Wednesday, March 19, 2008

OT: Annual King Kong (1933) plea for stuff

My friend Miron Murcury, who's guest-blogged here, has a request:

Simply put, I fan-aticly collect all things related to Willis O'Brien's masterwork: King Kong.

I am always searching for new old material. You'd have a grateful friend by sharing any The Lost World (1925), King Kong (1933), etc. ephemera.

I'd love to be shown early newspaper strips with Kong-like creatures or similar situations such as characters climbing a tall building.

Especially interesting would be European and South American cartoon interpretations of 'The Lost World.' A. Conan Doyle's original 1912 novel was also the first paleontologicly accurate dinosaur adventure film and introduced the motif of giant monsters loose in a city to film audiences.

The best pre-1933 creature-on-the-loose cartoon is, hands down, Winsor McCay's 'The Pet.' To your knowledge has anything been written about this early animated cartoon short?

'The Lost World' and 'King Kong' references in comicbooks and editorials are legion. The iconic King Kong has been employed from New York to San Francisco. Has he ever been used in your local newspaper? Please save copies for me if you see them.

I wish to reemphasize how ridiculously important this is to me: nothing is to small or trite to escape my magnetic interests.

Oxymoronishly yours,

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