Friday, March 07, 2008

Comics in Smithsonian's American Art journal

The next issue from the Smithsonian American Art Museum (or whatever they're calling themselves this week) has several articles on comics, including one by the Library of Congress's Martha Kennedy (who recently passed a copy in a plain brown wrapper to me). See and follow the links for ordering info, but since the issues not live yet, here are the citations from the Comics Research Bibliography's holding slush pile:

Roeder, Katherine. 2008.
Looking High and Low at Comic Art.
American Art 22 (1; Spring): 2-9

Kennedy, Martha H. 2008.
Drawing (Cartoons) from Artistic Traditions.
American Art 22 (1; Spring): 10-14

Coyle, Heather Campbell. 2008.
Caricature and Criticism in Art Academies.
American Art 22 (1; Spring): 15-17

Goerlitz, Amelia A. 2008.
An Interview with Cartoonist Jessica Abel.
American Art 22 (1; Spring): 18-22

Nel, Philip. 2008.
The Fall and Rise of Children's Literature.
American Art 22 (1; Spring): 23-27

Wang, ShiPu. 2008.
Japan against Japan: U.S. Propaganda and Yasuo Kuniyoshi's Identity Crisis [World War 2 caricature].
American Art 22 (1; Spring): 28-51

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