Friday, March 21, 2008

Cul de Sac lack puzzles columnist at mag back

Gene Weingarten took the following question on his Post chat this week:

Cul de S, AC: Hi Gene -

Sorry if you've already discussed this, but who do we write at the Post to (politely) ask the paper to add the daily version of Richard Thompson's Cul de Sac to the comics page?

I only found out today that there IS a daily version (bwuh?).

I know the comics page is precious real estate, but it seems like the Post of all papers ought to carry the strip. Plus, it's great. Thanks.

Gene Weingarten: I know. I cannot understand why we are not carrying it.

You write to Deborah Heard, Assistant Managing Editor/Style.


richardcthompson said...


Thank you for your kind support

richardcthompson said...

And I really like that headline, Mike. It's got a NY Post/Variety oomph to it.

Mike Rhode said...

Thanks, I worked at it. Originally it ended in "hack" just for the easy rhyme, but that was unkind and untrue.