Thursday, March 27, 2008

4 new interviews on cIndy Center UPDATED

Local podcaster Chris Shields has 4 interviews up this spring at cIndy Center - DC Comics writer Mike Carey, Mike Gallagher talks about his co-created comic "Ruin" at Alterna Comics, Chad Lambert talks about his upcoming projects at Ape Entertainment and Digital Webbing, and Hardway Studio's Chris Carpenter.

Here's an email Chris sent in last night:

We have had several comic interviews lately including, they listed below. Upcoming guests include Xeric winning artist Sonny Liew (My Faith in Frankie & SLG/Disney's Wonderland), legendary artist Joe Staton and writer Christopher Mills. They work together on Ape Entertainment's Femme Noir

The interview with Mike Carey is available in two parts:

Interview with writer of kill the revisionist, CHAD LAMBERT. More information available at:

Mike Gallagher talks about his co-created comic "Ruin" at Alterna Comics. Check-out Alterna's website for more information about "Ruin".
For more information about Mike, please visit Listen to the interview with Mike @

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chris @ Podcast said...

Thanks for the post Mike!

The first part of the interview with Mike Carey has your question about Mike's Minx work.

I hope you will enter the Crossing Midnight caption contest. We have gotten a bunch of really funny captions. The winners will receive a copy of the 1st Crossing Midnight TPB.

The more people that enter the better the chances.
Rules: Create a caption for the word ballon for the cover of Mike's Crossing Midnight vol 1 TPB (see the picture below). The caption can be funny or serious. The winner will be picked at random from the best ones. So e-mail me your caption ideas. As an added bonus, I am going to increase the number of copies that are awarded for every 10 people that e-mail me an entry. So if there are 100 people that enter there will be 10 copies awarded.

Go to the site, because you won't want to miss out :-)