.

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