Saturday, March 08, 2008

Self-righteous but Forgettable - letter on Staake

This letter published in the Post refers to the Bob Staake cartoon reproduced above. If anyone can tell me what's blasphemous, I'd be glad to hear a semi-cogent argument. Spare me any righteous angst though please. I really don't understand why the cartoon is worse than the contest.

Sacrilegious but Forgivable
Washington Post Saturday, March 8, 2008; Page A13

I was not happy to see a drawing of Jesus in an Elvis Presley-style jumpsuit in the March 1 Style Invitational. As a Christian, I find that blasphemous, and it made me angry with the cartoonist and the people who would publish such a cartoon.

For a second, I empathized with the people who were angry with Danish newspapers that published a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad. Then I remembered that Jesus loves the cartoonist whose work appeared in The Post anyway and expects me to do the same.

Jesus's teachings called for us to love others. What a difference it would make if everyone did that.

-- Shannon Howell


John Judy said...


Blasphemy is like Pornography. It's in the eye of the beholder. No wait, that's Beauty, isn't it?

Isn't Pornography beautiful?

Not as beautiful as Blasphemy, but it's up there.

I'm more of a Sacrilege man myself, but whatever makes you happy.

That cartoon made me happy.

Does that help?

John Judy

Steven Rowe said...

to some folks having Jesus having fun, trivializes Him. Jesus never had fun a day in his life - and no doubt Elvis is singing secular songs, another sin as well.
hope this helps explain it somewhat

SARosenberg said...

I believe it is because Jesus was more of a Beatles fan.

John Judy said...

Even though they were bigger than Him.

Bill Hinchberger said...

Jesus loves the cartoonist? Are you kidding? I think Elvis kinda took a liking to him at one point, but Jesus?